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AMR Affidavit

AMR Affidavit

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Published by: DistressedDebtInvest on Nov 30, 2011
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Cash Receipts and Disbursements,
Net Cash Gain or Loss, Unpaid Obligations and Receivables

Pursuant to Local Rule 1007-2(b)(3), the following provides, for the 30-
day period following the filing of the chapter 11 petition, the estimated cash receipts and
disbursements, net cash gain or loss, and obligations and receivables expected to accrue
that remain unpaid, other than professional fees.

Cash Receipts

$1.85 billion

Cash Disbursements

$2.15 billion

Net Cash Loss

$300 million

Unpaid Obligations

$3.1 billion

Unpaid Receivables

$1 billion

11-15463-shl Doc 4 Filed 11/29/11 Entered 11/29/11 07:11:11 Main Document
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