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Edited By Norman Green-Price
Tuesday 29th November 2011 (To-days 2nd Posting)

How much are we really aware of what is going on around us from day to day?
Video: LaRouche Interview of 28th November 2011

Video (13.59) : World In Review - November 28, 2011 6 hours 48 min ago As the thrust for world war continues, the Main Media has remained mostly totally silent on this plan of LaRouche on both sides of the Atlantic, although Mr. LaRouche is a distinguished Economist and former US Presidential Candidate, and the Russian and Asian Press have no difficulty in carry this newsworthy feature. Why?

It seems to be the most sane and hopeful plan, to emerge from this financial mess and to avoid a Nuclear War?

No one claims that Lyndon LaRouche is perfect, least of all himself, either as a politician, economist or individual, although his past record when looked into, appears more creditable than some of his enemies.

If you want to understand the perfect plan, please consider this, which should help your perspective.

Know Your Enemy (Part 1 Introduction to 78 short videos) v=HDDGl79x4Pc&feature=list_related&playnext=1 &list=SPCED9C361662866BD

But what Lyndon does offer on his website, are well thought through provoking ideas, which will keep you up-to-date with the real News My SCRIBD Networking Site: then hover curser over norman8281 (top right corner), then click on My Documents.