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1hanks or iaking ihc iimc io rcad ihis! Ironic isn`i ii' Vc`rc working on ways
io hclp pcoplc likc you naigaic ihc waicrs o an inicrnci roihing wiih orm-
coniracis, and hcrc wc arc wiih a conscni orm or you io hclp us carry oui
ihis work!
asically, wc`rc gaihcring inormaiion on how pcoplc cxpcricncc coniracis
Vc`rc asking or you io sharc wiih us somc o your inormaiion aboui
yourscl, and aboui how you usc ihc 1OSAmcnd applci.
Vc mighi also coniaci you ai somc iimc laicr io complcic a shori surcy
aboui your cxpcricncc wiih inicrnci coniracis and/or 1OSAmcnd. 1hc surcy
would iakc aboui :o minuics o your iimc, and you will hac no obligaiion io
iakc ihc surcy, or i you do iakc ihc surcy, io answcr all o ihc qucsiions.
I you choosc io download ihc 1OSAmcnd applci, you hac ihc righi io bc
ircaicd wiih rcspcci, including rcspcci or your dccision whcihcr or noi you
wish io coniinuc or siop hclping us oui wiih our aiicmpis io bciicr undcrsiand
how pcoplc cxpcricncc onlinc coniracis. You arc rcc io siop hclping us oui ai
any iimc[usi lci us know.
Vc will kccp any and all inormaiion complcicly conidcniial. Ii will noi bc
sharcd wiih anyonc oihcr ihan rcscarchcrs who mighi usc ihc inormaiion or
rcscarch and scholarly publicaiions. Ii won`i bc sold, rcnicd, or lcni io anyonc,
or io any corporaiions, poliiical organizaiions, or adcriising agcncics.
onc o your pcrsonally idcniiying inormaiion will ccr bc commcrcially
cxploiicd, sharcd, or publishcd. All pcrsonally idcniiying inormaiion will bc
dcsiroycd aicr non-idcniiying inormaiion is cxiracicd or rcscarch and
scholarly publicaiions.
Again, wc rccognizc and apprcciaic ihc irony o ihis conscni orm. Vc iakc
cry scriously your righi io priacy. So, ccn i ii sccms ironic, ihink o ihis
morc o as cxprcssion o our sinccrc rcspcci or your righis.
I you hac any qucsiions or conccrns, or i you would likc a copy o ihis
cmailcd io you, ccl rcc io coniaci us ai

y downloading 1OSAmcnd, I acknowlcdgc and agrcc ihai I`c rcad and
undcrsiood ihc siu aboc.