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BPM for Dummies

BPM for Dummies

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Published by Sabbir Kazi

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Published by: Sabbir Kazi on Nov 29, 2011
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  • Introduction
  • About This Book
  • How This Book Is Organized
  • Chapter 1: Understanding BPM
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started with BPM
  • Chapter 5: Checking out BPM Success Stories
  • Chapter 6: Top Reasons to Choose BPM from IBM
  • Icons Used in This Book
  • BPM: The New, Agile Business Model
  • Understanding How BPM Benefits Your Business
  • Making faster decisions
  • Making better decisions
  • Making financially sound decisions
  • Why Changing to BPM Now Makes Sense
  • It’s a tough market out there
  • Waiting won’t improve things
  • Take advantage of the opportunities
  • Why Existing Tools Just Won’t Do
  • Buying a packaged application
  • Extending an existing application
  • Traditional application development
  • The BPM advantage
  • Evaluating Your Company’s Needs
  • Selecting the Right Project
  • Process analysis
  • Initiation: Starting small and scaling up
  • Transformation: Making changes
  • Proving value
  • Understanding Your Options
  • Functionality options
  • Time to value
  • Additional value-added capabilities
  • Considering the top BPM vendors
  • Understanding the IBM Advantage
  • BPM with SOA
  • Rapid process implementation
  • Blueworks Live
  • Planning, Planning, Planning
  • Choosing the correct project/ process
  • Selling BPM to management
  • Selling BPM to your colleagues
  • Building a BPM Solution
  • A typical BPM project scenario
  • BPM project resources
  • Software resources
  • People resources
  • Hardware resources
  • Documenting Your Process
  • Documenting the changes
  • Understanding BPM architecture
  • Documenting processes
  • Process simulation
  • ▶ Understanding decision management
  • Understanding Decision Management
  • Driving Process Improvement
  • Understanding business rules
  • Scattered business rules
  • Business rule management systems
  • Understanding business events
  • Business event processing
  • Combining BRMS and BEP
  • Automating and Improving Decision-Making
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Using BRMS and BEP in other industries
  • The role of analytics in decision management
  • Growing with Mobitel
  • Getting Airborne with Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings
  • Suiting Up with Mark’s Work Wearhouse
  • Going Paperless at Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG
  • Ease of Use
  • Dynamic SOA Capabilities
  • Role-based User Environment
  • Integrated BAM Capabilities
  • Advanced Programming Model
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Documenting and Running Processes in the Cloud
  • Business Rule Management
  • Business Event Processing
  • Beyond Technology, Assuring Success with BPM Services

Building your BPM solution typically follows a relatively
predictable path. In most cases, you find several fairly quick
iterations as the solution is developed and refined.

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