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Web 2.0 Social Networking Tools: A Quick Guide

Web 2.0 Social Networking Tools: A Quick Guide

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Published by ProfDrAmin
A quick guide on the use of social networking tools in education
A quick guide on the use of social networking tools in education

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Published by: ProfDrAmin on Dec 01, 2011
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The simplicity in terms of interface and accessibility makes Edomodo an effective

learning sphere. It allows an active participation from students. Edmodo provides

tutors with a place to post assignment reminders, build an event calendar, and post

messages to the group. Users can also share links, videos, and images. Edomodo can

be the medium for tutors to communicate successfully to students in need of

guidance. For subjects such as foreign language, tutors have been using Edomodo to

set a co-class between them with language teachers from other parts of the world.

Students can review links that were posted through an RSSfeed easily. Tutors can

also conduct other formative authentic assessments using Edmodo. An in-class

assignment to read and analyze a passage could easily turn into a writing assignment.

Chapter 6


50 Chapter 6: Edmodo

Students could formulate and deliver answers, and respond to one another in turn.

(Picardo, 2011).

According to Jarc (2010), Edmodo allows him to keep track of students’

progress, deliver content electronically, send students alerts via email and text

message, and most importantly has provided a quick and easy way to conduct

authentic assessments.

Using a discussion thread is almost like conducting interviews with students

and their peerswhile encouraging dialogue, challenges students to write concisely and

defend their positions with supporting information from their reading. Edmodo helps

build a better and secure networking area, so the risks of being contacted

bystrangers for non-academic purposes are greatlyreduced, thereby providing a

safer environment in which students and teachers or tutors can interact and

collaborate. It is also reduces the amount of paper used in classroom.

Chapter 6: Edmodo


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