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To: Department of Alcohol Beverage Control xxxxxxxxxxxxx Bakersfield, CA 93309 Care of: xxxxxxxxxx From: xxxxxxxxxx Restaurant, LLC.

1111 11th St. xxxxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx File No.: xxx-xxxxxxx Re: Letter of Public Convenience & Necessity 07/07/2011

To whom it may concern, The owners of Restaurant, LLC, a restaurant located at 1111 11th St. xxxxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx have requested a TYPE 47 On-Sale General Eating Place license. Business purpose: Restaurant, LLC is a public eating establishment serving bistro styled cuisine with table service of approximately 100 seated guests. Our restaurant will operate from 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM Monday Thursday and from 10:30 AM to 12:00 AM Friday Saturday and will close on Sunday except for special engagements. The restaurant will have private dining areas, patio seating, and bar seating. The restaurant will from time to time feature light music but there is no dedicated stage.

Products and services: As with other restaurants of this style, both food and beverage are integral to the business plan and the overall environment of the restaurant. The recipes and menu items are prepared with consideration to the consumption of spirits, such as liqueurs, wines, champagnes, and beers. We intend to provide our guests with a full range of culinary experience. Revenue and management: We expect that approximately 60% of revenue to come from food, 30% from alcohol, and 10% from non-alcohol beverage sales. The management of Restaurant, LLC are well suited and experienced in the restaurant industry. The staff of Restaurant, LLC will be well trained for food safety, and beverage service. On average we expect that 6 floor staff, 5 kitchen staff, 1 beverage staff and 2 managers will be present during operating hours. Management and beverage staff will have TIPS Alcohol Certifications. Uniqueness: Similar comparable restaurants within the area are the newly redeveloped X Hotel, XX XXXs, and Xxxxxs, additional food service establishments in the area differ fundamentally from style of service and type of cuisine. The menu selection of Restaurant, LLC will differ from the comparable restaurants in the unique methods and training of the executive chef and supporting kitchen staff. Positive impact: Restaurant, LLC will add to the efforts to revitalize and improve the downtown economy in several positive ways, the owners of Restaurant, LLC have purchased the building and have invested considerable amount in remodeling and improving the space with upgrades to the exterior and interior. This investment is a commitment to the community to provide a quality product in a safe

environment. Restaurant, LLC will employ 14 22 new hires, and contribute to the tax revenues of the community. We thank you for your consideration of our application to provide alcohol sales to the guests of The Mark. Sincerely,

Xxxxx X Xxxxxxxx Restaurant, LLC Attached: Lunch and Dinner Menu CC: Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx