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edu -resources while reading text: ask questions while youre reading it how would I begin to answer these questions do the practice questions on website arête-excellence, virtue paid professionals hired to make you excellent (arête) -sophist -from greek word Sophos “wise one” -said to improve personal and political life -practiced rhetoric (public speaking)-skill in persuasion and arguments -often taught their students how to effectively argue both sides of the questions -prepares student for any event -what matters is not being great at persuading but what youre persuading about Socrates is interested in arguments but never for the sake of arguing or winning an argument, but about learning from the argument -accused of being a sophist -would get in a conversation with anyone-though to be his purpose to engage with people with philosophical conversation euuthphro-thinks of himself as righteous -not un-dangerous -very self-assured Socrates seems to be wiser. -followed around -asks if sacrifice amounts to bribery and begging -what great thing do we achieve from our service to the gods? -philosophizing is doing service to the gods E-realizing he doesn’t know what piety is-can bury it and pretend it didn’t happen and go along with prosecuting his father, or he could begin to ask himself questions Maybe Socrates talking to E was a service to the God by making somebody so sure of their knowledge question themselves and think deeper Philosophy-philo/Sophos love of wisdom Socrates doesn’t claim to have the wisdom, but claims to have a better knowledge of his ignorance. -love of things he doesn’t have and the pursuit of them -rhetoric-in the service of pursuit of wisdom

when S is asked to engage with another sophist.says he is the type of person that is more happy to be shown is wrong then to have won the argument -says it to be a great service to his pursuit of knowledge and piety -wants to know where he is misguided and is leaving something out. . Freed of ignorance -says he is happy to do the same for you.