The Leveso-illnqui'r:y fer Pjlrt 1, Module 1

WHness Statement

!, Mark Lewis of Ta}1or Hampmrr SoJiei!ors 2 t8 SlraflQ, London WG2H 1AT will say as f(lHows;


I make tn is suppfemen:!at statement iIJ GormectiQn wIth my role as a Cere Partk;ipant

in the leV€son



For the purposes oHhis stlpplementa~staternelJi. I refw to a smail paginateo buno's Of do:cuments ma"~e.d "Ml2~. Where r ref-er In page numbers in tFri$ stateMent,. 1am referring tOMSes in uMU·, Whilst I refer to selected ex{ractS- from trns bundle, n~2" be disclossd is OOly to to LOrtl Justiee Levsson and W41l'l'seI to the Inqu(ry_

The dooumen[iS contain inirusive pri\t~!e inrormalion.
disclosure other~lS'ethan as <Feocribedh~'lil~ 3.

infor'mat!ol'l arnl prjvi{e~ed lnformation and.1 db nolco~$ent 10

On 4li> November 2011 I alleo-deQ E meetirrg a1 a poljce stati(Jo In Putney. I W$ shown a dossier

of ~l1formaitohwhich 1 am told v."aS

hahde!! to the poliO€' b-y News International.

was also 3'ho~'n a

vfdeo recording that had. been t$.6'11 as pert of covert SUrv'eiflanee.
The video was taken


an agent llSed byNews

. rI I I







another report into my private life had b-eencommi$$1ooe.d by julian Pike of Farrer & Co upon the lr.sffUcfon ectTorn C[QI1e a1 News Intemaflonai ustng afl_QflJari&~tiOf! GafI~d '!"fewix". J understand

tfie-t Julian.
10 compare

Pike had telephone oo;wersatiO!)s

viitli. Ian Edm~ndscm

the- different r'e!)Dfls they had oetain ed. It is iiotalJfe thaI report

Farrer & Co and the firm's Partner JWian fl11<e ppear to have a
ccunl-e:ft8nced and wete using irtfoITllatfor:1from MrWe5b's


reierfed to
and l~n El:1moodsol"l even thGll1g:t! they ttlas1SJ;}ecJfIcally commission t11is report (having eomlni~iQned (Beir Swn separote< investigation). 4. The cont1!lIl"ls Of'ineolllde.o were SiCK€!ninp._ at tI'le ItJSlf!ictron 'Of therr client U'irD!dgn

it IS sad efJOt.:gh t[l:at a
me Tom in-flousecoun~.

firm of soiFc1fQrs, Farrer & Co, Gonsldefe~l{ proper to inve$tlgate

Crooe. However, If'1etact Inal the sIm!:eiflanG6 extended to vlde:oing
my Ifatlghter OrJ! (WRIJwas 14:af tile time oY the Sl"Itvellfance-} and

mows 1nem fe-8'vlngilia fiOOS6, and gQ,1ii~ to a 9arcten Q'enke ~ mil~s away. Tile heuse.·ttJat was the.r10~lIpied o}t my 4. feenag,e qa,ughter:s is then firmed dur'il'lg the .onset of nigl'ltfan aM the video eUlmif1ates
my ex-wife, Shelley, is completely unacceptable. The v:deo with a shot of Sheney In Cheadle eoout 1.5mi!esaway. It Is truly inexcusable conduct and wl9: be the SUbject O'f ~rofessiOIlal complainf$. ag~ins:f Parfer &. Co, Julian Pike and Tom CrQ:rte. As I have sakl, willis! Mr PIke and Mr Cronce might not commissiOMd boih repor~
i[ is

dear that they were at least


of and u$ed toe information In Webh'S"feP,(JlIi to satisfy their desire to gather evidence upon me and omers, prepare€! about informatiOn that no denial, 5.

fn aodition

(0 the


hqve IGlQ me thaf they had been hackihg,intO' my phorle.

It reported til;:!.! i had mean "hacksd and tracked" and [hem &as been

fur as I am ev;are, from. News International.

The level that Farrer & CQ aOONews mtemationa: \'IE!n[to

m order

stop me from acting for £fjen~. stiRe Claims, aad try and roo my

career is truly slaggering. A solici:tor must be able to seek ju~Uceen
behalf of hi~


«lsms withoLJ ~a\li!lg

10' e fearful of,.fhess b

sinister ai'M'ities. 6.

! have been informed {flat

&/0 Leading ·eOUflseI aWfsed News

Group Newspapers Limiled.

The ilrst (in July 10M} was Gavin

P,J;rf!ar G {whQ llJl'lQerstan~ is now actinQ forGtelll1Ml1icair'e} Q thtJ' secood was Gregory Tr~yertelfl·JOrleS OC

woo suggsG'ted tllat

ml' forrnE!r client Gordon Tayler §:hould be persL!ad~ to sue rue, Mr

Trevettol1-jQnes opined Iha! fie had met me am::! plafmed "off!he

J r


record" {allhough a record wa$, taken tJyFafr/:il's] that he hM
spol\:en to me and thsJ Iwas a"hft Qr av.ide Ob)i". I nave nel!fr,l'

In),ii1D:Y met or ~"'tOk~enill Mr-t-s%f!Qr;oJt)l1e8
:t-a: - air'

aM. da f'){l1 believe
2nd 'had provec t'1at t.'te. r~



the Dat'Tage of kl\les;~

a::cusation frcr N~s


2C'.s of


ol'10hes ~


7. : at,;'BC;) a. c::p,,' of ar> a:l-te:1d'artce Ji~je frmn Far-€( &. Co aate:i ~!3
\13)1 2-0- fJ aM a -:eport ":arc, JLliar Q!kedEleif .5 $ep!:tter

2C- t.

atr.scn a


Of J Septernber

2iY f from 'F~

& Co 1C


~D.-'"12 .:"'.pa£l'. oftr~ pc.fs,-,it 'r"''''' "'n-" ~I!Ioi"
.... :'_O: ...


me ano '"Or dau-ghmrs is!il1g .•
v.-ic.r,_.", ian

1""0 cenversa ...,.: ~


pike and

i;is aSSl~a,;l

R·"·"~- a .....IV1vv.:J .... ~~""" ~ .u-..-.rt:::::

,y''''''out bsitro 1ijw'a-e that !tisy
in:G :'l1~- and ..

haj pur-;11:Jefia


e.e reoortts

Iffe! OO:iid e."3Eb,'a

;h;rr' :0 :aO(e iir"i3ir ad·..-artaga- I r1'J/! :oak 3eCj(:gi tfl-a:cccasicns

reretfetiro wilen
I met

JtJlian Pike knowing tha't fie ilatllntrusiliepersofu::!1

d~ta~s 13PQu!me- nd my farnUy • a

i 1. In a dOI!;t:lrnenrh§a:d~d'''Rapof.t Ilt" it f"eCan'i'¢das a "key point" that
"The News OWl~ World is planning motivations as a ro1Jse: 4he'SefeflS[OflSand

way t{}.force comjilr0fl'lire~rKl setttemefli:",

1~. Pernaps the'!;lestsun'"IJrJatjon dfwlia! was b~1h9dene i$.set Ihe ems!! (besides Ih~ regret tbal he was uftab~b "SQJjCltors". ~] think we Shouldloetcagain


frbfu Julian Pike {Q Tom Grone dated 28 /l.1Brcl120'lO

tAe SetliQr

Patlr1~r of JMW 10 take ~it in a VAT ftatldJ undetiJ1e heading

at preventing JMW an d'

Stripe.s from aeting. They will bpfh ~o:ntfrtYe to ~e deeply untrustworthy {eootinu6uSleaRs fo the G\Ja~i:fian) andtfJe potential

savings- pf JMW


did not €XQ,9lJy materialtze, in COOorti. 1
011 tlia

til inil: we Should go and g,eta view Gregory Treverton-J0M& SlOp Harris, Lewis and Reed'aciing,

question of tGtlfi'icl. the book. ffwe can

is the man

woo wrote

it cc:>u!eDe benefi:eiaJ. t lla\1:e nol

rnentlened to TayIQr's lawyers thai:: Le\~is lias 13ppeared actfiig fOr Phiflips o1.lf I strongly suspect T;aytor rnaYWgrit loadd this to lIie

13. It is perhaps not paitiCu~ny surpclsi!'l:g that the News oFfue World should carry ouisinister and intrusive survetHance onfhQse they <it:e targeting, hut I was asfounded ~o find out that Farrer &Co and the barrister TorTI Grone should have jqine<kin SUch disgraceful misconduct. I think: fhal the level fheysfoof1eGl to fss-ometfljng that brings great stll'l'!T1eUPfJI11he legal profession.

Statement of Trllih
J believe- that ful.i1 facts stated iM Ims witness staterrrent ar1! true.


DATED tile


day o_f Novembpr 201~