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Kelley 1 Daniel Kelley Mrs.

Hunsucker AP Lang 5 September 2011 Summer Reading Essay People want structure and order in their lives, which is why laws and governments are in place. People also have routines and schedules that they follow every day, such as a morning routine in which one wakes up at the same time every day, eats brushes his or her teeth then leaves for work or school at the same time. These routines and patterns in peoples lives help them feel safe and secure, if a person is five minutes late then their whole day is ruined. In Anthem patterns are a constant in the society, the citizens wake up at the same time every day, perform the same tasks, in the same place at the same time every day. This monotony gives the whole community a form of security, Prometheus said “We always work in the same places” (Rand 18). The context is in relation to street sweepers schedules. This is a routine that gives the community a sense of security. Routines and schedules that are followed lead to order and structure, which is another thing wanted for comfort. Order and structure again is a major part of human lives from laws to rules at school and work. These help keep a society functioning properly and also helps keep members of a society safe. In The Crucible there were many laws to keep the society functioning, however when the natural order of things started to sway it caused hysteria, with an enormous amount of people getting prosecuted. The witch trials served as an insight into how people would react to a challenge to order. Order has to be maintained or people go crazy. In Of Mice and Men when

life. due to the chaotic world. When George shot him he was creating a orderly world for himself as well as giving the members of the ranch what they wanted. enraging and causing fear in the members of the ranch.Kelley 2 Lennie killed the girl it upset the order of the ranch. . The order gives humans a sense of control over something we can’t control. Human nature is complex but it always will want structure and order.