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Building and installing Frets on Fire ------------------------------------Running the game ---------------First, the following supporting Python libraries should

be installed. Python 2.4 or later PyGame PyOpenGL and a video card with recent OpenGL drivers Python Imaging Library numpy Optional: psyco specializing compiler

After this, the game can be started by running the src/ file. For example, in Linux and Mac OS X this can be done from the terminal with the following commands: $ cd src $ python Making an installation package -----------------------------A redistributable installation package for the game can be created as follows. For Windows: 1. Install Nullsoft's NSIS installation system. Note: Frets on Fire assumes that the NSIS tool can be found at c:/Program Files/NSIS/makeNSIS.exe. This can be overridden by passing the parameter MAKENSIS=<path to makeNSIS.exe> to make in the following step. 2. Install GNU make. 3. Run the following command $ make dist For Mac OS X: 1. Install py2app. 2. Run the following command $ make dist Additionally, a generic source distribution package can be created by typing $ make sdist