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Subject: Catering assistant

Dear sir/madam

Ì would like to apply for the position of catering assistant as advertised on job
centre plus.

As you will see from my career details, Ì have extensive experience of both
catering and catering management including:

- 8 month as staff assistant at a shobha's ltd

Where my most recent achievement has been to oversee the systematic
organisation of staff training schedules. The resulting decrease in staff
turnover of nearly 20 per cent greatly improved the standard of service we
were able to offer customers.

Ì enjoyed creating an atmosphere in which people can have a good time
without worries or distractions. Ì see it as my responsibility to ensure that
everything runs smoothly, and Ì understand the challenge of remaining calm
and efficient under pressure.

Ì believe that your vacancy offers the opportunity Ì am looking for to work in
the fast-growing family entertainment market. My aim is to develop my career
further in the area of first-rate customer service, both personally and through
staff management and motivation.

Ì would be very happy to discuss my application with you further and look
forward to hearing from you.
My full CV follows.

Yours sincerely
Rajubhai kalsariya
Tel: 07432105284

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