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Vehicle Design

Fall, 2011

Homework 6 Due: Wednesday, November 30 1. An automatic transmission receives as an input 450 ft-lb of torque from the torque converter. A multi-disc clutch is to be designed to transmit this torque to the planetary gear sets. The clutch rings have outer and inner diameters of 6.0 in and 5.25 in respectively. The friction material is to be sintered metal, operated wet, giving the surface a coefficient of friction of 0.07 with a maximum allowable applied pressure on 650 psi. How many two-sided discs are required for this application, assuming uniform wear? 2. A proposed transmission based on the Chrysler 42LE transmission has the following tooth counts for the planetary gear sets: Front Set Ring Planets Sun 75 17 41 Rear Set Ring Planets Sun 61 15 31

The following table lists the clutch activation for each gear, with the corresponding input, output, and fixed members. Calculate the gear ratio in each gear. IS this a suitable transmission? If not, why and how would you fix it? Gear 1 2 3 4 R Elements Engaged UD, L-R UD, 2-4 UD, OD OD, 2-4 R, L-r Front carrier Front sun Front sun Front ring Input Rear sun Rear sun Held Output Notes

Front carrier Rear carrier Front sun Front ring

rr   fpc  0

Unit locked

Front carrier Front ring

3. For the vehicle you drive: a) b) c) d) Find or estimate the engine torque versus engine speed curve. Generate a plot of power versus engine speed using a). Find the gear ratios and final drive ratios for your vehicle. Generate a plot of force at the road versus vehicle speed (mph) for each gear. Comment on the resulting curves. (They should look similar to Fig 6.1)


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