Administrative Functions

Participate in ceremonial functions or represents the Chief of Police at civic events, awards events, promotions, or weddings

Participates in briefings and debriefings.

Officiate or otherwise participate in funerals as requested.

Represent the Department at Lineof-Duty funerals statewide.

Confidential Guidance and Advice

Provide Biblical guidance and advice in a confidential setting for Officers or their family members in order to reduce stress, deal with personal needs or problems, or to provide support in a time of family crisis,

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physical emotional Spiritual

Be available to offer support and comfort when an officer is sick, injured, or killed; participate in Critical Incident Stress Debriefings at the request of administration or individual officers.

Provide instruction, when invited, in matters of ethics, integrity, or other special topics

Cross-train Officers in areas of specialized training which the Chaplain may have been specifically trained and certified.

Example: “Pain Behind the Badge”

Liaison to Religious Leaders

Provide a liaison between the department and local religious leaders of the community

Field Assistance
Chaplains are often able to minister to victims of auto accidents, crime, and disasters as they occur, often resulting in a quicker return to patrol for the officer. Death Notifications · Suicide Intervention· Grief Support · Family Crisis Support · Domestic Disputes · Juvenile/Child Abuse Situations · Substance Abuse Treatment

Victim Assistance

Disaster Response · Search and Rescue

Ride Alongs/Training

Ride with officers regularly in order to form relationship of trust and respect.

Associate with officers in a variety of contexts such as roll call, social events, debriefings, and training exercises.

Community Referral

Refer citizens to community agencies for assistance and/or follow up; assist in coordinating and planning community-wide awareness and Law Enforcement Appreciation Day events.


Comforts his officers through friendship, confidentiality, and trust; Has a Biblical perspective; Always maintains confidentiality; Promotes productivity, morale, and sound spiritual health; Listens to his officers and prays with them upon request; Allows them to speak freely without fear of betrayal; Intently prays for his officers and their families; and Never forgets Whom he serves!

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