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1his is sense appeal

beoause the brisket

is big and is the
main part of the
pioture whioh make
the audienoe hungry
and would make
them want to buy
the produot.
1his shows
beoause they use
1ulia Roberts to
show that this
produot has been
used by her. 1he
audienoe want to
have the save skin
as her so they will
buy the produot.
1his shows image
manipulation beoause they
edited the baokground whioh
makes it look like a finger
print. ou oan tell that it is
edited beoause there is no
way that it oan be that
perfeot and have all the lines
and oolors the same. 1his
makes the produot look more
appealing whioh makes the
audienoe want to buy it but in
reality it might not be the
same thing.
1his shows
beoause they are
saying that you oan
use this watoh for
adventurous and
daring adventure.
1hey are oomparing
the watoh to this so
that people who
like adventure and
souba diving will
buy this watoh.
1his shows lioensing
beoause to advertise
the phone wallpapers
beoause they use
oelebrities and some
oartoons that kids
like to make them
want to buy it.
Lioensing oan be
used for many
produots to make
kids buy the produot
or use the servioe.
1his shows fear appeal
beoause it shows that this girl
is soared that she won't be
good enough in sohool and that
they are people trying to make
her work till her full potential. lt
makes people with the same
problem read this and see if
this is a solution to the
problem. A fear appeal oan be
really affeotive beoause they
are relating it to a real life
1his shows humor beoause they
are pretending that the air head
stripes are real people by adding
aooessories. 1his makes it more
funny and more kids will like this
advertisement beoause it shows a
sense of humor as well as sharing
information at the bottom. lt's a
simple ad that oan be really