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Cost- Benefit Monopoly

Formation of prices depending on the variation of supply and demand.


Cost - Benefit
Cost Benefit Analysis Estimates and totals up the equivalent money value of the benefits and costs to profitable projects

We have to increase the marginal revenue and no the income, a firm with a lot of incomes not necessarily is profitable.

Stampy is not profitable with that prices, because the cost is more than the profits, Homer needs to raise the prices
Although many childqen climbed the elephant, the pqice is too small to coveq the expenses.

Burns and the sun

A monopoly is when a business, usually a large corporation, is the only provider of a good or service. Monopolies are usually bad for an economy because they restrict free trade, which allows the market itself to set prices.

Frederic Bastiat, a French economist in the 19 century send a request to the chamber of deputies to block the sun light so the manufacturers of candles, lamps, candlesticks, candle snuffer, switches and producers of tallow, oil, resin, alcohol and generally everything related to lighting, to market their products all day.

A law ordering the closing of all windows, skylights, screens, shutters, blinds, curtains, panels, skylights, shutters, in short, all openings, holes, cracks and fissures through which sunlight is habit of going into the house.

That idea was represented by Mr. Burns, he blocked the sunlight so the night last all day and he can sell any time nuclear Energy to Springfield

Burns, providing all the energy of the city becomes a monopoly

Burns and the Germans

Formation of prices depending on the variation of supply and demand.

The price of goods depends on supply and demand.

If an asset is valued, it will be sold at a high price, however if that same property is not valued as at first, it may even sell half of its original price.

The price depends on the supply and demand The Germans were eager to sell the plant to avoid wasting more money, and Burns is the only one who could buy the nuclear plant

If the price of a good is too high and consumers are not willing to pay, the tendency is tolower the price until it reaches the level at which consumers accept the price and can sell all it produces.