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LTE Initial Attach/Default Bearer Establishment

LTE Dedicated Bearer Establishment .

Once MME receives Attach Request. NAS: After RRC is established then begins the NAS signaling. . it queries HSS for authentication details. Attach is for attaching to the network and other message message is for establishing the bearers. If they match UE is authenticated.LTE UE Initial Attach S1 Setup: This is where eNB is attached to the network. Authentication/Security: Networks requests UE for Auth vectors. RRC Connections: Once UE comes up a RRC connection is established for communication with the network. Bearers: After security network creates the EPS bearers first. Then the radio bearers are created and RRC connections are modified accordingly. HSS sends the authentication vectors to MME in Authentication Info Answer. After the security all the NAS messages are encrypted using the security algorithms that were exchanged. (GTP messages). Next is security. Once the radio bearers are created eNB downlink addresses are sent to SGW in GTP messages. Once UE provides the same MME compares the same with what HSS has sent. As long the eNB is functioning the S1 setup remains. HSS: This is Home Subscriber System and it understands diameter protocol. UE sends Attach request along with PDN connectivity request to network.

Network deletes the EPS bearers then the radio bearers are torn down. Finally RRC connection is released. .LTE UE Initiated Detach UE decides to detach from the network. Its sends a detach request message to network.

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