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Saher Khan November 28, 2011

Mount Vernon Grade 8 Room 221

What things are you interested in doing? What actions make you go back to your
childhood? I Ior one personally love to watch Disney movies. Ever since I was little I watched
Disney movies, and always Iound them entertaining. I watch Disney movies because it brings my
cousins and me together and closer. It also brings back my childhood memories. The reason why
I watch them alone is because I can watch it in a peaceIul and calm environment.

Moving Iorward I love to watch Disney movies alone once in a while. While watching it
alone it gives me a calm environment and it gives me a better understanding oI the story. Till
today I have not yet discovered why Disney movies tend to cheer me up. When I am sad or down
in the dumps, I watch Disney movies and I just start to laugh and giggle. In like manner when I
am watching it I am not aIraid to be silly and sing along with the songs, which I know by heart.
When something relaxes you it might be weird to others but all you have to know is that it works
Ior you!
Saher Khan Grade 8 Room 221

To pursue this Iurther this Iurther I also enjoy watching Disney movies with my cousins.
We do this to have an amusing time and just let loose. However it also reminds me oI when we
were young and Ioolish. It brings back memories oI when young we would not understand the
movie well and understood bits oI it. We always watched movies together, but nothing beats
watching Disney movies. It makes liIe Iun and entertaining. We also made up our own jokes
about them so no one but us will understand them or us.
BeIore I Iinish, Disney movies are not just only suitable Ior young ones they are suitable
Ior all ages. I have been watching Disney movies ever since I was a little one. I have tend to
notice that Disney movies also have brought back memories oI my childhood. We had our own
jokes about Disney movies which no one besides us understood.

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