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Dear Sir, TIMBERLEA FARMING TRUST / WELGEVONDEN ESTATE We refer to your letter dated 21st November 2011 in the above matter and wish to advise that we are acting on behalf of the Timberlea Farming Trust. We are not at this stage replying in detail to all the averments in your letter under reply and our failure to do so should not be construed as an admission thereof. In the interim our clients right to reply in more detail is strictly reserved. We require the following particulars to enable us to obtain our clients further instructions: 1. The names and addresses of the Welgevonden residents you are representing; 2. 3. On what legal basis you are of the opinion that you are entitled to represent such residents; A copy of your constitution and/or other founding documents.

Our instructions are to record the following: a) b) 60% of the spraying done by our client of late comprises of nutritional products and not pesticides; Our client avoids spraying in windy conditions as far as possible so as to prevent spray drift from the orchard being treated hence the need to also spray at night;

Hickman Van Eeden Phillips Ingelyf / Incorporated

Reg No 2000/000407/21

Direkteure / Directors Andrie Hugo van Eeden B Juris LLB Andr Phillips BA LLB Konsultant / Consultant Nicolas Hickman B Juris

Tel (021) 903 3106 Fax (021) 903 4772 Fax 0866716639 (Aktes / Deeds) Posbus / PO Box 158 Kuilsrivier / Kuils River 7579 / Docex 5 Van Riebeeckweg 96 Van Riebeeck Road Kuilsrivier / Kuils River 7580 Suid-Afrika / South Africa E-mail


Our client undertakes to continue to exercise the utmost care to prevent spray drift onto the Welgevonden Estate or for that matter any other residential area.

Kindly further take notice that in view of our above requests and undertakings any court application would be premature and would definitely be opposed. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours faithfully HICKMAN VAN EEDEN PHILLIPS INGELYF