Yellowfin 6 to Change the Way People Develop and Consume BI Content Global Business Intelligence (BI) software vendor, Yellowfin

, will make its late st release, Yellowfin 6, available from Tuesday 6 December Australian EDST. Melbourne, VIC, November 29, 2011 -- Register for the exclusive Webinar launch, Tuesday 6 December Australian EDST, here: News-Special-Webinar-invitation-Yellowfin-6-delivers-better-business-insights-10 9416 The new release – Yellowfin 6: Making data analysis even easier – will include Yello wfin’s much hyped new iPad application, and a number of significant consumer-orien ted User Interface (UI) innovations that will change the way users develop and c onsume BI content. “Yellowfin 6 is about making data analysis even easier no matter who or where you are,” said Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie. “Yellowfin 6 takes advantage of the latest in consumer Web technologies to present enterprise data in a way that empowers people of all business backgrounds to co nduct independent data analysis, build reports, share and act on data.” Rabie said that the release aimed to challenge traditional BI offered by BI mega vendors and more established players, which has historically experienced low us er adoption rates and hampered organizations’ ability to achieve value from BI dep loyments. “Traditional BI is hard to navigate and derive meaning from, negating the ability of people to create insight and take action,” said Rabie. “Yellowfin 6 will enable people to view BI in a new, highly visual, interactive and intuitive way. Yello wfin 6 will allow organizations to realize the true potential of BI by empowerin g business users with enhanced navigability, interactivity, improved information collaboration and knowledge sharing capabilities.” Yellowfin 6 will be officially launched on Tuesday 6 December Australian EDST in an exclusive series of Webinars and made available for general use from Friday 9 December. Click here to register for a Webinar time that suits you: http://www.yellowfinb iness-insights-109416. What is Business Intelligence software? Business Intelligence (BI) refers to a broad range of computer software applicat ions and tools used to report, analyze and present data in a range of formats, t o help businesses identify trends and opportunities, and support fundamental dec ision-making. About Yellowfin Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence (BI) software vendor headquartered a nd developed in Melbourne, Australia. Yellowfin is a highly intuitive 100 percen t Web-based reporting and analytics solution. For further media information, interviews, images or product demonstration, plea se contact: Lachlan James, Communications Manager on +61 03 9090 0454, 0431 835 658 or lachl For regular updates and news follow Yellowfin on Twitter (@YellowfinBI) or subsc

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