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Anna Leonard 11/29/11 Forced Unity Dong argued for a forced unity that would suppress otherness in yin.

ess in yin. Fixation of relationship rather than dynamic harmony The yin must be led by the yang Could not sustain its own active function unless led by the yang Suppression of women in the relationship The yin must always be led by the yang. When the yin stands equal with the yang it becomes evil Harmony is achieved through subordination The yin must never be opposed to or fight against the yang The yang may take advantage of its position and use it to oppress women. The yang may overpower the yin in the relationship and lose harmony

Hyun Chul Paul Kim God takes the side of the oppressed. No group commands the balance between yin and yang. Goal is peace, harmony, and equality In I Ching goal is harmony not in equality but in subordination. Men were obliged to be kind to their wives. Western Feminism vs. Yinism In Fisher the Creative is the center but the goal of yinist feminism is to get rid of any hierarchy The idea of yinism is for yin and yang to coexist without domination Yinism is used for women to reverse the overpowering yang in our culture. The Asian-American Alternative to Feminism: A Yinist Paradigm