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BPM for Dummies

BPM for Dummies

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Published by: Sabbir Kazi on Nov 29, 2011
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A rapid process implementation with focus on a project team
collaboration solution provides a point-and-click development
model. Business process analysts work jointly with develop-
ers throughout the implementation cycle in a rapid iterative
design style.

One key architectural feature is the shared model wherein the
models created at design time are the same models used at
runtime. The model seen in the process diagram during design
phase is exactly what’s executed on the process engine.

Another important feature is that any design component can
be played back instantly from the authoring environment. This
playback is possible because each step in the process model
has a defined implementation that may be a human task, an
automated step, or a business rule. Even complex tasks can be
designed and played back in the design tool. This interaction
breaks down the barriers between design and runtime, thus
fostering close collaboration between business units and IT.

Content management, workflow,
and collaboration capabilities

Content management, workflow, and collaboration capabilities
between departments and across the enterprise are a strong
focus of enterprise content management (ECM) and are good
choices for BPM projects relating to the authoring, assembly,
distribution, and maintenance of documents. These capabilities
support active content natively so many document-related pro-
cesses are immediately available to the process designer.

Content management, workflow, and collaboration capabili-
ties are also very appropriate when retention and records

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Business Process Management For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition


management are important parts of the business. These are
vital in litigation and compliance, as well as audit support.

Using BPM with SOA in your BPM solution makes good sense
with content lifecycle processes, document capture workflow,
case management, and retention-sensitive processes.

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