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EGYPTIAN LITERATURE FERNANDO, CHRISTIAN BERNABE, JEFF BILAOEN, STERLING BSN III-Nursing thoughts and action of early Egyptians. Although polytheists like the Greeks, they do not believe that their gods mingle with men like the Greek deities but that they could feel human emotions like hatred, love, jealousy, and revenge. The regards the highest virtue to their gods and do what the gods approved. Religious beliefs greatly influenced the god; Osiris, the god of the Nile and of the underworld and Isis, his queen and the goddess of the earth and vegetation. Believing in the afterlife, the early Egyptians believed that the soul will not be allowed into the future life without their body so they embalmed their dead. They consider “Ra” the sun god, as their greatest is true high priest and should thus officiate in the daily ritual and periodic religious festivals although he can delegate these duties by appointing high priests who will perform the duties for him, giving him option to just participate when necessary. The pharaoh is regarded as a god on earth. He inscriptions printed or engraved on monuments or of manuscripts written on papyrus buried in the tomb or beneath the ruins of temples. These are known as pyramid texts, which consist of hymns and spells for the benefit of the dead kings. Egyptian literature consists of which is also evident that the priests are the only persons who can write and make records and that secular literature rarely exists. Religious literature predominates in Egypt, literature of Egypt is the “Book of the Dead,” a funeral ritual. This work consists of one hundred and sixty-six chapters relating the adventure of a man after death. The most important early character. This book was intended for the exercise of magic for private individuals. It also contains a collection of prayers of a magical been found of writing letters. About eighty letters have been found on different subjects. They tell of interesting facts about life and manners of people. The Egyptians seemed to have The Egyptians developed the short story in the form of two stories almost 3,000 years before Christ. These short stories are the “Two Brothers” and Setna and the Magic Book.” THANK YOU & GODBLESS !! “