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Are Prescription Drugs Safe?

Are Prescription Drugs Safe?

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Published by Jeff Cumro
Prescription medication are assumed safe by many people. When you compare the number of annual deaths from prescription drugs to other problems, you may get a different picture though.
Prescription medication are assumed safe by many people. When you compare the number of annual deaths from prescription drugs to other problems, you may get a different picture though.

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Published by: Jeff Cumro on Nov 30, 2011
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Þrescr|pt|on Drugs May Not 8e As Safe As 1hought

1here have been a loL of hlgh proflle drug deaLhs over Lhe yearsŦ Many of Lhese people have been uslng
llllclL drugsŦ Perolnţ cocalneţ eLcŧ have led Lo Lhe end of a loL of greaL acLorsţ muslclans and even
famous plLchmen (lŦeŦ 8llly Mayes)Ŧ 1he number of people kllled by Lhese drugs doesn'L even come close
Lo Lhe number kllled by drugs LhaL are noL only legalţ buL may be found ln your very own medlclne
lL ls scary Lo Lhlnk LhaL Lhe CenLer for ulsease ConLrol and ÞrevenLlon llnked prescrlpLlon medlcaLlons Lo
Lhe deaLhs of 37ţ483 people ln 2009 aloneŦ Accordlng Lo unknown news (unknown news)ţ a slLe has
Lracked Lhe number of deaLhs and ln[urles LhroughouL Lhe lraq and AfghanlsLan Warsţ 33ţ302 unlLed
SLaLes Servlce members have been serlously ln[ured and anoLher 3ţ334 had been kllled (as of AugŦ 10ţ
2010)Ŧ When comparlng Lhose numbers dlrecLlyţ ln a 7Ŵplus year WA8 only 3ţ371more people had Lhelr
llves affecLed (mosL of Lhem Lhrough ln[uryţ noL deaLh)ţ Lhan Lhose LhaL losL Lhelr llves from prescrlpLlon
drugs ln CnL ?LA8 (comparlng deaLhs Lo deaLhs lL ls even more sLaggerlngţ as 31ţ931 more deaLhs were
caused ln one year by prescrlpLlon drugs Lhan were caused ln 7 years of war)Ŧ 1hls ls a serlous problem
LhaL needs Lo be addressed more ln Lhe medlaŦ
1o break Lhls down even furLherţ a deaLh relaLed Lo prescrlpLlon drugs occurs every 14 mlnuLesŦ 1hls
makes deaLhs due Lo prescrlpLlon drugs more common Lhan Lrafflc faLallLlesŦ A Los Angeles 1lmes arLlcle
on Lhls Loplc (ƍurug ueaLhs CuLnumber 1rafflc ueaLhs ln uSƍ) shows Lhe followlng sLaLlsLlcs from 2000 Lo
Ŵ #(ÞrescrlpLlon) drug faLallLles more Lhan doubled among Leens and young adulLs"
Ŵ #ueaLhs more Lhan Lrlpled among people aged 30Ŵ69"
Ŵ #1he deaLh Loll ls hlghesL among people ln Lhelr 40's"
1here are a loL of Lhlng LhaL can accounL for LhlsŦ ?ounger people can be affecLed by #pharm parLlesŦ"
1hese parLles lnvolve klds Laklng varlous Lypes of prescrlpLlon medlcaLlons Lo geL a buzzŦ unforLunaLely
Lhey don'L reallze Lhe severe consequences LhaL can occur from Laklngţ or mlxlngţ Lhese drugsŦ
Clder people are on more and more medlcaLlons every yearŦ l see very few paLlenLs ln Lhelr upper years
LhaL aren'L on aL leasL 3 dlfferenL Lypes of medlcaLlonŦ 1hls slLuaLlon geLs more compllcaLed as you add
ln Lhe facL LhaL many of Lhe medlcaLlons are prescrlbed Lo Lhem by dlfferenL docLorsŦ A rheumaLologlsL
may glve Lhem an arLhrlLls medlcaLlonţ a cardlologlsL doles ouL a beLa blocker and a general pracLlLloner
may glve Lhem paln medlcaLlonŦ MosL docLors are really good abouL looklng aL whaL you are currenLly
onţ buL Lhe more people dolng dlfferenL Lhlngsţ Lhe hlgher Lhe rlsk of a mlsLake occurrlngŦ 1hls ls one
lnsLance where a cenLrallzed medlcal record would save some llvesŦ
1he deaLh Loll among people ln Lhelr 40's ls Lhe hardesL Lo explalnţ buL Lhere are some Lhlngs LhaL can
accounL for Lhls upswlng as wellŦ Accordlng Lo Lhe Los Angeles 1lmes arLlcleţ Lhe mosL deadly drugs are
paln medlcaLlons and anLlŴanxleLy drugsŦ 1here are a loL of lnsLances when people ln Lhelr 40's are on
Lhese drugsŦ 1hey have a loL of paln due Lo Lhe sLresses LhaL Lhey are underŦ llnanclal sLressţ famlly
sLressţ work sLress and healLh lssues play a huge role ln Lhe llves of many people ln Lhls age groupŦ And
mosL of Lhem Lhlnk LhaL Lhey can conLlnue whaL Lhey need Lo do by conLlnulng Lo Lake prescrlpLlon
drugsŦ unforLunaLely Lhls comblnaLlon can geL Lhe besL of LhemŦ
Pere are my recommendaLlons Lo avold [olnlng Lhls groupť
Ŧ Whenever poss|b|eţ seek out natura| hea|thcareŦ lf a prescrlpLlon medlcaLlon ls noL a
necesslLyţ don'L seek Lhem ouLŦ lf Lhey are necessaryţ follow Lhe docLor's ordersţ buL be sure Lo
geL off of paln medlcaLlonsţ anLlŴlnflammaLorlesţ eLcŧ as soon as you safely canŦ When Lhey
aren'L necessary seek ouL pracLlLloners LhaL can flx Lhe problemţ noL [usL LreaL Lhe sympLomsŦ
ChlropracLors are greaL aL Lhlsţ buL Lhere are oLher professlonals LhaL do a good [ob as wellŦ
2Ŧ now what your doctor |s putt|ng you onţ why you are on |tţ when you can get off of |t and the
potent|a| dangers of be|ng on |tŦ ?ou are Lhe person ln conLrol of your healLhcare aL all LlmesŦ
?ou need Lo remember LhaLŦ lf you don'L wanL Lo be on a drugţ can'L geL answers Lo Lhe
quesLlons LhaL you have or wanL a second oplnlonţ walL unLll you geL whaL you needŦ 1he docLor
may noL be real happy wlLh youţ buL you have Lo be comforLable wlLh whaL Lhey are dolngŦ ?ou
know your body beLLer Lhan anyone elseŦ lL ls your [ob Lo help Lhem reach Lhe besL declslonŦ
3Ŧ ock up a|| prescr|pt|on drugsţ and d|spose of them proper|y when they are no |onger neededŦ
1here are a loL of drlves Lo collecL prescrlpLlon drugs Lhese daysŦ 1hey should be used Lo dlspose
of any medlcaLlon (noL [usL prescrlpLlon medlcaLlons)ţ as flushlng Lhem down Lhe LolleLţ
Lhrowlng Lhem lnLo Lhe garbageţ and oLher forms can lead Lo ground waLer conLamlnaLlonţ
whlch has a loL of more severe consequences llnked Lo lLŦ

Also be sure Lo have Lhem safely locked upŦ Cbvlously llLLle klds can geL lnLo Lhem and polson
Lhemselvesţ buL Lhe problems can'L be llmlLed Lo llLLle klds LhaL don'L know beLLer anymoreŦ As l
menLlonedţ many hlgh school sLudenLs are grabblng Lhese medlcaLlons wlLhouL knowlng Lhe
dangersŦ 8y keeplng Lhem from Lhemţ you wlll ellmlnaLe some of Lhelr rlskŦ
4Ŧ Get educated on prescr|pt|on med|cat|onsŦ nobody expecLs you Lo become a docLor or a
pharmaclsLţ buL geL a llLLle educaLlon on whaL drugs can be dangerous and ln whaL
comblnaLlonsŦ 1here are a loL of resources LhaL you can useŦ ?our local pharmaclsLţ Lhe lnLerneL
or your docLor are always greaL places Lo sLarLŦ Learn whaL you can and LrusL Lhem on Lhe resLŦ
8y asklng quesLlons you make Lhem beLLer aL whaL Lhey doŦ ?ou help Lhem ellmlnaLe mlsLakesŦ
uo your parLŦ
ÞrescrlpLlon drugs are someLlmes your only opLlonŦ !usL be aware LhaL Lhey are noL always as safe
as everyone Lhlnks Lhey areŦ !usL because your docLor Lold you Lo Lake Lhemţ doesn'L mean you
aren'L golng Lo have any problemsŦ ?Cu musL Lake Lhe lnlLlaLlve when lL comes Lo your healLhŦ Pelp
your healLhcare Leam operaLe aL Lhe hlghesL level LhaL Lhey canŦ
8y Laklng acLlonţ you can avold Lhe same faLe as some of Lhe greaL performers LhaL we have losLŦ

If you have quest|onsţ or wou|d ||ke to d|scuss th|s furtherţ p|ease contact me atť
1effrey L. Cumro, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Personal Trainer
Better Life Chiropractic and Wellness, LLC
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