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2011 Art Portfolio

2011 Art Portfolio

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Published by Heather Lemmons

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Published by: Heather Lemmons on Nov 30, 2011
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Arts + Society: Visual Arts! ! LBST 1105 H91! ! ! Art Portfolio! ! ! !

Spring 2011

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Julie D. Hicks jdhicks@uncc.edu 704.201.3329 cell

By now most of you have done a portfolio or an e-portfolio in one of your Honors classes. As you remember, the key words - collect, select, reflect, project - define a portfolio. During the semester you have collected the following: written assignments, artifacts from galleries, things like gallery cards and tickets, photos that you take, and such. From this collection you will select five written responses, as many artifacts and photos as you care to include, and an artistic/visual creation that connects to each of your five written responses. You will reflect when making the selection of your five pieces, considering the written responses that are most significant to your understanding of art this semester. From this reflection you will project new ways of thinking about the art you have seen this semester and how you view yourself in the interactive process of art. How will you know which pieces to select? This is a personal decision. Perhaps you will select a response that was an Aha! moment for you, when you really connected with a specific piece of art. Perhaps you will select a response about the McColl Center because of the personal connection with the artists in residence. Or maybe the Bechtler Museum will open your eyes so you finally “get” modern art. In addition to the discussion of your artifacts you will also consider several other things in this holistic look at your semester. The completed reflective essay will include the following: Part One - What is your personal definition of art? - What role do you think art plays within a culture? - Discuss the significance of the five selected written responses. - Offer some insights on your artistic creations and how they connect to the responses. - Has your perception of art and your ability to understand it changed this semester? Explain Part Two Consider how culture shapes art and how art shapes culture by choosing an artistic medium with which you are familiar and discuss the cultural meanings that can be expressed in this medium and the human significance those expressions have. Your discussion should either take the form of a compare/contrast analysis of two different forms of artistic/cultural expression or the evolution of a given form over time. Your response should demonstrate your grasp of the terms and concepts appropriate for analyzing the artistic forms you choose to describe and should give at least two examples of how "art" shapes, reflects, or critiques its society. Finally, your response should also address how different individuals and cultures might approach the examples you choose from perspectives shaped by issues such as race, gender, age, socio-economic status, etc.

The Portfolio will include: ! More human than human collage ! Five written responses (free pass if used) ! Five artistic/visual representations ! Artifacts & photos that you may have collected at the art venues ! Final Reflective Essay - Part One and Part Two ! Also include a one page (longer is okay) write up of your Ushering experience. Format ! E-Portfolio - create a portfolio in WIX.com, including the above. ! WIX is user-friendly and good experience for portfolios in your Honors future. ! Photos, art images or your own artistic creations can be easily incorporated into ! the e-portfolio. ! ! ! ! Scrapbook - You can opt for a paper version of a portfolio. A notebook with the above required papers, artifacts, visual responses and reflective essay. You can get as colorful and creative as you like with this project.

The Portfolio Grade ! Complete collection ! ! Visual Presentation! ! ! Oral Presentation! ! ! Final Reflection! !

10 points 30 points 20 points 40 points

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