K-Series Engine Mount Install Guide for 92-95 Civic EG / 94-01 DC Integra

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Mount Features:
 Lifetime Hybrid Racing tech support at support.hybrid-racing.com

Recommend Tools / Parts:.
       Basic Hand Tools with 14mm, 17mm and 19mm sockets and wrenches. Mount Bolt Paint Drill Drill Bits 1/2” Spot Drill Hoist or Car Lift Make sure that your engine has the bracket located on the side of the engine. If you are running a K24 you will need to use the one from a K24 and if you are running a K20 you will need to use the one from a K20.

Package Contents:
    X 3 Brackets X 3 Billet Mounts Bolts Washers

Important!! Read the entire install guide twice before starting your install. No, really it’s a good idea to read it twice so everything goes smooth ;)


Install Guide
STEP 1: Remove OEM engine and all of your OEM engine mounts. While the engine is out it is a good time to give the bay a good pressure washing. Once the cleaning is done go ahead and move to step 2.


STEP 2: On the passenger side (US SPEC) there is a bracket welded onto the frame rail. Using a 25/64” or larger drill bit drill out all of the spot welds and remove the bracket.


STEP 3: On the passenger side under the frame rail drill out and remove alignment tab for the front transmission mount. You should have two spot welds. Once the bracket is removed use a grinding wheel to clean up all of the spots where you drilled for steps 2 and 3.



Install Guide
STEP 4: Slide the HR bracket onto the passenger side frame rail and secure it from the bottom using one of the options in STEP 5.


STEP 5 : OPTION Z: If you are running level 0 or OEM axles install it just like it is shown in the image to the left. OPTION X: If you are running power steering or level 2 or higher axles slide the bracket so that the holes labeled X line up with the nuts in the frame rail. STEP 6 Once you have the bracket secure move to the top side mark the holes, remove the bracket and using a ½ drill bit drill two holes that line up with the nuts on the bottom of the frame rail. If you selected OPTION Z drill through these holes into the frame rail from the top. If you selected OPTION X drill through these holes into the frame rail 3 from the top.





Install Guide
STEP 7 Once the paint has dried reinstall the PASSENGER SIDE FRAME BRACKET running the supplied 4” bolts through the top of the mount and thread them into the bottom frame rail nuts. Torque the new bolts into the frame rail nuts to10ft-lbs. Next use the supplied nuts and thread them under the frame rail onto the bolts making sure to torque them down to 33ft-lbs.


STEP 8 Bolt in the REAR MOUNT BRACKET do not fully tighten until the engine is installed and all mount bolts are in. Once the engine is installed torque the bolts down to 43ftlbs.


STEP 9: Remove the studs from the transmission using two wrenches or if you have access a stud remover. Basically your going to take two nuts tighten them together and then loosen the stud from the lower nut.


Install Guide
STEP 10: Bolt Transmission/ DRIVER SIDE MOUNT BRACKET DO NOT FULLY TIGHTEN to the transmission. On this mount your going to want to use the hole that corresponds with the same option you chose in step 5. Do not tighten these all the way until the engine is in the car. When you do tighten them go 40ft-lbs



STEP 11: Remove the stud from passenger valve cover side engine mount using the same method as in step 9 above.

STEP 11 11

STEP 12: If you have access to a lift we recommend lowering the car onto the engine. If you have access to an engine host go ahead and lower it from the top.



Install Guide



STEP 13: Get the engine into a position so that you can install the BILLET DRIVER side mount. Remember to keep everything hand tight until all of the mounts and brackets are installed. Start wit the bolt 1 and move to bolt 2.

STEP 14: Next install the billet bracket into the steel bracket loosely starting with the bolt that attaches to the frame(1). Once you have the long bolt installed go ahead and attach the billet mount (2) to the engine hand tight. You may have to lower and raise the engine to get everything to line up. Once these bolts are in you should be able to remove your engine hoist or raise the engine if you are using a lift.

2 1


2 3

STEP 15: Next drop the BILLET REAR MOUNT into place and bolt it in following the order in the image to the left. Start with the rear mount bolt (1). Next rock/ shimmy the engine until the top bolt(2) lines up and install the bolt loosely. Finally install the lower bolt (3).

Install Guide
STEP 16: Tighten all of the bolts down and you are done!

Trouble Shooting and FAQ’s
“I am not able to get all of the mounts in?” You have to make sure that all of the mounts are loose while you get the motor in. If for some reason you tightened any of the mounts loosen everything and start over. If you are still having trouble go ahead and take a few pictures of your engine bay and the mounts and email them to support@hybrid-racing.com


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