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Badger Explores Natural Fuel Option

June 9, 2011 The Lake Michigan Carferry Service (LMC) is researching many options gas. LMC was contacted by DTE Energy suggesting the possibility of converting the coal-fired steam engines to natural gas, which would make the S.S. Badger the greenest commercial vessel operating on the Great Lakes.

for a successful future for the company including a new fuel source, natural

There are many reasons why LMC is pursuing natural gas as a fuel source. It would allow the 58-year-old S.S. Badger to maintain her historical significance by preserving her nationally recognized steam engines. as well as being economically viable and environmentally sound.

It is also a safe fuel source that is commonly used in homes and businesses,

Finding a safe, feasible and environmentally-friendly option with natural an additional 450 jobs, said Lynda Matson, Vice President of Customer million dollars annually on our port cities, Ludington, Michigan and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

gas is important to our company. We employ nearly 250 people and affect Service and Marketing. We also have an economic impact of nearly $35

In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was ordered to regulate vessel discharges under the Clean Water Act. Nearly 70,000 vessels were suddenly required to obtain a Vessel General Permit (VGP) for any type of discharge. The Badger was included under the VGP to discharge ash from her coal-fired boilers until December 19, 2012. The research, invent, and design new technology to allow the Badger to continue to operate. To date, LMC has invested over a quarter of a million dollars on this VGP issue.

permit doesnt authorize ash discharge after that date, requiring LMC to