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TiITFlA digital tmn! oomml!niGation standard is a Ikind o,f wiret·ess.

tmnking mobile- communication tec:tJnoloQY, Tetra system is a standard-based the 5pi('jclalized ins1i1u~r()nsin

sys.tem based



open s,¥,steITll desi'grJ;ed' by


to saljsly the IlIDbi~e oonlmunic<ll~ion rl!'1l005of

the ,e:umpectr! ceuntrles, Ibis system not only provkle the multl-QlrQl!Jp dj5PaJ~Gh but aliso ing,
packet data service an d digitall~e' i'lIll duplex mobiile telephone servlce. lll€! TEmA

provide short dalte mes'S:ag:eservice.

SY3~emalso supports powerful IJ:MO mode. Sky PFM ha\o\ebeen engag edl in oommunicalion system willi a wealtl, Gif hisinry andexperanee,



a. s:tmng team ,and

large aC~l!Imula~ion I}f HTR'A technology,

The c~rnp,anll took ~he lead illl developing

PortElbl!e'Handset. VeNcle REldio and

Station Bi3!Sie Chilldi in:depencieniJIy. The s;¥Mem has been SJuocessfullryC1Jppltedl army, police, mines, railways, airports, Large in to. VIIOrks,businessaJnd olner areas in -ctJina atnd Elbmad. 'We provide variety of soluikilns to a~1users in dii1fereni areas, snd we madle a loot01 new ideas ami apiPmcations to meet. the communication 0 re,qllimments in variousfields.

Sky PFM Tetra Solution

Bas ic Stru ctu re:


--~.---------;-----~-;~.M$ F. ~"'~_[~--;: .. I~~.~(::;~ Ill""",,: i 0~
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'" NMS

-----l EliI' rnll~

- Dt."'- ~Mbi'"






_11:ft j"

We provide you with the TETRA:
• Steady • Secure Reliab~e • 'Eff:icient • Intelligent

• Convenient


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• All


interiace structure is



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based on IICPflP
• D.islr~btJled exchanqs diversity topology

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• link


• .High-:redumdancy,

reduction in

IP ne~<;iAn:)YA'II



rankto operate,

Our TETRA dig'ital trunkinq solutions have been successfully used in Inner Mongolia coal mines, Chongqing lighl rail, Dallan shipyard, and other users. The system has increased cornrnunlcatlon capacity and efficiency and safety of tile user, We get widejy recognized. With Ihe TETRA technology and integrated business of customers expandno. TETRA applications and functions. We would
l.ike 10

we are constantly devebping


be able 10cooperate with you

actualize your excellence:

etc .group Eimer. maintenance. Supplementt:ary Service call and broadcast cElIII Calli transter Call1l10ld DMO Pre -emptlve pruority call users and le:x:~: message an d pca. the publlic users cam ellactively and flexibility for the users to speed up the communicate with their team.ss8Jgle. flexible n:€<·!worlk Meet t'he .emer'gency demand for rescue communication Wureless Inlemet access: mobilis olfice and database query FUNCTIIQN Bearer Serv~oe IlndividuaJi caU.. Network plattcrrn can rnset llle operating command and busjness SOU LUTIIONJ8 This solution ensures the system workijngl 'smciently under normal OirCUlIlrlSlances: safe:ly and rap~dly it will equipment trarisform ~oa command communlcaflon system for disaster prsvennon and! inciden~ care in abnormal c:urcums'~anc·es .gency calli Data transmlsslcn. imagl'ENii Me'e! the routine operations 01 production dispatchlnq. or daily tasks. We can provide more freedom and improve business FEATURE Effective and rapid transmission of voice.equiremsnt for netwo:rk ~ecurity. Communli cation ststus me. reliabiIity and expanslon. the system struoture is as lo'l.BAClKGROUND TETRA users can quickly receive important mission command in safe way.€:lnl Priority call Betrring of outgoing I TIme-limiltinQl calm Call'lingl ~rJcornln g call s I call!ed line id9n~ificaNon pwess.low~l1gway: marna'gemelll System reliabi IHyand easy eXpaJ1IS~QI'I.rnmti:on Grow p scarwlitng . Accord ilng to the r..otbile users with dispatching Dynami:c Qlroup number assi gnm. response time can be shortened teedback And In the management of information 01 large seals activities efficiency.ckage dale" between mob He centre m.

user The solution can also be used to become a interconnection management. dynamic group nu rnber . automatic train protection. multiplication service.e to Q~her tlra'f!i.ble and elficient ccmmonlcation to SOlJe. the MTR has occupied a very important posiHonin urban public transport increasingliy used in Ilarge city traffic wjth its quiet.euinQ and automatic call-ba. seciuri~ maJna..gers. we can not only ensure the re'. c N. I'aSI.I1Jcy lRabo:nal use of resources.e tools. calf' group can.safeand '8'~fiiciel'1lt mergency request e SOULUTIONS system For the speciial coromunications requirements of Mass Transit. manlagemsrlt. and mass passel1. Hexibility of the system. w IfEATURE Meet . and rellia.ent. .pao~(el~ de. lev. 1ateentry" futlbad. OTHERS ffiu!ti:- 8upp~ementary Servioe B'I.abUity.9ltionl High-deminition voice ability To avoid risk.ble.gtura~ion maintenance between ground and Emergency Response Chief Public network It will be a city emergency response as a whole starustical Irn recent years. punctuality. provide security communications for unified command. management system. SDS. comlmta. and other advanl8'ge. Ensure the oontinuity CO-OP®Hl.low And Uu6 tigrntrail is also pollution.e~wo:mk Event Use for the railway control system: manage and operate among the trains and among the switchman and the control oolfltr.I1~'ban aHlway. Ai1d il has unique system is a. punctual. time limi1iilngaH.tfl. improve 'Operational eUici. IHigh iM8 11 i'getnttand weiiable rjiispatching 1 • Seamlless coverane of diOi~:a1voioe communic. eniiVironmentlriendly is advantag.gement. joint operations and emergency rescue.ISY qu. powerful guaranlee llhe urban ~ig:lhltr~il sa:le'.'hO. speediness.el priority. emergency calli. data service. incHvidllJlal calli.e'.r! off operators IFUNCTIION V()~iCe ru~ces Se Group call. management.assignm3:nt. car rnsn bar caU. peration o dispatching O'I!he 1.stem M. but also reasonably optimize resources and provide users with efficient communication platform and a high degree of security as well as seamless coveraoe. VlPN sy. station zcon can Da!luaSewk:e Stele me$sage.anagement managel'll1. ~nleri~tnkage to land pnone.

in oroer to enhance the cernpetltlvertess of enterprises. SOULUTIION8 FEATURE l .8xJble . c·alillauthOrizing by d lspatc her • dYiIlSimi c 9 roUip numb €f assl gnment lim~Un'gcall..laJIcall. tim€- sewice area. members ool the gl"oupto PABX/PSlN Supplemefii1tary Services Priority call. usetul cornmuoleations are rneeded ~nlihie mirning area. DM O. monitor . g.Mn. display warning beyondlhe Data Selt'vices Stalte massage. Stab IIity and Irel~abi~iity A wide effective range -cover I nt:eg railed maJl18igemMt an d remote.. callinQlliine ~dlentJifuca!liiol'iipres>€! record irngl. convenlent. companies.roup 'call work region chosen. calling idoentif~ca.. ma~ntenancellJ nctlons Salfa and s:~'abl OPSfaltUOt'll withQut pe rson on duty e 1F1. reliable. require tc lrtcreaae prodlucnivi! scan. call.~J"!i$fer. calli tr. no eifMct on the normal uss as expand~ng Compact! OOfrwentSt'ilt easy to transport and i m~tall I lDi~spatch Bearer Sel¥ices Individli!. Siabie and effie'ient use of TETRA will acnleve mobile comrnurucattons.late€ntry. It cam greatly enhance the production efficiency and the security. grol. broadcast call cell. 80S. packet dSita pre-em ptive priority call!. inlegmted communications and' business div€lfSihcation in mine area. group attendi nspectijng.BACKGROUND AS production safety of mining indluSliry is becoming more and more important. More secure. Hansmlt lorbiddance Rapid Cail Appl iss to the emerg~ncy . emergenlCy call.9IXtenStOt1lcapacity.

ent!IHcaltr:mof lecanen and user in 'eme. flexible. hiig hest emerg'E::ncy priorily.ublic saf."""101. siren.. fiingerpr~nt idenmiica!tion and eo on. group cajlsnd • St£)JtU8 mS'8'B8Ige. license dstabase orthe p{)~liice internal data. At group number assigrune:nt m€:ssage from con~lFol ~hescene. Our publlo seourity solution Can prov~deeJf) etfectiVi6! use of unf>Q:rma~ioni resoUl'ce alloosltr.e data. so as to . low backgmund Higlh confidentiaiiity andsecu noise rity. smooth 10 every sector OTHlERS Poilitce patro] car IE: a mobile On~CG. lbidl. driver's.rgency • WlithliM mobil.enhalloe trte of~h® misscoo" Voice and digila~ ccmmuolcatlonssclutions enhance the operation and manaqernent pollee.beUer performance Cle8!r voice. . n [FUNCTION rap id. wHl gn~'at~y eepabltltles of requi1rements 10 improv'e the efficiency safety. • Iindividuall .~bm~y for tCI SOULIUTIIONS Fast access.emergency rsscus. of communications wider scope of respons. ".anancl commun~oaJtion s platform. police can complete accident reports.vehicles. WihenM1ie Ilight sarne mobile broadcast call p~adbrim eq Liippeci '!Nlith mdio. ~rafl'ic reports. . text message • Call diverting • Dynamio bar. network. • po!liice ofific®1'S Carli worksafer moire ef1iectiveandconvenient mEA.sty or emer'glency lnV€nted communicaJti:ons group (offer access to theHre ambulance.egin use 1M high l€lv~1 of the work. reliable Higlher elfi. of the lreliabirlity ·SJPe the sygtemin pub~ic more police aQi.ATURE • Fast access.c~eFlcy. P.®nCi'®'$ b. aM i o~hierusers) II terconnecton. it can access jne crime 'ffiiles. important f1e(Xibil~y. security.BAC~GIROUND W~th~h8 irlcn38singlly pollee. radar speedometer and so on. Wlire or wi reless connecfien • T r'ainsmitd~spat:c~ rng oomrmandlalnd i eenterlo the tellmillal in pollee vehicle .ng (5 01 seam less coverage id. lefficiiency ot the implementation FE:. lrKUAV_ Rillito Wlid!e ra.

eb~~'ld service For 'Wir.Ap[ill.A!lO :seNer" seoomH:iievel\oped molbilleaontrol and station con~roil unit i3esid! . as subcOintractoroi wiilre'less SllJb-Syst€M.sli!!1'lve been used ilnl lliis p:roj~t.tctiJirngCflI1l~ef. Shanghai Sulbway ILine ~IProject lin .@Iev·ated raiilway. S>ecoM. one veJliole a!i1ld IP.eoo:nd~dieveJ!Oped C.:657 km liang.. Tienjin Exipress Ra~May Nelworik 1F'!. orne centrel !::erne!' and on:efa!lll~ find center..~.Jlr oompiiilfilY pro\iiide$ wi~'€le$$ c:o~rage.s TEiRA equipment:s.~ Chongqiilng IElev€lJilIed a~lway Project-Une:2 R And Its EXlIend Line Urban Mass Pransat » o~€:uni~ off wjreiless oommul!i1i:caliofi! e<i.J. proj~ot.enillra cO!i1tr-ol ase andene I b Our company. whictJ is willi 19' l<ifr1I ~o~g railway anci has 18 s1alti:ons.eless commurn.. rQ. Hi stations. i~u"lid $hQWs~he eq!.55 km lI.m of Liine 1_ ~'.! sal1l00 2004.6.lI1l11ing ap M Line 2 ii:s 22.hongQ:irJgl liiI1Ietli(l'~W$t:em- Chongqing EI~va~ lFursllPeriio~ of CMngqiing IRailway-tin.col'll~ml Ul'lIit and s'l. ellellJai:ec rai~all' Line 3 is 20.:uking ~ot Line 3 Ii:S 33.Illnij.lieIDiped CAD seruer.d~e$8 $~a'~iOI'll$ .2:3 statio. wiirnis'S$ seoo:nd~dieveJ!Oped n.UilP'!rI€!1t and 46 mobil!e.l!des.hich iinclllJldes.@ 3. which ~nollll.rQjec~ mal'ila9iE!men~ ce!1lter an:t:i dispalchinjQ cenlter" s.elioped mobi'le .)i$ coveragi€.ns" one ve.2003. secon~:H~ell. a '\I~ry improtal1t part of Clhongqiln. w.e" It is 1fneiliilnM nne iin C..hiole a!i1d cenilJra'l eentrel base.icatji'on sy$~e.we also pro'Viide upgrade and r.21km long" whii~hl ilr!(lIII.lipmer1ils faot pemmrnanc. unit which lil1clude.atilm control u!1Iit:. !hli$. VIle eompteted QanrnmlJni:mJ~iO\n elf system reOOIilSltruothon'Of north e~~IiId€d p~rt Sih8inghail Slu'bwary li ne: 11. wilreJless communi·cati:o:n eql!lipmell'ilt:and seiN~OO forth€en~ire pro'Vides pr-oje>ot. one parikin:g lot and e ne train~ng 'center.~ :end one cOril~rQIIoen~r.are in g:oodandstabler has been pilrt ~nl:oUSE.seoondH:fev'€loped !i!etw'or!< mam~gemen~ eenter and dhsjpa.~~! . . . .

rolle" in d:Ocl~ard.ectn'n. usingl fEmA ~ransm~s.\! 1[l8ta ttl COI1lImI oonter.eel b'IIJ.oIOigy Hansmi.oonsj. o:nE! 4 ElSR for 00 an 0 Tlanlln Water Conservancy Bureau 3000 lenr1rllirna'~s.y .ssl:~n p:ro~ed.g.~u hydrnlo9.lIt al1arm i!1f@rlTlaU~n.sio!1! equ~pmen~ fall.on. used for prrullJIC!Horn t:liispalrning an.dh arlld e merg. AncJl tilts [s thefIl'S1 tume for 1lCTRA ~lsed ii'll mine ar.STX. .stiog of 'one sw~tcningl oontrol oo:nler.sys~em.~ emergem:.s. .u lfIicalion or Hlyd~o~oQi'W Alarm 5ys~em In 2:O0!2'.E::l . llianj.t g'ls@ redueas PcfQdUCUQflda!1g:er. prcllj'lJdJo:t'I'EiHilciern rr::y cen se. we firnli8tned lnanjirn .ea whith S!liClftSsliLillly opeJ"ils :a new .if prod!.yala'JilTIproj. Water Conservancy IlBureau Hydrology D'fl!ta Tmnsrnrssioo System 11.r1 200 11.8 IBSR.ll!1unger Milne' Production IDiiispatching System lit's mainly wal:ercolilservam:::'1 bur'eau traIil8mi.erilcy cemmand.tltilflgl hYllmIClg. usi'lfI!) TEllRA ~. 1'1: thissiys:~em play-sa veiry edlianjin w.gfltee for Brne:! also prcvi(h~tS dispatd'ni n.applieai~o:nl area 'for TI~~ s'lJ"(I!1gl g.oommul'llicati@fiI. diSJpat. in:strucl:i. Dianlian Dockyard Wilreless Dislpa:tch~ng Syste'iM This . we'flnli~ daily IPrOOuetion.ater liiIot ornly [mprove.U!ar. mainly iis feSjpornsible m M.llctlion innportarnl.rvancy bu. F (.

*:fiII.!J. ~'l!l.~J::r. R_~ :&iIb.!II!: ~.~ .'4. 5ii:1!~ still:tI1!~.i$.. fIIJ:1 f.. Ml!ll..M~.. Rri." ~~. 3if. Wl~!Ii:. ~J!:..n!!lll.!.i\_pplica"tions mm~t(t 'IJlJili. jilt •• fi'H~ APPLICATIONS . f. . '!JI! .liJl!lf~~. :Iill'U~Iil.~iI1!. V~.