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Eos500d en Flat

Eos500d en Flat

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Published by: Dani on Nov 30, 2011
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If you have set [5 Auto rotate] to [OnzD] (p.134) before taking
vertical shots, you need not rotate the image as described above.
If the rotated image is not displayed in the rotated orientation during
image playback, set the [5 Auto rotate] menu to [OnzD].
A movie cannot be rotated.


1Playback the image.

Press the <x> button to display the

2Select a movie.

Press the <U

> key to select the image.

During the single-image display, the

> icon displayed on the
upper left indicates that it is a movie.
During the index display, the
perforation on the left edge of the
image indicates that it is a movie.

Movies cannot be played on the
index display, so press the <
button to switch to the single-
image display.

3Press <0>.

On the single-image display, press
The movie playback panel will appear
on the bottom.

4Playback the movie.

Select [7] (Play), then press <0>.
The movie will start playing.
You can pause the movie playback by
pressing <0>.
During movie playback, you can
adjust the sound volume by turning
the <6> dial.
For more details on the playback
procedure, see the next page.

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