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Extraction According to the Randall Method
Up to 5 times faster than Conventional Soxhlet Extraction Systems

: (+49) (0) 211 – 7 48 47 17 • Fax: (+49) (0) 211 – 7 48 47 48 eMail: info@behr-labor. 4 or 6 sample positions with individual temperature Subject to technical changes and errors.The Faster Extraction behr Extraction Units for the Randall Method Immersion Washing Drying Manual extraction units for the Randall method. Up to 5 times faster than conventional Soxhlet extraction systems. 100 ml. 32 kg 230 VAC/50 Hz max.behr-labor. 1.-No. 1500 W 101105-V1_1_001 Made in Germany behr Labor-Technik GmbH • Spangerstraße 8 • D – 40599 Düsseldorf/ Germany • Internet: www. EA ED EA 1 sample position 4 individually adjustable sample positions 6 individually adjustable sample positions Extraction beaker B00218450 B00218451 B00218452 B00231976 B00217982 EF EB 75 EX 33 HS Extraction thimbles. Each behr extraction system for the Randall method comes with 25 extraction thimbles. 81 x 55 x 63 cm approx. n Screwed extraction systems for optimum safety Multisample systems: n Individual handling of each extraction thimble with sample n The analyst can lift or lower the complete extraction system with one lever n Protection screen offers additional safety Available in 3 versions: Manual extraction units for the Randall method and accessories Model Article description Art. behr Labor-Technik . 25 pcs Technical data ED Dimension (H x W x D) Weight Nominal voltage Power consumption approx. 33 x 80 mm.