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Danny and Andrew

Danny and Andrew

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Published by Gabrielle Lavars

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Published by: Gabrielle Lavars on Dec 01, 2011
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Danny and Andrew

One day Danny and Andrew found this secret place. It was under ground in a scary dark castle. Then one day a zombie came along and stole all of Danny and Andrews’s gold. The next day they woke up on the cold, hard ground. Danny and Andrew were brave to go over and scare the zombie off from stealing all of the gold. But when they got over there, they could not find the zombie and they could not find the gold. They went upstairs, and this is where Danny and Andrew saw a person. Danny and Andrew thought that the zombie was actually a person dressed up as a zombie. This person was Peter. They just knew Peter from down the street. Danny and Andrew knew that Peter was trying to protect the gold from the monsters. Peter let Danny and Andrew have the gold because they were good friends. Peter was a person that Danny and Andrew knew, so that is why Peter let Danny and Andrew have the gold back. So they lived happily ever after. BY ZOE WATTS

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