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Akansel ?

Cause And LffecL
Cordon uunne
WrlLlng 0990

1be Iopooese Attock ooJ occopy koteo Jotloq tbe toto of tbe ceototy
When dlscusslng korean socleLy from around Lhe Lurn of Lhe 20
cenLury Lo daLeţ one
musL lnclude Lhe lmpacL of ouLer sources whlch undenlably shaped korea and how lL became
Lhe place lL ls LodayŦ Cne maln ouLer force was Lhe !apanese occupaLlon of korea whlch heavlly
lmpacLed korean socleLyŦ Also when dlscusslng Lhe lmpacL of !apanese occupaLlonţ one musL
lnclude Lhe lmpacL of World War ll on Lhe !apanese occupaLlon of koreaŦ
Þrlor Lo Lhe 20
cenLuryţ Asla was lnvolved ln a 1rlbuLary SysLem of governmenL ln
whlch Chlna was Lhe supreme counLry LhaL kepL waLch over Lhe smaller naLlons lnvolved ln Lhe
sysLem (LckerL 9Ŵ23)Ŧ 1hese lesser naLlons such as korea wouldţ ln exchange for proLecLlon and
guldanceţ pay LrlbuLes Lo Chlna and recognlze lL as Lhe superlor CounLryŦ Poweverţ around Lhe
Lurn of Lhe cenLuryţ !apan defeaLed Chlna and broughL an end Lo Lhe 1rlbuLary SysLem and Lhe
old way of governmenLŦ WlLhln korea lLself Lhere was aL Lhls Llme a class sysLemŦ 1here were
peasanLs LhaL dld Lhe ma[orlLy of Lhe hard labor for landlords ln reLurn for houslng and food eLcŦ
Lhen Lhere was Lhe upper class ºyangban" whlch was consldered Lhe ellLe of korean socleLy and
were consldered superlor slmply by belng born lnLo Lhe clan (LckerL 107Ŵ131)Ŧ korea's
governmenL aL Lhe Llme was slmllar Lo Chlna's ln whlch lL had a dynasLy rulerŦ Poweverţ afLer
Lhe SlnoŴ!apanese warţ !apan shlfLed Chlna's sphere of lnfluence over korea Lo lLs ownŦ 1he
!apanese also pushed away 8usslan lnfluence over korea afLer Lhe 8ussoŴ!apanese warŦ 1hese
Lwo confllcLs allowed !apan unresLrlcLed access Lo korea Lo do whaL lL pleasedŦ
!apan Look over korea and made lL a colony ln whlch lL mlllLarlly ruled overŦ uurlng Lhls
oppresslve ruleţ !apan crlppled korean culLureŦ !apan dld Lhls ln several ways whlch koreans Lo
Lhls day sLlll remember and resenL !apan forŦ 1he !apanese forced koreans Lo change Lhelr
names Lo !apanese namesţ and forced koreans Lo learn !apanese and glve up Lhelr old korean
languageŦ 1he !apanese forced korean chlldren Lo go Lo !apanese school ln whlch Lhey could
ellmlnaLe all korean ldeals and culLure and force Lhem Lo learn !apanese ones growlng up ln
order Lo geL korean chlldren Lo become more º!apanese" ln naLure and LhoughLs (kang 37Ŵ48)Ŧ
1here was however some who reslsLed Lhe !apanese LhaL were lnvolved ln Lhe korean
lndependence MovemenLŦ 1hese people aLLempLed nonŴvlolenL proLesLs buL were puL down
harshly by Lhe !apaneseŦ 1he !apanese secreL pollce would punlsh anyone consldered parL of
Lhls movemenL and ofLen puL lnnocenL people behlnd bars ln Lhe processŦ 1hey would LorLure
Lhese peopleţ ofLen kllllng Lhemţ ln aLLempL Lo sLop Lhe movemenLŦ 1hls colonlal rule also
placed !apanese offlclals ln power or korean clLlzens Lhe !apanese LrusLedŦ 1he !apanese also
rellglously lmpacLed koreaţ forclng Lhem Lo glve up Confuclan holldays and pracLlces eLcţ
forclng Lhem Lo adopL ShlnLo by forclng Lhem Lo worshlp shrlnes and celebraLe ShlnLo holldaysŦ
!apan baslcally used korea Lo advance lLself economlcallyţ pollLlcallyţ and also mlllLarllyŦ
A ma[or evenL ln world hlsLory durlng Lhls Llme LhaL greaLly lnfluenced Lhe !apanese occupaLlon
of korea durlng Lhls Llme was World War llŦ !apan used korea ln many dlfferenL ways Lo ald lLs
lnvolvemenL ln WWllŦ uurlng Lhe ouLbreak of World War llţ !apan recrulLed Lhousands of
koreans Lo flghL ln Lhe !apanese armyŦ lL also forced hundreds of Lhousands of koreans Lo work
for Lhe !apanese dolng [obs such as bulldlng boaLsţ ln whlch koreans endured horrlble
condlLlons and hardshlps as well as harsh LreaLmenL from Lhe !apanese (kang 123Ŵ138)Ŧ Many
koreans dled under Lhese condlLlonsţ buL all were scarred ln some way even lf noL physlcallyŦ
!apanese also Look hundreds of Lhousands of korean woman away from Lhelr homes Lo become
ºcomforL womenŦ" 1hls meanL Lhey were sex slaves Lo Lhe !apanese armles ln whlch Lhey were
forced lnLo sexual conLacL wlLh many soldlers a dayŦ Many were puL lnLo lllegal sex sLaLlons
close Lo Lhe fronLllnes where Lhey would be physlcally beaLen and mlsLreaLed durlng Lhese vlslLs
from Lhe menţ whlch scarred many korean women for llfeţ many of whlch were sLerlllzed by Lhe
slLuaLlonŦ 1hese women were ofLen looked down upon when Lhey dld reLurn homeţ and many
were unable Lo flnd parLners because Lhe men refused conLacL wlLh Lhem afLer whaL Lhey had
been LhroughŦ Many were unable Lo have chlldren as wellţ and remalned alone for Lhe
remalnder of Lhelr llvesţ some of whlch were cuL shorL from dlseases or some form of
afLermaLh from Lhe !apanese' LreaLmenL whlle belng a comforL womanŦ
Pad lL noL been for World War llţ Lhe occupaLlon of !apan over korea may have been
dlfferenL and posslbly less harshŦ lor lnsLanceţ had Lhere been no warţ Lhe !apanese would noL
have had Lo recrulL so many korean men lnLo Lhe Armyţ and even lf Lhey dldţ lf Lhe war hadn'L
sLarLed Lhese recrulLed men would noL have had Lo flghL and dle for Lhe !apaneseŦ Also had lL
noL been for World War llţ Lhe !apanese would noL have had Lo bulld so many warshlps so
qulcklyţ so Lhey would noL have had Lo Lake so many koreans ouL of Lhelr homes and drag Lhem
many mlles away Lo work ln shlpyards where Lhe work condlLlons were so flerce LhaL many
koreans perlshed durlng Lhls LlmeŦ 1haL may noL have occurred and many koreans could have
been sparedŦ Also lf World War ll never occurredţ Lhe !apanese would noL have had Lo Lake
korean women as comforL womenŦ 1he !apanese dld Lhls because Lhey wanLed Lo glve Lhe
soldlers some lelsure and relaxaLlon Lo Lake Lhelr mlnds off war and keep Lhelr morale upŦ Pad
World War ll noL occurredţ Lhey may noL have had Lo do LhlsŦ 1hese korean women would noL
have had Lo be dragged Lo close Lo Lhe fronLllnes where Lhey were savagely mlsLreaLed and
vlolaLed by Lhe soldlers of Lhe !apanese ArmyŦ Many korean women would noL have had Lo geL
sLerlllzed as a resulL of S1u's eLc and would noL have had Lo be dragged away from Lhelr homes
and Laken mlles away Lo perform Lhese acLs on Lhe !apanese soldlersŦ All ln all lf World War ll
never happenedţ Lhe !apanese occupaLlon over korea would have been very dlfferenLŦ l'm noL
saylng lL would have been beneflclal Lo Lhe koreans or LhaL relaLlons beLween Lhe Lwo would
have been frlendlyţ Lhe !apanese would have sLlll crlppled korean culLureţ pollLlcs and
economlcsţ as well as forced Lhelr own culLure on Lhe korean peopleŦ Poweverţ many koreans
would noL have been scarred by Lhe aLroclLles Lhey lncurred from Lhe !apanese as a resulL of
warLlme efforLs whlch Lhe !apanese forced on Lhe koreansŦ SLlll Loday Lhe koreans have noL
forgoLLen whaL Lhe !apanese dld Lo Lhem durlng Lhe vlclous colonlzaLlon durlng Lhe 20's
Lhrough Lhe 40'sţ and never wlll forgeLŦ World War ll affecLed Lhe enLlre world such LhaL no
oLher confllcL ever hasţ and korea knows Lhls [usL as well as any oLher naLlon durlng LhaL LlmeŦ

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