The Mappa Mundi

To Judgment Day

The Map
• Was created in 13th Century • Depicts the world as it was imagined to be • North is to the left rather than straight up. • East is at the top • Also depicts life and Death

The Project
• Project is about a Knight going to Judgment day • Map will be represented as a board game • Knight depicted as a chess piece

• Will also use the original Mappa Mundi to gain the designs for my environment

The Pre-Vis
• • Needs editing more

• To rig my Knight and horse so as to have secondary animation • Texture my knight like a carved chess piece • Making my board wooden, like a chess board • However will appear 3D using contour lines carved into the wood

• • •

Aim for my world to look like image below Everything is with a naive style. Nothing is in proportion or accurate scale.