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The Effects of Mass Media

The Effects of Mass Media

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Published by George Gurescu

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Published by: George Gurescu on Nov 30, 2011
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1he LffecLs of Mass Medla

PlsLory and 1heory of new Medla
Pow much we are reallzlng abouL Lhe effecLs of mass medla Loday? l do noL Lhlnk LhaL we are reallzlng
muchţ l mean we know some polnLs buL we are [usL lgnore LhaL because lL has already been parL of our
llfeŦ ?ou can ofLen see a world where medla can conLrol and alLer human llfeŦ
l would llke Lo propose several ways Lo approach abouL mass medla Loday uslng by Lhe case of Lhe
commerclallzaLlonţ anlmaLlonsţ and medla culLuresŦ AnlmaLlonsţ Lelevlslonţ and compuLers are facLs of
llfe for Lodayƌs peopleţ especlally chlldrenŦ ƍ1he effecL of 1vţ as Lhe mosL recenL and specLacular elecLrlc
ex! Lenslon of our cenLral nervous sysLemţ ls hard Lo grasp for varlous reasonsŦ Slnce lL has affecLed Lhe
LoLallLy of our llvesţ personal and soclal and pollLlcal (McLuhanţ 317)Ŧ Cne reason chlldren are so
vulnerable Lo Lhe messages of Lelevlslon ls LhaL Lhey Lake whaL Lhey see on Lelevlslon Lo be reallLyŦ very
young chlldren equaLe all of Lelevlslon wlLh reallLyŦ
1he flrsL approach abouL Lhe medla culLures Lodayţ l wlll show a case LhaL Lhe young chlld has been
lnfluenced by Lhe mass medla whlch Lhey Look advanLage of hlmŦ naLurallyţ as chlldren geL older Lhey
adopL new deflnlLlons of Lelevlslon reallLyŤ howeverţ l was so surprlsed LhaL how much Lhe mass medla
can change Lhelr vlewpolnL ln such an early ageŦ 1he M8C korean broadcasLlng Lelevlslon declded Lo
sLarL a program LhaL a famous pop group (called Croove Cver uoseŴ CŦCŦuŦ) of flve male slngers wlll
babysaL a nlneŴmonLhŴold baby unLll Lhe baby (name !aemln Pan) become Lwo years oldŦ 1he parenLs of
Lhe baby are boLh worklngţ so Lhe CŦCŦuŦ wlll babysaL Lhe baby Lhree days a weekŦ 1he 1v eplsode
(called ƍ1he 8abydlaryƍ) was sLarL on March 3ţ 2000 and Lhe program shows on every week Lo show a
whole weekƌs dlaryŦ 1hey llve ln a boardlng houseţ so Lhe baby can llve wlLh Lhem Lhree days per weekŦ
1he each group member shares flve dlfferenL parLsţ whlch are Lhe faLherţ moLherţ cookţ recreaLlon and
fashlon coordlnaLorŦ 1he group memberƌs ages are from 18 Lo 27 years oldŦ 1he oldesL member ls a
faLher and hls role ls Lo Lake Lhe responslblllLy for everyLhlngŦ 1he moLherƌs role ls puL Lhe baby Lo sleep
and have Lo Lake care Lhe baby even Lhough he awakes ! from sleep ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe nlghLŦ 1he cook
has Lo flgure ouL how Lo make Lhe baby foodţ how many Llmes he has Lo feed Lhe mllk a day and how
warm Lhe mllk should beţ eLcŦ 1he recreaLlon personƌs role should enLerLaln hlm especlally when he
sLarLs Lo cry and grumbleŦ AL Lhe lasL buL noL Lhe leasL Lhe fashlon coordlnaLorƌs role ls noL only make
hlm look preLLy buL also pracLlcalŦ LveryLhlng ls so new Lo Lhem Looţ so lL has been Look a whlle Lo ad[usL
each personƌs role for couple monLhsŦ

1here are several lmporLanL Lhlngs Lo polnL ouL from Lhese whole baby dlary lssuesŦ llrsLţ Lhls group was
noL so popular unLll Lhey sLarL dolng Lhls babyslLLlngŤ also Lhey had a llmlLed audlence whlch ls a young
age groupŦ Poweverţ afLer Lhey sLarL dolng Lhls programţ Lhelr fan age group ls geLLlng broader Lo older
ageŦ ƍ1he CŦCŦuŦ ƹ 1he group who ralse a baby !aemlnŴ 1hey be come popular Lo female age 20s and
30sŦ(SporLs Chosun nov 17ţ 2000) Why? l Lhlnk Lhe answer for LhaL ls really slmple because Lhe program
sLlmulaLes Lhe audlenceƌs senslblllLyţ whlch ls Lhelr maLernlLyŦ nowadaysţ people do noL sLlmulaLe Lo
some degree because Lhey are already famlllar for exposlng Loo much from all klnds of medlaŦ Poweverţ
lf people sLlmulaLe from Lhe mosL baslc senslblllLyţ Lhey wlll sLlmulaLe and respond by LhaLŦ ƍCŦCŦuŦŴ 1he
ralnbow connecLlon beLween Lhe parenL generaLlon and chlldren generaLlon (SporLs Seoul no! v 21ţ
2000)Ŧ 1he arLlcle ls abouL Lhe polnL of excellence for Lhls eplsodeţ whlch brakes Lhe exLlncLlon of wall
beLween Lhe parenL generaLlon and chlldren generaLlonŦ nowadaysţ Lhe wall beLween Lhose Lwo
generaLlons were bullL wlLh poverLy and rlchţ splrlL and maLerlalţ leLLer and cell phoneţ radlo and 1vţ eLcŦ
8oLh llve ln same perlod and spaceţ aL Lhe same Llme Lhey carry on dlfferenL sLyles and vlsual angles of
Lhelr llfeŦ Poweverţ Lhe dance group CŦCŦuŦ connecLs a brldge beLween Lhese Lwo generaLlonŦ 1hese Lwo
generaLlon waLch Lhelr eplsode and Lalk abouL lL LogeLherţ also Lhey llsLen Lhelr muslc LogeLher LooŦ
1hereforeţ Lhe !aemln become Lhelr medlaLor who connecLs Lhe analog and dlglLal generaLlonŦ

1he effecLs of mass medla has pros and consţ Lhls ls Lhe only good polnL of Lhls whole 8abydlary lssueŦ As
a resulL of Lhe M8Cƌs good markeLlng planţ Lhey became Lhe mosL popular group ln korea rlghL nowŦ
Secondţ Lhese medla have effecLed Lhe baby so qulcklyŦ lor lnsLanceţ Lhe baby already has [udge skllls
for Lhe beauLy valuesŦ WhaL l mean by LhaL lsţ he keeps avoldlng Lhe bad looklng guy of Lhe membersŦ
1haL means he already exposed from medla so hls value of Lhe beauLy ls same as Lhe medla represenLŦ
1he mass medla has an lnfluenceţ whlch ls unavoldableţ so Lhe beauLy sLandard of hls vlewpolnL ls really
same as Lhe medla represenLs such as Lhe movlesţ Lelevlslonsţ adverLlslng and commerclals are m! osLly
uslng a super model Lo represenLs producLŦ 1he medla dlvlded a cerLaln people Lo cerLaln level such as
nlce and ugly looklng of man and womanŦ 1he Lelevlslon does lnfluence chlldrenƌs vlew of soclal reallLyŦ
Cne effecL lL can have ls Lo encourage sLereoLyped oplnlons abouL soclal Loplcs such as beauLy valueŦ
1elevlslon generally presenLs hlghly sLereoLyped commerclals are ouLsLandlng culprlLs ln Lhe
presenLaLlon of beauLy sLereoLypesŦ 1hls seems Lo be Lhe effecL of Lelevlslon belng a vlsual medlumţ
even wlLhouL any effecL Lo see physlcal beauLyŦ

1he medla glve Lhe value sysLem whaLƌs good and badţ whaLƌs preLLy and uglyţ Lhe medla lLself
lnfluenced LhaL much ln non only LhaL young age chlldren buL also grown upŦ 1hereforeţ how we vlsually
show Lo people ls really lmporLanL role as a medla deslgnerŦ AnoLher example of Lhe baby ls LhaL only an
18 monLhs old baby operaLes an audlo all by hlmselfŦ Alsoţ he plcks and choose Lhe song he wanLs Lo
llsLenŦ l could noL belleve LhaL because l have never LhoughL lL ls posslble Lo LhaL young age alsoţ when l
was youngţ l have noL had LhaL klnd of experlences beforeŦ 1he scarlesL Lhlng ls LhaL Lhe baby always
llsLens Lhelr (CŦCŦu) songsţ so he dld noL have chances Lo llsLen a chlldrenƌs songŦ Lven Lhough Lhey Lrled
Lo play Lhe chlldrenƌs songţ buL Lhe baby was [usL sLand Lhere wlLhouL any moves whaL so everŦ
Poweverţ he sLarLs Lo! dance when he hears Lhelr muslcţ whlch ls PlpŴhop and 8Ǝ8 (8hyLhm and 8lues)Ŧ
ln oLher wordsţ oLher ordlnary klds who llsLen chlldrenƌs song regularlyţ Lhey wlll noL have a same feellng
llke Lhe !amln doesŦ 1haL meansţ he already has had effecLs by Lhelr muslcŦ AnoLher example ls LhaL
!aemln knows exacLly how he has Lo show ln Lhe cameraŦ Pe exposed by camera 24 hours per Lhree days
a weekţ so he ls already been famlllar wlLh lLŦ 1hereforeţ afLer he dolng someLhlng LhaL he Lhlnks lLs
funny or bad Lhlngs Lo doţ he sLares Lhe cameraŦ Pow much Lhe person ls belng exposed by medla hlnge
on Lhe personƌs llfeŦ

ƍCŦCŦuŦ 1he 8abydlary !aemln Pan had recelved appreclaLlon award from M8Cƍ (uongŴAţ nov 23ţ 2000)Ŧ
1he reason for LhaL award ls LhaL Lhls program was Lhe flrsL ranklng 1v eplsode slnce Lhey sLarL lLŦ Pe
was Lhe youngesL wlnner for LhaL awardŤ howeverţ Lhe parenLs were refused Lo geL LhaL awards also
Lhere were so many commerclal proposals LooŦ 1hey [usL dld noL wanL Lo make Lhe baby speclal because
of Lhe 1v program (Lhe medla)Ŧ Alsoţ Lhey dld noL wanL Lo fall lnLo Lhe maLerlallsm from all Lhe money
LempLaLlon when he sLarLs Lo dolng Lhe commerclalsŦ l Lhlnk Lhe declslonţ whlch Lhe parenLs madeţ was
Lhe rlghL way for !amlnƌs fuLureŦ As a korean proverb saysţ Lhe hablL from Lhree years old goes Lo 6o
years old whlch means Lhe hablL and memorles from young age wlll effecLs Lhelr resL of llfeŦ 1hereforeţ a
process of Lhe personƌs growLh wlll be under Lhe conLrol of Lhelr educaLlonŦ Chlldren Lend Lo learn whaL
Lhey see on Lelevlslon more Lhoroughly Lhan whaL Lhey read or hear on radloŦ 1hls power means LhaL
Lhe responslblllLy of Lelevlslon producers ls much greaLerţ Lhe need for quallLy more presslng Lhan wlLh
Lhe older medlaŦ

1he second approach abouL Lhe commerclallzaLlon Lodayţ l wlll explaln uslng Lhe case of anlmaLlons
(especlally !apanese anlmaLlons)Ŧ 1he anlmaLlon ls a worldwlde Lhese days and has a huge lmpacL on
anlmaLlon lndusLryţ noL only Lhey make anlmaLlons buL also Lhey make anlmaLlon movlesţ vldeo gamesţ
cardsţ and Loysţ eLcŦ lor lnsLanceţ Lhe Þokemon anlmaLlon made movlesţ vldeo gamesţ Loysţ and cardsŦ
1haL means everyone see Lhe same movleţ play Lhe same gameţ Lalk abouL same Lhlng worldwldeŦ l
heard LhaL one chlld goL kllled by hls frlend durlng Lhey had flghL for Lhe Þokemon cardsŦ Why l felL
Lerrlble when l heard LhaL news because of Lhe plece of cardŤ one chlld goL kllled from hls frlendŦ Whose
faulL ls lL? WhaL lf Lhe medla dld noL expose LhaL much of Lhe Þokemon lssues Lo lnnocenL young
chlldren? l read one arLlcle from newspaper a year agoţ Lhe arLlcle was abouL !apanese exporLs Lhelr
anlmaLlon movles Lo oLher counLry especlally unlLed SLaLes wlLh really cheap prlceŦ 1he !apaneseƌs
sLraLeg! lc for Lhe cosmopollLanlsm ls dolng culLural exporL by cheap anlmaLlon movlesŦ 1hlnk abouL lLţ
on SaLurday mornlngţ almosL every chlld slLs fronL of Lelevlslon wlLh mllk and chocolaLe cookles
waLchlng Lhe !apanese carLoonsţ so Lhey geL used Lo !apanese anlmaLlon and culLureŦ nowadays 30Ŵ60Ʒ
ls Lhe !apanese carLoon ln ma[or Lelevlslon neLworkţ whlch ls really scary parLŦ 1hey waLch Lhese
!apanese carLoons Lhrough Lhelr chlldhoodţ whlch leads noL Lo have any negaLlve feellngs for oLher
counLryƌs culLuresŦ 1he !apanese peopleƌs lnLenLlon was Lo alm LhaLŦ Cf course Lhere are oLher Lhlngs
LhaL Lhe Amerlcan chlldren do noL wanL Lo waLch Lhe Amerlcan carLoons anymoreŦ Cne reason ls LhaL
Lhey are Llred of waLchlng Lhe super hero serles or 1om and !erryƌs whlch ls rewardlng Lhe good and
punlshlng Lhe evll over and over agalnŦ lL has been changed from LhaL approach of carLoon Lo Lhe vlewer
ls ln charge of Lhe characLer whlch ls Lhe way of Lhe Þokemon Lralned oLher creaLuresŦ 1he opposlLlon
beLween Lhe sLyles of Amerlcan carLoons and !apanese carLoon deflned Lhe lnLeracLlons beLween vlewer
and characLersŦ l Lhlnk LhaL Lhe anlmaLor should flgure lL ouL how Lo meeL Lhe needs of Lhe Llmes lnsLead
of lmporL oLher counLryƌs anlmaLlon (culLures) wlLhouL fllLraLlonŦ 1hey have Lo Lhlnk abouL lL more
carefully for Lhe fuLure generaLlonsŦ

1hlrLyŴslx years ago Marshall McLuhan advanced Lhe revoluLl! onary Lhesls LhaL ƍLhe medlum ls Lhe
messageƍŦ Pls ldea was LhaL each medlum of communlcaLlon produces soclal and psychologlcal effecLs
on lLs audlenceţ parLlcular soclal relaLlons and parLlcular form of consclousness or way of Lhlnklngţ LhaL
are qulLe lndependenL of Lhe conLenL belng LransmlLLedŦ 1hese effecLs consLlLuLe Lhe message of Lhe
medlumŦ McLuhanƌs famous phrase ls wldely quoLed even lf noL wldely undersLoodŦ Poweverţ hls phrase
ls Lhe mosL lmporLanL Lheory ln medla hlsLoryŦ ƍ1he only way we are ever golng Lo Lake conLrol of Lhe
Lechnology and make Lhem serve Lhe deslre of a broad mass of people for a beLLer llfe ls lf we can really
sLarL Lo geL aL Lhe quesLlonsŦ WhaLƌs lL for? WhaL klnd of llfe we wanL Lo have? (Lunenfeldţ 206Ŵ7)Ŧƍ ƍMy
oplnlon ls LhaL Lhe damaglng effecLs Lhe elecLronlc medla can have on chlldren are noL lnLrlnslc Lo Lhe
medla buL grow ouL Lhe ways Lhe medla are used much of Lhe conLenL of commerclal 1v shows may
have a negaLlve effecL on chlldrenƌs soclal aLLlLudesŦ Commerclals Lhemselves use sophlsLlcaLed
Lechnlques Lo manlpulaLe vlewers lnLo wanLlng cerLaln producLsţ and young chlldren have no defense
agalnsL such Lechnlques (Creenfleldţ 2Ŵ3)Ŧ 1elevlslon waLchlng can become a passlveţ deadenlng acLlvlLy
lf adulLs do noL gulde Lhelr chlldrenƌs vlewlng and each chlldren Lo waLch crlLlcally and Lo learn from
whaL Lhey waLchŦ

ln concluslonţ Lhe medla can be used Lo promoLe soclal growLh and Lhlnklng sklllsŦ 1elevlslon and Lhe
newer elecLronlc medlaţ ls used wlselyţ have greaL poslLlve poLenLlal for learnlng and developmenLŦ lf
Lhey glve chlldren vlsually dlfferenL menLal skllls from Lhose developed by readlng and wrlLlngŦ
1elevlslon ls a beLLer medlum Lhan Lhe prlnLed word for conveylng cerLaln Lypes of lnformaLlonţ and lL
makes learnlng avallable Lo group of chlldren who do noL do well ln LradlLlonal school slLuaLlons and
even Lo people who cannoL readŦ AL Lhls polnLţ how Lhe deslgner should funcLlon ln Lhls dlglLal era?
1here are many ways Lo deslgner can achleve for Lhelr goal whlch are [usL funcLlon as a lnformaLlon
dellveryţ pursulL aesLheLlcsţ moneyţ or anoLher ways? l wlll say based on my oplnlonţ yes Lhere ls
someLhlng else Lhanţ moneyţ aesLheLlcţ and lnformaLlonţ whlch are creaLlvlLy keep pace wlLh Lhe rapld
dlglLal eraŦ ÞasL cenLury hold domlnlon over Lhe raLlonalţ Lhls cenLury LhaL we called Lhe era of chaosŦ
1he graphlc deslgn ln Lhe pasL wlLh all Lhe vlsualţ we called vlsual deslgnŦ Poweverţ nowadays lL has been
changed slnce we have Lo deal wlLh loLs of medla whom we have Lo communlcaLeţ we called lnLeracLlve
deslgnŦ 1hereforeţ Lhe lnformaLlon from we have seen and hear only uslng your eyeţ buL we have Lo
lndlcaLe Lhe lnformaLlon uslng by your earţ! so we need Lo lnLerchange beLween educaLorţ wrlLerţ
deslgnerţ englneerţ soclologlsLţ and physlologlsLŦ We have Lo expand our senses wlLh Lhe volce ln Lhe
screenŦ 1hereforeţ Lhe deslgn ls focused on human lLself oLher Lhan loLs of unnecessary Lhlngs for Lhe
socleLyŦ 1he wlnner for LhaL era wlll be Lhe person who has flexlble Lhlnklng powerŦ Alsoţ Lhe deslgner
musL have a Lhelr Lrue characLerŦ lollow Lhe paLh of vlrLue wlLh rlghLŴmlnded should be Lhelr goalŦ ln
addlLlon Loţ Lhe deslgner should have Lo flnd Lhelr llfeƌs passlonţ develop LhemselvesŴesLeemţ and creaLe
selfŴ appreclaLlon whlch lead Lo more poslLlve selfŴesLeemŦ WlLh all LhaL ln mlnd Lhe deslgner have a
powerful persuaslonŦ

Work ClLed
Creenfleldţ ÞaLrlcla MarksŦ Mlnd and MedlaŦ MassachuseLLsť Parvard unlverslLyţ 1984Ŧ
Lunenfeldţ ÞeLerŦ 1he ulglLal ulalecLlcŦ MassachuseLLsť 1he Ml1 Þressţ 1999Ŧ
McLuhanţ MarshallŦ undersLandlng MedlaŦ Londonť 1he Ml1 Þressţ 1999Ŧ
8abydlaryť M8C korean serlal 1v eplsode lrom !an 2000 Lo presenLŦ
u8Lť membersŦLrlpodŦcoŦkr/babydlaryŦ
newspaperť uongŴA nov 23ţ 2000Ŧ
SporLs Seoul nov 21ţ 2000Ŧ
SporLs Chosun nov 17ţ 2000Ŧ

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