The Leela Palaces, Hotel and Resort is an Indian luxury hospitality group founded in 1986 by Captain C.P. Krishnan Nair, who named it after his wife. The company has marketing alliances with Germany-based Kempinski; US-based Preferred Hotels and Resorts and is member of Global Hotel Alliance based in Geneva,Switzerland. The Leela is referred to, is a group palaces and hotels, located in Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Trivandrum. Founder and chairman, Captain C.P.Krishnan Nair bought 11 acres of land near his house in Sahar, Mumbai to build his first hotel, The Leela Mumbai in 1986. It was the first luxury hotel near the present Sahar International Airport.

KITCHEN Leela kitchen is one of the best and hygienic. banquet LIVE KITCHEN AT THE CITRUS COFFEE SHOP . The kitchen is divided in Indian. Conti. South-Indian. Gardemanger.

HIERARCHY OF KITCHEN STAFF Executive chef Senior executive sous chef Executive sous chef Sous chef Kitchen executive Chef de parties Demi chef de partie Asst. chef de partie Trainee chef de parties Commie I Commie II Commie III Apprentice .

In bakery there is a pastry section also. The bakery is operational 24 hours. • Supply the room amenities as per request by front office. The bakery is responsible for following:• Supply breakfast items as per the menu rotation.BAKERY The bakery is located at the basement near Chinese kitchen. • Supply cookies and chocolates to the room service. • Supplies desserts for the buffet. . • Prepares cakes and pastries for the buffet. • Prepare breads for the buffet.

Work flow .Morning shift • Supply breakfast menu rotation • Prepare a la carte orders • Prepare and garnish desserts for the lunch • Bake sponge sheets Evening shift • Prepare breads for the dinner buffet • Prepare cookie • Mis en place for desserts for the dinner The following items are prepared for the a la carte • Caramel custard • Mousse • Sponge • Puffs • All the cake orders for the next day is prepared and kept in the walk in chiller • Assorted pastries .

Night shift • Prepares cakes pastry rolls etc for bakery counter • Prepare dessert for the banquet functions .

.e. The banquet kitchen is operational 24 hours. is not visible to guest the banquet kitchen caters mainly to the banquet parties the banquet kitchen is the largest kitchen in the hotel with all the modern equipment.BANQUET KITCHEN The banquet kitchen is located in between the banquet hall unlike the other kitchens it is located in the back i.

Here in this section 4 Indian gravies are made. Tandoor. North Indian. It sets up the buffet in the CITRUS as well as the takes care of the a’la cart orders from the various outlets and the private dining. The north Indian kitchen is located centrally in the main kitchen.Indian Kitchen The Indian kitchen is divided into South Indian. The buffet lunch and the dinner menus are cyclic menus and are changed after each month. Any a’la carte vegetable or non vegetarian order has a base of one of the gravies depending upon that particular order.Halwai. .

HALWAI: It is one of the section of main kitchen. Some of the sweets are prepared in the Halwai are as follow: Gulab Jamun Rasmalai Gajar Halwa . In this kitchen all the Indian sweets are made.

Dosa. etc are made in this section for buffet as well as ala carte orders also.SOUTH INDIAN: South Indian section is very important to the Citrus restaurant for live counter of the breakfast. . All the South Indian dishes like Idli Sambar. Uttapam. It is located at the Citrus coffee shop. PIZZA COUNTER: Here all types of pizzas are made.

roties are made in the tandoor griller. All vegetarian and non-vegetarian Tandoor special dishes are made in this section.TANDOOR: Tandoor section has a very big demand from the guest. . naan. Different types of kababs. Here all types of Tandoor items are made .

. private dining. Here all the ala carte orders are made for the coffee shop. It is located on lobby level. Citrus is the 24 hour open coffee shop. Citrus kitchen is the live kitchen.CITRUS KITCHEN Citrus kitchen is the kitchen of Citrus coffee shop.

here whichever chineese items are made then they are sent to the restaurant and in the Citrus coffee shop for dinner buffet. This kitchen is located exactly at the back of Great Wall restaurant.GREAT WALL KITCHEN Great wall kitchen is the kitchen of the speciality restaurant of Great Wall. Sometimes the Sushi rice from Great Wall kitchen goes to the Garde Manger for Sunday brunch. Great Wall is the chineese kitchen from its name. .

fish. Bone cutting machine: • Used for cutting of bones and frozen meat. • Has a vacuum meter with 3 knobs for vacuum. . 2.Butchery Butchery kitchen does all the cuts of meat. and poultry. Vacuum packing machine: • Automatic machine for vacuum packing of raw meat items. Machines in the butchery: 1. pressure and sealing. • Has a round blade which rotates on two wheels cutting the items. • The items are then sent for blast freezing.

Meat mincing machine: • 2 machines in the butchery section. • It has a digital thermometer which displays the exact temperature. The blast freezer: • A make of the FOSTER company • Used for the blast freezing of items which are vacuum packed. • The items are then transferred into the deep .3. • Used for the preparation of burger patties. kheema. 4. etc. • Reaches a temperature of -35 degrees Celsius.

. salsa. The garde manger section is located at the end of the main kitchen and has an adjacent pantry which makes the various types of sandwiches. milkshakes are also served in citrus & various outlets.Garde Manger The garde manger section does the job of setting up the buffet meals in CITRUS and STELLA as also takes care of the a’la carte orders from the various outlets and the private dining. The various salads.

Cheeses in the Garde manger kitchen: • Adam ball • Emmenthal • Cheddar • Blue cheese • Mozzarella • Camembert Garde manger kitchen makes different types of salads such as: • Beetroot salad • Waldrof salad • Potato salad etc. .

Different types of cheese served in buffet .

Sweet corn salsa etc. juices.Some other salads also served in the buffet like Baba ganush. Various milkshake. cold coffee. sandwitches etc are served for ala carte orders. Havocado salsa. .

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