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camp floyd gold camp

camp floyd gold camp


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Published by: Russell Hartill on Oct 21, 2008
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its greatness grows upon the minds of miners

Mosi aling of

strikes there sult The against the diamond company th work at


mr of mineral patents so its gintic and tho mammoth hill the tintic cactus oro and bullion

greatest eold be it will in time bo the grea lest gold camp lit america it riot in the world if not in s Dria coll this Ila veliat tim driscoll the well known mining man said last nix ht of night 0 tho rc the mercur district mr driscoll re turmoil from marcur yesterday and during big absence has thoroughly inha vestigated tho wonderful gold holds vesti gated the ted sald ho ile further bold to a tribu ne reporter evenings last evening it 13 the pa peculiar most pecullar camp lit the world scarcely one pracin tho tical miner out of n thousand would of consider the rock ot any value as gold hearing rock tho dirt or rock may bo bear ln be the pounded and panned without getting a color of gold but alter elio after bold extracting ee of extrac ing the gold and Inee ing thatt come clear ins the water th comes out alt cloar an spring water and as ill 0 shavings after the water or cyanide solution passes through t hem and gh hem find ilig thel coated with gold lou I then bold jou would not only be staggered but also fennly convinced that there a a new feature and IL new held in gold mining n a also that the two recent rich ilch one at the sunshine throe nal es vest tho three miles west i of the marcur and the other at tho 0 the othar properly propel ty owned by the electric light company Col Pany of this city three miles south of the sunshine BOM to prove that and inexhaustible th rc thare Is an field of the same fauld itY of ore extendname quality neld ing over a broad aren of count area country mr driscoll says that maur Is not R Mer rutIs dot a poor kalns camp though but that it TAL ns P Is on tile other hand ahn greatest field th held tile for capital in the entire west tho suit against the diamond bining com1 1 1 1 I

i the sullivan 1machine company has bris begun suit again sl the diamond minagainst Dl imond ing company and its stockholderrm in e in the third district court TI ic plaintho tiffs seek oil their own behalf and upon on tile the behalf of other creditors similarly to hold the stockholders of the company liable for the unpaid portions com of the capital stock which they have subscribed tor anil also pray for judgfor ment lit the plain of jonea jones in schroeder are the plaintiffs attorneys der


fish at rib springs charles van antine the discoverer owners of tho the ha utah mine at fielt springs hall recenty ly ie turned from a isit to the mine 15 quiet jn that ili he ile enva that li recently prosperous camp on mhd ual oil the utah and galena mines there aie ale only abolt fifteen men at work been the force heving recently ben reduced men from twenty live wen the utah mine la still shipping some of its rich sliver ili tah ha ore but the state of tho market makes re mate the it almost valueless aa As soon aa silver picks up as said mr van alstine ohp first thin r no hie 0 arto in lo will do Is to put in a helst and then ve ite mine mint will have a mr campbells mill sir hill av 73 stanley it nephew of A IS W a campbell arrived lit the clay lpeter in placers clay day from cal lie pocatellosnake river every Por alello Trib lune tribune indication leports that the ten stamp mill which points to unparalleled activity along the mr campbell recently erected thero ampbell fr alone hero was given a run or twenty fout snake river this sp illig and from the of foin elven t outlook hundreds of miners hours and everything worked well avei hundred 0 will in busy iva lhing the sands in wit be and the mill saved the gold nicely search of tile glittering gold they conthe cold looks well but Is quiet tain prospecting has T D sullivan a well known mining been done tile n minter by local the inter iti operator of eureka jo in the city he companies with such good results that 0 lie auch says that everything any is looking well they pro potla operations on extensive propose still in that camp but it is stilt very quiet scales the gold baving machines conthai eold 0n
and one of the 0

assume shape tile framo work of ho frame lower level was raised this week while very work Is or timbers III framing tho heavy umber for the in the etc batteries ore bina via car last sunday a special pacificattached to tit mccular union the train brought to camp n party of baillon beck amongst them and champion were john awk nice president and lee T farnsworth the newly elected Y president and general manager ac N the party was watson al 1 nesbitt who I m Tried lately took charge charee of the mine as r uperintendent 3 s ing T D sull 1 he sullivan wr had previously ine u y who farnsworth to been appointed by mr take charge of tho property temporarthe ily find mr gumc aho assumed conwho and trol of the books 0 pat donnelly an old and well known miner in tho camp has been the ell foreman 10 assist mr nesbitt la the cd to in air management oc tile mine of tho MAMMOTH CAMP art tintic miner A miner reporter vis-s ited Al mammoth ammoth on thursday ife waa bously c ourteously received by every one and c given bore with a brief synopsis of the 0 borewitz herewith crimp courtesy through the conr tesy of mr george of mine 0 A robertson superintendent Robrt son wan and mill an introduction was had to mr pat J donnohoe foreman of the Dona hoe Donn litte 0 donallee latter mr Donal lre showed the correspondent through the great plant ereal and displayed that courtesy which Is a of the thorough mining 0 ah and milling man commencing at the 1 top where the ore comes in which in on feet above the boiler floor a the trough inspection was made of the plant downwards by hy wagon irom the the ore in from mine where ton are now fit in tont tire sight and dumped through a clinto to chute tile crun lier the large gates eccentric crusher which tons daily prom has a capacity of 0 from tile ernster tile or e Is cut raed to a largo large ore cai nd does ievoli ng screen and what loci not pass through the mesh goes out through meah euca 14 the end and la carried do it to a dodge down crusher after being the ore otter helps clu blied goes tp the oilp bin from 01 bill ls it Is fed to the four fi hatt eiles attach a ached to each battery Is EL sensitized stilver copper plate catches the th heaviest of the gold the siller lp ad lead ores being carried on to twelve true can led anna the banners concentrate the ore and below thorn are sixteen charged them paus polls below dahich are eight largo set was arid two agitators liht and iwo mill the mh Is ballod a combination and docs does not allow anything of lalun to ani thing escapa A fine retort and room Is attached where gold and oliver bullion Is melted into bars ready for tit mar et th market care of concentrates 0 about tour cars ot concentrate of the alao th maluo of three to five ounces in 0 gold and thirty out ilen in allver aro ait I each week the pit 1 makesa it mill mal e pom ble for UK latar timoth people to the mammoth wot it under the present hard times and we wo hope the other mines of the 0 camp may emulate their example
A 1

13 hard times and that Is a small estimate on oro now being email chipped from the copp to Is the eureka hill mill la beginning the

cou raging these


1 I

trolled by local companies have b een eer est e d tested to the c ompleta satisfaction of c their owners the thel hia chine A man named ArmB has taken 13 all r machine arid boyce machine the ball and the a leato on tile cactus mine at fish all ot these are backed lopas machine the lease 11 of by strong local arc springs and will put n f orce of men f as work in opening it up chip man arid companies all have been at work on chapman and mhd gand at ork th sands of the snake and all have grant orant of american fork ale the pala cleaned up gold abc eold from other points i capal owners of the mine along all alone the river come reports of sucsaving cessful gold savins machines or of men work at dugway Duff way are t 0 ur there ar e four men at work on the making good wages with rockers and 0 a pride of the west mine at Du way w e confidently expect to see 0 stampede dubovay Duff lovay rem from the only mine being worked in that dis- to the sands of the Issnake where thouall wealth for trict sam gilson has secured a bond sit reports there wet sands and lease on the buckhorn mine and But khorn expects to go out this week and put a force of men at work to develop the mine application for patent P s tent john 1 jolin I Ie lanoy and Edith a- morris F e lith filed an application in the land office ft eai erday for it mineral patent for the loda lode mining claim the claim claine covers united states lot no 40 in the tha 0 county dudway dugway mining district and embraces 1443 acres agents revolved al patent hat of the following list ot were received ut the land domce yesterat day from washington 2 at K no to jamos mclaughlin F ncy william jr roy joseph patirck 10 1 at Langa rord david C llcy I lity wood IV arid edchamplon jodo Cham plon ward 1 terry for the champeon lodo I covering claim cov erint united statesB lot no alati in uintah district summit county baere about the claimno an sit 10 abolt seven elres 1 I to tile al V company for the con lode c ina cover calm 1 latah in lot no 73 in vintah mining district inn brocca about seven acres the claim cemIMS to james prest acred IAL E no 19 W it M welter grant george crismon U lon I lV eller I W S Crl sm n ludack hit bonald 1331 arism el 1 crismon peter J reid churles charles Crl 1 11 john jolin J powell K A I chipman james thomas thornton thonas J henry chipmin john chipman and helier C 11 c al chance chanco lods c halm the John non Jo halmon for tile S n cover ing lot N u 46 in ilah SPA it ining district juall county yhu chalm covers the claim sampson tor to calvin T Ba III 11 no for iso lode covering the challenger lodo binim coveris lot no bic 1 mining district lit in tha clula 6 van acres embraces about to tameo chipman for chapman M H no ja ladu the ontario no it bodt claim covering district lot no 41 in silver lake realm embraces county tho vla trait em bracca twenty utah acrea acres M E vo W no 1145 to dennis gu lllian nn 11 aind WOW for the black bird and ani am I 0 t No lins lot n 0 clollis star lodo cla inai blar brict juab 1 24 inar dist lit tho in h in ab county the claim covers ten acres and a half E to william hatfield anti peter and it reedy and lease woolf for tit know in lot no alake flake lode claim gintic 1 coven tintic mining district Ilh claim covers el aceta al Acre J oro ore and bullion


the co t lease ofarmstrong al



1 I



day a gold bar valued at saso co received yesterday T 11 jones silver and ores base bullion ifton sliver arid lead orta 1000 total cwm

wells fargo

co recene d


HINER TIPS in the strike0 ia tho the tho X n ansti oth rive men are working on the phoenix the east drift from the two hundred is in level la ira 00 feet and tho face looks the


splendid the A rumor to tho effect that a very rich strike had been mado in tho cop the pero polla led tho miner to enquire into polls the th the matter while the management of cry that fine property Is tery reticent concerning the business enough was cleance tho the ibm ed to warrant the Almer tiola that elio Is mine la now shipping ore the value of the which ties never been excelled in tho lias camp since the clayo of the great gold phoui sixty thou in the mammoth iho cat sand alollis per carload la quite tn 4 Is and

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