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Đỗ Thị Tuyết Mai HA0901

INTRODUCTION  University entrance examination is the way to ensure students’ knowledge.  However, it also creates bad effects on students.  University entrance exam should be removed because it causes anxiety, put an entra burden on poor students and can not evaluate exactly the students’ knowledge by only one exam.

BODY 1 University entrance exam causes anxiety and stress among students.  After studying very hard for the national high-school final exam, students will need time to relax. Therefore, if students are pushed to another exam after that, they may feel tired and bored.  No one can give of his best when he is in mortal terror or after a sleepless night.  We have heard stories about students committing suicide when they do not do well in their examination. BODY 2 University entrance axam also puts an extra financial burden on the students.  Students had to join different academies and tuition centres to master the art of passing the exam (go to university tutoring centres…)

they make mistakes. They get tired and hungry. The university entrance exam can not evaluate the students’ knoeledge by their only university entrance exam grade.  Students can wipe out what they have learnt when they finish the exam. This can be true in some cases. students and their families must spend a lot of money on traveling to the university that the students apply for. living expenses on the days that students attend their exam… BODY 3 The opposing argument make the argument that without a university exam would not have an efficient way to determine what the qualifications and which applicants meet the standards.  When students start studying only as the exam is coming. the result is not accurate. students are only human. However. . When taking part in university entrance exam.

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