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In th|s report
Austra||an o||t|ca| C||mate Update
Austra||an Sh|pp|ng keform
Women |n 1ransport
So||dar|ty Networks and Un|on A|||ances
Gett|ng Act|ve |n C|| and Gas
outh keport
I|ag of Conven|ence Campa|gn
Austra||an Un|on So||dar|ty and Act|v|sm |n the ac|f|c


Mloloq ooJ Motltlme coootty kepott Aosttollo 11/10/18/4761

ln keeplng wlLh Lhe l1l uurban Congress Lheme of Orqonisinq 6/obo//y
Lhe MuA has slnce LhaL Congress esLabllshed and reafflrmed a
number of crlLlcal unlon alllances wlLh AusLrallan and new Zealand
Lrade unlons 1hese alllances have manlfesLed Lhemselves ln pracLlcal
and organlsaLlonal ways aL boLh Lhe lndusLrlal and pollLlcal levels wlLhln
our reglon ln addlLlon Lo Lhls we have esLabllshed reglonal elemenLs
of Lhe l1l global work program
Amer|cas and the Car|bbean
CurrenL membershlp of C1lC
Amerlcas and Carlbbean comes from
seafarers afflllaLes represenLlng
SlnulMA8 (8razll) CCn8M
(Mexlco) SWW1u (1rlnldad
1obago) nML8A Slu (uSA) and Slu
(Canada) 1he currenL C1lC 8eglonal
CoordlnaLor for Amerlcas and
Carlbbean Ake Selander nML8A
As|a ac|f|c
1he C1lC 8eglonal CoordlnaLor for
Asla aclflc ls Mlck uoleman (MuA)
AfflllaLes MuA AlML (AusLralla)
MunZ (new Zealand) nC (apa
new Culnea) kl (lndonesla) SMCu
SCS (Slngapore) lSu nuSl (lndla)
SML1L (1lmor LesLe)
1he C1lC 8eglonal CoordlnaLor for
Lurope ls SLeve 1odd 8M1 (uk)
AfflllaLes 8M1 (uk) 3l uanlsh MeLal
(uenmark) nMu afflllaLes and lL
(norway) nauLllus (uk/neLherland)
Clu1 (lrance) Su8 (8ussla) llLClsl
ITF Australia-Pacific: Focused on
Networks and Union Alliances
1he Asla aclflc Cffshore 1askforce
Croup have meL on a number of
occaslons ln 8all Malaysla and 1lmor
1he bulk of our solldarlLy work has
been concenLraLed on 1lmorLesLe
SML1L and Lhe Laskforce was
lnsLrumenLal ln developlng Lhe !obs for
8esource Cwners conference ln ulll ln
2009 where over 100 parLlclpanLs
aLLended from mosL of Lhe resource
companles governmenL nCCs and
1he ACl1C has also been parLy Lo Lhe
work wlLh Lhe 1rans 1asman Cll and
Cas Alllance
1here ls no fundlng for Lhe AC1lC so
Lherefore we selze Lhe opporLunlLles
where member unlons are ln
aLLendance aL oLher l1l or oLher
funded meeLlngs apua new Culnea
ls also an area of lnLeresL

I1I Cffshore 1askforce Group
1he l1l Cffshore 1askforce Croup ls
a sLandlng commlLLee chalred by
norrle Mcvlcar from Lhe uk and Lhe
vlcechalr ls uepuLy naLlonal
SecreLary of Lhe MuA Mlck
1he offshore Laskforce has done an
enormous amounL of work ln
esLabllshlng benchmark offshore
agreemenLs ln boLh Lhe oll and gas
seafarlng secLor and also Lhe dlvlng
AL lLs Cl1C meeLlng ln Mexlco ln
2008 commlLLee members
consldered Lhe global work of Lhe
Laskforce and concluded LhaL
reglonal commlLLees needed Lo be
esLabllshed so Lhe work could be
more concenLraLed ln Lhose areas
and fed back lnLo Lhe work of Lhe
lnLernaLlonal Laskforce
1he Lhree commlLLees were
esLabllshed ln Lhe followlng


1ransport Un|ons Iederat|on
1he 1ransporL unlons lederaLlon was
formed ln 2009 as a sLraLeglc alllance
of MuA 818u and 1Wu for CrowLh
and ower ln Lhe AusLrallan frelghL
LransporL lndusLry
1he maln ob[ecLlve of A1ul ls Lo bulld
Lhe power and capaclLy of LransporL
workers Lo meeL Lhe challenges of a
rapldly changlng and lncreaslngly
lnLegraLed lndusLry and Lo exLend Lhe
cause of unlonlsm ln Lhe frelghL
forwardlng lndusLry and oLher areas
as muLually agreed by Lhe member
1hrough A1ul Lhe Lhree LransporL
unlons formallse Lhelr commlLmenL Lo
do Lhls by
!olnL campalgnlng and resource
sharlng Lhe developmenL of
coordlnaLed and lnnovaLlve
growLh sLraLegles and Lhe
provlslon of muLual supporL
Achlevlng agreemenLs wlLh
employers and oLher approprlaLe
parLles wlLh respecL Lo Lhe rlghLs
of workers Lo organlse Lo
collecLlvely bargaln and Lo ensure
safe and falr raLes of pay and
worklng condlLlons
arLlclpaLlon ln coordlnaLed
naLlonal and lnLernaLlonal
campalgns ln supporL of workers'
rlghLs ln mulLlnaLlonal companles
along supply chalns and LransporL
!olnLly developlng LransporL
lndusLry pollcy aL each level lobby
varlous governmenLs and seek
represenLaLlon on relevanL
governmenL boards and panels
1he unlons [olnLly fund an offlce and a
coordlnaLor of Lhelr program

olidarity Networks and
Union Alliances:
1rans1asman 1ransport A|||ance
Cn Aprll 16Lh 2010 Lhe 1rans1asman Alllance was formallzed beLween Lhe
AusLrallan 1ransporL unlons (1Wu MuA and 818u) and Lhe new Zealand
1ransporL unlons (LMu MunZ nuu and 8M1u)
1he Alllance ls a commlLmenL Lo work LogeLher Lo share lnformaLlon and
resources where Lhere are common employers or lssues and Lo exLend
solldarlLy when needed lL ls also recognlLlon of Lhe growlng
lnLerdependence of 1rans1asman frelghL and labour flows
1he 1ransporL Alllance bullds on Lhe success of Lhe Cll and Cas Alllance
and lnformal relaLlonshlps beLween Lhe parLner

ally to protest violence
against unions in Fi|i


Mloloq ooJ Motltlme coootty kepott Aosttollo 11/10/18/4761
etting Active in Uil and
nont over/eof
AusLrallan maLerlals such as sLeel ln
Lhose pro[ecLs lor Lhe MarlLlme unlon
local conLenL manlfesLs lLself ln a share
of Lhe shlpplng of LnC on Lhe back of
Lhese ma[or pro[ecLs lL ls esLlmaLed
LhaL Lhere are llkely Lo be 2030 LnC
vessels carrylng AusLrallan LnC Lo Lhe
world 1he MuA wlll be campalgnlng
for a share of Lhls work
Cffshore C|| and Gas
AusLralla ls experlenclng a resource
secLor boom LhaL has creaLed whaL has
been referred Lo as a Lwospeed
economy" 1hls has seen Lhe
AusLrallan dollar reach sLellar helghLs
up Lo $110 uSu Lhe hlghesL lL has
been slnce Lhe floaLlng of Lhe
AusLrallan dollar ln Lhe 1980s Cn Lhe
oLher hand lL has had a severe lmpacL
on manufacLurlng reLall and servlce
secLor ln AusLralla
Lvldence of LhaL ls Lhe closure of a
large componenL parL of CneSLeel
(formerly 8P) planL ln orL kembla
1hls comes abouL as a resulL of agaln
Lhe hlgh dollar buL also cheap sLeel
from Chlna lndla and elsewhere
1o supporL organlslng efforLs ln Lhese
growlng resource lndusLrles Lhe MuA
ls mapplng Lhe whole commodlLy
supply chaln ln key lndusLrles Lo
ldenLlfy where unlon presence can be
Cne of Lhe lmporLanL Lhlngs LhaL Lhe
oll and gas secLor unlons are
endeavourlng Lo do lncludlng Lhe
AWu AMWu LlecLrlcal 1rades unlon
(L1u) and MuA ls develop a MCu
wlLh Lhe resource developers such as
Chevron Woodslde and 8P8llllLon
LhaL would lead Lo Lhe developmenL of
coheslve lndusLrlal relaLlons
arrangemenLs beLween Lhe parLles
lncludlng Lhe removal of demarcaLlon
dlspuLes and cerLalnLy ln operaLlons
golng forward lor Lhls Lhe unlon
movemenL would expecL Lo see Lhese
Cll and Cas alllances and campalgns as
well as Lhe Mlnlng and MarlLlme pro[ecL
hlghllghL Lhe reglon's commlLmenL Lo
unlon alllances worklng across secLors
ln Lhe supply chaln and ln focuslng on
acLlve campalgnlng
Cruclally Lhey also hlghllghL Lhe
lmporLanL sLraLeglc relaLlonshlp
beLween Lhe l1l and lCLM
lmporLanL lessons can be drawn here
1he crossunlon alllances drew on a [olnL
commlLmenL Lo organlslng backed by
Lhe pollcy Lo creaLe sLraLeglc campalgns
1he work of l1l afflllaLed unlons ln
backlng ln Lhls neLwork wlLh lCLM ls
cruclal and musL conLlnue
ln AusLralla Lhe MuA and Lhe AusLrallan
Workers unlon (l1l and lCLM afflllaLes)
have developed an oll and gas lndusLry
alllance where we employ [olnL
organlsers Lo organlse Lhe unorganlsed
ln Lhe oll and gas secLor
We work under Lhe prlnclples of
Orqonisinq 6/obo//y and work Lo a very
sLrucLured dlsclpllned and accounLable
process LhaL has lead Lo recrulLlng over
300 workers lnLo our unlons
1hls model has been held up by Lhe
AusLrallan Councll of 1rade unlons
(AC1u) as a showcase of whaL unlons
can do when Lhere ls a clear
commlLmenL Lo an ob[ecLlve and a very
dlsclpllned sLrucLured process under
Lhe prlnclples of Orqonisinq 6/obo//y
As Lhe oll and gas secLor ln AusLralla ls
boomlng Lhe cooperaLlon and
relaLlonshlp of Lhe Alllance ls vlLally
lmporLanL parLlcularly around Lhe area
of labour supply and developlng
argumenLs wlLh governmenL and
employers abouL Lhe need for local
1hls means manufacLurlng of
componenL parLs for Lhe offshore oll
and gas lndusLry ln AusLralla and use of
masslve pro[ecLs worLh bllllons of
dollars wlLh long llfe expecLancy procure
AusLrallan goods and servlces
lor seafarlng local conLenL manlfesLs
lLself ln Lhe employmenL of AusLrallan
seafarers ln a share of Lhe LnC vessels
expecLed Lo be ln Lhe order of 2030 Lo
be manned by AusLrallans seafarers wlLh
an AusLrallan flag lL ls rldlculous LhaL
wlLh Lhese enormous resources ln Lhe
hands of mulLlnaLlonals are noL obllged
Lo have a larger engagemenL of local
conLenL ln Lhese pro[ecLs 1hls ls work
Lhe above unlons wlll conLlnue Lo
Supply of labour ln Lhese masslve
operaLlons ls also an lssue LhaL Lhe MuA
has been worklng closlng wlLh reglonal
parLners on mosL noLably new Zealand
and where a shorLage of labour ls
ldenLlfled processes are ln place for Lhe
engagemenL on nZ seafarers lurLher
work ls belng done ln Lhls area Lo ensure
LhaL where Lhls labour ls used lndusLrlal
agreemenLs and Lhe meLhod of
engagemenL are covered by approprlaLe
agreemenLs wlLh Lhe employers


Oi/ ond 6os cont
outb Workers eport
unlons and branches around Lhe
counLry conLlnue Lo promoLe
young workers lssues for example
mosL MuA 8ranches have
esLabllshed ?oung Worker
CommlLLees made up of members
under Lhe age of 33 years or have
young workers responslble for
lssues ln Lhelr 8ranch
1hese commlLLees ln many
branches are auLonomous
whereby branches provlde Lhe
resources and young workers
Lhemselves formallse Lhelr
commlLLees and deLermlne Lhe
lssues Lhe acLlons and Lhe
dlrecLlon all ln accordance wlLh Lhe
MuA's 8ules ?oung Worker days
barbecues pool compeLlLlons and
fllm nlghLs conLlnue Lo brlng young
workers LogeLher
?oung Worker CommlLLees ln Lhe
branches have also deLermlned Lo
have Lhelr own communlcaLlon
sLreams Lhelr own evenLs
merchandlse and acLlvlLles
speclflcally deslgned Lo appeal Lo
young workers
?oung Worker resoluLlons adopLed
aL pasL unlon conferences have
been lmplemenLed and a plan
esLabllshed for 8ranches Lo carry
ouL work developlng young
unlon Awareness Schools have
speclflcally nomlnaLed young
workers Lo aLLend Lo appreclaLe Lhe
hlsLory of Lhe unlon movemenL and
develop Lhelr skllls ln relaLlon Lo
represenLlng Lhelr lssues
Lncouraglng delegaLe cooperaLlon
Lo faclllLaLe beLLer workplace
represenLaLlves has also asslsLed
young workers havlng a volce ln
Lhelr workplaces
1rans 1asman C|| and Gas
As an exLenslon of Lhe AusLrallan oll
and gas alllance beLween Lhe MuA and
Lhe AusLrallan Workers' unlon (AWu)
we have now exLended Lhls lnLo Lhe
1asman wlLh unlons from new
Zealand and Lhe Lnglneerlng prlnLlng
and ManufacLurlng unlon (LMu)
boLh of whom are lnvolved ln Lhe
1he ob[ecLlves of Lhe Alllance ls Lo
complemenL Lhe work and agenda of
Lhe C1lC develop reglonal dlalogue
beLween Lhe member unlons develop
reglonal workplans and acLlvlLles ln Lhe
oll and gas secLor and fosLer solldarlLy
wlLhln Lhe reglon
1he member unlons have meL on a
number of occaslons ln AusLralla and
new Zealand and have had slgnlflcanL
success agalnsL Lhe Maersk offshore
on a rlg Lhe oo 1oo lv where Lhe
unlons on boLh sldes of Lhe 1asman
were able Lo convlnce Maersk LhaL Lhe
unlon Alllance poslLlon was LhaL
employmenL needed Lo be 30
AusLrallan and 30 new Zealand (Lhe
company wanLed Lo have malnly
AusLrallan wlLh a Loken nZ
Pavlng won Lhls argumenL Lhe
company was requlred Lo pay Lhe
hlgher AusLrallan raLes of pay Lhls
llfLed Lhe nZ workforce salary wlLh Lhe
exchange raLe applled of abouL 30
1hls was Lhe flrsL agreemenL of Lhls
klnd LhaL has ever been developed ln
nZ and Lhe LMu were able Lo geL
slgnlflcanL medla lnLeresL
lL ls qulLe clear Lhe lnLernaLlonal
engagemenL ln Lhls reglon has
resonaLed amongsL Lhe employers
who generally operaLe on boLh sldes of
Lhe 1asman and are acuLely aware LhaL
Lhelr deallngs wlLh one unlon wlll be
very much common knowledge of Lhe
oLhers and supporL wlll be supplled Lo
each oLher

8ecenLly Labour hlsLory Lours have also
been supporLed by 8ranches agaln
hlghllghLlng Lhe lmporLance of young
workers undersLandlng Lhe values
lssues and baLLles LhaL have shaped our
1he MuA 1Wu and 818u senL a large
delegaLlon of members Lo Lhe l1l
Congress ln Mexlco lncludlng many
young workers
aul McAleer (MuA Sydney 8ranch)
was elecLed as cochalr of Lhe l1l ?oung
Workers CommlLLee along wlLh laLlma
Aguado Cuelpo
1he CommlLLee calls upon all afflllaLes
Lo acLlvely encourage Lhe adopLlon of
programs and lnlLlaLlves Lo develop
young workers acLlvlLy wlLhln Lhelr
unlons and communlLles


Mloloq ooJ Motltlme coootty kepott Aosttollo 11/10/18/4761

1|mor Leste
lrom humble beglnnlngs ln 1994 of a
handful of members Lhe 1lmor LesLe
1rade unlon ConfederaLlon
(1L1uC/kS1L) now has ln excess of
400 members Slnce Lhen AusLrallan
new Zealand norweglan
Slngaporean and lndoneslan unlons
and Lhe l1l have conLlnued Lo work ln
Lhe developmenL of a number of
crlLlcal areas
1he l1l has been lnvolved ln Lhe
esLabllshmenL of a LrlparLlLe Laskforce
wlLh governmenL unlons and
employers AL Lhls sLage Lhe
governmenL and unlons have
esLabllshed an engagemenL and Lerms
of reference have been drafLed for a
LrlparLlLe body

ln addlLlon we have asslsLed ln Lhe
developmenL of a obs fot kesootce
Owoets conference ln lebruary 2009
1he programme was developed from
LhaL conference and lncluded

LsLabllshmenL of a dlalogue wlLh
Lhe lMC wlLh Lhe lnLenL of
developlng a MarlLlme
Worklng Lowards Lhe
esLabllshmenL of a polyLechnlc
Lralnlng cenLre Lo glve 1lmorese
skllls and compeLency Lo work ln
Lhe Cll/Cas/marlLlme secLor
ConLlnued Lo work wlLh lndusLrl
Lnergl norway and kesaLuan
elauL lndonesla (kl lndoneslan
Seafarers unlon) Lo develop
Lralnlng opporLunlLles ln
ConLlnue Lo communlcaLe wlLh
poLenLlal employers engaglng ln
offshore acLlvlLles ln 1lmorLesLe

apua New Gu|nea
1he relaLlonshlp beLween Lhe nC
Lrade unlon movemenL and Lhe
AusLrallan Lrade unlon movemenL
has been a long and producLlve
ln more recenL Llmes nC has
suffered corrupLlon a lack of
governance and was LeeLerlng on
a falled sLaLe sLaLus unLll Lhere
was some flnanclal and
admlnlsLraLlonal asslsLance glven
by Lhe AusLrallan and oLher
AL Lhe same Llme Lhe AusLrallan
unlon movemenL lead by Lhe
AC1u Look on a programme wlLh
Lhe nC 1rade unlon Councll Lo
relnvlgoraLe Lhe unlon movemenL
ln nC ln parLlcular Lhe MuA
1Wu and lLs parLner unlon nC
MarlLlme and 1ransporL Workers
unlon have conLlnued Lo work
nC's resource economy ls
boomlng however Lhe Lrlckle
down effecL of Lhls wealLh ls noL
evldenL and poverLy and lack of
employmenL opporLunlLles sLlll
exlsL 1he governmenL pays llLLle
regard Lo consulLaLlon and
engagemenL wlLh Lhe unlon
movemenL ln nC
nC ls embarklng upon one of Lhe
blggesL lnfrasLrucLure pro[ecLs ln
Lhe reglon leL alone nC lLself
1he LxxonMobll LnC pro[ecL ls
valued aL Lens of bllllons of dollars
and wlll poLenLlally employ
beLween 13000 and 18000
workers 8egreLLably local
Australian Union olidarity
and Activism in tbe Pacific
employmenL wlll be lucky Lo reach
30 of LhaL number due Lo a lack
of skllls and Lralnlng and a
compleLe lack of preparedness by
Lhe governmenL leadlng up Lo Lhls
1he MarlLlme unlon of AusLralla
(MuA) ConsLrucLlon loresLry
Mlnlng and Lnergy unlon (ClMLu)
AusLrallan ManufacLurlng Workers
unlon (AMWu) 1ransporL
Workers unlon (1Wu) and
AusLrallan Councll of 1rade unlons
(AC1u) have been worklng on
developlng a capaclLy bulldlng and
organlslng programme ln Lhe area
of marlLlme LransporL and
8eLween 3
and 7
2011 a delegaLlon represenLlng
Lhose unlons and Lhe l1l
developed a sLraLegy paper ln a
workshop LhaL lncluded our hosL
nC unlons Lhe nC MarlLlme and
1ransporL Workers unlon and nC
8ulldlng ConsLrucLlon 1lmber
Allled lndusLrles Workers unlon
1here were also offlclals from
unlons wlLhln Lhe aclflc reglon
lncludlng vanuaLu Solomon
lslands and oLhers 1he sLraLegy
paper has been concluded and
supporLlve unlons wlll meeL
shorLly Lo conslder fundlng for Lhls
Lwoyear programme


1he llag of Convenlence Leam of
lnspecLors ln AusLralla conLlnues Lo
seL a hlgh sLandard ln counLerlng Lhe
efforLs of bad lCC operaLors We
have a plvoLal role ln Lhe reglon and
en[oy a hard earned lnLernaLlonal
repuLaLlon as provldlng a safe haven
for all seafarers and lnlLlaLe acLlons
Lo supporL Lhe rlghLs of forelgn
uean Summers coordlnaLes Lhree
lnspecLors and Lwo fully Lralned
uomesLlcally Lhe lCC campalgn
meshes wlLh Lhe efforLs of Lhe
marlLlme afflllaLes parLlcularly ln Lhe
work done by Lhe MuA Lo expand
our role ln caboLage on Lhe
AusLrallan coasL and Lhe
developmenL of a reglonal shlpplng
under AusLrallan llcenslng provlslons
for coasLal caboLage Lrade forelgn
vessels are permlLLed Lo work under
condlLlons ln some lnsLances forelgn
crew are now Lo be pald AusLrallan
award wages for Lhe Llme Lhey spend
ln LhaL Lrade and our work lnvolves
exposlng operaLors who do noL
1hrough Lhe AusLrallan neLwork we
lnspecL more Lhan 400 shlps per
reflne and hone Lhe campalgns Lo closer
reflecL Lhe declslons of congress and Lhe
Mexlco ClLy ollcy
1he fuLure of campalgn ln AusLralla ls
poslLlve We have a sound repuLaLlon an
acLlve and parLlclpaLlve supporL base
sLrong wellLralned lnspecLors and clear
leadershlp Lo expand Lhe lnfluence of Lhe
l1l ln Lhe reglon
1he lCC Campalgn ls lnLegraLed wlLh Lhe
orLs of Convenlence Campalgn and
AusLrallan afflllaLes are dellverlng on Lhelr
secLlons of Lhe workplan around Lhe
Clobal neLwork 1ermlnals campalgn
ln May 2011 Lhe MuA hosLed an l1l
reglonal and lnLernaLlonal sLaff workshop
on Lhe dellvery of Lhe CC campalgn ln
Lhe Aslaaclflc reglon

arLlclpanLs developed a deLalled
reglonal and subreglonal work plan Lo
ensure LhaL adequaLe resources are
avallable for Lhe CC campalgn LhaL
necessary research ls underway and LhaL
coordlnaLed plans are belng developed
ulscusslons focused on developlng
organlslng capaclLy ldenLlfylng leverage
esLabllshlng reglonal neLworks wlLhln
each Cn1 and developlng a
communlcaLlons plan key lssues
ldenLlfled lncluded deallng wlLh
auLomaLlon healLh and safeLy and

1he Cn1s presenLly acLlve ln AusLralla are
u World where LnLerprlse AgreemenL
negoLlaLlons are presenLly underway and
PuLchlson whlch wlll be openlng a new
Lermlnal ln Sydney
8y allgnlng wlLh Lhe reglonal Cn1
campalgn resources can be pooled and
shared and research ls belng conducLed
parLlcularly Lhe Maersk pro[ecL Lo Lrack
and monlLor Lhe Lermlnal and cargo
frelghL chalns
year reLrlevlng slgnlflcanL amounLs of
back pay whlch would have oLherwlse
been sLolen from seafarers MosL
lmporLanLly however ls Lhe proLecLlon
offered Lo all seafarers whlle ln Lhe
AusLrallan marlLlme reglon
1here ls a sLrong focus on seafarer's
welfare wlLh Lhe close parLlclpaLlon ln
Lhe lnLroducLlon of a naLlonal welfare
body along wlLh a hlgh proflle role ln
seafarers' clubs and mlsslons We have
been successful ln dramaLlcally
reduclng Lhe burden on Lhe welfare
fund by spreadlng Lhe responslblllLy
and cosLs for seafarer's welfare Lo
lmporLanL lndusLry players and
reduclng dupllcaLlon or ln some
lnsLances LrlpllcaLlon of servlce Lo
seafarers ln many porLs
lollowlng Lhe lalr racLlces meeLlng ln
8uenos Alres ln !une Lhe lCC campalgn
lnspecLoraLe now has Lhe long overdue
responslblllLles of broadenlng our work
lnLo Lhe CC and where approprlaLe
Lhe llsherles campalgns
More recenLly lCC campalgn
coordlnaLor uean Summers was
successfully nomlnaLed as Lhe Asla
aclflc and Afrlcan reglonal
represenLaLlve Lo Lhe campalgn revlews
and wlll work wlLh 4 oLher
represenLaLlves around Lhe world Lo
Australian FUC and PUC Campaigns

ITF Austialian Inspectois anu Staff meet foi a confeience anu
woikshop in Syuney.

Mloloq ooJ Motltlme coootty kepott Aosttollo 11/10/18/4761

1he l1l afflllaLe unlons ln AusLralla have all successfully achleved Lhe esLabllshmenL of women's neLworks and now mosL have
elLher elecLed or nonelecLed women on Lhe naLlonal execuLlve of Lhe unlons
1he key focus for Lhe women has been a campalgn led by Lhe AusLrallan Servlces unlon on equal pay 1he Lqual ay Campalgn
focuses on recognlslng LhaL (a) women are pald slgnlflcanLly less Lhan men (approx 70c Lo every $1) and (b) LhaL Lhls dlfferenLlal
ls llnked Lo Lhe value socleLy places on Lhe work women do
WlLhln Lhe LransporL and loglsLlcs secLor Lhere are large barrlers Lo be faced by women parLlcularly ln harassmenL respecL and
dlgnlLy aL work
1ransporL unlons ln AusLralla are focused on ensurlng LhaL women noL only have access Lo work ln Lhese secLors whlch have
been LradlLlonally seen as 'men's work' buL LhaL once employed Lhey work ln a safe and respecLful envlronmenL
l1l AfflllaLes ln AusLralla have commlLLed Lhelr unlons Lo recognlslng Lhe lnLernaLlonal uay of vlolence agalnsL women WhlLe
8lbbon uay november 23 1he AC1u execuLlve agreed Lo become lnvolved ln Lhe campalgn afLer a resoluLlon was presenLed by
MlchLlle Myers (MuA) who slLs on Lhe execuLlve wlLh addy Crumlln 1he commlLmenL by Lhe l1l unlons ls sLepplng up Lhls year
wlLh Lhe roll ouL of a workplace program for Lhe campalgn
1he MuA depuLy naLlonal secreLary Mlck uoleman has [usL been awarded WhlLe 8lbbon uay Ambassador of Lhe year due Lo hls
Llreless work on Lhe campalgn 1he workplace program Lhey have adopLed was orlglnally an MuA ldea presenLed Lo Lhem
We look forward Lo [olnlng wlLh all our broLhers and slsLers across Lhe reglon ln recognlslng Lhls day
Women in Transport


Securlng caboLage ls cruclal for
AusLrallan seafarlng as lL ls for many
counLrles around Lhe world
AfLer an lnformal meeLlng ln Mexlco
ClLy ln AugusL 2010 Lhe naLlonal
CaboLage Worklng Croup was
formed lL was esLabllshed Lo
campalgn for caboLage rlghLs around
Lhe world norway and lndonesla are
examples of where Lhls campalgn has
ln AusLralla Shlpplng 8eform (whlch
we expecL Lo pass Lhe arllamenL ln
2011) wlll ensure LhaL caboLage rlghLs
are reallsed along Lhe AusLrallan
1he MuA ls commlLLed Lo progresslng
Lhls reform backed by Lhe l1l and
has been worklng on pollcy mapplng
and a daLabase whlch wlll be a
resource for oLher unlons ln Lhe
collecLlve flghL for caboLage rlghLs
1he alm of Lhe pollcy ls Lo arresL Lhe
decllne of AusLralla's shlpplng fleeL
and Lhe loss of Lhe marlLlme skllls
base and Lo provlde for Lhe
developmenL of an AusLrallan
lnLernaLlonal marlLlme presence 1o
glve effecL Lo Lhe pollcy Lhe
CovernmenL commlLLed Lo lnLroduce
regulaLory changes Lo resLore balance
Lo Lhe AusLrallan caboLage sysLem and
Lo sLrengLhen caboLage Lo lnLroduce
a Lonnage Lax and acceleraLed
depreclaLlon as well as changes Lo Lhe
royalLy wlLhholdlng Lax almed aL
lncreaslng lnvesLmenL ln AusLrallan
shlpplng and Lo make changes Lo
lncome Lax arrangemenLs for
AusLrallanresldenL lnLernaLlonal
seafarers Lo remove dlslncenLlves for
companles employlng AusLrallans ln
addlLlon Lhe Labor CovernmenL
agreed Lo esLabllsh a MarlLlme
Workforce uevelopmenL lorum of
lndusLry unlons and educaLlon
Cne elemenL of Lhe reform package
bipping eform
belng proposed by Lhe AusLrallan
CovernmenL ls esLabllshmenL of
an AusLrallan lnLernaLlonal Shlp
8eglsLer 1he CovernmenL's
sLaLed lnLenLlon ls Lwofold (l) Lo
bolsLer AusLrallan conLenL of shlps
lssued wlLh 1emporary Llcenses Lo
operaLe ln Lhe coasLal Lrade Lo
complemenL AusLrallan uomesLlc
8eglsLer shlps and (ll) Lo aLLracL
lnLernaLlonally voyaglng shlps
carrylng AusLrallan exporLs on Lo
Lhe AusLrallan lnLernaLlonal Shlps
under Lhe CovernmenL's
proposal AusLrallan lnLernaLlonal
8eglsLer shlps wlll be permlLLed Lo
carry a ma[orlLy nonnaLlonal
crew Lo be sourced from Lhe Asla
aclflc reglon 1he proposal ls
LhaL Lhese crew wlll operaLe
under collecLlve agreemenLs
negoLlaLed under a slngle
bargalnlng unlL by AusLrallan
naLlonal marlLlme unlons under
arrangemenLs agreed wlLh
seafarer unlons ln reglonal labour
supply naLlons
1he MuA and AMCu are
conLlnulng Lo engage wlLh Lhe
CovernmenL on Lhe deLalls of lLs
reform package Lo ensure lL ls noL
only accepLable Lo AusLrallan
marlLlme unlons buL conforms
wlLh l1l pollcy lmporLanLly Lhe
MuA ln parLlcular has conLlnued Lo
lobby for a shlpplng reform
package whlch ensures AusLrallan
shlpplng reform ls lnLegraLed wlLh
reglonal shlpplng and reglonal
developmenL so LhaL reglonal
seafarers and reglonal seafarer
naLlons sLand Lo galn from Lhe
AusLrallan shlpplng reform
1he MuA wlll be holdlng a naLlonal
Seafarers Conference ln laLe
SepLember Lo seLLle Lhe MuA
pollcy on Lhe CovernmenLs reform
package Lo whlch reglonal l1l
seafarer unlons are belng lnvlLed


Mloloq ooJ Motltlme coootty kepott Aosttollo 11/10/18/4761

1he Clllard Labor CovernmenL ln
AusLralla alLhough a mlnorlLy
CovernmenL has conLlnued Lo
advance a number of lmporLanL
lnlLlaLlves LhaL lmpacL on Lhe LransporL
and loglsLlcs lndusLrles Many of Lhese
lnlLlaLlves have arlsen from lobbylng by
LransporL unlons parLlcularly Lhe
AusLrallan 1ransporL unlons
lederaLlon (A1ul)
1he most |mportant deve|opments
CovernmenL commlLmenL and acLlon
Lo sLrengLhen AusLralla's shlpplng
lndusLry and Lo place AusLralla's
shlpplng lndusLry on a susLalnable
fooLlng wlLh lLs lnLernaLlonal
compeLlLors as well as wlLh oLher
modes of LransporL domesLlcally (see
deLalled reporL below)

1he CovernmenL agreed ln AugusL
2011 Lo esLabllsh one naLlonal safeLy
regulaLor for marlLlme one for rall and
one for heavy vehlcles cuLLlng Lhe
number of LransporL safeLy regulaLors
across AusLralla from 23 Lo Lhree 1hls
reform ls meanL Lo be ln place from

Whlle Lhe A1ul ls generally supporLlve
of Lhe esLabllshmenL of slngle safeLy
regulaLors ln each secLor Lhere are
some deLalls regardlng safeLy
sLandards and servlce dellvery where
Lhe unlons are conLlnulng Lo lobby
CovernmenL for beLLer ouLcomes

1he CovernmenL announced ln
AugusL 2011 LhaL lL would deLermlne
lLs response Lo Lhe 2010 Safe 8aLes
ulrecLlons aper by mldCcLober 2011
and would lnLroduce leglslaLlon Lo glve
effecL Lo a Safe 8aLes sLraLegy by Lhe
end of 2011 1he Safe 8aLes campalgn
has been a ma[or naLlonal lnlLlaLlve of
Lhe 1ransporL Workers unlon (1Wu)

1he CovernmenL has commlLLed Lo
raLlfy Lhe lLC MarlLlme Labour
ConvenLlon (MLC) LeglslaLlon Lo glve
Political Climate Update
effecL Lo raLlflcaLlon ls currenLly
before Lhe arllamenL wlLh lLs
passage expecLed ln SepLember
2011 AusLrallan raLlflcaLlon ls
expecLed by laLe 2011 or early 2012

1he CovernmenL has agreed ln
prlnclple Lo a naLlonal orLs
SLraLegy wlLh lmplemenLaLlon
deLalls Lo be consldered by Lhe end
of 2011 1he naLlonal orLs SLraLegy
wlll provlde a framework for A1ul
Lo conLlnue Lo advocaLe for labor
relaLlons reforms and beLLer [ob
securlLy safeLy and Lralnlng for

1he CovernmenL has a naLlonal
Land lrelghL SLraLegy under
developmenL wlLh A1ul maklng
submlsslons almed aL advanclng
Lrade unlon prlorlLles

1he CovernmenL esLabllshed ln
2010 a speclal sLevedorlng safeLy
reference group under Lhe
framework of lLs naLlonal CPS
advlsory body Safe Work AusLralla
Lo examlne Lhe need for addlLlonal
safeLy regulaLlon Lo sLrengLhen
sLevedorlng safeLy laws 1hls follows
a spaLe of sLevedorlng faLallLles and
serlous ln[urles over Lhe pasL few
years 1haL work ls sLlll ln progress
buL lL ls expecLed Lo resulL ln a new
naLlonal sLevedorlng code of
pracLlce for AusLrallan dockworkers
Lo apply from 2012 1he MuA has
been cenLral Lo Lhe process

1he CovernmenL ls due Lo release
for publlc commenL ln SepLember
2011 a new Marlne Crder
(8egulaLlon) glvlng effecL Lo Lhe
Manlla amendmenLs Lo Lhe
lnLernaLlonal ConvenLlon on
SLandards of 1ralnlng CerLlflcaLlon
and WaLchkeeplng (S1CW) 1he MuA
and oLher marlLlme unlons wlll be
fully lnvolved ln Lhe process of
developmenL of Lhe new Marlne
Crder due Lo come lnLo effecL ln laLe
2011 or early 2012

1he CovernmenL's LrlparLlLe
1ransporL and LoglsLlcs lndusLry Skllls
Councll ls currenLly revlewlng Lhe
MarlLlme and SLevedorlng 1ralnlng
ackages whlch underpln Lhe Lralnlng
programs for Lhe vocaLlonal
quallflcaLlons of marlLlme workers
and Lhe 1ransporL and LoglsLlcs
lndusLry 1ralnlng ackage whlch
underpln Lhe Lralnlng programs for
Lhe vocaLlonal quallflcaLlons of rall
road LransporL and warehouslng
workers 1he A1ul unlons are fully
lnvolved along wlLh lndusLry
employers ln Lhese processes

1he CovernmenL ls progresslng lLs
response Lo cllmaLe change by
lnLroduclng leglslaLlon Lo Lhe
arllamenL Lo glve effecL Lo lLs clean
energy pollcy cenLered lnlLlally on a
carbon prlce of $23/Lonne of CC2 Lo
Lake effecL from mld 2012 lf Lhe
leglslaLlon passes Lhe arllamenL
1he Lop 300 AusLrallan polluLers wlll
come under Lhe carbon Lax reglme
lncludlng a number of shlp rall and
road LransporL operaLors 1he
carbon Lax wlll be applled Lo
LransporL fuels generally by phase
ouL of Lhe currenL Lax rebaLe scheme
on dlesel fuels alLhough road
LransporL has a 2 year delay 1he
MuA ls lobbylng Lhe CovernmenL Lo
ensure LhaL AusLrallan domesLlc
shlpplng ls noL dlsadvanLaged relaLlve
Lo forelgn shlps lnvolved ln Lhe
caboLage Lrades