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THE GROVE Now all art students started a new experience and begun their full-color journey

in a brand new world-class design building. Grandiose public space, with lots of natural light coming inside the atrium, gives you a sense of infinite space, breathing around you. The Grove is designed by BPR Architects. After winning a national competition in Norway, BPR architects was set up in 1975 by Richard and Inger Beaty-Pownall in partnership with Nigel Roberts. BPR Architects also designed Hendon campus’s Sheppard Library, Hatchcroft Building and the magnificent glazed Quadrangle. The Grove building is in between two and five storeys at different levels, which with overall space is 15,460 square meters. This area provides research, teaching, learning opportunities for about 1.600 architecture, design and photography students included members of staff. Inside the Grove it is like a beehive. There are lots of teaching facilities like digital media labs, photographic and TV production studios, darkrooms, exhibition spaces, teaching rooms, offices, art and design studios, cafeteria and so on. All Grove is separated in three sections, A, B and C. Each Section provides different facilities. When you go to the heart of the building by the main entrance, which starts with long staircase, just before coming inside you will see enormous fountain located at the bottom of the ground floor and curved benches around it, where no one never came to sit, because it is not a place where everyone go thro it, students prefer to sit on grass in little park, not between two blocks trying to catch a sunshine. All in all, Middlesex University now has a brand new Grove building, which is the pride for them selves. The main huge atrium, which is for exhibitions and all events, works just perfectly. Everything is in right places with the best energy, pure spirit and power of new creative students.

Justas Zadeika, M00297680