THE STORY of INEM Once upon a time there was small village call “Desa Tijalikreuh”, The village

is very beautyfull so many sheep in there, farmer, the header of village, and the kid play kite also(alay). The name header of the village is Mr. Yanto but every people in the village always call him Mr. RT. Mr.RT is realy brave man,he never scare to everything and anything exept his wife Mrs. Partiyem The realy header of the village or we can call her Mrs. RT. Mr. RT cant decide before Mrs. RT say yes, if Mr. RT have different argue Mr. RT will sleep outside the house. Mr. Brata is the handsome guy in the village not just handsome he is really really rich people, every women who see him will crazy of love to him and at the same time the women will being real crazy. Mr. Brata had driver the name is Brother Sitompul (mang Tompul) he is Mr. Brata right hand and he is Batak. Before Mang Tompul being a driver he was worker of saloon with full make up in his face, he fired from saloon because his broke the costumer neck when he turn to creambath. Mr. Raden is the neighbor of Mr. Brata, this old man really like young girl because of that he want married again but the purpose is over when Mrs. Raden want kill him with golok. Ko Aci is the seller, he sell everything exam hand phone, speaker, computer, and the famous product of him is strong drug. The strong drug never fail, it mean never fail make people die in 60 second Haji Dadang is the mosque old man, he always use sarung but without underware. Haji Dadanx is anger man he don’t like tecnologi and always use traditional ways. So many different people in this village but they always stay in peace, peace before the tragedy came. One day in Tijalikreuh village came a beuatyfull girl her name is Inem, Inem is jamu seller she came from Boyolali, when she came every people in village wants make her being wife especially Mr. RT and Mr. Raden. Inem really umble girl she always give pleasure to everyone and it makes every people likes her even loves. Inem Always sell jamu in the morning and finished in 12 AM, in the morning Mr Raden and Mr RT really spirit to buy Inem Jamu, they really busy saw inem until they unrealized they drank of jamu and turn do a strange move like people want sakaratul maut after that Mrs. RT found Mr. RT doing straged moved and she turn kick out,punch, and bite like a dog to Mr. RT, finally Mr. RT woke up with big smile and then he shock when he saw his wife is carrying golf stick. How about Mr.Raden? he still doing stange moved till night. Inem want have new job what good for her but she don’t know how, at the same time Mr. Brata needs house keeper to clean up his house. Inem heared job vacancy and she turn propose to Mr. Brata and Mr.Brata agree to take inem being housekeeping in his house. Inem so happy cause her hope is wishful. In different side so many people especially Guy in the village doent like Inem work with Mr. Brata because they worried Inem will fallin in love to Mr. Brata and they cant see Inem again In the morning bought jamu to them.

Inem did her work so well and Mr. RT and Mr. Mang tompul turn fight with Mr. Raden want take a part either.Brata really happy to her work gradually Mr. RT. Mang tompul have side job to learn karate. RT. Mr. Mr.Brata house. RT came to Mr brata home and order him fired Inem and let Inem to be jamu seller but Mr.Haji Dadang dancing like monkey style and he regard him self as Pitung not so long he unconscious after all. RT. After the tragedy Mr.he must sleep outside house for 1 week. Raden not accept it and they turn fight. Mr. Manmg tompul is almost defeat but he show unbeliveble moved with kiss Mr. RT and Mr. Mr. Back to Mr. Brata refused it. Ko Aci didn’t give up yet.Other situation Ko Aci decided to follow Inem step to be Jamu seller but jamu Ko aci is terrible the taste as same as like bajigur. Brata but she realize shes just house keeper.Ko Aci and watching Mang Tompul and Mr. Brata move to side sit with Mr. RT and then Mr. Inem have same felt with Mr. after all Inem just hide away her felling. he call Ko Aci and he order mie kocok after that Mr Raden and Ko Aci sit and watched Mr. Mr. Brata propose Inem to be his wife and then Inem agree to be his wife. he improve jamu with strong durg and gave to Haji Dadanx for fist taster and the result is more than terrible.Brata fight.RT fall. RT show swan step to fight Mr.Raden and Mr. Mr.Raden and Ko Aci opened new business mie kocok+jamu. Brata. Brata turn like her more than boss and the worker.Brata not so long a man came up from trashcan and the man is Mang Tompul. RT is punish with Mrs. And Haji Dadang is still regard him self as Pitung and he still no wearing uderware . Mr.they live happiness Finally Mr.Raden.RT too stronger for Mr.

Inem Mr.a Yansen) Mrs. Raden (neighbour of Mr. yanto a. RT (Mr. Brata) Mrs.Mr Brata Driver) Mr. RT (Mrs.k. Brata (inem boss) Mr. Raden Ko Aci (the manajer of strong durg) Haji Dadanx (Old man of mosque who love give advice) . Partiyem) Brother Tompul (mang Tompul.

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