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Lesson Plan: John 6:1-15 JJ Oslund, Kyri Gerogiogis, Adam Behnke

Thesis: We need to love Jesus for who He is, not just for what He does for us. Locate: - as the students come in blindfold them, have the lights out - Intro with a radio trailer… - tell them that they need to make it from the classroom to the end of the hallway (by the stairs) and back - When they get to the end of the hallway and touch the wall, take each student individually to the rope and once everyone is there, we lead them back Elaborate: When you were blindfolded how did you feel? We all feel helpless or weak in different ways in our lives… - discuss with a person next to you the ways you feel helpless - then discuss in the larger group a few ways How do you usually respond to these “blindfolds”? What does this show about what you want? ****Hand out Popcorn Illuminate: The Message, then NIV reading Video? Director: John Setting….Problem….Solution…. Main Character: What is the bigger problem from HIS perspective? Supporting Cast and Extras: What did the crowd want from Jesus? -They want him to be a king….to fix their immediate problems Looking at verse 14 how were their expectations of Jesus wrong? -Jesus was satisfying only their short term physical needs -Jesus was here to fix much more than that! Integrate: Who are we in this story? In what way are we like the crowds? --They wanted Jesus for what he could do for them ***Talking to the person next to you*** think back at the problems we discussed earlier: how do you approach the problem like the crowd did? Read bread of life passages… (John 6:25-27, 6:32-33, 6:35) In light of these passages, what was Jesus’ mission? -Jesus is the Bread of life that the people need… not the bread they ate Activate: When you attend a church service, what makes it a good service and what makes it a bad service?...What makes you approve or disapprove of a church service?...What annoys you in a church service?..What really bothers you? We just learned about how we often want Jesus because of what he can do for us... How can we desire Jesus himself? How do we feast on Jesus?