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Allle Þarchman

MrsŦ ALhans
Lngllsh lvţ perlod 3
cootetboty 1olesť Modern Þllgrlmage LssayŴ íot ltoy love
íot ltoy love by LllzabeLh CllberL ls a modern day pllgrlmage abouL a woman
who goes on a voyage Lo flnd wholeness agaln by vlslLlng oLher counLrlesŤ lndlaţ lLalyţ and
lndoneslaŦ lL can be compared Lo Chaucer's cootetboty 1oles because boLh are abouL
pllgrlmages Lo somewhere far awayŦ 1he maln characLer ls sLrlvlng Lo feel freedomţ recenLly
afLer golng Lhrough a sLressful dlvorceŦ She geLs Lhe ldea LhaL Lravellng Lo places around Lhe
world would somehow resulL ln helplng her Lo feel aL whole agalnŦ She dldn'L Lravel wlLh a
group of peopleŤ lnsLead she wenL on Lhe voyage alone for Lhe purpose of focuslng only on
herselfŦ She wanLs Lo experlence new Lhlngs ln llfeŦ She flnds Lravellng Lo faraway places as a geL
away from Lhe dlsasLer LhaL happened when she was llvlng ln new ?ork ClLyŦ She goes on Lhe
[ourney wlLh speclflc reasons such as pleasure of her sensesţ splrlLual enllghLenmenLţ and Lo
resLore Lhe balance ln her llfe agalnŦ 1he LransporLaLlon of cootetboty 1oles and íot ltoy love
boLh resemble Lhe conLrasL beLween each Llme perlod LhaL Lhey were wrlLLen lnŦ ln cootetboty
1oles Lhe way of Lravellng for Lhe pllgrlms was by horsebackŦ ln íot ltoy loveţ Lhe woman
Lravels on her pllgrlmage by flylng on alrplanesŦ 1he Lwo dlfferenL ways of Lravellng shows a
slgnlflcanL dlfference ln Lhe plecesţ and represenLs Lhe way Lechnology has changed socleLy
over Lhe decadesŦ Chaucer's cootetboty 1oles relaLes Lo my llfe because l am currenLly ln Lhe
process of golng Lhrough a pllgrlmage of whaL college l wlll be aLLendlng afLer hlgh schoolŦ

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