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Crying I tell myself truth, but it sounds like a lie. “Crying’s not weakness” I say with a sigh.

Then why do I feel like a childish fool when my eyes fill up and I loose my cool? I press on my nose to de-lay the crythat doesn’t work so I look to the sky. Grabbing a tissue I stop the tears ‘fore they fall trying to stay strong by not crying at all This still isn’t workingmy eyes are all red. If I didn’t have a job, I’d go sob on my bed. My nose is all runny, my Kleenex is damp, Stars! This is worse than the last night of camp. Oh No! The first sob! A shuddering sigh I can’t let my friends see I’m starting to cry! C’mon, Calm down, this isn’t the time. Take a few deep breaths Silent, like a mime. I’m cool and all pro now Though my face is all puffy. I can greet my friends without whimpering like a puppy. But when we get home all the dams will come down. I won’t have to be strongI’ll just go and lie down. My mascara is ruined I bet they all see and hear my snuffles “I’ve got allergies!” I’ll try not to cry, in front of all you. I can’t say its easyBut don’t stare if I do.