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Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia, west of China and south of Russia at latitude 48° north and 68° east. A small part of Kazakhstan, located near the Ural River, is in Eastern Europe. Kazakhstan is comprised of fourteen main areas, or regional administrative districts. Almaty (the former capital) and Astana (the new capital) both have equal status as administrative districts. Kazakhstan has 14 provinces (called oblasy): Almaty Oblysy, Aqmola Oblysy (Astana), Aqtobe Oblysy, Atyrau Oblysy, Batys Qazaqstan Oblysy (Oral), Mangghystau Oblysy (Aqtau), Ongtustik Qazaqstan Oblysy (Shymkent), Pavlodar Oblysy, Qaraghandy Oblysy, Qostanay Oblysy, Qyzylorda Oblysy, Shyghys Qazaqstan Oblysy (Oskemen), Soltustik Qazaqstan Oblysy (Petropavlovsk), and Zhambyl Oblysy (Taraz). The total area of Kazakhstan covers approximately 2,717,300 square kilometers, which is about 4 times the size of Texas. The land stretches from the Volga in the west to the Altai Mountains in the east, and from the plains in Siberia to the deserts in Central Asia. The highest peak in Kazakhstan is Khan Tangiri Shyngy (Pik Khan-Tengri), located in eastern Kazakhstan near China and Kyrgyzstan. It has a height of 6,995 meters. Kazakhstan’s terrain is diverse. Almost half of the total area is steppes and semi-desert, which dominate in central and western Kazakhstan. Eastern and Southern Kazakhstan are mountainous. Northern Kazakhstan has a variety of forests and steppes. Although Kazakhstan has three geographic time zones, it is a landlocked country. Eight percent of the land in Kazakhstan is arable and agriculturally cultivated, primarily in northern Kazakhstan and to a lesser extent in southern Kazakhstan. Natural hazards include earthquakes in the south and mudslides in the Almaty area. In addition, Kazakhstan had a nuclear test site in the Semey area during the Soviet Union; almost five hundred nuclear explosions were conducted. As a result, most of the population in the Semey region has health issues. Kazakhstan’s Aral Sea is another environmental disaster. As a result of Soviet mismanagement, the two main rivers flowing into the Aral Sea had been diverted for irrigation. The Aral Sea dried up to 1/3 of its original size, leaving behind a harmful layer of environmentally unfriendly natural salts and pesticides. The Government of Kazakhstan, with the technical assistance of the World Bank, has restored the Northern Aral Sea to its original size.



Winter in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan’s climate is characterized as continental: extremely cold in winter, hot in the summer, and warm in both spring and fall. Spring lasts from March to the middle of May. Temperatures range from 64 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit with very low humidity because Kazakhstan is a dry and landlocked country. Summer starts in June and ends in midSeptember. The weather becomes hot and dry, with temperatures ranging from 80 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. In autumn, clear, sunny days predominate; temperatures range from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter lasts from December to March. December and January are the coldest months of the year. Temperatures can drop from 40 to –30 degrees Fahrenheit with occasional winds. It does not rain much in Kazakhstan. Winters are severe in northern Kazakhstan, especially when there are strong winds. Summers are very hot in southern Kazakhstan; the temperature can reach as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit, effectively halting all business activities for about a week or two in July. POPULATION

“Tree of Life” A Symbol of Independent Kazakhstan’s capital Astana


Bazaar in southern Kazakhstan Kazakhstan is one of the most scarcely populated countries in the world. Although it is the ninth largest country in geographic size, Kazakhstan’s population is a mere 15.5 million with a population density of five people per square mile. Most of the population resides near Kazakhstan’s borders and in large cities such as Almaty, Shymkent and Astana. Almaty, a city of 1.5 million, has ten percent of Kazakhstan’s population; Shymkent (800,000) and Astana (700,000) together also constitute ten percent of Kazakhstan’s population. Ethnic Kazakhs compose sixty percent of Kazakhstan’s population. Ethnic Russians make up twenty five percent. The rest include over 100 diverse ethnic groups, such as Koreans, Ukrainians, Tatars, Uzbeks, and Germans. All ethnic groups live in relative harmony. Life expectancy is sixty years for males and sixty nine for females. About ninety nine percent of the population is literate. All children are required to attend public and private schools between the ages of six and seventeen. Almost fifty percent of the adult population has college degrees. HISTORY

Karakhan (Famous Kazakh Warrior) Mausoleum in Taraz, Kazakhstan 12th century


Ahmet Yassawi (poet and Sufi mystic) Mausoleum in Turkestan, Kazakhstan 14th century Humans have inhabited what is known today as Kazakhstan since the Stone Age. They led a primarily nomadic way of life, which best suits the region’s climate and terrain. Most historians believe that humans first domesticated the horse in the territory of modern Kazakhstan. From the fourth century to the beginning of the seventh century, part of southern Kazakhstan was ruled by the Persian Empire. After the Arab invasion of Persia, various nomadic, proto-Turkic kingdoms ruled the area. In the thirteenth century, following the Mongol invasion, the area was incorporated into the Mongol Empire and eventually became the territories of the Kazakh Khanate in 1475. This was the genesis of “Kazakh” as a distinct political entity. Its major cities included Taraz and Turkestan, built along the northern route of the Great Silk Road. By the sixteenth century, Kazakhs developed a common language, culture, and economy. In the early 1600s, the Kazakh Khanate was divided into Great, Middle and Junior Hordes; confederations based on extended family networks. Competition between hordes and internal divisions greatly weakened the Kazakh khanate. In the nineteenth century, the Russian Empire began to encroach on Central Asia as part of “the Great Game” between the British and Russian empires for influence in Central Asia. Within almost two hundred years, Russia incorporated Kazakhstan and other Central Asian states into its empire. During this period, Russia enforced the Russian language in all schools and governmental organizations. In addition, there was a great influx of ethnic Russians into what is now Kazakhstan, thereby making Russians the largest minority group in Kazakhstan outside of Russia and Ukraine. Although there was a brief period of autonomy following the collapse of the Russian Empire, the Kazakhs eventually lost their autonomy to Soviet rule. In 1920, the area of what is now Kazakhstan became an autonomous republic within Russia and a Soviet republic in 1936. During Soviet rule, Kazakhstan experienced repression of its traditional way of life; over 2 million ethnic Kazakhs died in the 1930s during the period of forced collectivization.


The protest was violent. Kazakhstan was the first former Soviet republic to be recognized as a market economy both by the US and the EU. particularly the transformation of the command economy into a market economy. partly due to its large oil. and international election observers have noted that neither parliamentary nor presidential elections have been free and fair thus far. Living standards have improved dramatically. The years following independence have been marked by significant reforms. gas and mineral resources and partly because of sound macroeconomic policies. the political system has not improved. Kazakhstan has been ruled by one leader. with numerous deaths and subsequent imprisonment of protestors. Economically. such as the institution of Kazakh as the state language and the promotion of ethnic Kazakhs to key government positions.After World War II. Kazakhstan enjoyed significant growth since 2000. Nazarbaev won 91 percent of the vote and currently is in his last term as president. In 1953. who initially came to power in 1989 as the head of the Kazakh Communist Party and was eventually elected president in 1991. In the 2005 presidential elections. Nursultan Nazarbaev. 1991. he won the election by 82 percent and extended his term from 5 to 7 years. Kazakhstan underwent massive industrialization as well as mineral extraction development. Soviet authorities instituted a “Virgin Lands” program with an aim to transform the traditional pasturelands of Kazakhstan into a major agricultural region of the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan was the last Soviet republic to declare its independence following the Soviet Union’s collapse. Nazarbaev extended his term in 1995 until 2000. This protest led to more nationalistic policies in Kazakhstan. On December 16. Kazakh students led an uprising in protest against the appointment of an ethnic Russian communist leader to Kazakhstan. in violation of the Soviet constitution. During Gorbachev’s perestroika (economic reforms) and glasnost (political reforms) in 1986. Most of the independent media and opposition is harrassed. 6 . Politically. GDP per capita rose from $400 in 1994 to $6000 in 2006. This policy led to the development of the agricultural sector. In 1999. However. which to this day employs over thirty percent of Kazakhstan’s population.

In addition. primarily because of the large ethnic Russian population (twenty five percent of the total population). Kazakhstan has never been affected by strong religious forces and sentiments. There is growth in religious freedom that would have been impossible under the Soviet regime. Kazakh synthesized Islamic practices with many pre-Islamic traditions such as belief in ancestor spirits and nature. Most Kazakhs are Sunni Muslims. it is neither Asian nor European. In addition. However. since independence. Kazakhstan is at a crossroads between Europe and Asia. In contrast to its neighbors. Religion has changed dramatically since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. religious groups in Kazakhstan do not attempt to exercise their influence on political and social events. only observing a select number of Islamic holidays. The second largest religion is Russian orthodoxy. Kazakhstan is often considered part of the Muslim world. Kazakhstan can hardly be called a Muslim country. the number of believers has increased and the number of mosques has grown. Kazakhstan is famous for its religious tolerance and has hosted two International Religious Dialogue conferences in Astana in 2001 and 2006. although it is debatable. though Islam in Kazakhstan is very different than in many Islamic countries. This factor influences religion. most Kazakhs are very secular and are nominally Muslim. 7 . Religious organizations are passive and do not claim a political role in the state.RELIGION Orthodox Church in Almaty Central Mosque in Almaty With respect to religion. there are over forty five religious confessions in Kazakhstan.

dome-shaped moveable tents made of camel’s wool.” This is another testimony that Kazakhs were nomads long before they became a unified ethnic group.” “wanderer. The family was the basis of nomad society.CULTURE & CUSTOMS Inside a Kazakh Yurt Traditional Kazakh Yurt Kazakhs lived in yurts. 8 .” or “free. The word “kazakh” means “independent. Family and marriage are among important customs and traditions in Kazakh society.

There have been some incidents where women were kidnapped without their consent. Most Kazakh festivals revolve around horses in one way or another. However. During these get-togethers. relatives of the deceased provide meals and imams read verses from the Quran in the name of the dead. the kidnapping is now always voluntary. men kidnap their brides in order to marry. and the last occurs after a year. the first occurs after a week. including games such as races and horseback polo. Only males go to bury the dead. in current times. The horse is an important part of Kazakh culture.” This illustrates the significance of marriage in fostering relationships between the tribes. women have a right to legal action. Funerals According to Kazakh tradition. Kazakhs bury the dead according to Islamic traditions with zhanaza (death prayer) and serve meals for visitors before burial. especially wealthy ones. Tribal leaders’ roles included dispute adjudication. “matchmaking lasts a thousand years. Kazakhs have been excellent horsemen.The elderly members of extended families were tribal leaders. Historically. Horse meat is a delicacy in Kazakh cuisine. Nomadic lifestyles required mastery of horsemanship. In the past. In these cases. . As in the West. this almost always occurs with the consent of their children. According to an old tradition. while a son-inlaw lasts one hundred years. Fermented mare’s milk (koumyss) is a national Kazakh drink. arranged marriage is a very rare phenomenon. During funerals. most couples marry according to their personal choice. Marriages were arranged in order to promote tribal bonds. it is important to note that though some Kazakhs follow the tradition. leading marriages and funeral ceremonies. Three important gatherings are held in order to honor the memory of the dead. In some rare cases. 9 . In the words of a Kazakh proverb. traditional families. arrange marriages. many Kazakh children learned to ride horses even before walking. and presiding over other important events. the second occurs after forty days. relatives are central figures in weddings and funerals.

and Dungans are prevalent as well. beef and camel. Russian pelmenis (dumplings) and bliny (pancakes). Besparmak (five fingers) is the most traditional Kazakh food. It is made of dough and horse sausages. Guests and respected members of society are honored with the sheep’s head.CUISINE Kazakhstan’s food variety is modest. horse. reflecting its location and geographic conditions. most Kazakh cuisine incorporates meat from lamb. In addition. 10 . Korean spicy salads and the noodles of Uyghurs. palaw (pilaf) is a traditional dish with meat and rice that is also popular in other parts of Central Asia. Kazakhstan’s multiethnic composition renders other ethnic cuisine popular. Primarily land-based and associated primarily with livestock grazing.

FAMOUS KAZAKHS Abay Kunanbay Abay Kunanbay was born in 1845. Abylay Khan’s grandson. He is also famous for a large number of poems related to the social. Abay was also a great philoshopher. Today Abay is considered the founding father of Kazakh literature. Abay studied in the madrasa (Islamic school). political and economic problems of the Kazakh society in the 19th century. Abylay was a major figure. “Abay’s Edifying Words. He was born in 1711. Abay learned Russian language and literature. After finishing high school in his village. The name of Abylay Khan is associated with Kazakh independence. In addition. Nursultan Nazarbaev Nursultan Nazarbaev was born in 1940 into a poor rural family in the small town of Shamalgan in the Almaty region. 11 . Abay was the first Kazakh writer to translate major literary works of the great Russian writers such as Dostayevski and Pushkin into Kazakh. where he learned Farsi and Arabic.” is considered a great masterpiece in the Kazakh literature. Kenesary. Abylay Khan Abylay Khan is considered one of the greatest leaders in Kazakh history. At that time the Kazakh khanate was weakened by divisions among Kazakh tribes. was a freedom fighter against Russian colonization in the 18th century. Nursultan attended metallurgical college in Dneprodzherzhinsk in Ukraine. His major work. who unified Kazakhs into a single nation and deterred external aggression by Zhungars to the east of the Kazakh khanate.

independent media. Nazarbaev was appointed the leader of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. When Kazakhstan became independent. the presidential elections were not free and fair. Nazarbaev won 91% of the presidential vote. In addition. Nazarbaev returned to Kazakhstan where he worked in the metallurgical plant in Temirtau. this presidential term is the last for Nursultan Nazarbaev according to the Kazakh constitution. Nazarbaev won the presidential elections. northern Kazakhstan.Upon completion of his studies. the next elections will be in 2012. However. as evidenced in an absence of ethnic tensions. he is the founding father of Kazakhstan as an independent nation. human rights and rule of law. Nazarbaev extended his term in 1995 till 2000 and held elections in 1999 till 2006. where he won with 82% of the popular vote. Nazarbaev was able to create a strong state and a thriving economy that is unrivalled in Central Asia. From a backward Soviet province. In the 2005 elections. He graduated from Karaganda University with a degree in metallurgy. After the 1986 protests in response to the appointment of an ethnic Russian communist chairman. Nazarbaev is given credit for his sound domestic inter-ethnic policies. Since then. For Nazarbaev supporters. becoming the first president of independent Kazakhstan. Nazarbaev’s place in Kazakh history remains to be determined depending on which direction Kazakhstan takes after Nazarbaev’s departure from the political scene. According to the Western election observers. 12 . Nursultan Nazarbaev advanced in communist party rankings and became second in command in the early 1980s. the opposition. Nazarbaev’s critics argue that he has consolidated power at the expense of democracy.

iy Y. ғ Д. г Ғ. and many others. Kyrgyz. The Alphabet. along with other Turkic groups under the Soviet rule.THE LANGUAGE The Kazakh language belongs to the Turkic language group. е Е. which is still in use in Kazakhstan today. which includes Turkish. The western subgroup comprises Tatar. Those special letters will be introduced later in this chapter. Eastern and Northern subgroups. z Iy. қ Л. e Yo. е Ж. g Gh. ж З. m N. Kazakhs. ə Б. Uzbek. the Kazakh language used the Arabic script. в Г. Altay. м Н. Together with the Mongolian and Manchu – Tungus languages. v G. к Қ. The Kazakh Alphabet and Approximate Rules of Pronunciation The Kazakh alphabet contains 42 letters. n . y K. For the presentation of sounds that do not exist in Russian. Kyrgyz. b V. yo Zh. д Е. з И. gh D. Approximate rules of Pronunciation Letter А. н Pronunciation Like a in English “but” Like a in English “apple” Like b in English “best” Like v in English “vase” Like g in English “gate” Like “g” in English “garden”. ä B. From 1929 to 1940. Turkish. Kazakh. Until 1929. were required to adopt the Cyrillic script. zh Z. d E. l M. й К. Turkmen and Azeri belong to the southern subgroup. they form a distinctive language group known as the Altaic languages. Karakalpak and Nogay languages. б В. k Q. Kumuk and Karachay languages. а Ə. Like d in English “door” Like e in English “end” Like jo in English “yo-yo” Like j in English “jury” Like s in English “is” Like e in English “sea” Like y in English “yes” Like c in English “care” Like q in English “Qatar” Like L in English “late” Like M in English “mother” Like n in English “no” 13 Romanization A. there are additional letter signs unique to the Kazakh language. a Ä. q L. The northern subgroup includings Yakut. In 1940. Western. Bashkir. The Turkic languages are divided into Southern. Kazakhs used a Latin-based alphabet. Script. Azeri. и Й. л М. Tatar. Uzbek and Uighur constititute major languages of the eastern subgroup.

я ь ъ Like ng in English “hunger” Like “o” in English or but pronounced shorter Like Ö in German Like p in English “pal” Like r in English “run” Like s in English “summer” Like t in English “top” Like oo in Engish “cool” Like English short “u” Like Ü in German “über” Like f in English “father” Kh mainly in foreign words Like h in English “hat” Ts in English “its” Ch like “church” only in Russian loan words Sh like English “sheep” Like sh. у Ұ. u Ü. ch only in Russian loan words Like English “a” (indefinite article) Front “I” like in the English “fit” Like “e” in English “economics” Like yu in English “you” Like ya in English “yarn” Used in Russian loan words Used in Russian loan words Ng. ш Щ. ö P. f Kh. э Ю. kh h Ts. w U. tsh Ï. p R. ï I. o Ö.Ң. щ Ы. с Т. r S. ü F. х һ Ц. yu Ya. t W. ө П. і Э. s T. ң О. ya Softens preceding letter Hardens preceding letter 14 . ts Ch. р С. ng O. ч Ш. т У. ү Ф. sh Tsh. ф Х. i E. ю Я. о Ө. e Yu. ch Sh. п Р. ұ Ү. ц Ч. ы І.

I you he. Sälemetsiz be? and Amansïz ba? literally mean “Are you well?” Unlike in English. while the person you are greeting does the same. Listen to the audio and repeat after the speaker. Hi How are you? Sälemetsiz be? Amansïz ba? Qalaysïz? Сəлеметсіз бе? Амансыз ба? Қалайсыз? Grammar note: Kazakhs use the same greetings at all times of the day. she we you (plural) they men siz ol biz sizder olar мен сіз ол біз сіздер олар 15 .Personal pronouns . Hello. It is common to say Sälemetsiz be? Amansïz ba? Qalaysïz? and even more. Familiarize yourself with personal pronouns. Exchange greetings with your teacher and your partner. PEOPLE 1. Kazakhs use a series of greetings when greeting each other.Simple greetings and basic introductions in Kazakh . 3.Lesson 1 People and Geography Адамдар жəне География Adamdar zhäne Geografiya This lesson will introduce you to: .How to greet people in formal and informal situations in Kazakhstan .Possessive pronouns .How to use the verbs “to be” and “to live” in the present tense . 2.Basic geographical names of Kazakhstan. Listen to these simple greetings and phrases in Kazakh and repeat them after the speaker.

thank you. Sholpan: Goodbye. rakhmet. Өзіңіз-ші? Жақсы. Erkin: How are you. рахмет. Erkin. Sholpan: Hi! Erkin: How are you? Sholpan: Good. Sholpan. Амансыз ба. Listen to the following dialogues and repeat after the speaker. thanks.4. Özingiz-shi? Zhaqsï. Erkin: Goodbye. Work in pairs or in small groups. 16 . Өзіңіз қалайсыз? Жақсы. rakhmet. And you? Erkin: Fine. read the dialogues in pairs. Saw bolïngïz. Sholpan. And you? Erkin: Fine. рахмет. Amansïz ba. Özingiz amansïz ba? Zhaqsï. Greeting #2 Erkin: Hello. Шолпан? Жақсы. Erkin: How are you? Sholpan: Fine. and compose your own similar dialogues. Sholpan? Sholpan: Fine. Sholpan? Amansïz ba? Qalaysïz. Greeting #3 Erkin: Hello. Greeting #1 Erkin: Hello. thanks. рахмет. thank you. Sholpan: Hello. Use the dialogues above as a model. Sholpan: Hello. 5. Informal Erkin: Hi. рахмет. Aman bolïngïz. Өзіңіз амансыз ба? Жақсы. And you? Erkin: Good! Sholpan: Bye! Sälemetsiz be? Amansïz ba? Sälemetsiz be? Zhaqsïsïz ba? Khalïngïz qalay? Zhaqsï. Özingiz qalaysïz? Zhaqsï. Erkin. rakhmet. Сəлеметсіз бе? Амансыз ба? Сəлеметсіз бе? Жақсысыз ба? Халыңыз қалай? Жақсы. Шолпан? Амансыз ба? Қалайсыз. Sholpan: Hello. Saw bolïngïz. Шолпан! Сəлем! Сəлем! Халыңыз қалай? Жақсы. Сау болыңыз. Sholpan! Sälem! Sälem! Khalïngïz qalay? Zhaqsï. Еркін. Сау болыңыз. Then. rakhmet. Sholpan? Zhaqsï. Аман болыңыз.

y. which means approximately “native of. 6. Ol qazaqstandïq. Men qazaqpïn. and t.. Ол қазақстандық. Sizder Aqtöbe liksiz. Listen to the following sentences and repeat after the speaker. Мен қазақстандықпын. Men qazaqstandïqpïn. Biz Aqtöbe likpiz. n. I am from Kazakhstan. and z. Ол қазақ.” will change according to the vowels and final consonant of the word it is attached to. after the letters j. Siz Aqtöbe liksiz. and after the letters k. Without getting into too much detail. kh. Мен қазақпын. it will be + tik or + tïq.. He is Kazakh. sh. l. m. q. You will see these in the examples below. after vowels it will be + lik or + lïq. I am Kazakh. s.GEOGRAPHY I am from Aqtöbe… You are from Aqtöbe … He/She is from Aqtöbe … We are from Aqtöbe … You are from Aqtöbe … They are from Aqtöbe … Men Aqtöbe likpin. it will be + dik or + dïq. Ol qazaq. 17 . 1. 2. Мен Ақтөбе лікпін Сіз Ақтөбе ліксіз Ол Ақтөбе лік Біз Ақтөбе лікпіз Сіздер Ақтөбе ліксіз Олар Ақтөбе лік Grammar note: The suffix + lik. p. Ol Aqtöbe lik. He is from Kazakhstan. Olar Aqtöbe lik.

I am from Almaty. she or it from? Where are they from? Qayzherliksiz? Ol qayzherlik? Olar qayzherlik? Сіз қайжерліксіз? Ол қайжерлік? Олар қайжерлік? 8. Erkin qazaq. which literally means. Ол қазақ. Біз алматылықпыз. Сіз қазақсыз. Бақыт пен Ғаля қазақ. the basic question word to use is Qayda. Introduce yourself and your classmates to your friend in Kazakh. They are Kazakh.3. which indicates at. He is from Taraz. A. Siz qayzherliksiz? Semeylikpin. Ol astanalïq. Shïmkenttikpin. Ол астаналық. Listen to the following dialogues in Kazakh. A. Сіз қайжерліксіз? B. Еркін қайжерлік? B. Note: To ask “where?” questions. Biz qazaqpïz. Where are you from? Where is he. Шымкенттікпін. 2. Олар қазақ. Siz shimkenttiksiz. We are from Almaty. You are from Shymkent. Еркін қазақ.. Biz almatïlïqpïz. Ol qazaq. “at where?” Above we have used the form Qayjerlik because we were referring to people’s place of origin. She is Kazakh. Aygül almatïlïq. Aygul is from Almaty. Use the model below and the map. I am from Semey. 3. Pretend you and your classmates are from Kazakhstan. I am from Shymkent. 5. Семейлікпін. The answer to a question containing the word Qayda. A. Біз қазақпыз. She is from Astana. A. Baqït pen Ghalya qazaq. Where are you and Ghalia from? Men almatïlïqpïn. 4. You are Kazakh. Ол тараздық. Olar almatïlïq. Men qazaqpïn. on. Erkin qayzherlik? Ol tarazdïq. They are from Taraz. MODEL: Мен қазақпын. 6. Siz qazaqsïz. 1. Where is Erkin from? B. Ol tarazdïq. Follow along in your workbook. Мен алматылықпын. Шымкеннттікпін. Олар алматылық. Shïmkenttikpin. Olar tarazdïq. Ghalya menen siz qayzherliksiz? A. will have a place name with the suffix +da/de (or +ta/te). Ғаля менен сіз қайжерліксіз? 18 . Olar qazaq. Олар тараздық. Ол тараздық. Айгүл алматылық. Repeat after the speaker. We are Kazakh. Сіз шымкенттіксіз. 7. A. or in. Where are you from? B.

Zhoq. A. Role-play the dialogues above using the map of the Kazakhstan.. Астаналықпыз.” instead of “The house is big. No. No.. Ие. I am not. Qayrat pen Aynur qayzherlik? Olar shïmkenttik.. we are not. Yes. емессіз. Are you from Almaty? B...lik pe? Олар . Grammar note: Questions are formed by adding the particle ma/me/ba/be/pa/pe (depending on the final letter of the previous word) 10. Zhoq. Yes.. I am. emespin..лікпін бе? Are you from…? Siz liksiz be? Сіз . Жоқ. 19 . Iye..B. Қайрат пен Айнур қайжерлік? B. емес.. Zhoq. Baqït qïzïlordalïq. Yes.” though it is just one word..lik pe? Ол . Are you from Kazakhstan? B. you are not. Zhoq. It is perfectly OK to say. Zhoq..” All the necessary information is contained in the words themselves. емеспіз. Yes.лік пе? Are we from…? Biz . Yes. emessiz. B.ліксіз бе? Is he/she from…? Ol .. he/she is.” Am I from…? Men . A. Ие. қазақстандық Сіз алматылықсыз ба? Жоқ. Siz almatïlïqsïz ba? Zhoq. A. “House big. Сіз қазақстандықсыз ба? Ие. they are. емеспін. емеспін. they are not. we are. 1. I am from Qizilorda Siz qazaqstandïqsïz ba? Iye. you are. Baqit is from Qizilorda. saying “Shïmkenttikpin. Where are Qayrat and Aynur from? B. emes. 9.likpiz be? Біз . No.” thus equating to “I am from Shimkent. Iye. I am not. Iye. Ие. Iye. Жоқ. qazaqstandïqpïn. No. Qïzïlordalïqpïn. Astanalïqpïz. Iye. 2. emes. he/she is not.. Read the following dialogues and role-play them with a partner. Ие. емес. for example. Жоқ..лікпіз бе? Are they from…? Olar . Қызылордалықпын.. emespiz.. Олар шымкенттік. contains the information “Shimkent-from-I. I am.likpin be? Мен . Жоқ. They are from Shymkent. We are from Astana. Grammar note: In Kazakh. as in many other languages... there is no “is” or “are” as in English. 4.лік пе? Yes. No. No. Жоқ. Бақыт қызылордалық. emespin. Ие. A.

he is..іңіз олардың . you only usually need to say.. possession is expressed primarily through the suffixes listed below. The same is true for all other pronouns. they are. qazaqstandïq. Yes...ingiz olardïng ..іңіз оның .. Is Erkin from Kazakhstan? B. “bizding üyimiz... Еркін мен Ғаля тараздық па? Ие.. Grammar note: Atïngïz kim? Atïm Talghat. олар тараздық. A.іміз сіздердің . Are Erkin and Ghalia from Taraz? B. Atïngïz kim? Atïm Talghat Äkimbekov..і біздің . What is your name? My name is Talghat Akimbekov. In English we simply put the word “my” or “her” before the word.. Yes.ingiz onïng .i менің .” I You He/She/It We You (pl) They men siz ol biz sizder olar мен сіз ол біз сіздер олар My Your His Our Your Their mening .. A. Possessives in Kazakh are different from English..) are only necessary for contrast or emphasis. The pronoun “biz” is an exception: you may drop the possessive suffix (“…imiz”) and simply say something like “bizding üy” instead of the full form...ім сіздің . Erkin men Ghalya tarazdïq pa? Iye. For sizding . Еркін қазақстандық па? Ие. whereas in Kazakh. Erkin qazaqstandïq pa? Iye.. қазақстандық.. etc.3. olar tarazdïq....imiz sizderding .i bizding . Aтыңыз кім? Атым Талғат. 4. What is your name? My name is Talghat.. Aтыңыз кім? Атым Талғат Əкімбеков. “onïng atï” if you are making a distinction between two people.і 20 . the word atï means “his/her name” by itself.. The possessive pronouns (meaning.

Сіздің атыңыз кім? Менің атым Сүлеймен. Listen to the following dialogue and repeat after the speaker. Sälemetsiz be? Sälemetsiz be? Mening atïm Polat. My name is Polat. Onïng atï Aygül.) is sufficiently polite when meeting someone for the first time. The normal series of greetings (Amansïz ba? etc.* Men de siz ben tanïsqanïma öte quwanïshtïmïn. Grammar note: *This is very formal. Hello! A. A. A. 21 . Сəлеметсіз бе? Сəлеметсіз бе? Менің атым Полат. What is his name? Onïng atï kim? Оның аты кім? His name is Qasen. Hello! B. Nice to meet you. too. What is your name? B. Nice to meet you. B. Siz ben tanïsqanïma öte quwanïshtïmïn. Мен де сіз бен танысқаныма өте қуаныштымын. Onïng atï Qasen. Sizding atïngïz kim? Mening atïm Süleymen. 11. Оның аты Айгүл.What is her name? Onïng atï kim? Оның аты кім? Her name is Aygul. Сіз бен танысқаныма өте қуаныштымын. My name is Suleymen. Оның аты Қасен.

in Almaty) Turamïn. Her name is Aygul. 5. (Олар) тұрады. 2. 1. Менің атым Қайрат. Olar Qizilordada turadï. since the end of the verb shows who the subject is. Onïng atï Erkin. Onïng atï Aygül. Астанада тұрамын. (Ol) turadï. 22 . Тұрасыз. Shïmkentte turamïz. Work in pairs or in small groups. Olga Almatïda turmaydï. Алматыда. Turamïz. 3. (literally: Yes. one adds –ma/me or its variants (ba/be or pa/pe): To answer yes or no questions. Note that you normally don’t need to use the pronoun. 14. Алматыда тұрады. I live You live He/She/It lives We live You (pl) live They live Do they live in Almaty? Yes. Listen to the following statements and repeat after the speaker. Алматыда. Тұрасыздар. 3. 5. Look at the pictures above and make up appropriate dialogues using greetings. Semeyde turadï. Olar Almatïda tura ma? Iye. Семейде тұрады. Translate them into English. Astanada turamïn. Turasïz. Siz qayda* turasïz? Shïmkentte turamïn. Almatïda turadï. Ғаля мен Қайрат қайда тұрады? Олар Таразда тұрады. Сіз Алматыда тұрасыз ба? Ійе. often it is enough to repeat just the essence of the question. 1. I live in Astana. Оның аты Айгүл She lives in Semey. Еркін Алматыда тұрады. Grammar note: The Kazakh verb for “to live” is tur-. Check your work in the Answer Key. Ghalya men Qayrat qayda turadï? Olar Tarazda turadï. Mening atïm Qayrat. (Ол) тұрады. (Olar) turadï. 4. Almatïda. 2. They live in Qizilorda. 13. Siz Almatïda turasïz ba? Iye. Almatïda. Erkin Almatïda turadï. Олга Алматыда тұрмайды. The following chart shows how to use it with each pronoun. He lives in Almaty. My name is Qayrat. We live in Shymkent. Олар Алматыда тұра ма? Ие. His name is Erkin. Сіз қайда* тұрасыз? Шымкентте тұрамын. 4. Олар Қызылордада тұрады. they do. Тұрамын. Шымкентте тұрамыз. Turasïzdar. To form a question. Тұрамыз.12. Read the following sentences. Оның аты Еркін.

4. MODEL: Onïng atï kim? Atï Polat. Iye. Men de siz ben tanïsqanïma öte quwanïshtïmïn. Астанада тұрамын. ол шымкнеттік. Алматылықпын. ____________________________? Ие. Listen to the following dialogue and repeat after the speaker. A. ol shïmknettik. Astanada turadï. ____________________________? Ие. емеспін. Almatïlïqpïn. Сіз қайда тұрасыз? Б. Men Shïmkentte turamïn. Work in pairs or in small groups. А. Менің атым Еркін. Siz qayda turasïz? B. B. Қызылордада тұрамын. 1. 16. Мен де сіз бен танысқаныма өте қуаныштымын. B. A. Work in pairs or in small groups. Амансыз ба? А. 2. Сіз бен танысқаныма өте қуаныштымын. Qayda turadï? Semeyde turadï. Sälemetsiz be? Amansïz ba? Mening atïm Aygül. Follow along in your workbook. Б. Менің атым Айгүл. Astanada turamïn. Iye. Check your work with the Answer Key. ____________________________? Жоқ. Imagine that you are new to the class.15. Сіздің атыңыз кім? Б. emespin. Мен Шымкентте тұрамын. Make up a similar dialogue. Zhoq. Ask your partner about the rest of the students (their names and where they live). 17. 3. B. Қайда тұрады? Семейде тұрады. What is the question? Read the answers below and produce the questions in the Kazakh. А. A. Sizding atïngïz kim? Mening atïm Erkin. А. Оның аты кім? Аты Полат. Сəлеметсіз бе? Б. Iye. Siz ben tanïsqanïma öte quwanïshtïmïn. 23 . A. Астанада тұрады. Qïzïlordada turamïn. Use the model below. ____________________________? Ие.

емес. 6. ____________________________? Жоқ. emes. Iye. ____________________________? Жоқ.5. 24 . ____________________________? Ие. атым Шолпан. atïm Sholpan. Zhoq. Полат емес. 7. тараздықпын. Ol semeydik. Polat emes. Ол семейдік. ____________________________? Ие. 8. Iye. tarazdïqpïn. Zhoq.

Ol qazaqstandïq. Use the model below. My name is Tanya. What is your name? My name is Talghat. Сəлеметсіз бе? Менің атым Сүлеймен. G. Таразда тұрады. Use the model below. She lives in San Diego. Сіздің атыңыз кім? Амансыз ба? Менің атым Айнұр. Siz qayda turasïz? Tashkentte turamïn. Read the following sentences and translate them from English into Kazakh. He lives in Atyrau. Check your answers with the Answer Key. My name is Murat. F. A. We are from Tashkent. MODEL: Sälemetsiz be? Mening atïm Süleymen. where they are from. Work in pairs or in small groups. Shïmkentte turamïn. Мен қазақстандықпын. H. B. Оның аты Қасен. Сіз қайжерліксіз? Өзбекістандықпын. Sizding atïngïz kim? Amansïz ba? Mening atïm Aynur. Pretend that you are at a party. Шымкентте тұрамын. Siz qayzherliksiz? Özbekistandïqpïn. 3. 25 . Tarazda turadï. Ol qazaq. I am from Semey. Do you live in Qizilorda? Yes. D. His name is Erkin. Сіз қайда тұрасыз? Ташкентте тұрамын.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. I am from Moscow. E. He lives in Almaty. Ол қазақстандық. 2. C. and where they live. Introduce your friend to your classmates. Men qazaqstandïqpïn. Introduce yourself to other people and ask them for their names. Ол қазақ. His name is Jengis. Her name is Sholpan. MODEL: Onïng atï Qasen.

.....imiz sizderding .іңіз Оның ..... Мен Ол Сіз Біз Сіздер Олар . Рахмет..ingiz onïng .Лік Қайжерліксіз? Атыңыз кім? Қайда тұрасыз? Менің ....da turuw zhoq iye ...ingiz olardïng .. Сіз бен танысқаныма қуаныштымын... men ol siz biz sizder olar ...lik qayzherliksiz? atïngïz kim? qayda turasïz? mening ...іңіз Олардың . siz ben tanïsqanïma quwanïshtïmïn..i Сəлеметсіз бе? Амансыз ба? Жақсысыз ба? Сəлем Сау болыңыз! Аман болыңыз! Халыңыз қалай? Жақсы.......ім Сіздің . My name is … I He/she You We You (plural) They To live in No Yes To be from Where are you from? What is your name? Where do you live? Mine Yours His/hers Ours Yours Theirs sälemetsiz be? amansïz ba? zhaqsïsïz ba? sälem saw bolïngïz! aman bolïngïz! khalïngïz qalay? zhaqsï.і Біздің .i bizding .. rakhmet.Vocabulary List Hello Hi Good-bye How are you? Fine/ very well Thank you Nice to meet you.... Менің атым.і 26 .im sizding . mening atïm.Да тұру Жоқ Ие ...іміз Сіздердің ..

F. 2. Сіздің атыңыз кім? Менің атым Талңат. 6. 3. 27 . A. Semeydikpin. E. Do you live in Almaty? Yes. Менің атым Мұрат. B. Қызылордада. Erkin lives in Almaty. Where do you live? I live in Shymkent. Оның аты Еркін. His name is Zhengis. 1. Are you from Shymkent? Шымкенттіксіз бе? Shïmkenttiksiz be? Do you live in Qizilorda? Қызылордада тұрасыз ба? Qïzïlordada turasïz ba? Is he from Shymkent? Ол шымкенттік пе? Ol shïmkenttik pe? Does she live in Astana? Ол Астанада тұра ма? Ol Astanada tura ma? Is he from Almaty? Ол алматылық па? Ol almatïlïq pa? Is your name Sholpan? Атыңыз Шолпан ба? Atïngïz Sholpan ba? Is his name Polat? Оның аты Полат па? Onïng atï Polat pa? Are you from Taraz? Сіз тараздықсыз ба? Siz tarazdïqsïz ba? End of Lesson Exercise 1. Ol San Diegoda turadï. Атырауда тұрады. 7. F. H. Ol Almatïda turadï. 4. G. Sizding atïngïz kim? Mening atïm Talghat. Москвалықпын Қызылордада тұрасыз бе? Ие. Olga does not live in Almaty. Оның аты Шолпан. Mening atïm Tanya. Qizilordada. Onïng atï Erkin. Ол Алматыда тұрады. C. H. D. 8. 4. Ташкенттікпіз. 3. I do. Exercise 17 Your questions should be similar in grammatical form to those below although some city and people names may be different. Менің атым Таня. B. E. Where do Ghalia and Qayrat live? They live in Taraz. Mening atïm Murat. Tashkenttikpiz. D. Ол Сан Діегода тұрады. 5. Семейдікпін. Onïng atï Sholpan. C. Moskvalïqpïn Qizilordada turasiz be? Iye. Оның аты Жеңіс. A.ANSWER KEY Exersice 14 1. 5. 2. Atïrawda turadï. G.

Look at the pictures below and listen to the words. common until the WWII era. kvartira instead of päter.Using “or” in questions about living arrangements and professions . or kiyiz üy: 1. People in cities tend to live in apartments. dom instead of päter üy.. 28 . While Kazakhstan has a lower standard of living than the average in the U.The verb “to have” in the present tense . it is sometimes more common to hear Kazakhs use words that are technically Russian.Lesson 2 Living and Working Тұрмыс пен Жұмыс Turmïs pen Zhumïs This lesson will introduce you to: . apartment päter пəтер apartment building päter üy пəтер үй room bölme бөлме house üy үй military camp äskeri lager əскери лагерь tent shatïr шатыр barracks kazarma казарма hotel meymankhana мейманхана Cultural note: since Russian is so prevalent in Kazakhstan. Traditional Kazakh housing.Names of professions (singular and plural forms). while residences in villages and smaller towns consist mostly of one-story houses with a small courtyard or garden. For example.Typical housing arrangements of most people living in Kazakhstan . Repeat the words after the speaker. was the yurt.S. it is improving and is second only to Russia among the former Soviet republics.

Siz qayda turasïz? Үлкен үйде тұрамын. 29 . Erkin meymankhanada turadï. 4. Baqït pen Ghalya Almatïda ülken üyde turadï. Сіз қайда тұрасыз? B. Polat äskeriy lagerde shatïrda turadï. break into pairs or small groups and make up similar dialogues. 6. Еркін мейманханада тұрады. Follow along in your workbook. 3. 1. Нұржан мен Мұрат казармада тұрады. Where do you live? Ülken üyde turamïn. Айгүл кішкене пəтерде тұрады. Aygül kishkene päterde turadï. Полат əскери лагерде шатырда тұрады. Then. 5. Replay the audio from the previous section if necessary. Äskeriy lagerde turamïn. Nurzhan men Murat kazarmada turadï. Read the following sentences and translate them into English. Match the Kazakh words on the left with their English equivalents on the right. Шатыр Бөлме Үй Пəтер Мейманхана Пəтер үй Казарма Əскери лагерь Shatïr Bölme Üy Päter Meymankhana Päter üy Kazarma Äskeriy lager Hotel Tent Barracks Room Military camp House Apartment Apartment building 3. Əскери лагерде тұрамын. I live in a tent in a military camp. 1. Қасен мен Тілеужан біздің үйде тұрады. Бақыт пен Ғаля Алматыда үлкен үйде тұрады. 2.2. I live in a big house. A. Listen to the following dialogues and repeat after the speaker. Check your work with the Answer Key. Qasen men Tilewzhan bizding üyde turadï. 4.

Work in pairs or in small groups. казармада ма? Shatïrda turasïz ba. The most basic way to ask a question using the idea of “or” in Kazakh is to juxtapose both of the subjects being asked about. Where does Aynur live? Polat meymankhanada turadï. They live in the military camp. Read the following dialogues and translate them into English. Üyde turasïz ba. Listen to the speaker and circle the words you hear. A. 1. Where do Polat and Aynur live? Biz kazarmada turamïz. äskeriy lagerde me?” No word for “or” is necessary. Check your work with the Answer Key. barracks apartment building apartment building apartment building apartment building tent tent tent tent house house house house military camp military camp military camp military camp room room room room hotel hotel hotel hotel apartment apartment apartment apartment 30 . kazarmada ma? Сіз Олар Сіздер Ол Біз Siz Olar Sizder Ol Biz Шатыр / казарма Мейманхана / үй Пəтер үй / Əскери лагерь Бөлме / үй Пəтер / мейманхана Shatïr/kazarma Meymankhana/üy Päter üy/äskeriy lager Bölme/üy Päter/meymankhana 7. 1. Olar äskeriy lagerde turadï. “Kazarmada turasïz ba. A. Aynur qayda turadï? Полат мейманханада тұрады. Make up similar dialogues. Check your translations with the Answer Key. MODEL: Do you live in a tent or in the barracks? Шатырда тұрасыз ба. Үйде тұрасыз ба. A. Check your work with the Answer Key. A. Олар мейманханада тұра ма. 6. B. Олар əскери лагерде тұрады. пəтерде ме? B. to say. Айнұр қайда тұрады? 3. päter üyde me? Olar päter üyde turadï. пəтер үйде ме? B. Айнұр пəтер үйде тұрады. 2. barracks 4. Polat lives in the hotel. “Do you live in the barracks or in the military camp?” one says simply. Үйде тұрамын. barracks 2. Aynur lives in an apartment building. Aynur päter üyde turadï. For example. Polat pen Aynur qayda turadï? Біз казармада тұрамыз. Compose questions using the model and the words below. barracks 3. Полат пен Айнұр қайда тұрады? Grammar note: B. päterde me? Üyde turamïn.2. Olar meymankhanada tura ma. We live in the barracks. Олар пəтер үйде тұрады. 5.

Ақтөбеде Бақыттың пəтері бар.” The word bar means “exists” or “there is.” Менің/ mening Сіздің/ sizding Оның/ onïng Сіздердің/ sizderding Біздің/ bizding Олардың/ olardïng үй. bar.. 8. 3. Listen to the following sentences and repeat after the speaker./ üy пəтер. Үйі бар. Päter üyde bölmemiz bar. Алматыда үйім бар. (Sizderding) üyingiz bar.. 9. Üyi bar.” or “Üyim bar. Polat and Ghalya have their house in Shymkent. Üyim bar. You have a house. 10. (Олардың) үйі бар. Almatïda üyim bar.Grammar note: Kazakh does not express the idea of “to have” like we do in English.. We have a house.. You (plural) have a house. 1 I have a house in Almaty. Polat pen Ghalyanïng üyi Shïmkentte. Үйіміз бар. Üyimiz bar. (Olardïng) üyi bar.. They have a house. Baqït has an apartment in Aqtöbe.” I have a house. Aqtöbede Baqïttïng päteri bar. using a verb. (Сіздердің) үйіңіз бар./ päter бөлме. “I have a house” the equivalent sentence in Kazakh reads./ bölme бар. Follow along in your workbook. 2 We have a room in an apartment building. Üyingiz bar. Profession Doctor Nurse Laborer Teacher Student Soldier Mechanic Mamandïq Däriger/vrach Medbike Zhumïsshï Oqïtuwshï Oquwshï/student Zhauïnger Mekhanik Мамандық Дəрігер / врач Медбике Жұмысшы Оқытушы Оқушы / студент Жауынгер Механик 31 . Make up sentences using the correct form of the verb “to have. Үйіңіз бар. He/she has a house. Instead of saying. Үйім бар.. “My house exists. Listen to the new vocabulary related to professions and repeat after the speaker. 4. Пəтер үйде бөлмеміз бар. Полат пен Ғаляның үйі Шымкентте.

Medbike me. дəрігер ме? Zhawïnger me. oqïtuwshï ma? Медбике ме.Farmer Police Officer Waitress Interpreter Fermer/diyqan Politsiyaner Dayashï äyel/ofitsiantka Awdaruwshï Фермер / диқан Полициянер Даяшы əйел / официантка Аударушы 11. Circle the most likely profession that the person in the picture is most likely to be. диқан ба? Dayashï äyel me. däriger me? Даяшы əйел ме. аударушы ма? 32 . оқытушы ма? Politsiyaner me. diyqan ba? Полициянер ме. awdaruwshï ma? Жауынгер ме.

C. D. ï. 1. ü. +dar/+der after the consonants zh.laborers jumïsshïlar жұмысшылар . z. A. Waitress 12. just like the suffix +lik in Lesson 1. and u. add the suffix +lar/+ler and its variants +dar/+der/+tar/+ter. and repeat after the speaker. E. Laborer 5. J. Police Officer 11. F. Nurse 4. Interpreter Grammar note: To make plurals in Kazakh.nurses medbiykeler медбикелер . m. o. Check your work with the Answer Key. Remember that the suffix will be +lar/+dar/+tar if the word ends with the vowels a. K. l. the Kazakh translation of “they are students” is simply olar student. ö. B. Match the Kazakh words on the right with their English equivalents on the left. G. Teacher 6. Doctor 3. Student 7. Даяшы əйел Диқан Аударушы Мамандық Медбике Полиционер Дəрігер Жұмысшы Студент Солдат Механик Оқытушы Dayashï äyel Diyqan Awdaruwshï Mamandïq Medbike Politsioner Däriger Zhumïsshï Student Soldat Mekhanik Oqïtuwshï 13. Kazakh does not usually require a plural in the second half of a sentence. n and ng. Listen to the plural form of nouns related to the names of professions.12. Mechanic 9. The basic rule is: the suffix will be +lar/+ler after vowels and the consonants y and r. H. Farmer 10. I. i. depending on the final vowel and consonant of the word. however. For example. and +tar/+ter after the other consonants.teachers 33 . L. Soldier 8. Profession 2. and it will be +ler/+der/+ter if the word ends with e. Unlike English.professions mamandïqtar мамандықтар . Profession mamandïq Мамандық Doctor däriger Дəрігер Nurse medbiyke Медбике Laborer jumïsshï Жұмысшы Teacher .doctors därigerler дəрігерлер .

farmers diyqandar диқандар . Replay the audio as many times as you need. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Listen to the speaker and put a circle around each word you hear. They are teachers / doctors. D.waitresses dayashï äyelder даяшы əйелдер . She is an interpreter / student.soldiers zhawïngerler Жауынгерлер .students studentter студенттер . 34 . They are police officers / soldiers.mechanics mekhanikter механиктер .interpreters awdaruwshïlar аударушылар 14. C. B.oqïtuwshï Оқытушы Student student Студент Soldier zhawïnger Жауынгер Mechanic mekhanik Механик Farmer diyqan Диқан Police officer politsioner Полиционер Waitress dayashï äyel Даяшы əйел Interpreter awdaruwshï Аударушы oqïtuwshïlar оқытушылар .police officers politsionerler Полиционерлер . He is a mechanic / farmer. A.

____________________? Атым Абай. Iye. Мен қазақпын. farmer 1. 2. waitress 2. interpreter 1. 1. Check your work with the Answer Key. Оқытушымын. Listen to the recording and circle all the professions you hear. 1. Qazaqstandïqpïn. Men qazaqstandïqpïn. listing your name. MODEL: Менің атым Сəуле. Мен қазақстандықпын. Алматыда тұрамын. 3. and what your occupation is in Kazakh. A. Пəтерде тұрамын. Semeyde turamïn. nurse 3. 2. doctor 2. Check your work with the Answer Key. ____________________? Қазақстандықпын. where you live. police officer 3.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. Päterde turamïn. 35 . C. Mening atïm Säwle. Men qazaqpïn. Семейде тұрамын. teacher 3. Oqïtuwshïmïn. 3. student B. Almatïda turamïn. Give a brief introduction of yourself. nurse 2. where you are from. Produce the questions for the following answers. ____________________? Ие. Atïm Abay.

4. ____________________? Ие. Пəтерім бар. Päterim bar. mekhanikpin. Zhoq. механикпін. üyde emes. Iye. ____________________? Жоқ. үйде емес. 5. 36 .

Vocabulary List Apartment Apartment building Barracks Military camp House Tent Room Big Small Profession Farmer Doctor Nurse Laborer Teacher Student Soldier Mechanic Waitress Interpreter Police officer There is/are päter päter üy kazarma äskeriy lager üy shatïr bölme ülken kishkene mamandïq fermer/diyqan däriger/vrach medbike zhumïsshï oqïtuwshï oquwshï/student zhawïnger mekhanik dayashï äyel/ofitsianka awdaruwshï politsioner bar Пəтер Пəтер үй Казарма Əскери лагерь Үй Шатыр Бөлме Үлкен Кішкене Мамандық Фермер / диқан Дəрігер / врач Медбике Жұмысшы Оқытушы Оқушы / студент Жауынгер Механик Даяшы əйел / официантка Аударушы Полиционер Бар 37 .

Aygül lives in a small apartment. Your questions may vary compared to the ones translated below. Qasen and Tilewzhan live in our house. Шатырда тұрасыз ба. I live in a house. A. tent 2. üyde me? Пəтерде тұрамыз ба. Exercise 6. meymankhanada ma? Do you live in a tent or in the barracks? Do they live in a hotel or a house? Does he live in an apartment building or a military camp? Does she live in a room or a house? Do we live in an apartment or a hotel? Exercise 7 1. äskeriy lagerde me? Ол бөлмеде тұра ма.ANSWER KEY Exercise 3 1. үйде ме? Olar meymankhanada tura ma. Polat lives in a tent at the military camp. They live in an apartment building. əскери лагерде ме? Ol päter üyde tura ma. Do they live in a hotel or in an apartment building? B. Erkin lives in a hotel. A. Exercise 5 1. kazarmada ma? Олар мейманханада тұра ма. үйде ме? Ol bölmede tura ma. 2. 6. üyde me? Ол пəтер үйде тұра ма. Here are sample questions to compare your work against. казармада ма? Shatïrda turasïz ba. house 3. 4. 5. Do you live in a house or in an apartment? B. 3. Nurzhan and Murat live in the barracks. hotel шатыр үй əскери лагерь мейманхана 38 . Baqït and Ghalya live in a big house in Almaty. military camp 4. 2. мейманханада ма? Päterde turamïz ba.

Police Officer 11. teacher C. 3. диқан f. Interpreter Exercise 14 A. päterde me? Механиксіз бе? Mekhaniksiz be? What is your name? What country are you from? Do you live in City? Do you have a house or an apartment? Are you a mechanic? awdaruwshï oqïtuwshï student A. farmer teacher(s) interpreter soldier(s) diyqan oqïtuwshï awdaruwshï zhauïnger диқан оқытушы аударушы жауынгер mamandïq däriger medbike zhumïsshï oqïtuwshï student zhauïnger mekhanik diyqan politsioner dayashï äyel awdaruwshï d. 2. Laborer 5. 1. Student 7.Exercise 12 1. Mechanic 9. D. студент j. полиционер a. B. 2. interpreter B. дəрігер e. 3. механик b. Profession 2. оқытушы i. 4. 5. мамандық g. даяшы əйел c. Farmer 10. аударушы End of Lesson Exercise 2 A. 3 аударушы B. медбике h. пəтерде ме? Üyde turasïz ba. Doctor 3. 2 оқытушы C. student Exercise 3 1. Teacher 6. 4. 3 студент 39 . Waitress 12. жауынгер k. жұмысшы l. Атыңыз кім? Atïngïz kim? Қайжерліксіз? Qayzherliksiz? Семейде тұрасыз ба? Semeyde turasïz ba? Үйде тұрасыз ба. Soldier 8. Nurse 4. 5. C.

I live in Semey. ____________________? Ие. I am from Kazakhstan. I have an apartment. not in a house. 5. No. Iye. ____________________? Атым Абай. üyde emes. Yes. 4.1. Пəтерім бар. Semeyde turamïn. ____________________? Жоқ. Iye. Päterim bar. 3. I am a mechanic. Qazaqstandïqpïn. Yes. Atïm Abay. механикпін. 40 . ____________________? Ие. 2. үйде емес. My name is Abay. Zhoq. ____________________? Қазақстандықпын. Семейде тұрамын. mekhanikpin.

Is today Monday? No. бүгін дүйсенбі күні. today is Tuesday. 2. 41 . Жексенбі Сейсенбі Бейсенбі Сенбі Сəрсенбі Жума 1. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday düysenbi küni seysenbi küni särsenbi küni beysenbi küni zhuma küni senbi küni zheksenbi küni дүйсенбі күні сейсенбі күні сəрсенбі күні бейсенбі күні жұма күні сенбі күні жексенбі күні Read the days of the week several times. What day is it today? Today is Monday.Numbers from 0 to 100 .How to find out somebody’s age and tell how old you are. Bügin düysenbi küni me? Zhoq. Numbers. Bügin düysenbi küni me? Iye. Is today Monday? Yes. бүгін сейсенбі күні. Сандар.How to understand and respond to questions about what day it is . Work in pairs or in small groups and role-play the dialogues using the names of the other days of the week.Lesson 3 Days of the Week. bügin düysenbi küni. bügin seysenbi küni. today is Monday. 2. Sandar. 3. Бүгін дүйсенбі күні ме? Ие. Listen to the days of the week and repeat them after the speaker. Ages of People Аптаның Күндері. Bügin aptanïng qay küni? Bügin düysenbi küni. Бүгін аптаның қай күні? Бүгін дүйсенбі күні. Бүгін дүйсенбі күні ме? Жоқ. Follow along in the workbook. 1. Replay the audio if necessary. Listen to the following dialogues and repeat after the speaker. жəне Жастар Aptanïng Künderi. zhäne Zhastar This lesson will introduce you to: .Days of the week . practicing pronunciation.

Телефон номерім 2. in Kazakh. Grammar note: The numbers 11 to 19 in Kazakh are very simple – they are formed by saying the number “one. and house number. Role-play the dialogue with a partner using exercise 5 as a model. What is your house number? B. Телефон номерім 5. 6. Listen to the pronunciations and read the numbers from 0 to 10. Телефон номерім 4. 978____645. 432_____01. Check your work with the Answer Key. 1. Pay attention to the numbers. 89645_____. 42 . My house number is 10456. 5. Listen to the sentences and write down the missing numbers you hear.” “two. My telephone number is (360) 984. after saying “ten. Телефон номерім 3. Read the following dialogue. etc. Pretend one of you is a receptionist who wants to know your name. Telefon nomeringiz qanday? Telefon nomerim üsh altï nul toghïz segiz tört nul eki bir zheti?? (It is more common to say ush alpis toghiz zhus seksen tort nol eki on zheti) Üyingizding nomeri qansha? Üyimning nomeri bir nul tört bes altï. Үйіңіздің номері қанша? Үйімнің номері бір нол төрт бес алты. address numbers. Телефон номеріңіз қандай? Телефон номерім үш алты нол тоғыз сегіз төрт нол екі бір жеті?? A.” etc. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 nul bir eki üsh tört bes altï zheti segiz toghïz on ноль бір екі үш төрт бес алты жеті сегіз тоғыз он 4. 7. A.0217. MODEL: Телефон номерім 567_8__4. your home and work telephone numbers. Ask each other questions and use as many numbers in your answers as you can.3. Practice using the numbers. 4____0692. Work with a partner and tell them. telephone number. Телефон номерім 67_____653.” See below. What is your telephone number? B.

13. Read the following numbers in Kazakh: 11. Үйімнің номері 21 Mening atïm Säwle. Үйінің номері 16. Менің атым Сəуле. Ol oqïtuwshï. Päterining nomeri 25. Baqït zhawïnger. 43 . 15. Päter üyde turadï. Read the texts and translate into English. 14. Olardïng üyining nomeri 14. 17. Даяшы əйелмін. Ол оқытушы. Олардың үйінің номері 14. Üyimning nomeri 21. Семейде тұрамын. Үйде тұрады. Murat pen Aygülding üyi Almatïda. Semeyde turamïn. 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen on bir on eki on üsh on tört on bes on altï on zheti on segiz on toghïz он бір он екі он үш он төрт он бес он алты он жеті он сегіз он тоғыз 9. Пəтерінің номері 25. 19. Onïng atï Aynur. Үйім бар. Мұрат пен Айгүлдің үйі Алматыда. Repeat after the speaker. Listen as the speaker says the numbers 11 to 19. Üyde turadï. Üyining nomeri 16. Бақыт жауыңер. 12. Оның аты Айнұр. 1. 3. Dayashï äyelmin.8. Пəтер үйде тұрады. 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine zhiyïrma zhiyïrma bir zhiyïrma eki zhiyïrma üsh zhiyïrma tört zhiyïrma bes zhiyïrma altï zhiyïrma zheti zhiyïrma segiz zhiyïrma toghïz жиырма жиырма бір жиырма екі жиырма үш жиырма төрт жиырма бес жиырма алты жиырма жеті жиырма сегіз жиырма тоғыз 10. Üyim bar. 2. Check your work with the Answer Key. 16. 4.

and it tends to be less of a sensitive issue than in America. 42. the word for “age. instead. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Grammar note: The numbers 30-100 are straightforward. E. 12. The word for “year” is not used when talking about age. is used.” 44 . 90. A. 86. 100. 97. F. 75. Repeat after the speaker. 50. Read the following numbers in Kazakh. as in English. Check your work with the Answer Key. D. 60. 53. 31. H. though not all resembling the single digit number they are derived from.” When saying that someone will be a certain age.” one says ‘he will enter to age 11. 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety one hundred otïz qïrïq elüw alpïs zhetpis seksen toqsan zhüz отыз қырық елүу алпыс жетпіс сексен тоқсан жүз 13. To say “he will be 11. 70. B. 40. The literal translation of “I am 11 years old” would be ‘I am at age 11’ “On bir jastamïn. C.’ or “On bir zhasqa kiredi.11. 64.” used. I. Listen to the next set of numbers. the verb for “enter” kir. 30. 80. G. Grammar note: Kazakh does not have different ways of asking about ages. Listen to the speaker and circle the number you hear in each row.

zhiyïrma bir zhastamïn. Check your work with the Answer Key. A. I am 47. How old is she? B. Жиырма бір жастасыз ба? Ие. How old are you? B. 16. Жасыңыз қаншада? 47 жастамын. Tell your classmates in Kazakh how old you are and ask them about their ages.14. she is 35. A. Ол отыз төрт жаста ма? Жоқ. A. 15. 3. She is 86 years old. Are you 21? B. 2. A. 1. I am 32 years old. Yes. 6. He is 11. A. Ol otïz tört zhasta ma? Zhoq. Is she 34 years old? B. Оның жасы қаншада? Он бір жаста. 4. Zhiyïrma bir zhastasïz ba? Iye. 5. Listen and match the age with the name. I am 21. Listen to several short exchanges asking about ages. A. Zhasïngïz qanshada? 47 zhastamïn. жиырма бір жастамын. What is your age? B. 1 2 3 4 11 72 52 29 43 5 Säwle Nurzhan Aygül Aynur Zhanpolat 45 . How old is he? B. ol otïz bes zhasta. Onïng zhasï qanshada? Ol seksen altï zhasta. Zhasïngiz qanshada? Otïz eki zhastamïn. Repeat after the speaker. No. ол отыз бес жаста. Оның жасы қаншада? Ол сексен алты жаста. Onïng zhasï qanshada? On bir zhasta. Жасыңіз қаншада? Отыз екі жастамын.

What is his/her profession? 2. What is his/her name? 2. 46 . A. Say how old you are. Ask what day it is. Listen to the following statements in Kazakh. Ask someone’s age. Do the following activities in Kazakh. Check your work with the Answer Key. B.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. Say what day it is today. How old is he/she? 3. Answer the questions that follow for each statement. 1. C. Pause or replay the audio as necessary until you understand the relevant information.

25 zhastamïn.Vocabulary List Day Today Year Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Telephone Number Age How old are you? What day is it today? Today is Monday. 25 жастамын. 0 zero 1 one 2 two 3 three 4 four 5 five 6 six 7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten 11 eleven 12 twelve 13 thirteen 14 fourteen 15 fifteen 16 sixteen 17 seventeen 18 eighteen 19 nineteen 20 twenty 21 twenty-one 22 twenty-two 23 twenty-three 24 twenty-four 25 twenty-five kün bügin zhïl düysenbi küni seysenbi küni särsenbi küni beysenbi küni zhuma küni senbi küni zheksenbi küni telefon san zhas zhasïngïz qanshada? bügin aptanïng qay küni? bügin düysenbi küni. I am 25 years old. ноль бір екі үш төрт бес алты жеті сегіз тоғыз он он бір он екі он үш он төрт он бес он алты он жеті он сегіз он тоғыз жиырма жиырма бір жиырма екі жиырма үш жиырма төрт жиырма бес 47 . nul bir eki üsh tört bes altï zheti segiz toghïz on on bir on eki on üsh on tört on bes on altï on zheti on segiz on toghïz zhiyïrma zhiyïrma bir zhiyïrma eki zhiyïrma üsh zhiyïrma tört zhiyïrma bes күн бүгін жыл дүйсенбі күні сейсенбі күні сəрсенбі күні бейсенбі күні жұма күні сенбі күні жексенбі күні телефон сан жас Жасыңыз қаншада? Бүгін аптаның қай күні? Бүгін дүйсенбі күні.

26 27 28 29 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety one hundred zhiyïrma altï zhiyïrma zheti zhiyïrma segiz zhiyïrma toghïz otïz qïrïq elüw alpïs zhetpis seksen toqsan zhüz жиырма алты жиырма жеті жиырма сегіз жиырма тоғыз отыз қырық елүу алпыс жетпіс сексен тоқсан жүз 48 .

Her house number is 16. 49 . G. H. Is Zhanpolat 30 years old? No. 4. Her name is Aynur. Their house number is 14. Сəуле елу екі жаста. Säwle elüw eki zhasta. C. 2. Exercise 11 A. I live in Semey. Айнұр жетпіс екі жаста. ол жиырма тоғыз жаста. How old is Nurzhan? He Нұржан қанша жаста? Ол 43 is 43. Murat and Aygül have a house in Almaty. 3. I have a house. I am a waitress. Aynur is 72 years old. Baqït is a soldier. 5. 2. ol zhiyïrma toghïz zhasta. She lives in a house. жаста. 4. Aygül zhuma küni on bir zhasqa kiredi. His apartment number is 25. Жанполат 30 жаста ма? Жоқ. Aynur zhetpis eki zhasta. My house number is 21. E. B. He lives in an apartment building. D. Nurzhan qansha zhasta? Ol 43 zhasta. F. My name is Säwle. 4 5 0 3 2 Exercise 10 1. he is 29.ANSWER KEY Exercise 7 1. Айгүл жұма күні он бір жасқа кіреді. Zhanpolat 30 zhasta ma? Zhoq. I. She is a teacher. 3. Aygül is 11 on Friday. 10 12 3 24 5 16 27 18 29 Exercise 16 Säwle is 52 years old.

Ол 40 жаста. I am a police officer. Politsionermin. Оның аты Темір. 50 . Ol 40 zhasta. Ol oqïtuwshï. Оның аты Айнаш. Сəлем. Ол 44 жаста. He is 40. C. 26 жастамын. He is a soldier.End of Lesson Exercise 1 A. She is 44. C. Ол оқытушы. Полиционермін. Sälem. B. Ol zhawïnger. Ol 44 zhasta. Onïng atï Aynash. Onïng atï Temir. Her name is Ann. Ол жауынгер. His name is Temir. менің атым Сұлтан. I am 26 years old. Mening atïm Sultan. A. Hi. B. 26 zhastamïn. mening atïm Sultan. She is a teacher.

or Saghat neshe.” the Kazakh equivalent is. “afternoon” tüsten keyin. thus. “it is one o’clock.How to ask for and tell time .Lesson 4 Daily Activities Күнделік жұмыс Kündelik zhumïs This lesson will introduce you to: .” zharïm.The past tense of the verbs..” and “to get up” .” The word for “half.” “to study.” Saghat bir boldï. use either Saghat qansha. both literally mean “how much/many?” Kazakhs tell time by saying that it has “become” a certain “hour. 51 .” “to watch.” “to eat.” “to play.Typical daily activities in Kazakhstan . and P.The verbs “to go. If there is a need to distinguish between A. Military time is not used in normal conversation.M.” “to work.” “to read. is used much more often than the word for “thirty” when indicating the half hour. and qaldï “remained.M. saghat segizge on bes minut qalghanda = “at seven forty-five” (literally: ‘when 15 minutes remained to hour seven’). Grammar note: To ask the time. to say. 8:45 would be expressed as the equivalent of “15 minutes to nine. Kazakhs use the past participle forms of ötti and qaldï: saghat zhetiden on bes minut ötkende = “at seven fifteen” (literally: ‘when 15 minutes have passed from hour seven’). Kazakhs use the word for “past” ötti.” Times past the half hour are generally expressed as being so many minutes “remaining” until the next hour. or “at night” tünde.” For example. “it has become one hour. one can use the words for “morning” tangerteng. When giving times before or after the hour. When talking about an action that takes place after or before the hour.

Listen as the speaker tells time in Kazakh. What time is it? It is four fifteen.1. Saghat qansha boldï? Saghat üshten zhiyïrma minut ötti. Сағат қанша болды? Сағат төрт болды. What time is it? It is four forty-five. Saghat neshe boldï? Saghat törtten on bes minut ötti. What time is it? It is four o’clock. Сағат неше болды? Сағат төрттен он бес минут өтті. Сағат қанша болды? Сағат үштен жиырма минут өтті. Сағат неше болды? Сағат төртке жиырма минут қалды. Repeat after the speaker. 52 . Saghat neshe boldï? Saghat törtke zhiyïrma minut qaldï. Saghat qansha boldï? Saghat tört boldï. Сағат қанша болды? Сағат төрт болды. What time is it? It is three forty. What time is it? It is three twenty. Saghat qasha boldï? Saghat beske on bes minut qaldï. Сағат неше болды? Сағат төрттен он бес минут өтті. Saghat qansha boldï? Saghat tört zharïm. What time is it? It is four thirty.

сағат тоғызға он бес минут қалды saghat toghïzgha on bes minut qaldï C. Check your work with the Answer Key. 3. сағат он екі saghat on eki H. H. сағат үш жарым saghat üsh zharïm B. Check the answer key. сағат екіге бес минут қалды saghat ekige bes minute qaldï G. B. E. B. (таңертең) сағат тоғыз (tangerteng) saghat toghïz A. A. (түнде) сағат он бір жарым (tünde) saghat on bir zharïm F.2. G. C. A. D. What time is it? Fill in the clock faces with the correct times according to how they are listed in Kazakh below. E. Listen to the following exchanges and identify the clock time mentioned in each. сағат төрттен он бес минут өтті saghat törtten on bes minut ötti C. E. D. 8:15 9:50 5:10 4:13 7: 50 9:00 9:15 8:50 4:30 7:10 53 . сағат алтыдан он минут өтті saghat altïdan on minut ötti D. F.

-esiz/-asïz.What time is it? Сағат қанша болды? Saghat qansha boldï? B. I go you go he goes we go you go they go I work* you work he works we work baramïn barasïz baradï baramïz barasïzdar (olar) baradï isteymin isteysiz isteydi isteymiz барамын барасыз барады барамыз барасыздар (олар) барады істеймін істейсіз істейді істейміз I read/study you read/study he reads/studies we read/study you read/study they read/study I watch you watch he watches we watch oqiymïn oqiysïz oqiydï oqiymïz oqiysïzdar (olar) oqiydï qaraymïn qaraysïz qaraydï qaraymïz оқимын оқисыз оқиды оқимыз оқисыздар (олар) оқиды қараймын қарайсыз қарайды қараймыз 54 . etc. To form the present/future tense. oqï. Compose dialogues according to the model below.4. 11:05 Grammar note: Present/future tense verbs in Kazakh are conjugated in the chart below. MODEL: A. 12:00. . This tense is used to express everyday as well as future actions. to the stem. Түстен кейін сағат екі болды. one adds the suffixes –emin/-amïn.“play”. -ysiz/-ysïz. To make a verb negative. the suffix –me/-ma is inserted between the stem and the personal suffixes. Tüsten keyin saghat eki boldï. kör. Use the times listed below.“to see”. zhe“eat”. The roots of the verbs in the chart are (in order) bar. to which suffixes are added to indicate the tense and the person. Examples are given below.“stand. 8:00 am. and tur. Work in pairs or in small groups. Each verb consists of a verb root. .“read. and oyna-).It is two o’clock in the afternoon. qara-. 4:45 pm. zhe-. get up”. 2:10 pm. qara. 7:15 am.” where either the pronoun is used or it is understood from the context of the sentence. study”.“go”. etc. look”. with the exception of verbs for “they. the pronouns are not necessary to make a complete sentence.“work”. making the endings –ymin/-ymïn. in which case the consonant “y” is inserted.“watch. iste. since all the information is contained in the verb. As we saw previously. 6:50 pm. 10:30 am. oyna. unless the stem ends in a vowel (here: oqï-.

can also mean “ work they work I eat you eat he eats we eat you eat they eat I play you play he plays we play you play they play Negatives: I don’t go you don’t go he doesn’t go we don’t go you don’t go they don’t go isteysizder (olar) isteydi zheymin zheysiz zheydi zheymiz zheysizder (olar) zheydi oynaymïn oynaysïz oynaydï oynaymïz oynaysïzdar (olar) oynaydï істейсіздер (олар) істейді жеймін жейсіз жейді жейміз жейсіздер (олар) жейді ойнаймын ойнайсыз ойнайды ойнаймыз ойнайсыздар (олар) ойнайды бармаймын бармайсыз бармайды бармаймыз бармайсыздар (олар) бармайды you watch they watch I see you see he sees we see you see they see I get up you get up he gets up we get up you get up they get up qaraysïzdar (olar) qaraydï köremin köresiz köredi köremiz köresizder (olar) köredi turamïn turasïz turadï turamïz turasïzdar (olar) turadï қарайсыздар (олар) қарайды көремін көресіз көреді көреміз көресіздер (олар) көреді тұрамын тұрасыз тұрады тұрамыз тұрасыздар (олар) тұрады barmaymïn barmaysïz barmaydï barmaymïz barmaysïzdar (olar) barmaydï I don’t eat you don’t eat he doesn’t eat we don’t eat you don’t eat they don’t eat zhemeymin zhemeysiz zhemeydi zhemeymiz zhemeysizder (olar) zhemeydi жемеймін жемейсіз жемейді жемейміз жемейсіздер (олар) жемейді * iste. 55 .” as you will see in the questions in Exercise 8.

Pay attention to new verbs and other new vocabulary. He plays soccer. Listen to the short statements that describe each activity in the pictures below. Олар мектепте оқиды. Olar mektepte oqiydï. They play basketball.5. Қыз түскі тамақ жейді. The girl eats lunch. Ауруханада істейді. Repeat after the speaker. Олар баскетбол ойнайды. 56 . Ol futbol oynaydï. They study at school. Awruwkhanada isteydi. Ол футбол ойнайды. She goes to the store. Дүкенге барады. Olar basketbol oynaydï. Qïz tüski tamaq zheydi. She works in the hospital. Dükenge baradï.

Адам кітап оқиды. The woman watches television.* Əйел телевизор көреді.v.The man reads a book. Äyel televizor köredi. use the suffix +ge/+gha/+ke/+qa (depending on the final vowel and consonant of the object): Almatï + gha = Almatïgha “to Almaty” Semey + ge = Semeyge “to Semey” mektep + ke = mektepke “to school” Baghdat + qa = Baghdatqa “to Baghdad” 57 .” “in.” To indicate “to” or “for” in Kazakh. Grammar note: To say “at.” or “on” in Kazakh.* * Kazakhs use the word for “see” kör-. Adam kitap oqiydï. simply add the suffix +da/+de/+ta/+te (depending on the final vowel and consonant of the object): Almatï + da = Almatïda “in Almaty” zheti + de = zhetide “at seven” mektep + te = mektepte “at school” Baghdat + ta = Baghdatta “in Baghdad” televizor + da = televizorda “on t. for “watching” television.

58 . Äyel keshke televizor köredi.6. Ghalya goes to the market in the morning. A. Saghat zhetide turamïn. B. Қыз түстен кейін үйде сабақ оқиды. * literally “to drink tea” 7. Bala saghat zheti zharïmda mektepke baradï. Qayrat zhuma küni futbol oynaydï. The boy goes to school at 7:30. Бала сағат жеті жарымда мектепке барады. Adam tangerteng saghat zhetide shay ishedi. Олар таңертең сағат жетіде шай ішеді. Ghalya tangerteng dükenge baradï. D. Адам таңертең сағат жетіде шай ішеді. Кешке кітап оқиды. Keshke kitap oqiydï. Saghat toghïz zharïmda mektepke baramïn. Сағат тоғыз жарымда мектепке барамын. G. Biz tangerteng sabaq oqiymïz. 2. Replay the audio if necessary. 4. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Ғаля таңертең дүкенге барады. Follow along in the workbook. Qayrat plays soccer on Friday. Біз таңертең сабақ оқимыз. I get up at 7:00. Olar tangerteng saghat zhetide shay ishedi. The woman watches television in the evening. Match the following sentences with the pictures below. Əйел кешке телевизор көреді. Qïz tüsten keyin üyde sabaq oqiydï. The man eats breakfast* at seven o’clock. Қайрат жұма күні футбол ойнайды. E. 3. The girl studies at home in the afternoon. C. 1. Listen to the following statements in Kazakh and repeat after the speaker. Сағат жетіде тұрамын. F.

Мектептен кейін футбол ойнайды. 1. Baqït oquwshï. Saghat segizde mektebke baradï. жексенбі күні оқымайды. Бақыт оқытушы ма? Baqït oqïtuwshï ma? 2. Сағат сегізде мектебке барады. Мектепте оқиды. Saghat zheti zharïmda shay ishedi. Mektepte oqiydï. Read the following text and answer the questions below in complete sentences in the Kazakh. Baqït senbi. Таңертең сағат нешеде шай ішеді? Tangerteng saghat neshede shay ishedi? 59 . Бақыт оқушы. Күнде сағат сегізге он бес минут қалғанда тұрады. Бақыт сенбі. Keshke kitap oqiydi zhäne televizor köredi. Қайда оқиды? Qayda oqiydï? 3. Künde saghat segizge on bes minut qalghanda turadï. zheksenbi küni oqïmaydï. Check your answers to the questions with the Answer Key. Кешке кітап оқиді жəне телевизор көреді. Mektepten keyin futbol oynaydï.A #______________ B #_______________ C #____________ D #_________________ 8. Сағат жетіден он бес минут өткенде не істейді? Saghat zhetiden on bes minut ötkende ne isteydi? 4. Сағат жеті жарымда шай ішеді. If you have any difficulty you may go to the Answer Key to check the text or the questions in English.

Rearrange the following statements into a logical order for a daily schedule. Баскетбол ойнаймын. Keshke dosïm men birge tamaq zheymin. Tell your partner about your daily schedule. 2. insert the particle men/ben/pen (depending on the final consonant) between the words. 1. 7.5. Сенбі. Televizor köremin. 6. Үйде сабақ оқимын. The phrase “go to lunch” is not used in Kazakh. Кешке не істейді? Keshke ne isteydi? 8. Check your work with the Answer Key. жексенбі күні не істейді? Senbi. 3. * Tüski tamaqtï dostarïm men birge zheymin.” The Russian word обед is also commonly used for “lunch. Түскі тамақты достарым мен бірге жеймін. Таңертең шай ішемін. Basketbol oynaymïn. 10. Grammar note: To say “with” in Kazakh. 4. Телевизор көремін.” The verb in this sentence could also have the form for “we” (zheymiz) since the action is done together. Üyde sabaq oqiymïn. Мектепке барамын. Tangerteng shay ishemin. Сағат сегізде не істейді? Saghat segizde ne isteydi? 6. Use the words and word combinations given below. 5. күнде künde футбол ойнаfutbol oynaтұрturдүкенге барdükenge barтаңертең шай ішtangerteng shay ishкітап оқыkitap oqïжұмыс істеzhumïs isteтелевизор көрtelevizor körтүскі тамақ жеtüski tamaq zheкешке keshke 60 . they use the equivalent of “to eat food at noon” or “eat the noon meal. Кешке досым мен бірге тамақ жеймін. Қашан футбол ойнайды? Qashan futbol oynaydï? 7. zheksenbi küni ne isteydi? 9. instead. Mektepke baramïn.

I go to the market in the morning. C. A. She goes to the market in the morning. 4. A. She goes to the market in the afternoon. I study at home on Saturday. Circle the English statement that is the equivalent to each Kazakh statement you hear. B. only the suffixes are different. C. Listen to the five short statements. B. She goes to the market in the evening. B. 2. by adding – me/-ma to the stem of the verb. The negatives are formed in the same way. B. I play soccer at home on Saturday. I go to work in the morning. A. I play soccer after dinner. I eat breakfast at home on Saturday.11. Replay the audio as many times as you need. Check your work with the Answer Key. 5. C. 1. He watches television in the afternoon. I go to school in the morning. C. Grammar note: The past tense in Kazakh is formed like the present tense. B. I play soccer after school. A. He watches television in the evening. The basic form of this suffix is –di/-dï/-ti/-tï. C. I went you went he went we went you went they went bardïm bardïngïz bardï bardïq bardïngïzdar (olar) bardï бардым бардыңыз барды бардық бардыңыздар (олар) барды I read/studied you read/studied he read/studied we read/studied you read/studied they read/studied oqïdïm oqïdïngiz oqïdï oqïdïq oqïdïngïzdar (olar) oqïdï оқыдым оқыдыңіз оқыды оқыдық оқыдыңыздар (олар) оқыды 61 . I play soccer after work. A. He watches television in the morning. 3.

I worked you worked he worked we worked you worked they worked I ate you ate he ate we ate you ate they ate I played you played he played we played you played they played Negatives: I didn’t go you didn’t go he didn’t go we didn’t go you didn’t go they didn’t go istedim istedingiz istedi istedik istedingizder (olar) istedi zhedim zhedingiz zhedi zhedik zhedingizder (olar) zhedi oynadïm oynadïngïz oynadï oynadïq oynadïngïzdar (olar) oynadï істедім істедіңіз істеді істедік істедіңіздер (олар) істеді жедім жедіңіз жеді жедік жедіңіздер (олар) жеді ойнадым ойнадыңыз ойнады ойнадық ойнадыңыздар (олар) ойнады I watched you watched he watched we watched you watched they watched I saw you saw he saw we saw you saw they saw I got up you got up he got up we got up you got up they got up qaradïm qaradïngïz qaradï qaradïq qaradïngïzdar (olar) qaradï kördim kördingiz kördi kördik kördingizder (olar) kördi turdïm turdïngïz turdï turdïq turdïngïzdar (olar) turdï қарадым қарадыңыз қарады қарадық қарадыңыздар (олар) қарады көрдім көрдіңіз көрді көрдік көрдіңіздер (олар) көрді тұрдым тұрдыңыз тұрды тұрдық тұрдыңыздар (олар) тұрды I didn’t eat you didn’t eat barmadï бармады he didn’t eat barmadïq бармадық we didn’t eat barmadïngïzdar бармадыңыздар you didn’t eat (olar) barmadï (олар) бармады they didn’t eat barmadïm barmadïngïz бармадым бармадыңыз zhemedim zhemedingiz zhemedi zhemedik жемедім жемедіңіз жемеді жемедік zhemedingizder жемедіңіздер (olar) zhemedi (олар) жемеді 62 .

Qïz keshe televizor kördi. Кеше сағат тоғызда үйде едім. Bala bïltïr mektepte muzika men matematika oqïdï. 5. Ötken düysenbi küni basketbol ________________. Eki zhïl burïn Semeyde üyimiz bar edi. Бір жыл бұрын Паріжде едім. Keshe televizor ________________. Bir zhïl burïn Parizhde edim. 7. Кеше мектепке бардым.keshe last year /week /Sunday – Kazakh – bïltïr/ötken apta/ötken zheksenbi küni two years ago – Kazakh – eki zhïl burïn 13. Keshe saghat zhetide __ ________________. 1. Keshe saghat altïda tamaq zhedik. Өткен жексенбі күні кітап оқыдым. Ötken zheksenbi küni kitap oqïdïm.12. 10. Былтыр достарым мен футбол ойнадық. 9. Қыз кеше телевизор көрді. Кеше сағат алтыда тамақ жедік. Check your work with the Answer Key. оқыдым ойнадым едім oqïdïm oynadïm edim қарадым/көрдім qaradïm/kördim тұрдым turdïm бардым bardïm істедім istedim іштім ishtim 1. Tangerteng äke-sheshem men shay ________________. Bïltïr dostarïm men futbol oynadïq. Өткен дүйсенбі күні баскетбол ________________. Keshe saghat toghïzda üyde edim. Keshe mektepke bardïm. 2. Ötken apta dükenge bardïq. 4. 4. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Өткен жексенбі күні дүкенге ________________. 6. Өткен апта дүкенге бардық. Бала былтыр мектепте музика мен математика оқыды. 63 . 3. Таңертең əке-шешем мен шай ________________. Grammar note: yesterday – Kazakh . 8. 5. 3. 2. Read the following sentences and translate them into English. Екі жыл бұрын Семейде үйіміз бар еді. Complete the following sentences using the verbs located in the box below. Кеше сағат жетіде __ ________________. Ötken zheksenbi küni dükenge ________________. Кеше телевизор ________________.

Make up similar dialogues using the words and word combinations given below. Bir saghat. өткен жексенбі күні ötken zheksenbi küni 6. былтыр bïltïr телевизор көрtelevizor körдүкенге барdükenge barмейманханада істеmeymankhanada isteмектепте оқыmektepte oqïкітап оқыkitap oqïбаскетбол ойнаbasketbol oynaҚазақстанда болQazaqstanda bolбір сағат bir saghat екі сағат eki saghat төрт апта tört apta сегіз апта segiz apta бір сағат bir saghat алты апта altï apta екі апта eki apta 64 . A. кеше keshe 3. былтыр bïltïr 4. 14. Кеше неше сағат телевизор көрдіңіз? Keshe neshe saghat televizor kördingiz? B. Keshe televizor kördim. Үш жыл бұрын мектепте ________________.6. Bïltïr meymankhanada ________________. Кеше не істедіңіз? Keshe ne istedingiz? B. былтыр bïltïr 5. Üsh zhïl burïn mektepte ________________. Кеше телевизор көрдім. A. Listen to the following dialogue and repeat after the speaker. 7. Былтыр мейманханада ________________. Өткен апта Ақтөбеде ________________. Ötken apta Aqtöbede ________________. былтыр bïltïr 7. 8. Бір сағат. Work in pairs or in small groups. кеше keshe 2. 1.

Künde saghat altïda turamïn. 8. mektepke baramïn. _______He is at school at 8:00. 9. _______He goes shopping after school. Aqtöbede turamïn. 6. 3. Математика мен музика оқытамын.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. 6. 10. 3. Check your work with the Answer Key.m. _______Qalibek plays soccer on Saturday and Monday for 3 hours. Listen to the following statements read in Kazakh. Шай ішемін. 4. мектепке барамын. 1. eki saghat kitap oqiymïn. Särsenbe künderi eki saghat futbol oynaymïn. Saghat segizde mekteptemin. 2. Сағат бесте үйдемін. 1. Бұл мектепте оқытушымын. Mening atïm Qalibek. Мектептен кейін. Сейсенбі. Put T (True) or F (False) next to the statements that are written below the text. Mektepten keyin. Kishkene üyim bar. Bul mektepte oqïtuwshïmïn. Sälem._______In the evening he works for 2 hours. Matematika men muzika oqïtamïn. _______ He is a student. дүкендерге барамын. 65 . Saghat beste üydemin. Менің атым Қалибек. Сағат сегізде мектептемін. Check your work with the Answer Key. Seysenbi. dükenderge baramï the evening 6:00 8:00 2. 5. 4. 6:30 6:00 9:30 5:30 5:30 7:00 8:30 5:45 in the morning . екі сағат кітап оқимын. Circle the times you hear. _______ He does not have breakfast. 2. _______ He lives in a small house. Сəрсенбе күндері екі сағат футбол ойнаймын. Keshke bir saghat televizor köremin. Күнде сағат алтыда тұрамын. Кішкене үйім бар. _______ He studies math and music. Read the following text in Kazakh. Сəлем. Shay ishemin. _______ The man lives in Aqtöbe. 7. Кешке бір сағат телевизор көремін. _______ Everyday he gets up at 6:00 a. 5. Ақтөбеде тұрамын.

3. Work in pairs or in small groups. “I get up at 6:00 and eat breakfast at 6:30. and 8:00 pm. etc. Find out what your partner did yesterday at 7:00 am. 1:00 pm. For example. in Kazakh. 66 . including the times. 7:30 am.. 10:00 am.” 4. I go to school at …. and how long each activity lasted. then eat breakfast. start with what time you get up. 4:00 pm. Describe your daily schedule of activities.

? адам/еркек əйел (ұл) бала қыз 67 . seysenbi küni.? adam/erkek äyel (ul) bala qïz ден кейін таңертең түстен кейін кешке күнде өткен апта былтыр өткен жексенбі күні (дүйсенбі күні.. Tuesday.) мектепте математика музика кітап таңертеңгі шай тұскі тамақ кешкі тамақ үй үйде дүкен/базар бардүкенге/базарға барфутбол/баскетбол ойнателевизор көршай іштамақ жетұроқы..... When..) At school Math Music Book Breakfast Lunch Dinner Home At home Market To go (to) To go shopping To play soccer/basketball To watch television To have breakfast/drink tea To eat food/a meal To get up/wake up To read/study To work/do What time is it? It is three o’clock./ сабақ оқыістеСағат неше/қанша болды? Сағат үш болды.. etc..? Man Woman Boy Girl den keyin tangerteng tüsten keyin keshke künde ötken apta bïltïr ötken zheksenbi küni (düysenbi küni.) mektepte matematika muzika kitap tangertenggi shay tuski tamaq keshki tamaq üy üyde düken/bazar bardükenge/bazargha barfutbol/basketbol oynatelevizor körshay ishtamaq zheturoqïistesaghat neshe/qansha boldï? saghat üsh boldï.Vocabulary List After In the morning In the afternoon In the evening Everyday Last week A year ago Last Sunday (Monday.. qashan.. сейсенбі күні. Қашан.

What time is it? It is 7:10. He goes to school at 8:00. What time is it? It’s 9:50. He studies at school. What time is it? It is 8:15 am. Сағат қанша болды? Таңертең сағат сегізден он бес минут өтті. Exercise 7 A 3. D. B. 2. eight forty-five am C. Сағат қанша болды? Сағат оңhа он минут қалды. I go to school at 9:30. C. B. four fifteen Exercise 8 Baqït is a student. He reads books and watches TV in the evening. eleven thirty pm F. What time is it? It is 5:10. He has breakfast at 7:30. thirteen fifty-five G. C. D. 68 . After school he plays basketball. Сағат қанша болды? Сағат бестен он минут өтті. zero nine hundred Exercise 3 A.ANSWER KEY Exercise 2 A. ten after six D. What time is it? It is 4:30 pm. B 1. Baqït does not study on Saturday and Sunday. She reads a book in the evening. three thirty pm B. We study in the morning. They eat breakfast at 7:00. Сағат неше болды? Сағат жетіден он минут өтті. Сағат неше болды? Түстен кейін сағат төрт жарым. C. E. D 4. twelve o’clock H. Everyday he gets up at 7:15. E. 8:15 am 9:50 5:10 4:30 pm 7:10 A. E.

Mektepke baramïn. Мектепте оқиды. Baqït is a student. Does he study on Saturday and Sunday? No. I play soccer at home on Saturday. 3. 2. He watches television in the afternoon. Жоқ. I go to work in the morning. Мектепке барамын. I play basketball. I go to school. 8. 2. When does he have breakfast? He has breakfast at 7:30. 3. Таңертең дүкенгер барады. Shay ishemin. 2. 3. Таңертең жұмысқа барамын. 5. I go to lunch with my friends. She goes to the market in the morning. 6. Бақыт сенбі. Кешке кітап оқиды жəне телевизор көреді. Сағат сегізде мектепке барады. Сағат жетіден он бе минут өткенде тұрады. Baqït does not study on Saturday and Sunday. Televizor köremin. Телевизор көремін. Where does he study? He studies at school. 4. What does he do at 8:00? He goes to school at 8:00. 4. B C A B A I play soccer after dinner. Is Baqït a teacher? No. Досым мен тамақ жеймін. Сағат жеті жарымда шай ішеді. Үйде оқимын. When does he play soccer? He plays basketball after school. 1. What does he do in the evening? He reads books and watches TV in the evening. Мектептен кейін футбол ойнайды.1. I eat dinner with my friend. 7. Dostarim men tamaq zheymin. Exercise 9 Your answers may vary but did you understand the statements? 6. I study at home. Сенбі күні үйде футбол ойнаймын. 5. Баскетбол ойнаймын. Жоқ. Түстен кейін телевизор көреді. Достарым мен тамақ жеймін. 5. 4. 69 . Basketbol oynaymïn. Кешкі тамақтан кейін футбол ойнаймын. Шай ішемін. I eat breakfast. Dosïm men tamaq zheymin. Üyde oqiymïn. 7. Exercise 11 1. What does he do at 7:15? He gets up at 7:15. жексенбі күндері оқымайды. Бақыт оқушы. I watch television.

тұрдым жедім бардым ойнадым көрдім едім оқыдым бардым turdïm zhedim bardïm oynadïm kördim edim oqïdïm bardïm I got up at 7:00 yesterday. I was at the hotel last year. Сағат алтыға он бес минут қалғанда футбол ойнайды. The boy studied music and math at school last year. 7. 5. Saghat zhetide mektepke baramïn. 4. I went to Aqtöbe last week. 2. Сағат тоғыз жарымда жұмысқа барасыз. I was at home at 9:00 yesterday.Exercise 12 1. 6. Last year my friends and I played basketball. Сағат жетіде мектепке барамын. 3. 5. 9. Saghat toghïz zharïmda zhumïsqa barasïz. We had a house in Semey two years ago. 8. 7. 2. 3. 4. I studied at school three years ago. 8. Yesterday I went to school. He plays soccer at 5:45. 10. 6:30 7:00 9:30 5:45 in the morning 8:00 Saghat altï zharïmda shay ishemiz. 6. I watched television yesterday. 5. Last Sunday I read a book. We ate dinner at 6:00 yesterday. 2. 70 . 1. I played basketball last Monday. Exercise 13 1. 4. Сағат алты жарымда шай ішеміз. I was in Paris a year ago. End of Lesson Exercise 1 1. You go to work at 9:30 4. 6. I ate breakfast with my parents. 2. Saghat altïgha on bes minut qalghanda futbol oynaydï. 3. I go to school at 7:00. I went shopping last Sunday. We eat breakfast at 6:30. The girl watched television yesterday. They went shopping last week. 3.

They watched television at 8:00. 71 . In the evening he works for 2 hours.5.m. T 10. I live in Aqtöbe. I teach math and music. F 7. After school. T 8. I am home at 5:00.m. He goes shopping after school. I am a teacher at this school. Everyday I get up at 6:00 a. F 5. Qalibek plays soccer on Saturday and Monday for 3 hours. He is at school at 8:00. 6. Олар сағат сегізде телевизор көрді. I eat breakfast and go to school. They went to the market in the morning. Hello. I am at school at 8:00 a. Everyday he gets up at 6:00 a. He lives in a small house. Olar saghat segizde televizor kördi. F 9. Exercise 2 1.m. I go shopping. Олар таңертең базарға барды. T 3. In the evening I watch TV for an hour and read books for 2 hours. He studies math and music. The man lives in Aqtöbe. F 4. On Tuesday and Thursday I play soccer for 2 hours. He is a student. T 2. My name is Qalibek. He does not have breakfast. T 6. F Olar tangerteng bazargha bardï. I have a small house.

the average household has 3. they are larger with more extended relatives living under the same roof.” “this. 1.” Kazakh families are patriarchal and several generations may live together. Look at these photos of families. grandparents.The kinship terms used for immediate and extended family .4 people.How to ask and answer simple questions about family members . and perhaps other relatives. as they distinguish between older and younger as well as relatives from the mother or father’s side.” “these. with children traditionally taking care of their parents. whereas in villages.The pronouns “who. 72 .” “that.Lesson 5 Meeting the Family Жанұя менен Танысу Zhanuya menen Tanïsuw This lesson will introduce you to: . Families in cities tend to be smaller. While Kazakh families can be large.” and “those. Terms for Kazakh relatives are rather more complex than in English. Listen to the kinship terms and repeat after the speaker.

A. Olar kim? Olar atam men äzhem. bul adamdar = ‘these people’ Ol Olar (but. Who are they? B. most of which you have learned already. Ol kim? Ol äpkem.Family Parents Mother Father Children Daughter Son Grandfather Grandmother Older sister Older brother Younger sister Younger brother zhanuya /semya äke-sheshe sheshe/mama äke/papa balalar qïz ul/ul bala ata äzhe äpke agha singli/qarïndas* ini жанұя /семья əке-шеше Шеше/мама əке/папа Балалар Қыз ұл/ұл бала Ата əже əпке аға сіңлі/қарындас іні * Singli is used by females to refer to a younger sister. A. Who is this? B. Role-play the dialogues using the pictures above. Grammar note: Here are the basic demonstrative pronouns in Kazakh. 4. Бұл кім? Бұл шешем. That is my older sister. Bul kim? Bul sheshem. for example. 2. They are my grandparents. 73 . Ол кім? Ол əпкем. since they are identical to the pronouns for he/they. 3. Who? This These That Those Kim? Bul/osï Bular (but is not necessary before plural nouns. Олар кім? Олар əкем мен шешем. Who is that? B. is not necessary before plural nouns: ol adamdar = “those people. etc. Олар кім? Олар атам мен əжем. Listen to the following dialogues and repeat them after the speaker. like bul. This is my mother. Who are they? B. A. qarindas is used by males to refer to their younger sisters.”) 2. They are my parents. Olar kim? Olar äkem men sheshem. A. 1.

3. Check your work with the Answer Key. Оның аты Айту. Оның сіңлісі бар. Semeyde turadï. Eki agham bar. 6. 3. Атам жəне əжеммен бірге үлкен үйде тұрамыз. 5. бір қызы бар. where they live (city and type of residence) MODEL: Бұл əкем.” 4. Олар əскери лагерьде тұрады. Iye. Onïng bir ulï. occupation 4. 1. 5. Onïng atï Aqmet. Olar zhumïsshi bolïp isteydi. Ol 48 zhasta. Talk about your mother/father/sister/brother/grandfather/grandmother according to the model below: 1. Atam zhäne äzhemmen birge ülken üyde turamïz. name 2.* Onïng äke-sheshesi Almatïda turadï. Onïng singlisi bar. Bul äkem. __________________? Ие. Ol oqïtuwshï. Onïng atï Säwle. __________________? Оның аты Ақмет. Agham otïz zhasta. Create questions in Kazakh to the following answers. bir qïzï bar. Оның əке-шешесі Алматыда тұрады. *Note: Bolïp isteydi means literally “they work as.* 4. Ағам отыз жаста. Семейде тұрады. bul mening inim. 2. Translate the following sentences into English. 74 . Ол оқытушы. age 3. Оның аты Сəуле. Кішкене үйі бар. Олар жұмысшы болып істейді. Ол 48 жаста. бұл менің інім. Check your work with the Answer Key for some suggested questions. Оның бір ұлы. Əкем мен шешемнің бір ұлы жəне екі қызы бар. Kishkene üyi bar. Äkem men sheshemning bir ulï zhäne eki qïzï bar. Olar äskeriy lagerde turadï. 2. 1. Екі ағам бар. Onïng atï Aytuw. Олар жауынгер. Olar zhawïnger.

Ol däriger. seysenbi küni futbol oynaydï. family 4. grandmother - 7. Circle the word you hear. 4. Listen and repeat after the speaker. сейсенбі күні фұтбол ойнайды. older sister older brother grandfather 7. 5.younger brother 6. 6. Husband Wife Married (man) Married (woman) Unmarried/Single Unmarried woman er/küyew äyel üylengen turmïsqa shïqqan boydaq turmïsqa shïqpaghan ер/күйеу əйел үйленген тұрмысқа шыққан бойдақ тұрмысқа шықпаған 75 . Follow along in the workbook. Aqtöbede turadï. ___________________? Ақтөбеде тұрады. Listen to the audio. mother 2.3. Check your work with the Answer Key. ____________________? Дүйсенбі күні жұмыс істейді. _____________________? Жоқ. 6. Zhoq. children father son parents grandparents 5. ___________________? Ол дəрігер. daughter 3. Düysenbi küni zhumïs isteydi. 1. younger sister .

тұрмысқа шыққан turmïsqa shïqqan оның onïng сегіз жаста segiz zhasta қыздар qïzdar оның onïng əпке äpke он жаста on zhasta жауынгер zhawïnger олардың olardïng Шолпанның ________________ бар. ________ Шолпан. onïng küyewi. əке-шешесімен. стұдент. ________ Sholpan. Марал– тұрмысқа шықпаған. Onïng küyewi _______________. oqïtuwshï. Finish the sentences by filling in the blanks with the words in the boxes located above the sentences. student. Ол ______________. Жібек _____________ . Olardïng eki ________________ bar. Айнагүл . Оның күйеуі _______________. Olardïng ______________. balasï zhoq. Maral– turmïsqa shïqpaghan. __________ atï Tilewzhan. 2. 3. Олардың ______________. Sholpannïng ________________ bar. іні. Олардың екі ________________ бар. баласы жоқ. onïng äyeli. Ол __________. Check your answers with the Answer Key. бір қыз. жұмысшы. Ol __________. ______ atï Aygül. _______ аты Бақыт. 28 zhasta. Ol ___________. Qalibek – üylengen. Оның əйелі _____________.тұрмысқа шыққан. 28 жаста. bir qïz. Айнұр үлкен. 20 жаста.turmïsqa shïqqan. 9. _________ аттары Айнұр жəне Жібек. оның əйелі. Zhibek _____________ . оның күйеуі. Ол ___________. bir ul. _______. ______ аты Айгүл.8. оқытушы. 2. 76 . Make up short stories in Kazakh about the people listed below. 31 жаста. Onïng äyeli _____________. бір ұл. ұл ul бес жаста bes zhasta отыз жаста otïz zhasta оның onïng үйленген üylengen оның onïng дəрігер däriger Ағам ____________. äke-sheshesi men. Aynagül . 31 zhasta. _______. _________ attarï Aynur zhäne Zhibek. __________ аты Тілеужан. ini. 20 zhasta. _______ atï Baqït. 1. Agham ____________. Aynur ülken. 1. Қалібек – үйленген. zhumïsshï. Ol ______________.

Ол кім? Ol kim? B. A. she has two brothers / two sisters / two sons. Олар қайда тұрады? Olar qayda turadï? B. They live in the barracks / in the tent / in the apartment. she is single / a doctor / 25 years old. He/she is my wife / my husband / my father. 3. That is my wife / mother / husband. A. 6. A. 8. Circle the correct answer for each question. Аға-ініңіз бар ма? Agha-iningiz bar ma? B. A.10. Олар кім? Olar kim? B. Ол кім? Ol kim? B. Check your work with the Answer Key. I have two brothers / two sisters / two sons. Yes. 9. A. A. A. Ол тұрмысқа шыққан бе? Ol turmïsqa shïqqan be? B. Yes. Listen to several short dialogues as people answer questions about their family members. Yes. She is my mother / sister / grandmother. Ол кім? Ol kim? B. 77 . A. No. 4. he is married / single / a soldier. 7. 1. A. 2. 5. Оның балалары бар ма? Onïng balalarï bar ma? B. They are my parents / my children / my grandparents. Ол үйленген бе? Ol üylengen be? B.

Мұрат үйленген. Мұраттың аға-інісі жоқ. ________He has two sisters. ________Murat is a doctor. 78 . 6. Мұрат пен əйелінің бір қызы. бір ұлы бар. Murat üylengen.11. Олар Мұраттың жанұясымен бірге тұрады. ________Murat is married. Мұраттың атасы жəне əжесі бар. Murat pen äyelining bir qïzï. Olar Murattïng zhanuyasïmen birge turadï. Olar oquwshï. 3. ________Murat has two children. eki singli bar. Олар оқушы. Put T (True) or F (False) next to the statements below. 4. Äyeli däriger. 2. Murattïng atasï zhäne äzhesi bar. Check your answers with the Answer Key. bir ulï bar. ________Murat and his wife are students. ________Murat has parents. 1. Əйелі дəрігер. Murattïng agha-inisi zhoq. Read and translate the text. 5. екі сіңлі бар.

in Kazakh. Use new vocabulary. where do they live. name. 79 . 2. and where he/she lives. Give a brief description. and profession of each person. Include the age. use real pictures of your family members. What are their names. and what are their professions? 3. how old are they.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. of your immediate family. Ask your classmate in Kazakh about his/her mother/father/sister/brother/etc. If you want to. Work in small groups. Describe the pictures below. and tell whether each person is married or single.

.. olar... Олар... Əке-шеше Əке/папа Шеше/мама Балалар Ұл/ұл бала Қыз Аға/іні Əпке/сіңлі Ата мен əже Əже Ата Күйеу Əйел Үйленген/тұрмысқа шыққан Бойдақ/тұрмысқа шықпаған Ол кім? Олар кім? Ол..Vocabulary List Parents Father Mother Children Son Daughter Brother (older/younger) Sister (older/younger) Grandparents Grandmother Grandfather Husband Wife Married Unmarried Who is this/that? Who are these/those? This/that is… These/those are… äke-sheshe äke/papa sheshe/mama balalar ul/ul bala qïz agha/ini äpke/singli ata men äzhe äzhe ata er äyel üylengen/turmïsqa shïqqan boydaq/turmïsqa shïqpaghan ol kim? olar kim? ol. 80 ..

They are laborers. Бұл ініңіз бе? 2. His parents live in Almaty. My mother and father have one son and two daughters. Düysenbi küni zhumïs isteydi. 5. əке қыз жанұя ата мен əже сіңлі аға ата 81 . 3. 6. I live with my grandparents in a big house. бұл менің інім. 2. 6. Сейсенбі күні істей ме? Bul iningiz be? Onïng atï kim? Qayda turadï? Ol kim bolïp isteydi? Qashan zhumïs isteydi? Seysenbi küni istey me? Is this your younger brother? What is his name? Where does he live? What is his occupation? When does he go to work? Does he work on Tuesday? 1. No. 5. His name is Aqmet. He works on Monday. He is a doctor. Ол дəрігер. Қайда тұрады? 4. Zhoq. Оның аты Ақмет. Оның аты кім? 3. Aqtöbede turadï. Exercise 6 1. They live in a military camp. I have two brothers. Exercise 5 1. 6. Father Daughter Family Grandparents Younger sister Older brother Grandfather äke qïz zhanuya ata men äzhe singli agha ata Yes. Ol däriger. 7. 4. My brother is 30 years old. сейсенбі күні фұтбол ойнайды. 3. He has a son and a daughter. He lives in Aqtöbe. Қашан жұмыс істейді? 6. 3. this is my younger brother.ANSWER KEY Exercise 3 1. Onïng atï Aqmet. Iye. She has a sister. Ақтөбеде тұрады. seysenbi küni futbol oynaydï. he plays soccer on Tuesday. 5. They are soldiers. Ие. Her name is Sawle. Ол кім болып істейді? 5. Жоқ. 4. bul mening inim. 2. Дүйсенбі күні жұмыс істейді. 2. 4.

Ол тұрмысқа шыққан. 6. Sholpan has a sister. Her name is Sholpan. Оның аты Бақыт. 5. Ol üylengen be? Iye. Olar kim? Olar balalarïm. 4. 7. Аға-ініңіз бар ма? Бар. 4. 2. He is 5 years old. She is a doctor. Ol kim? Ol äyelim. she is single. Оның аты Айгүл. Ол бес жаста. His name is Baqït. Оның аты Шолпан. Onïng atï Aygül. Олардың екі қызы бар. Олар қайда тұрады? Олар пəтерде тұрады. ол үйленген. Zhibek is 8 years old. His name is Tilewzhan. 2. Who is she? She is my sister. Ол кім? Ол менің күйеуім. 1. 3. Sholpannïng äpkesi bar.Exercise 8 1. Onïng atï Sholpan. Ол дəрігер. 1. Olar qayda turadï? Olar päterde turadï. Ol turmïsqa shïqqan be? Zhoq. Жібек сегіз жаста. ol turmïsqa shïqpaghan. Ол кім? Ол əйелім. он жаста. Олардың ұлы бар. They have a son. Olardïng attarï Aynur zhäne Zhibek. Zhibek segiz zhasta. Her name is Aygül. Is he married? Yes. 2. They have two daughters. 8. Onïng atï Tilewzhan. 3. Ол тұрмысқа шыққан бе? Жоқ. Exercise 10 1. Agham üylengen. he is 82 . екі ұл баласы бар. 2. Айнұр үлкен. His wife is 30 years old. Ol bes zhasta. Ол кім? Ол менің əпкем. Оның күйеуі жауынгер. Aynur ülken. Who is he? He is my husband. Оның аты Тілеужан. екі ағам бар. 9. Оның əйелі отыз жаста. eki agham bar. Aynur is older and is 10 years old. Is she married? No. 2. Onïng äyeli otïz zhasta. Onïng balalarï bar ma? Bar. Оның балалары бар ма? Бар. Олар кім? Олар балаларым. Олардың аттары Айнұр жəне Жібек. Шолпанның əпкесі бар. Onïng küyewi zhawïnger. Ol kim? Ol mening küyewim. Ol däriger. She is married. Olardïng eki qïzï bar. Ол үйленген бе? Ие. Her husband is a soldier. Ағам үйленген. eki ul balasï bar. Agha-iningiz bar ma? Bar. Onïng atï Baqït. on zhasta. Ol turmïsqa shïqqan. Olardïng ulï bar. ол тұрмысқа шықпаған. ol üylengen. 1. My brother is married. Their names are Aynur and Zhibek. Ol kim? Ol mening äpkem.

His wife is a doctor. Murat has no brothers. Murat and his wife have a daughter and a son. 83 . Murat has a grandfather and a grandmother. T 3. Do you have any brothers? Yes. T 4. He has two sisters Murat and his wife are students. They live with Murat and his family.5. He has two sisters. They are students. Who is that? That is my wife. Murat is married. 6. F 6. 9. Murat has two children. Murat is married. F 2. Where do they live? They live in the apartment. T Murat has parents. Does she have any children? Yes. Who are they? They are my children. she has two sons. Exercise 11 1. 7. Murat is a doctor. 8. I have two brothers. F 5.

North Northwest soltüstik batïs West batïs солтүстік батыс батыс soltüstik солтүстік Northeast soltüstik shïghïs shïghïs солтүстік шығыс шығыс East Southwest ongtüstik batïs оңтүстік батыс South ongtüstik оңтүстік Southeast ongtüstik shïghïs оңтүстік шығыс 84 .Names of urban buildings and landmarks .Lesson 6 Around Town Қалада Айлану Qalada Aylanuw This lesson will introduce you to: .Cardinal directions . Listen to and repeat the cardinal directions.How to ask and answer questions about the location of places and buildings. 1.

batïs zhaghïnda. 85 .2. Oral is north of Atyrau. Listen to the following sentences and repeat after the speaker. Astana is west of Semey. shïghïs zhaghïnda. Atyrau is south of Oral. ongtüstik zhaghïnda. Follow along in your workbook. Oral Atïrawdïng soltüstiginde Astana Semeyding batïsïnda Atïraw Oraldïng ongtüstiginde Semey Astananïng shïghïsïnda Орал Атыраудың солтүстігінде Астана Семейдің батысында Атырау Оралдың оңтүстігінде Семей Астананың шығысында Grammar note: An alternate way of expressing direction is using the word zhaq (meaning “side”). Semey is east of Astana. etc. for example: soltüstik zhaghïnda.

Päter üy äskeriy lagerding shïghïs zhaghïnda. Airport Bank Building House Bus station Train station Police station Café Restaurant Church/mosque Movie theater Hospital Market Pharmacy Post office Store Park Factory Bridge Farm (collective farm) Field Forest Lake Mountain River aeroport. MODEL: Los Angeles is south of San Francisco. Work with a partner. Лос Анжелес Сан Францисконың солтүстігінде. 4. Listen to a list of common sites and features. Repeat after the speaker while following along in the workbook. Topographical features. Пəтер үй əскери лагердің шығыс жағында.3. Tell each other where certain cities/locations are in relation to other cities/locations. The apartment building is east of the military camp. äwezhay bank ghiymarat üy avtostantsiya vokzal militsiya bölimi kafe restoran shirkew/meshit kinoteatr awruwkhana bazar apteka pochta düken park zawït köpir kolkhoz dala orman köl taw özen Аэропорт. urban buildings and landmarks are useful reference points when getting to know a new area or for giving and receiving directions. Compose sentences according to the exercise above and the model below. Los Angeles San Fransiskonïng soltüstiginde. əуежай Банк Ғимарат Үй Автостанция Вокзал Милиция бөлімі Кафе Ресторан Шіркеу/мешіт Кинотеатр Аурухана Базар Аптека Почта Дүкен Парк Зауыт Көпір Колхоз Дала Орман Көл Тау Өзен 86 .

H. Hospital 9. Practice composing and pronouncing the vocabulary. 5. Translate the following sentences from Kazakh into English. 1. 3. K. Базар банктің оңтүстігінде. Park 10. Factory 8. Зауыт Аурухана Аэропорт Аптека Ресторан Парк Почта Автостанция Банк Кафе Кинотеатр Мешіт 6. 6. Кинотеатр аурухананың шығысында. I. E. 7. L. Өзен таулардың шығысында. Bus Station 4. Create sentences according to the model. Match the English word in the left column with the Kazakh equivalent in the right column. Aeroport meymankhananïng batïsïnda.5. Mosque 6. 87 . 2. J. MODEL: Парк почтаның шығысында. G. Post Office 12. Airport 2. 7. 1. Bazar bankting ongtüstiginde. Özen tawlardïng shïghïsïnda. Аэропорт мейманхананың батысында. B. F. Pharmacy 11. Көл парктің солтүстігінде. Köl parkting soltüstiginde. Check your work with the Answer Key. Check your work with the Answer Key. Movie Theater 7. Kinoteatr awruwkhananïng shïghïsïnda. Таулар мен көлдер орманның шығысында. Park pochtanïng shïghïsïnda. Өзен колхоздың оңтүстігінде. Özen kolkhozdïng ongtüstiginde. Café 5. C. 4. D. Tawlar men kölder ormannïng shïghïsïnda. Bank 3. Use the words below. Restaurant zawït awruwkhana aeroport apteka restoran park pochta avtostantsiya bank kafe kinoteatr meshit A.

. көпір köpir 5.. арасында . автостанция avtostantsiya 6. жанында .” which refers to a thing’s location in general. Check your answers with the Answer Key... аэропорт aeroport 2. though.. aldïnda ... парк park шығысында shïghïsïnda оңтүстігінде ongtüstiginde батысында batïsïnda солтүстігінде soltüstiginde шығысында shïghïsïnda солтүстігінде soltüstiginde батысында batïsïnda солтүстігінде soltüstiginde көл köl аурухана awruwkhana почта pochta өзен özen милиция бөлімі militsiya bölimi тау taw дала dala көл köl 8. 7. 3..g.... 6.. the street) . 5. 1. Grammar note: You have already learned to say “qayda?” for “where... ар жағында .. 4. qarsïsïnda tömende zhogharïda . zhanïnda .. Across from…… Down (e.g... arasïnda ... мен . it is more appropriate to use the term “Qay zherde?” (You have already seen this term used in the term qayzherliksiz?) In front of…… Next to…… Between…… and…… On the other side of.. ar zhaghïnda .. 8.. men . north bank train station restaurant post office mosque lake building west park bus station café pharmacy movie theater river bridge south bridge airport factory hospital factory farm mountain 9. Follow along in your workbook. Listen to the following words and word combinations and repeat after the speaker. алдында . the street) Up (e. банк bank 3..... 2. When asking for directions.1. қарсысында төменде жоғарыда 88 . Listen to the speaker and circle the term you hear. аптека apteka 4.. колхоз kolkhoz 8. зауыт zawït 7...

Then translate the dialogues into English. 1. Park awruwkhananïng aldïnda. 1. Thank you. 3. Рахмет. Work with a partner and compose similar dialogues using the words from the box below the dialogue. Eshteme etpeydi. Follow along in your workbook. Почта қай жерде? Почта аурухананың ар жағында. Where is the park? B. Кафе қай жерде? Мейманхананың алдында. B. 4. B. 5. мешіт meshit алдында aldïnda қарсысында qarsïsïnda жанында zhanïnda ар жағында ar zhaghïnda арасында arasïnda аурухана awruwkhana автостанция avtostantsiya тау taw кинотеатр kinoteatr зауыт пен парк zawït pen park 89 . аэропорт aeroport 3. Көл қай жерде? Көл орманның жанында. Rakhmet. B. Sir. Bazar qay zherde? Bazar militsiya bölimi men meshitting arasïnda. 11. The park is in front of the hospital. Excuse me. парк қай жерде? Keshiringiz. Listen and repeat after the speaker. орман orman 4. Kafe qay zherde? Meymankhananïng aldïnda. Ештеме етпейді. Pochta qay zherde? Pochta awruwkhananïng ar zhaghïnda. 2. парк park 2.10. Role-play your dialogues. A. Базар қай жерде? Базар милиция бөлімі мен мешіттің арасында. You are welcome. Вокзал қай жерде? Вокзал парктің қарсысында. A. милиция бөлімі militsiya bölimi 5. Парк аурухананың алдында. Vokzal qay zherde? Vokzal parkting qarsïsïnda. park qay zherde? A. Check your work with the Answer Key. Model: A. Кешіріңіз. Köl qay zherde? Köl ormannïng zhanïnda.

a hospital. across from. a restaurant. a movie theater. D. Use the prepositions: between. Now describe the locations of each facility. 2. Use the following vocabulary: a store. come up with a list of the facilities on your base. Work with a partner or in small groups. B. C. In Kazakh. next to. 90 . The field is in front of the farm. Then draw a schematic map of the base. The market is south of the bridge. Translate each phrase into Kazakh. a park. The bank is between the church and the bus station. Check your work with the Answer Key. an airfield. in front of. and your language training facility. a police station. F. A. The café is across from the bookstore.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. The restaurant is next to the hotel. E. a hotel. a church. The park is north of the lake. a forest.

əуежай Вокзал Автостанция Аптека Аурухана Кинотеатр Зауыт Колхоз Почта Дала Полиция бөлімі Алдында Жанында Арасында Ар жағында Қарсысында 91 . äwezhay vokzal avtostantsiya apteka?? darihana?? awruwkhana kinoteatr zawıt kolkhoz pochta dala politsiya bölimi aldında zhanında arasında ar zhaghında qarsısında Қайда? Қай жерде? Солтүстік Оңтүстік Шығыс Батыс Тау Көл Өзен Орман Көпір Дүкен/магазин Базар Шіркеу/мешіт Ресторан Кафе Парк Банк Аэропорт.Vocabulary List Where North South East West Mountain Lake River Forest Bridge Store Market Church/mosque Restaurant Café Park Bank Airport Train station Bus station Pharmacy Hospital Movie Theater Factory Collective Farm Post office Field Police station In front of Next to Between Around the corner from Across from qayda? qay zherde? soltüstik ongtüstik shïghïs batıs taw köl özen orman köpir düken/magazin bazar shirkew/meshit restoran kafe park bank aeroport.

The airport is west of the hotel. 4. 3. 3. F 10. 6. Where is the post office? The post office is around the corner from the hospital. 7. C I H J L K 7. The river is east of the mountains. 5. north bridge bus station café post office mosque farm mountain 1. The river is south of the farm. 5. 2. D 11. G 12. 4. 2. 6. The movie theater is east of the hospital. A 8. 3. 3.ANSWER KEY Exercise 5 1. 4. Where is the lake? The lake is next to the forest. Exercise 8 1. 2. 2. The mountains and lakes are east of the forest. 4. 6. E Exercise 6 1. 5. солтүстік көпір автостанция кафе почта мешіт колхоз тау Exercise 10 1. Where is the café? It is in front of the hotel. 8. 5. 4. Where is the train station? The train station is across from the park. 92 . 7. 6. The market is south of the bank 2. The lake is north of the park. 5. 3. Where is the market? The market is between the police station and the mosque. 8. 7. B 9.

Парк көлдің солтүстік жағында. Дала колхоздың алдында. 93 . Park kölding soltüstik zhaghïnda. Базар көпірдің оңтүстігінде. Dala kolkhozdïng aldïnda. E. Кафе кітап дүкенінің қарсысында. Bazar köpirding ongtüstiginde. Bank shirkewmen avtostantsiyanïng arasïnda. F. B. Ресторан мейманхананың жанында. C. Банк шіркеумен автостанцияның арасында. Restoran meymankhananïng zhanïnda. D.End of Lesson Exercise 1 A. Kafe kitap dükenining qarsïsïnda.

” and “to take” .000.The modal verb “can. 50.000. and 10. The word tenge originally means “coin. and is available in bills of 100. The cost of living in larger cities is several times more than that in the countryside.000. the economy is growing rapidly. 5. Note: A tenge is currently worth approximately 130 to the US dollar (2006).Names of foods and stores . 20.” 94 . and a generous pension system.” “to buy.” The economy of Kazakhstan has gone through some major changes in recent years following the breakup of the Soviet Union and the development of the oil industry in the Caspian Sea. The local currency in Kazakhstan is the tenge (теңге).Customs and practices accepted in the Kazakhstan marketplaces .How to make purchases in Kazakhstan shops . 500.Lesson 7 Shopping Базарда Bazarda This lesson will introduce you to: . and a large segment of the populace left economically impoverished by the disappearance of guaranteed employment.000. and 100. While the average per capita GDP is still less than $2. since the populace consists of: rich tycoons who have taken advantage of the collapse of the old system (as well as new economic opportunities). 2.” “to pay.The verbs “to want. stable prices. and in coins of 1. 5. 200. To describe an “average” income level would be misleading. 10. though amenities and utilities are much scarcer in the latter. 1.000.

Apple alma алма Melon qawïn қауын Onion piyaz пияз Potato kartop картоп Milk süt сүт Butter sarïmay сарымай Egg zhumïrtqa жұмыртқа Yoghurt ayran айран Rice kürish күріш* Bread nan нан Sugar sheker шекер Ice Cream balmuzdaq/morozh enoe балмұздақ / морожежное Lamb qoy eti қой еті Chicken tawïq тауық * .1.Note: the word kürish refers only to uncooked rice. One can say “Palaw zhedim” but not “Kürish zhedim. Listen to the following vocabulary and repeat after the speaker.” 95 . which is prepared as palaw (pilaf).

kartoptarïm bar. Бақыт киім-кешек дүкенінде істейді. Listen to the speaker and follow along in the workbook. Talghat azïq-tülik dükeninde isteydi. piyaz. Ол сатушы. 96 . Familiarize yourself with the new vocabulary. Look at the pictures and try to guess the meaning of the underlined words. Ol satuwshï. Ol satuwshï. Ол кассир. Work in pairs or in small groups. Бұл азық-түлік дүкені. Ol kassir. Ask your partner what foods he/she has at home. Use the model below. 3. Үйіңізде немене бар? Üyingizde nemene bar? B. картоптарым бар. MODEL: A. Ол сатушы. Ol kassir. Сəуле азық-түлік дүкенінде істейді. Säwle azïq-tülik dükeninde isteydi. Bul azïq-tülik dükeni. Талғат азық-түлік дүкенінде істейді. Aygül kiyim-keshek dükeninde isteydi. Ол кассир. Alma. Айгүл киім-кешек дүкенінде істейді. пияз. Baqït kiyim-keshek dükeninde isteydi.2. Алма.

if any. can be quite different from what Americans are used to. zhe + mekshi – “wants to eat” Siz ne zhemekshisiz? = What do you want to eat? The negative “is not” is formed by adding emes: Men zhemekshi emespin = I don’t want to eat (any).Did you understand new words? азық-түлік дүкені / azïq-tülik dükeni means grocery store кассир / kassir means cashier сатушы / satuwshï means salesperson киім-кешек дүкені / kiyim-keshek dükeni means clothing store Cultural note: Consumer products were not sold in great variety during the Soviet era. the verb al. Bargaining in markets is a good idea. giving a meaning somewhat similar to “wanting to. eggs are typically sold singly or in cartons of 30. for example: Barasïz ba? = Do you (want to) go? Zheysiz be? = Do you (want to) eat? While technically the verb for “to buy” in Kazakh is satïp al-. While larger cities have a small selection of department stores. MODEL: A. “univermag. Kazakhs may also use present tense verbs in places where the English word “want” would be used. grocery stores are fairly new and markets are probably the best place to find grocery items. Talghat works at the grocery store. The simplest way to express this idea is by adding the suffix –maqshï/-mekshi/-paqshï/-pekshi to the verb.” Here are some examples with verbs you know: bar + maqshï – “wants to go” Talghat Almatïgha barmaqshï.. Note: Kazakh does not have a separate verb for “to want” like in English. Department stores are most likely referred to by name or by the old Soviet name. Талғат азық-түлік дүкенінде істейді. but first find out what locals pay for items before you buy. Work in pairs or in small groups. = Talghat wants to go to Almaty. Talghat azïq-tülik dükeninde isteydi.” 4. and it is only recently that products have increased and familiar store types have opened. Many such basic items can be found in small kiosks. Packaging of items.(to get) will often suffice: 97 . Талғат қайда істейді? Talghat qayda isteydi? Where does Talghat work? B. but it is a good idea to shop around for prices and variety. Make up dialogues using the model below. For example..

” Мен .. сатып алмақшысыз. Сіз . 6.. Olar . Aynur kitap almaqshï. Ол . satïp almaqshïmïz. satïp almaqshïsïz. Biz . Біз . сатып алмақшы. Талғат сағат сатып алмақшы.. Murat saghat satïp almaqshï. 1... Men . Мұрат қой етін алмақшы. satïp almaqshïmïn. Familiarize yourself with the new vocabulary.... Did you understand new words? Кітап дүкені /Kitap dükeni means bookstore сағат /saghat means clock базарлық дүкені /bazarlïq dükeni means gift store Мұрат сағат сатып алмақшы... 98 . сатып алмақшымын. C. сатып алмақшымыз. Talghat saghat satïp almaqshï. They want to buy yoghurt. Ol bazarlïq dükeninde. Ол кітап дүкенінде. Siz . Aynur kitap satïp almaqshï. My sister wants to buy clothes.. Сарымай мен нан алмақшымын. Check your answers with the Answer Key..... satïp almaqshï. сатып алмақшы. Ol kitap dükeninde. A. 4.. Listen to the speaker and follow along in the workbook.. Match each Kazakh sentence in the left column with the English equivalent in the right column. D. Айнұр кітап сатып алмақшы. Ol . Олар . satïp almaqshï. Ол базарлық дүкенінде.. Murat qoy etin almaqshï. 5.Televizor satïp almaqshïmïn or Televizor almaqshïmïn both mean “I want to buy a television. 2. Murat wants to buy lamb. B. Айнұр кітап алмақшы. Look at the pictures and try to guess the meaning of the underlined words. I want to buy bread and butter... 3. Sarïmay men nan almaqshïmïn.

say “Bolmaydï. etc. kitap dükeni (book + store + “its”) or qoy eti (sheep + meat + “its”). Sawgha satïp almaqshïmïz. however. will be expected to both pay more and to give up haggling more quickly. G. then go back to the least expensive seller. You may find spices or fruit to be incredibly cheap. See the chart below for some examples.means “to be good or acceptable. Сауға сатып алмақшымыз. 7. or “loaf bread.” as opposed to flat Central Asian bread.” To refuse the price. You need to buy some food and gifts. Қарындасым киім алмақшы. for example. “Bes zhüz bolmay ma. when using nouns of quantity such as kilo of. Work with a partner or in small groups. while meat or imported foods are relatively expensive.. bag of. Grammar note: E.” When going through a market. F. you can use the phase “. say for example. Aynur wants to buy a book. there is no need for the +i/+ï suffix on the second noun. Bread.” rather the loaf-type bread is simply called bölke nan. is not usually referred to in quantities of “loaves. Just because they refuse to sell at a lower price. say. liter of. Olar ayran almaqshï.. bottle of. does not mean that is the lowest they will take.5. Talghat wants to buy a clock. it is best. Qarïndasïm kiyim almaqshï. “Arzanï zhoq pa?” To ask if they won’t sell it for a lower price. like the locals.” which means “how about 500?” To accept the price. Make a shopping list and tell your partner in Kazakh what you want to buy. Prices will change throughout the season..” Here the verb bol. with the beginning and end of a season fetching the highest prices. We want to buy a gift. as a foreigner. to look as uninterested as possible. While normally two nouns in relation to each other require a possessive suffix on the second noun. A pound/kilo of melons A box of rice A bag of potatoes A bottle of water A liter of milk bir kilo qawïn bir korobka kürish bir qap kartop bir bütilke suw bir litr süt бір кило қауын бір коробка күріш бір қап картоп бір бүтілке су бір литр сүт 7. if you want to ask if there’s nothing cheaper. bowl of. 99 . Pretend that you are planning to have a surprise birthday party for one of your classmates. Grammar note: To ask the price of something. qansha turadï?” For example. Олар айран алмақшы. 6. “Bir kilo qoy eti qansha turadï?” means “How much is one kilo of lamb?” Cultural note: In the bazaar. and to both ask the price yourself and watch what the locals are paying. say “Boladï. since you.

Bir bölke nan 265 tengge. Бір кило қой еті – 815 теңге. Бір бүтілке су – 119 теңге. 4. One of your classmates is a salesperson. 2. Qansha turadï? B. Work in pairs or in small groups. B. Otïz zhumïrtqa 248 tengge. Бір бүтілке айран 250 теңге.8. киім-кешек дүкені kiyim-keshek dükeni азық-түлік дүкені azïq-tülik dükeni кітап дүкені kitap dükeni базарлық дүкені bazarlïq dükeni əмбебап дүкені/универмаг ämbebap dükeni/univermag 1. Raxmet. Бір бөлке нан 265 теңге. Saw bolïngïz. ayran almaqshïmïn. Thank you. A bottle of yoghurt is 250 tenge. 5. Excuse me. Əке шешем сауғаларды ______________________ дүкенінен* сауға сатып алады. 7. A. A. Pretend you want to buy the items listed below. 9. Complete the sentences using the words in the box above the sentences. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Қанша тұрады? Qarangïz-shï*. 3. Сау болыңыз. Bir kilo qoy eti – 815 tengge. Бір кило қауын 345 теңге. Bir kilo qawïn 345 tengge. Ағам ______________________ дүкенінен кітап алады. 2. Отыз жұмыртқа 248 теңге. 3. Раxмет. 1. Agham ______________________ dükeninen kitap aladï. Bir bütilke süt 450 tengge. 6. Bir qap kartop 159 tengge. Bir bütilke suw – 119 tengge. Listen to the following dialogue and repeat after the speaker. How much is it? Қараңыз-шы*. Олар ______________________ дүкенінен пияз бен картоп сатып алады. Äke sheshem sawghalardï ______________________ dükeninen* sawgha satïp aladï. Бір қап картоп 159 теңге. I want to buy yoghurt. айран алмақшымын. Bir bütilke ayran 250 tenge. Бір бүтілке сүт 450 теңге. 100 . Olar ______________________ dükeninen piyaz ben kartop satïp aladï. You are welcome. 10. Role-play an “In the Shop” dialogue using the dialogue above as a model.

“possibility” or “opportunity.. Qarïndasïm ekewimiz ______________________ dükeninen kiyim alamïz. To say “from a . кітап. zhäne sawgha satïp aluwïmïz mümkin.” you will say “dükeninen. кітап* жəне сауға сатып аламыз. Sheshem bankting qarsïsïndaghï bazarlïq dükeninen/azïq-tülik dükeninen sheker aladï.” To say “(someone) and I. Kiyim-keshek dükeninen/kitap dükeninen kitap alamïn..” There are other forms for expressing ability (“I can run fast. Grammar note: To express the idea of “can” as in. Киім-кешек дүкенінен/кітап дүкенінен кітап аламын. not “at. like the suffix for “at”. Qarïndasïm bazarlïq dükeninen/azïq-tülik dükeninen sawgha aladï. 5. жəне сауға сатып алуымыз мүмкін. 3.”) and for asking permission (“Can I go now?”).. kitap. ______________________ дүкенінен киім-кешек. kitaptar zhäne sawgha satïp alamïz. Қарындасым екеуіміз* ______________________ дүкенінен киім аламыз. Шешем банктің қарсысындаңы базарлық дүкенінен/азық-түлік дүкенінен шекер алады.. “Kitap aldïm” could mean “I got a book. +de/+da. See the examples for baruw (“to go”) below. Atam men äzhem kitap dükeninen/azïq-tulik dükeninen süt pen sarïmay satïp aladï. plural meaning. Универмагтан/кітап дүкенінен киім-кешек.” where ekewimiz means “we two or both of us. Қарындасым базарлық дүкенінен/азық-түлік дүкенінен сауға алады.” 11. Univermagtan/kitap dükeninen kiyim-keshek.” one uses the word mümkin (“possible”) after the gerund form (verb stem + uw) of the verb.” or “I got books.4. Note that this expresses only one meaning of “can.” Kazakhs say the equivalent of “(someone). we two . 1.. Listen to the following sentences and circle the words you hear... plus variations. you buy things “from” a store. 5. 4. I can go You can go He/she can go We can go You can go They can go baruwïm mümkin baruwïngïz mümkin baruwï mümkin baruwïmïz mümkin baruwïngïz mümkin baruwï mümkin баруым мүмкін баруыңыз мүмкін баруы мүмкін баруымыз мүмкін баруыңыз мүмкін баруы мүмкін 101 . 2. Check your answers with the Answer Key. store. Атам мен əжем кітап дүкенінен/азық-тұлік дүкенінен сүт пен сарымай сатып алады.” Kazakh use plurals very sparingly: often a single noun has a general. * Grammar note: in Kazakh. ______________________ dükeninen kiyim-keshek.” The “from” suffix is +den/+dan.

Жоқ. Мұрат: Немене алмақшысыз? Murat: Nemene almaqshïsïz? 102 . a) Listen to the following dialogue and repeat after the speaker. Follow along in the workbook. Жақсысыз ба? Maral: Sälem. нақты ақша керек. Zhaqsïsïz ba? Мұрат: Қайда кетіп бара жатырсыз? Murat: Qayda ketip bara zhatïrsïz? Марал: Азық-түлік дүкеніне бара жатырмын. naqtï aqsha kerek. Make up similar dialogues using the words below. sälem! Amansïz ba? Марал: Сəлем. Мұрат: Марал. 265 теңге. two bottles of water екі бүтілке су / eki bütilke suw 2. Qansha turadï? B. but we only take cash. Мұрат.” b) Role-play the dialogue above. Bir bölke nan almaqshïmïn. How much is it? Сəлем. A. and read along with.12.* Zhoq. Қанша тұрады? Sälem. ten eggs он жұмыртқа /on zhumïrtqa 13. the dialogue and then answer the follow-up questions. I want to buy a loaf of bread. a kilo of butter бір кило сарымай /bir kilo sarïmay 5. Listen to. Check your work with the Answer Key. I’m sorry. * Literally “cash is necessary. Can I pay with a credit card? Кредит карточкасымен төлесем бола ма? Kredit kartochkasïmen tölesem bola ma? B. Бір бөлке нан алмақшымын. It is 265 tenge. сəлем! Амансыз ба? Murat: Maral. a book кітап /kitap 3. Maral: Azïq-tülik dükenine bara zhatïrmïn. 265 tenge. Murat. 1. a bottle of milk бір бүтілке сүт /bir bütilke süt 4. A. Hello.

Siz qayda ketip bara zhatïrsïz? Мұрат: Мен де универмагқа бара жатырмын. Questions: 1. 2. Кітап немесе сағат алмақшымын. Марал: Сіз немене алмақшысыз? Murat: Men de univermagqa bara zhatïrmïn. Kitap nemese saghat almaqshïmïn. 4. Murat: Atamgha sawgha almaqshïmïn. 3. Марал: Сауғаларды базарлық дүкенінен аламын. Where is Maral going? What does she want to buy? Where is Murat going? What does he want to buy? 103 . бір кило қауын алмақшымын. Сіз қайда кетіп бара жатырсыз? Maral: Nan.Марал: Нан. Maral: Siz nemene almaqshïsïz? Мұрат: Атамға сауға алмақшымын. екі бүтілке су. bir kilo qawïn almaqshïmïn. Maral: Sawghalardï bazarlïq dükeninen alamïn. eki bütilke suw.

3.$2. Translate the following into Kazakh. B. Where do you buy onions and potatoes? Do you take credit cards? No. we take cash. A. What would you tell a salesperson in Kazakhstan if you wanted to buy a carton of milk/a watch/a dozen eggs? How would you ask the price of each item? Role-play the dialogue. C.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. 104 . D. explain where you buy groceries/gifts/books/clothes. I will buy the gift for my sister in the clothing store. How much is a loaf of bread? . In Kazakh. Check your work with the Answer Key.35 2.

Тұрады. qarangïz-shï .....Vocabulary List How much …? It is… Excuse me (look at me) I want to buy… Apple Butter Chicken Lamb Ice cream Milk Onion Melon Potato Sugar Rice Yoghurt Eggs A pound/kilo of butter A bag of potatoes A loaf of bread A bottle of water A box of rice Department Store Clothing Store Grocery Store Bookstore Gift Gift Store Bread Credit card Cash Cashier Salesperson To buy To take To pay for Necessary Where are you going? . alma sarïmay tawïq qoy eti balmuzdaq/morozhenoe süt piyaz qawïn kartop sheker kürish ayran zhumïrtqa bir kilo sarïmay bir qap kartop bir bölke nan bir bütilke suw bir korobka kürish univermag/ämbebap dükeni kiyim-keshek dükeni azïq-tülik dükeni kitap dükeni sawgha bazarlïq dükeni nan kredit kartochkasï naqtï aqsha kassir satuwshï satïp alaltölekerek qayda ketip bara zhatïrsïz? .... (satïp) almaqshïmïn... (Сатып) алмақшымын.. Алма Сарымай Тауық Қой еті Балмұздақ/мороженое Сүт Пияз Қауын Картоп Шекер Күріш Айран Жұмыртқа Бір кило сарымай Бір қап картоп Бір бөлке нан Бір бүтілке су Бір коробка күріш Универмаг/əмбебап дүкені Киім-кешек дүкені Азық-түлік дүкені Кітап дүкені Сауға Базарлық дүкені Нан Кредит карточкасы Нақты ақша Кассир Сатушы Сатып алАлТөлеКерек Қайда кетіп бара жатырсыз? 105 .. Қараңыз-шы . turadï.. Қанша тұрады? . qansha turadï? .

2. 4. универмаг/əмбебап дүкені Exercise 13 1. My brother buys books at the bookstore. C F A E G B D I want to buy bread and butter. They buy onions and potatoes at the grocery store. and gifts at the department store. Murat wants to buy lamb. Murat: What do you want to buy? 106 . My sister and I buy clothes at the clothing store. 7. Maral Maral: Hello. My sister buys gifts at the gift store. She wants buy bread. 2. kitap dükeni bazarlïq dükeni azïq-tülik dükeni azïq-tülik dükeni univermag/ämbebap dükeni I buy books in the bookstore. 5. Exercise 10 1. books. He wants to buy a book or a clock. Murat! Murat: Where are you going? Maral: I am going to the grocery store. 3. We can buy clothes. Murat : Hello. азық-түлік дүкені 4. базарлық дүкені 3. кітап дүкені 2. We want to buy a gift. and a pound of pears. кітап дүкені 4. 6. Murat is going to the department store. азық-түлік дүкені 5. азық-түлік дүкені 3. They want to buy yoghurt My sister wants to buy clothes. bazarlïq dükeni azïq-tülik dükeni kitap dükeni kiyim-keshek dükeni univermag/ämbebap dükeni My parents buy gifts at the gift store. two bottles of water. 3. Maral is going to the grocery store. 4. books and gifts at the department store. My mother buys sugar at the grocery store across from the bank. Aynur wants to buy a book. Talghat wants to buy a clock.ANSWER KEY Exercise 6 1. We buy clothes. киім-кешек дүкені 5. базарлық дүкені 2. универмаг/əмбебап дүкені Exercise 11 1. My grandparents buy milk and butter at the grocery store.

Do you take credit cards? No.235 tengge.235 теңге. naqtï aqsha kerek. I buy gifts at the gift store. What do you want to buy? I want to buy a gift for my grandfather.Zhoq. C. How much is a loaf of bread? – 235 tenge. End of Lesson Exercise 1 A.Maral: Murat: Maral: Murat: Maral: I want to buy bread. I will buy the gift for my sister in the clothing store. Where are you going? I am going to the department store.Жоқ. Бір бөлке нан қанша тұрады? . and a pound of pears. Кредит карточкаларын аласыз ба? . Where do you buy onions and potatoes? Пияз бен картопты қайдан сатып аласыз? Piyaz ben kartoptï qaydan satïp alasïz? B. нақты ақша керек. we take cash. 107 . I want to buy a book or a clock. Bir bölke nan qansha turadï? . Kiyim-keshek dükeninen qarïndasïma sawgha alamïn. D. two bottles of water. Kredit kartochkalarïn alasïz ba? . Киім-кешек дүкенінен қарындасыма сауға аламын.

In the larger cities. The classic Kazakh dishes are palaw (pilaf). and mantï (large pot stickers). qazï (horse sausage).Various menu items .Lesson 8 Eating Out Ресторанда Restoranda This lesson will introduce you to: . one can find a variety of restaurants. besbarmaq (boiled mutton and broth on a bed of wide noodles). especially Almaty and Astana. 108 .How to order menu items . does not have a lot of variety and is mostly based on boiled mutton.Different table service items. Traditional Kazakh food. ranging from those serving traditional Kazakh food to international cuisines.Eating out in a restaurant in Kazakhstan . while tasty.

Кешіріңіз. I want a cup of coffee. Imagine that you have 2. Excuse me. waiter. and read along with. Sorry. Small World Restaurant Pilaf Salad Soup Manty Fried potatoes Pasta noodles Chicken Mutton Beshbarmak Ice Cream Cake Orange Juice Apple Juice Coffee Milk Tea Beer Wine palaw salat sorpa mantï quwïrïlghan kartop makaron tawïq qoy eti besbarmaq balmuzdaq tort apelsin suwï alma suwï kofye süt shay sïra/pivo sharap/vino палау салат сорпа манты қуырылған картоп макарон тауық қой еті бесбармақ балмұздақ торт апельсин суы алма суы кофе сүт шай сыра/пиво шарап/вино 300 теңге 300 теңге 300 теңге 500 теңге 350 теңге 300 теңге 600 теңге 600 теңге 500 теңге 200 теңге 250 теңге 150 теңге 150 теңге 150 теңге 100 теңге 150 теңге 250 теңге 400 теңге 2. B. B. A. ofitsant. the following dialogue between a waiter and a patron. шай бар. please. bizde kofye zhoq.* Keshiringiz. We do not have coffee. but we have tea. Repeat the words after the speaker. shay bar. Кешіріңіз.500 tenge. Look at the restaurant menu below. A. Keshiringiz. офицант. Yes. A.1. 109 . Qane? Bir kese kofye äkelingiz. бізде кофе жоқ. A) Listen to. and follow along in the workbook.* A. B. Бір чашка кофе əкеліңіз. Қане? B. What would you order at the “Small World Restaurant”? 3.

B. A. I want a piece of chocolate cake. What do you recommend? B.шай 2. 110 . бір шыны кофе . Zhaqsïsïz ba? Ne zheysizder? Siz nemene usïnasïz? Öte zhaqsï quwïrïlghan tawïq pen makaron bar. Олар өте дəмді. Hello. B. бір стакан сүт – шай/кофе 3. Biz quwïrïlghan tawïq pen makaron alayïq. Yes. They are delicious. Very well. Any dessert? A. Nemene ishesiz? Sütti shay. Немене ішесіз? B. манты мен салат – тауық пен қуырылған картоп bir shïnï kofye . Жарайды. What do you want to drink? A. A. You can substitute some words with any food from the “Small World Restaurant” menu.* Literally “bring. Болады. Olar öte dämdi. A. A. please. A cup of tea with milk. Pay attention to the new words. Bir tilim shokolattï tort alamïn. Follow along in your workbook. We have wonderful fried chicken and pasta. Бір тілім шоколатты торт аламын. A. Fried chicken and pasta. Тəтті аласыз ба? B. Zharaydï. Listen to the following dialogue that takes place at a restaurant.shay bir stakan süt – shay/kofye bir stakan apelsin suwï – alma suwï mantï men salat – tawïq pen quwïrïlghan kartop 4. 1. Сіз немене ұсынасыз? A. Mine kvitantsiyangïz. A.” B) Make up similar dialogues using the words and word combinations that are in the box. Біз қуырылған тауық пен макарон алайық. B. бір стакан апельсин суы – алма суы 4. Өте жақсы қуырылған тауық пен макарон бар. Жақсысыз ба? Не жейсіздер? B. Role-play the dialogue. Tätti alasïz ba? Boladï. Сүтті шай. What do you want to eat? A. Here is your bill. Міне квитанцияңыз.

Ol ne zhedi? Makaron ben ______ zhedi. Check your answers with the Answer Key. tell your classmates in Kazakh what you ate and drank at a restaurant the last time you were there. Ол не _____? ____ ішті. Fill in the blanks with the missing words. Ол не жеді? Макарон бен ______ жеді. менің _____ менімен бірге еді. Ol ne _____? ____ ishti. Болады. Present tense I drink You drink He drinks We drink You drink They drink Kredit kartïmen tölesem bola ma? Boladï. Yes. Ötken _______ qay zherde tamaq zhedingiz? _______da tamaq zhedim. Siz ne ____ ? Quwïrïlghan kartoppen _____ zhedim. Кредит картымен төлесем бола ма? A. Жалғыз жедіңіз бе? Жоқ. 6. Using the restaurant menu at the beginning of the lesson. Past Tense I drank You drank He drank We drank You drank They drank ishemin ishesiz ishedi ishemiz ishesizder olar ishedi ішемін ішесіз ішеді ішеміз ішесіздер олар ішеді ishtim ishtingiz ishti ishtik ishtingizder olar ishti іштім іштіңіз ішті іштік іштіңіздер олар ішті 5. 111 . you can. mening _____ menimen birge edi. Өткен _______ қай жерде тамақ жедіңіз? _______да тамақ жедім.B. Сіз не ____ ? Қуырылған картоппен _____ жедім. Listen and read along with the dialogue. Zhalghïz zhedingiz be? Zhoq. A. Ne ishtingiz? _____ ishtim. Не іштіңіз? _____ іштім. Can I pay with a credit card? B.

E. Yes. G. Can I have a spoon? B. MODEL: A. of course. 6. Qasïq alsam bola ma? Äriyne boladï. Plate tabaq табақ Bowl shïnï шыны Cup kese кесе Glass stakan Стакан Knife pïshaq пышақ Fork shanïshqï шанышқы Spoon qasïq қасық Napkin maylïq майлық 8. Қасық алсам бола ма? A. Here you are. Əрине болады. D. 3. 8. 1. Listen to the following model. 4. Mine. B. Match the English words in the left column with the Kazakh equivalents in the right column. Plate Bowl Cup Glass Knife Fork Spoon Napkin qasïq stakan pïshaq shanïshqï shïnï tabaq salfetka/ maylïq kese/ piala A. 2. B. H. 7. alïngïz. 112 . Qasïghïm zhoq.7. Compose similar sentences using the words in the box below the model. F. Below are some table service items. C. қасық стакан пышақ шанышқы шыны табақ салфетка кесе 9. Repeat after the speaker. I do not have a spoon. Listen and repeat after the speaker. 5. алыңыз. Check your work with the Answer Key. Міне. Қасығым жоқ.

He does not have a glass / plate. 6. I want a glass of milk / juice. стакан maylïq kese shanïshqï pïshaq stakan 10. They ate fried potatoes and chicken / fish. шанышқы 4. 1. She had soup and hamburger / salad and beef. We drank orange juice / apple juice at a restaurant. 2. Listen to the speaker and circle the words you hear. Check your answers with the Answer Key. 3. Did you eat salad / pasta? 4. 113 .1.Can I have a knife / fork? 7. майлық 2. кесе 3. пышақ 5. 5.

Өте дəмді еді. Pretend that you are at a restaurant now. apelsin suwïn ba? Tamaqtan keyin shokolattï tort zhedi me? Äkem ne zhedi? Sharap ishti me? Äkem kredit kartïmen töledi me? Zhaqsï waqït ötkizdik pe? 114 . Öte zhaqsï waqït ötkizdik. Work in pairs or in small groups. Тамақтан кейін шоколатты торт жеді ме? 9. бірақ əкем нақты ақшамен төледі. and you need a fork and a napkin. shekerli shay ishti. аңам. Answer the questions that follow in complete sentences in Kazakh. Kredit kartïmen tölemekshi edim. Өткен жұма күні жұмыстан шыққандан кейін. əкеммен шешем “Кішкене Дүние” ресторанына бардық. Шарап ішті ме? 11. 3. Check the Answer Key to review your translation and check your answers. сорпа. äkemmen sheshem “Kishkene Düniye” restoranïna bardïq. Ол алма суын ішті ме. апельсин суын ба? 8. Ол не ішті? 6. biraq äkem naqtï aqshamen töledi. Read and translate the following text into English. Ofitsant salat. men. 2. қуырылған картоп жəне салат жеді. Мен тауықпен салат жедім. sorpa.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. Өте жақсы уақыт өткіздік. Ол банктің қарсысында кішкене ресторан. Жақсы уақыт өткіздік пе? Bul zhanuyasï restorangha qashan bardï? Restoran qay zherde? Ofitsant qaysï tamaq usïndï? Inim ne zhedi? Ol ne ishti? Sheshem sorpamen gamburger zhedi me? Ol alma suwïn ishti me. Кредит картымен төлемекші едім. Sheshem sorpadan keyin gamburger zhedi. agham. Ресторан қай жерде? 3. Əкем не жеді? 10. Тамақтан кейін торт жеді жəне кофе ішті. Офицант салат. жəне палау ұсынды. Бұл жанұясы ресторанға қашан барды? 2. Шешем сорпамен гамбургер жеді ме? 7. 4. Inim salatpen mantï zhedi. Шешем сорпадан кейін гамбургер жеді. Інім не жеді? 5. Role-play the dialogue. Əкем қой етін. Офицант қайсы тамақ ұсынды? 4. What would you say in Kazakh if you wanted to eat salad and fried potatoes? You also want a cup of coffee. What would you say in Kazakh if you did not know what to choose? Your classmate is a waiter. Say in Kazakh what you usually eat and drink for breakfast / lunch / dinner. Say in Kazakh what you ate and drank at a restaurant the last time you were there. Ötken zhuma küni zhumïstan shïqqandan keyin. Ol bankting qarsïsïnda kishkene restoran. quwïrïlghan kartop zhäne salat zhedi. Tamaqtan keyin tort zhedi zhäne kofye ishti. мен. Äkem qoy etin. Öte dämdi edi. Алма суын ішті. Əкем кредит картымен төледі ме? 12. Tamaqtan keyin büldirgendi tort zhedi. шекерлі шай ішті. Тамақтан кейін бүлдіргенді торт жеді. Alma suwïn ishti. zhäne palaw usïndï. 1. Інім салатпен манты жеді. Men tawïqpen salat zhedim.

/ алыңыз ІшЖеҰсынӨте жақсы/əдемі Өте жақсы/дəмді/тəтті Квитанция Шарап/вино Сыра/пиво Əкеліңіз 115 .. / alïngïz ishzheusïnöte zhaqsï/ädemi öte zhaqsï/dämdi/tätti kvitantsiya sharap/vino sïra/pivo äkelingiz Палау Манты Бесбармақ Алма суы Шыны Торт Кофе Кесе/чашка Шанышқы/вилка Қуырылған Стакан Пышақ Майлық/салфетка Апельсин суы Табақ Салат Сорпа Қасық Шай Сиыр еті Гамбургер Бүлдірген Міне....Vocabulary List Pilaf Manty (meat dumplings) Beshbarmak Apple juice Bowl Cake Coffee Cup Fork Fried Glass Knife Napkin Orange juice Plate Salad Soup Spoon Tea Beef Hamburger Strawberry Here you are To Drink / drank To eat /ate Recommend Wonderful Delicious Bill Wine Beer Please bring palaw mantï besbarmaq alma suwï shïnï tort kofye kese/chashka shanïshqï/vilka quwïrïlghan stakan pïshaq maylïq/salfetka apelsin suwï tabaq salat sorpa qasïq shay sïyïr eti gamburger büldirgen mine.

Exercise 10 milk apple juice pasta lamb salad and pilaf knife glass süt alma suwï makaron qoy eti salatpen palaw pïshaq stakan 1. Plate Bowl Cup Glass Knife Fork Spoon Napkin Tabaq Shïnï Kese Stakan Pïshaq Shanïshqï Qasïq Maylïq F E H B C D A G Табақ Шыны Кесе Стакан Пышақ Шанышқы Қасық Майлық Ötken zheksenbi küni qay zherde tamaq zhedingiz? Restoranda tamaq zhedim. Сіз не жедіңіз? Тауық пен қуырылған картоп жедім. 6. Zhalghïz zhedingiz be? Zhoq. 3. қой еті 5. салатпен палау 6. стаканы 116 . 4. 8. Ол не жеді? Макарон бен тауық жеді. макарон 4. Did you eat alone? No. 5. Ол не ішті? Шай ішті. Ne ishtingiz? Kofye ishtim. Ol ne ishti? Shay ishti. Exercise 8 1. my brother was with me. сүт 2. Ol ne zhedi? Makaron ben tawïq zhedi. алма суы 3. 2. менің інім менімен бірге еді. What did he drink? He drank tea. Siz ne zhedingiz? Tawïq pen quwïrïlghan kartop zhedim. Өткен жексенбі күні қай жерде тамақ жедіңіз? Ресторанда тамақ жедім. Не іштіңіз? Кофе іштім. пышақ 7. What did you drink? I drank coffee. Жалғыз жедіңіз бе? Жоқ. 7.ANSWER KEY Exercise 6 Where did you eat last Sunday? I ate at a restaurant. What did you eat? I ate chicken and fried potatoes. What did he eat? He ate pasta and chicken. mening inim menimen birge edi.

pilaf. He ate a piece of cake for dessert and drank coffee. salad. For dessert she had a piece of strawberry cake. жəне салат ұсынды. and salad. Ofitsant qaysï tamaq usïndï? Sorpa. Bul zhanuyasï restorangha qashan bardï? Bul zhanuyasï ötken zhuma küni bardï. My father ate lamb. 3. Бұл жанұясы ресторанға қашан барды? Бұл жанұясы өткен жұма күні барды. zhäne salat usïndï. but my father paid cash. What did he drink? He drank tea with lemon and sugar. What did the waiter recommend? He recommended fried chicken. Restoran qayzherde? Restoran bankting qarsïsïnda. It was delicious! I wanted to pay with a credit card. Ол не ішті? Шекерлі шай ішті. My (younger) brother ate salad and manty. and pasta. Бір стакан сүт алмақшымын. A waiter recommended we have soup. 2. 3. 117 . 5. Mакарон жедіңіз бе? 4. Ol ne ishti? Shekerli shay ishti. Біз алма суын ресторанда іштік. She drank apple juice. палау. 1. Inim ne zhedi? Salatpen mantï zhedi. Бір пышақ алсам бола ма? 7. Олар қуырылған картоп пен қой етін жеді. 6. Last Friday after work. our parents and I went to the restaurant “Small World.” It’s a small restaurant across from the bank. 5. I ate chicken and salad. he drank tea with sugar. End of Lesson Exercise 4 Check your translation of the text. Оның стаканы жоқ. Then compare your answers to the questions below. When did the family go to the restaurant? The family went to the restaurant last Friday. Офицант қайсы тамақ ұсынды? Сорпа. We had a wonderful evening. Інім не жеді? Салатпен манты жеді. Ол салатпен палау жеді. My mother ate soup and then a hamburger. 2. What did my brother eat? He ate salad and manty. 4.1. fried potatoes. and salad. Where is the restaurant? The restaurant is across from the bank Ресторан қайжерде? Ресторан банктің қарсысында. my brother. palaw.

Äkem ne zhedi? Qoy etin. she had strawberry cake. kofye ishti. Zhaqsï waqït ötkizdik pe? Iyä. it was. Əкем не жеді? Қой етін. Тамақтан кейін шоколатты торт жеді ме? Жоқ. büldirgendi tort zhedi. Was it a wonderful evening? Yes. жеді. 9. and salad. Жақсы уақыт өткіздік пе? Иə. алма суын ғана ішті. Did my mother eat soup and a hamburger? Yes. alma suwïn ghana ishti. quwïrïlghan kartop zhäne salat zhedi. 11.6. Tamaqtan keyin shokolattï tort zhedi me? Zhoq. Ол алма суын ішті ме. apelsin suwïn ba? Zhoq. What did my father eat? He ate lamb. қуырылған картоп жəне салат жеді. нақты ақшамен төледі. naqtï aqshamen töledi. Sheshem sorpamen gamburger zhedi me? Iyä. кофе ішті. fried potatoes. Äkem kredit kartïmen töledi me? Zhoq. Did she drink orange or apple juice? She drank only apple juice. өте жақсы уақыт өткіздік. Шарап ішті ме? Жоқ. Sharap ishti me? Zhoq. Əкем кредит картымен төледі ме? Жоқ. бүлдіргенді торт жеді. 7. he paid cash. he drank coffee. апельсин суын ба? Жоқ. she did. Did my father pay with a credit card? No. 8. 10. Did she eat a piece of cheesecake for dessert? No. zhedi. Ol alma suwïn ishti me. 12. Шешем сорпамен гамбургер жеді ме? Иə. öte zhaqsï waqït ötkizdik. 118 . Did he drink wine? No.

and Cultural Traditions Мейрамдар. Christmas is celebrated by Orthodox Christians in Kazakhstan on January 7th. Note: Ordinal numbers are straightforward in Kazakh: one simply adds the suffix +(i)nshi/+(ï)nshï to the cardinal numbers. at the end of Ramadan. Oraza Ayt.How to use ordinal numbers . customs. Customs. These holidays vary from year to year since they are celebrated according to the Islamic lunar calendar. Ädet-Ghurïptar This lesson will introduce you to: .Holidays. The national holidays in Kazakhstan are: January 1-2 – New Year March 8 – International Women’s Day March 22 – Nawrïz Holiday May 1st – Kazakhstan Unity Holiday May 9th – Victory Day August 30th – Constitution Day October 25th – Republic Day December 16th – Independence Day Жаңа жыл Халықаралық əйелдер күні Нaурыз мейрамы Қазақстан Ұлттарының Бірлік Күні Жеңіс күні Конституция күні Республика күні Егемендік күні In addition to these official holidays. and cultural traditions of Kazakhstan. Əдет. Дəстүрлер.Names of the months .Lesson 9 Holidays. The New Year holiday is celebrated much like Christmas in the West.How to read dates . there are the two main Muslim feasts. Dästürler.Ғұрыптар Meyramdar. 119 . and Qurban Ayt (Eid al-Adha) 70 days later. where each household is expected to slaughter an animal for sacrifice.

. Senbi küni aptanïng __________________ küni. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Listen and repeat after the speaker. Жексенбі аптаның __________________ күні. Zheksenbi aptanïng ___________________ küni. 5. Beysenbi aptanïng ___________________ küni. бесінші besinshi екінші ekinshi бірінші birinshi алтыншы altïnshï үшінші üshinshi жетінші zhetinshi төртінші törtinshi жетінші zhetinshi 1. Бейсенбі аптаның ___________________ күні. 6. Сенбі күні аптаның _________________ күні. Särsenbi aptanïng ___________________ küni. Жұма аптаның ______________________күні.. 1 one first 2 two second 3 three third 4 four fourth 5 five fifth 6 six sixth 7 seven seventh 8 eight eighth 9 nine ninth 10 ten tenth bir birinshi eki ekinshi üsh üshinshi tört törtinshi bes besinshi altï altïnshï zheti zhetinshi segiz segizinshi toghïz toghïzïnshï on onïnshï бір бірінші екі екінші үш үшінші төрт төртінші бес бесінші алты алтыншы жеті жетінші сегіз сегізінші тоғыз тоғызыншы он оныншы 2. Сəрсенбі аптаның ___________________күні.1. 7. 3. Follow along in the workbook. Сейсенбі аптаның __________________ күні. Seysenbi aptanïng ___________________ küni.. Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences using the words located in the box. 120 . Дүйсенбі аптаның ___________________күні. Zhuma aptanïng _____________________ küni... Düysenbi aptanïng ___________________ küni. 2. 4..

13th. 11 eleven eleventh 12 twelve twelfth 13 thirteen thirteenth 14 fourteen fourteenth 15 fifteen fifteenth 16 sixteen sixteenth 17 seventeen seventeenth 18 eighteen eighteenth 19 nineteen nineteenth 20 twenty twentieth on bir on birinshi on eki on ekinshi on üsh on üshinshi on tört on törtinshi on bes on besinshi on altï on altïnshï on zheti on zhetinshi on segiz on segizinshi on toghïz on toghïzïnshï zhiyïrma zhiyïrmasïnshï он бір он бірінші он екі он екінші он үш он үшінші он төрт он төртінші он бес он бесінші он алты он алтыншы он жеті он жетінші он сегіз он сегізінші он тоғыз он тоғызыншы жиырма жиырмасыншы 4. 12th.3. 11th. 16th. Listen and repeat after the speaker the ordinal numbers 20-30 and 40-100. 14th. Read the following ordinal numbers in Kazakh. . Listen to the ordinal numbers 11 through 20. 20 twenty twentieth 21 twenty-one twenty-first 22 twenty-two twenty-second 23 twenty-three twenty-third 24 twenty-four twenty-fourth 25 twenty-five twenty-fifth 26 twenty-six zhiyïrma zhiyïrmasïnshï zhiyïrma bir zhiyïrma birinshi zhiyïrma eki zhiyïrma ekinshi zhiyïrma üsh zhiyïrma üshinshi zhiyïrma tört zhiyïrma törtinshi zhiyïrma bes zhiyïrma besinshi zhiyïrma altï жиырма жиырмасыншы жиырма бір жиырма бірінші жиырма екі жиырма екінші жиырма үш жиырма үшінші жиырма төрт жиырма төртінші жиырма бес жиырма бесінші жиырма алты 121 . 15th. 18th 5. and repeat after the speaker. 19th. Follow along in the workbook. 17th.

Practice the different dates. January February March April May June July August September October November December qangtar ayï aqpan ayï nawrïz ayï säwir ayï mamïr ayï mawsïm ayï shilde ayï tamïz ayï qïrqüyek ayï qazan ayï qarasha ayï zheltoqsan ayï қаңтар айы ақпан айы наурыз айы сəуір айы мамыр айы маусым айы шілде айы тамыз айы қырқүйек айы қазан айы қараша айы желтоқсан айы 7. and months throughout the year. Look at the picture and say the dates and days of the week in Kazakh. Listen to the names of the months and repeat after the speaker.twenty-sixth 27 twenty-seven twenty-seventh 28 twenty-eight twenty-eighth 29 twenty-nine twenty-ninth 30 thirty thirtieth 40 forty fortieth 50 fifty fiftieth 60 sixty sixtieth 70 seventy seventieth 80 eighty eightieth 90 ninety ninetieth 100 one hundred one hundredth zhiyïrma altïnshï zhiyïrma zheti zhiyïrma zhetinshi zhiyïrma segiz zhiyïrma segizinshi zhiyïrma toghïz zhiyïrma toghïzïnshï otïz otïzïnshï qïrïq qïrïqïnshï eluw eluwinshi altpïs altpïsïnshï zhetpis zhetpisinshi seksen sekseninshi toqsan toqsanïnshï zhüz zhüzinshi жиырма алтыншы жиырма жеті жиырма жетінші жиырма сегіз жиырма сегізінші жиырма тоғыз жиырма тоғызыншы отыз отызыншы қырық қырықыншы елу елуінші алтпыс алтпысыншы жетпіс жетпісінші сексен сексенінші тоқсан тоқсаныншы Жүз жүзінші 6. 122 . days.

September 25th can be expressed as: zhiyïrma besinshi qïrqüyek qïrqüyek ayïnïng zhiyïrma besi The names of months.” 1925-nineteen twenty-five 1900-nineteen hundred 2004-two thousand four mïng toghïz zhüz zhiyïrma besinshi zhïl mïng toghïz zhüzinshi zhïl eki mïng törtinshi zhïl мың тоғыз жүз жиырма бесінші жыл мың тоғыз жүзінші жыл екі мың төртінші жыл Note: Dates in Kazakh are expressed in the European style: day/month/year. for example: “one thousand nine hundred and sixty seventh year” is the Kazakh equivalent of “nineteen sixty-seven. Note: To express years in Kazakh. 15/IX/99 for September 15. the ordinal numbers are used. Repeat after the speaker. beysenbi küni. the entire date is given. 8. It is Thursday. бейсенбі күні. Бүгін мың тоғыз жүз тоқсан тоғыз. Listen as the speaker reads the following years. 123 .Note: There are three ways to express dates in Kazakh. along with the word for year. You may also see the month written in roman numerals. For example. There is no way of shortening the date. like the days of the week. он бесінші сауыр. as we have in English. for example. do not need to be capitalized. MODEL: Today is the 15th of April 1999. Bügin mïng toghïz zhüz toqsan toghïz. as you see in the examples. on besinshi sawïr. 1999.

2001 1987 1960 1945 2000 1700 1516 10. Follow along in the workbook. 3. 1960. Independence Day – December 16th 3. Listen to the speakers talk about their dates of birth.он алтыншы желтоқсан Республика Мейрамы – жиырма бесінші қазан 11. Republic Day – October 25th Nawrïz meyramï – nawrïz ayïnïng zhiyïrma ekinshi küni Egemendik küni . shilde ayïnïng otïz birinde tuwïlwdïm. жиырма үшінші қаңтарда туылдым 124 . 2. zhiyïrma üshinshi qangtarda tuwïldïm мың тоғыз жүз сексен жетінші жылы. mïng toghïz zhüz altpïsïnshï zhïlï. mïng toghïz zhüz seksen zhetinshi zhïlï. 1. 1987. on birinshi mawsïmda tuwïldïm.9. When were you born? Qashan tuwïldïngïz? Қашан туылдыңыз? I was born on the 11th of June. When were you born? Qashan tuwïldïngïz? Қашан туылдыңыз? I was born on the 31st of July. Listen to the names of Kazakh holidays and repeat after the speaker. Read the following years in Kazakh. мың тоғыз жүз алтпысыншы жылы. Follow along in the workbook. Nawriz – the 22nd of March 2. мың тоғыз жүз отыз алтыншы жылы. 1936. шілде айының отыз бірінде туылдым.on altïnshï zheltoqsan Respublika Meyramï – zhiyïrma besinshi qazan Наурыз мейрамы –екінші наурыз айының жиырма екінші күні Егемендік күні . When were you born? Qashan tuwïldïngïz? Қашан туылдыңыз? I was born on the 23rd of January. он бірінші маусымда туылдым. mïng toghïz zhüz otïz altïnshï zhïlï. 1.

Üyimiz ülken. Mïng toghïz жылы. zhiyïrma üshinshi qarashada tuwïldï. Work in pairs or in small groups.. Оның аты. B. Ol . When were you born? A. Mïng toghïz zhüz zhetpisinshi zhïlï. törtinshi qïrqüyekte tuwïldïm. Zhanuyam ülken: äyelim. төртінші қырқүйекте туылдым. MODEL: A. Ask your partner when he was born. Қазақстандықпын.. Мың тоғыз жүз жетпісінші жылы. .. да туылды. Äyelim otïz zhasta. Мың тоғыз жүз сексен екінші жылы. Use the model below.. Onïng atï. . Mïng toghïz zhüz seksen ekinshi zhïlï. Мың тоғыз жүз . Siz qashan tuwïldïngïz? Mïng toghïz zhüz zhetpis toghïzïnshï zhïlï.. Мың тоғыз жүз жетпіс тоғызыншы жылы. MODEL: This is my younger brother.. zhüz .12... Сіз қашан туылдыңыз? B. on besinshi aqpanda tuwdïm. Check your work with the Answer Key. eki bala zhäne äkesheshem bar.. Үйіміз үлкен.. You can use real pictures of your family. жиырма үшінші қарашада туылды. Жанұям үлкен: əйелім.. da tuwïldï. Bul inim. His name is… He is …years old. 125 .. Шымкентте тұрамын. zhasta. Describe each member.. He was born on the …of…19… Бұл інім. Use the model below. Əйелім отыз жаста. 1982. Mening atïm Talghat. I was born on the 15th of February. екі бала жəне əке-шешем бар. Read the following text and answer the questions below in English. Qazaqstandïqpïn. Shïmkentte turamïn... жаста. Ол . Look at the picture below and imagine that this is your family. 14. I was born on the 4th of September. zhïlï. он бесінші ақпанда туылдым.. 13. 1979. Менің атым Талғат.

When was he born? 14. Cultural note: Having guests over is considered a great honor in Kazakh society. Ulïm segiz zhasta. televizor köredi nemese balalarïmïzben oynaydï. When was she born? 4. Шешем өте кəрі. жиырма бесінші тамызда туылды. Менің жанұям өте жақсы. Ол мың тоғыз жүз жиырма бесінші жылы. Ol mïng toghïz zhüz zhiyïrma besinshi zhïlï. you will be seated at the place of honor (tör) or as “high” (zhogharï) as possible. The tör is the place opposite the door in a room. and it is the duty of the host to make sure the guest is treated with the utmost respect and hospitality. Қызым мың тоғыз жүз тоқсан екінші жылы. sacred in Muslim societies. Балаларым оқушы. but should remember that the host is just doing his job. Ол мың тоғыз жүз тоқсан алтыншы жылы. How old is the wife? 3. Ol mïng toghïz zhüz zhiyïrma altïnshï zhïlï. бірінші мамырда туылды.Ол ауруханада доктор болып істейді. Ол жетпіс сегіз жаста. When was she born? 10. Ol zhetpis segiz zhasta. Олар жұмыс істемейді. Sheshem öte käri. to some extent. Mening zhanuyam öte zhaqsï. zhiyïrma ekinshi qarashada tuwïldï. Ол мың тоғыз жүз жиырма алтыншы жылы. Ol mïng toghïz zhüz toqsan altïnshï zhïlï. Olar zhumïs istemeydi. Olar kitap oqiydï. Олар мектепте оқиды. Ұлым сегіз жаста. When was she born? 12. What is her occupation? 5. Food is considered. Americans may find this a bit overwhelming. As a guest. What do the grandparents do? Ol awruwkhanada doktor bolïp isteydi. жиырма алтыншы сауырда туылды. Balalarïm oquwshï. zhiyïrma altïnshï sawïrda tuwïldï. How old is the grandmother? 11. жиырма екінші қарашада туылды. birinshi mamïrda tuwïldï. the host will make sure the guests have as much food as possible. Олар кітап оқиды. 1. especially bread. Qïzïm mïng toghïz zhüz toqsan ekinshi zhïlï. 126 . Olar mektepte oqiydï. During meals. Where does the family live? 2. How old is the son? When was he born? 8. zhiyïrma besinshi tamïzda tuwïldï. Where does she work? 6. Äkem zhetpis toghïz zhasta. How old is the daughter? 9. телевизор көреді немесе балаларымызбен ойнайды. How old is the grandfather? 13. How many children do they have? 7. Əкем жетпіс тоғыз жаста. so one must be careful not to let food touch anything dirty or be handled casually.

бес жарым. Sälem. 118-üy. Give him/her directions how to get to your house. Saghat neshede? Bes. Пушкин көшесі. 127 . Sizdi bizge meyman bolïp zhanuyammen tanïsuwïngïz üshin shaqïrmaqshï edim. Сізді бізге мейман болып жанұяммен танысуыңыз үшін шақырмақшы едім. since you will inevitably be asked to make several. Murat. 2. Birthdays are not as important in Kazakh society as they are in the US. Say ‘rakhmet’ repeatedly as a sign that your host is being a good host. B. Абай. B. Listen to the following conversation between two people. Ол жерге қалай барсам болады? A. Follow along in the workbook. 39-päter. it is also impolite to do something else in the same room while others are eating. Атабаев көшесінде солтүстікке қарай Егемендік көшесіне шейін барып. солға бұрылыңыз. Ol zhegerge qalay barsam boladï? Atabayev köshesinde soltüstikke qaray Egemendik köshesine sheyin barïp. Егемендік көшесінен өтіңіз. Abay.Food is also meant to be shared. 4. B. Nemene äkelsem boladï? Eshteme kerek emes. solgha burïlïngïz. Repeat after the speakers. 6. 15. so it is better to go through the motions (or accept something lighter) than just flatly refuse. B. Invite him/her to your house to celebrate a holiday. Amansïz ba? Mamïrdïng altïsïnda tughan küni vecheri boladï. Сəлем. including liquor. Үй адресіңіз не? A. Сағат нешеде? A. is an insult to your host. Weddings (toy). 39-пəтер. Немене əкелсем болады? A. A. Be prepared to sit down to a lot of meals and memorize some toasts. Rakhmet. 118-үй. Egemendik köshesinen ötingiz. екінші көшеде оңға бұрылыңыз. Bizding üy ong zhaqtaghï üshinshi üy. funerals (zhanaza) and feast days (ayt) are cause for large gatherings with lots of food and drinking (though no drinking at funerals). though children may have birthday parties in the cities. Амансыз ба? Мамырдың алтысында тұған күні кеші болады. If invited over. Use the dialogue above as a model. 5. it is proper to bring a gift for the hosts or their children. What is the occasion for the invitation? What is the date? What time should he arrive? What is the address? What directions is he given to get there? What should he bring? 16. Üy adresingiz ne? Pushkin köshesi. Бес. Work with a partner. Check your work with the Answer Key. Рахмет. bes zharïm. 3. one should not go empty-handed. Answer the questions that follow. Шақырғаныңыз үшін рахмет. Conversely. Біздің үй оң жақтағы үшінші үй. ekinshi köshede onggha burïlïngïz. B. 1. Ештеңе керек емес. and it is normally impolite to eat when others are not eating. Refusing something offered. Мұрат. Shaqïrghanïngïz üshin rakhmet.

Invite your roommate to a Christmas party and give him/her directions how to get there. Give the names of Kazakh holidays and tell when they are celebrated (in Kazakh).End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. 3. Say in Kazakh the date when: you were born you graduated from high school your wedding was your child was born you joined the military 2. 128 .

Vocabulary List first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth twenty-first twenty-second twenty-third twenty-fourth twenty-fifth twenty-sixth twenty-seventh twenty-eighth twenty-ninth January February March April May June July August September October November December Was born To invite Address birinshi ekinshi üshinshi törtinshi besinshi altïnshï zhetinshi segizinshi toghïzïnshï onïnshï on birinshi on ekinshi on üshinshi on törtinshi on besinshi on altïnshï on zhetinshi on segizinshi on toghïzïnshï zhiyrmasïnshï zhiyïrma birinshi zhiyïrma ekinshi zhiyïrma üshinshi zhiyïrma törtinshi zhiyïrma besinshi zhiyïrma altïnshï zhiyïrma zhetinshi zhiyïrma segizinshi zhiyïrma toghïzïnshï qangtar ayï aqpan ayï nawrïz ayï säwir ayï mamïr ayï mawsïm ayï shilde ayï tamïz ayï qïrqüyek ayï qazan ayï qarasha ayï zheltoqsan ayï tuwdï shaqïradres Бірінші Екінші Үшінші Төртінші Бесінші Алтыншы Жетінші Сегізінші Тоғызыншы Оныншы Он бірінші Он екінші Он үшінші Он төртінші Он бесінші Он алтыншы Он жетінші Он сегізінші Он тоғызыншы Жыирмасыншы Жиырма бірінші Жиырма екінші Жиырма үшінші Жиырма төртінші Жиырма бесінші Жиырма алтыншы Жиырма жетінші Жиырма сегізінші Жиырма тоғызыншы Қаңтар айы Ақпан айы Наурыз айы Сəуір айы Мамыр айы Маусым айы Шілде айы Тамыз айы Қырқүйек айы Қазан айы Қараша айы Желтоқсан айы Туды ШақырАдрес 129 .

(to pass) Along Two blocks Turn right Turn left Come over To visit Birthday Birthday party Wedding Funeral To bring I want to invite you … List of holidays in TL country January 1-2 – New Year March 8 – International Women’s Day March 22 – Nawrïz Holiday May 1st – Kazakhstan Unity Holiday May 9th – Victory Day August 30th – Constitution Day October 25th – Republic Day December 16th – Independence Day

(köshesinen) öteki köshe/eki ayaldama onggha burïlsolgha burïlbizding üyge kelingiz meyman boltuwghan kün tuwghan kün keshi toy zhanaza äkelsizdi shaqïrmaqshï edim...

(Көшесінен) өтЕкі көше/екі аялдама Оңға бұрылСолға бұрылБіздің үйге келіңіз Мейман болТуған күн Туған күн кеші Той Жаназа ƏкелСізді шақырмақшы едім...

zhanga zhïl Жаңа жыл khalïqaralïq äyelder küni Халықаралық əйелдер күні nawrïz meyramï Наурыз мейрамы qazaqsan ulttarïnïng birlik küni zhengis küni konstitutsiya küni respublika küni egemendik küni Қазақсан ұлттарының бірлік күні Жеңіс күні Конституция күні Республика күні Егемендік күні

* When giving directions, blocks are expressed either as “streets” (köshe) or as “bus stops” (Russian: ostanovka)


Exercise 2 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. бірінші екінші үшінші төртінші бесінші алтыншы жетінші birinshi ekinshi üshinshi törtinshi besinshi altïnshï zhetinshi first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh

1. Monday is the _________first__________day of the week. 2. Tuesday is the ________second___________day of the week. 3. Wednesday is the _____ third___________day of the week. 4. Thursday is the ______ fourth____________day of the week. 5. Friday is the __________fifth___________day of the week. 6. Saturday is the ________sixth__________day of the week. 7. Sunday is the ________seventh___________day of the week. Exercise 14 1. Shimkent, Kazakhstan. 2. 30. 3. November 23, 1970. 4. Doctor. 5. Hospital. 6. 2. 7. 8 years old, May 1, 1996. 8. 12 years old. 9. April 26, 1992. 10. 78. 11. November 22, 1926. 12. 79. 13. August 25, 1925. 14. Read books, watch television, and play with the grandchildren.


My name is Talghat. I am from Kazakhstan. I live in Shymkent . I have a big family: a wife, two children, and my parents. We live in a big house. My wife is 30. She was born on November 23, 1970. She is a doctor and works at the hospital. My children are students. They study at school. My daughter was born on the April 26, 1992. My son is 8 years old. He was born on the 1st of May, 1996. My mother is very old. She is 78. She was born on the 22nd of November, 1926. My father is 79. He was born on the 25th of August, 1925. They do not work. They read books, watch television, or play with our children. I have a wonderful family. Exercise 15 What is the occasion for the invitation? A birthday party. What is the date? May 6. What time should he arrive? 5:00 or 5:30. What is the address? 118 Pushkin Street, Apartment 39. What directions is he given to get there? Go north on Atabaev Road to Independence Street and turn left. Drive along Independence Street two blocks and turn right. My house is the third apartment building on the right. 6. What is he told to bring? Nothing. A. Hi! There is birthday party the 6th of May. I invite you to come over and visit my family. B. Thank you, Murat.What time? A. Five or five thirty. B. What is your address? A. It is 118 Pushkin Street, Apartment 39 B. How can I get there? A. Drive north on Atabaev Road to Independence Street and turn left. Drive along Independence Street two blocks and turn right. My house is the third house on the right. B. What can I bring? A. Nothing, thanks. B. Thank you for the invitation. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Lesson 10 Around the House Үйде Üyde
This lesson will introduce you to: - Basic vocabulary related to the home - Rooms around the house - Furniture items you may see. Most housing in Kazakhstan is either in one story houses with a small courtyard (typically in the countryside) or in apartment buildings. Kazakhs, like most countries in the world, do not maintain yards with grass; hence, the word we use here for yard refers more to a courtyard or fenced area, not a lawn. Most houses will not have basements or separate dining rooms, instead, the living room will often be used as the dining room when guests arrive. Furnishings are similar to American homes, though with fewer kitchen appliances. Stoves are normally gas and heating is from steam-heated radiators. Houses do not normally have an attached garage, though apartment buildings may have covered areas for parking.

1. Listen to the vocabulary below and repeat after the speaker. Bathroom Bedroom Door Floor Window Garage Roof Antenna Basement Yard Kitchen Living room Dining room One-story Two-story First floor Second floor däretkhana/tualet zhatatïn bölme esik eden/zher tereze garazh shatïr antenna podval qora/awla kukhnya/as bölmesi qonaq bölme stolovaya/askhana bir qabattï eki qabattï birinshi qabat ekinshi qabat дəретхана/туалет жататын бөлме есік еден/жер терезе гараж шатыр антенна подвал қора/аула кухня/ас бөлмесі қонақ бөлме столовая/аcхана бір қабатты екі қабатты бірінші қабат екінші қабат


Cultural note: Kazakh terminology for household vocabulary is highly influenced by Russian. While there are many newly coined words for “sink,” “dining room,” etc., these are not widely used. 2. Match the Kazakh words in the left column with their English equivalents in the right column. Check your answers with the Answer Key. 1. туалет 2. жататын бөлме 3. шатыр 4. есік 5. еден 6. терезе 7. гараж 8. қонақ бөлме 9. лифт 10. подвал 11. қора 12. кухня tualet zhatatïn bölme shatïr esik eden tereze garazh qonaq bölme lift podval qora kukhnya A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. Basement Yard Garage Living room Bathroom Kitchen Bedroom Door Roof Floor Elevator Window

3. Complete the following sentences by filling in the blanks with a word from the list written in the box. Check your work with the Answer Key. гараж garazh жататын бөлме zhatatïn bölme антенна antenna қора qora кухня kukhnya қонақ бөлмемен столовая qonaq bölmemen stolovaya

1. Үйдің шатырында _______________ бар. Üyding shatïrïnda _______________ bar. 2. Жататын бөлмемен туалеттің арасында _______________ бар. Zhatatïn bölmemen tualetting arasïnda _______________ bar. 3. Үйдің алдында _______________ бар. Üyding aldïnda _______________ bar. 4. _______________ кухня бар. _______________ kukhnya bar. 4. Draw a plan of your house and tell your partner, in Kazakh, the types of rooms you have and where they are located. Work in pairs or in small groups.


For example. Note: When asking “how many. in answering the question above about rooms. Базардың жанында жақсы кішкене үй бар. Бар. Кухня қайда? Kukhnya qayda? C. Екі қабатты үй алмақшымын. MODEL: A.Ülken podvalïmïz bar. 2.” remember you don’t need to use plurals: Neshe bölmengiz bar? (How many rooms do you have?) Tört bölmemiz bar. Work in pairs or in small groups. Check your work with the Answer Key. Подвалыңыз бар ма? Podvalïngïz bar ma? 1. Гаражыңыз бар ма? Garazhïngïz bar ma? F. Üsh zhatatïn bölmemiz bar. stolovayamïz zhoq. Zhoq. A. Үш жататын бөлмеміз бар. Bazardïng zhanïnda zhaqsï kishkene üy bar. etc.) A short way of asking “How many (of)?” is Neshew? (when asking about things that can be counted. Bar. Неше жататын бөлмеңіз бар? Neshe zhatatïn bölmengiz bar? G. How many bedrooms does the house have? 135 . A Дəретхана қайда? Däretkhana qayda? B. Үлкен подвалымыз бар. Жоқ. B. I want to buy a two-story house. Столоваяңыз бар ма? Stolovayangïz bar ma? E. Bar. Туалет жататын бөлменің жанында. kishkene garazhïmïz bar. столоваямыз жоқ.5. Pretend that you want to buy a house and your classmate is a real estate agent. Eki qabattï üy almaqshïmïn. 7. 5. the answer is “birew” “ekew”. Match the following questions with the correct answers. Жататын бөлме қонақ бөлменің жанында. Жататын бөлме қайда? Zhatatïn bölme qayda? D. 4. A. 6.” or simply “Törtew. Make up a dialogue using the model below. 3. not quantities). the reply could have been “Törtew bar. Tualet zhatatïn bölmening zhanïnda. (We have four rooms. Zhatatïn bölme qonaq bölmening zhanïnda. Кухня бірінші қабатта. B. кішкене гаражымыз бар. Бар. Kukhnya birinshi qabatta. There is a nice small house next to the market.” 6.

How many bathrooms are there in the house? A. Bar. 7. Үйде неше туалет бар? Üyde neshe tualet bar? B. There is a big wonderful bathroom in the house. Бір жататын бөлмесі бар. Üyde bir ädemi ülken tualet bar. Is there a kitchen in the house? A. It has one bedroom. Familiarize yourself with these terms for furniture and furnishings. Yes. Үйде бір əдемі үлкен туалет бар. Bir zhatatïn bölmesi bar. B. Үйдің неше жататын бөлмесі бар? Üyding neshe zhatatïn bölmesi bar? B. Bathtub vanna ванна Bed tösek төсек Bookcase shkaf шкаф Chair orïndïq орындық Closet shkaf Шкаф Table üstel үстел Refrigerator Tongazïtqïsh/kholodilnik Тоңазытқыш/холдилник Dresser komod шифонер Lamp shïraq шырақ Stove gaz plita газ плита 136 . Үйде кухня бар ма? Üyde kukhnya bar ma? B. Бар. Listen and repeat after the speaker. B. B. there is. A. A.A.

Кухня kukhnya Столовая stolovaya Қонақ бөлме qonaq bölme Жататын бөлме zhatatïn bölme Туалет tualet 137 . Below is a chart with rooms you would find in a typical home. list in Kazakh the furniture and furnishings (from the list above) that you would expect to find there. Some items will be used more than once.Radio radio радио Carpet kilem кілем Sink rakovina раковина Sofa divan диван Toilet tualet туалет Television televizor телевизор Telephone telefon телефон 8. Under each room.

Əкем бізбен бірге тұрады. What do you have in your dining room? Столоваяңызда не бар? Stolovayangïzda ne bar? I have a stove. kishkene televizor bar. Əйеліммен екі баламыз Атырау қаласында тұрамыз. Where does the family live? Бұл жанұя қайда тұрады? B.9. Keshke tamaq zhegennen keyin. Qonaq üyimizde divan. What do you have in your kitchen? Кухняңызда не бар? Kukhnyangïzda ne bar? 2. How many people live in the house? Үйде неше адам тұрады? C. екі қабатты ма? Bul zhanuya qayda turadï? Üyde neshe adam turadï? Üy bir qabattï ma.. a…. Столоваямыз жоқ. Work in pairs or small groups. a…. ask each other questions. Kukhnyamda gaz plita.” “his. rakovina zhäne tongazïtqïsh bar. үстел. Kukhnyada tamaq zhegende otïratïn ülken üstelimiz bar. Listen. *The +niki/diki/tiki suffix means “belonging to.. birewi äkemdiki*. Үйдің екінші қабатында екі жататын бөлме бар – біреуі екі ұлымдікі*.in my dining room. Stolovayamïz zhoq. in my kitchen. Äyelimmen mening zhatatïn bolmemiz birinshi qabatta. PLAY AUDIO Менің атым Бақыт. . as a speaker talks about his home. Stolovayamda üstel.” A. eki orïndïq. Kukhnyamïz ülken – ishinde gaz plita. bar.. in Kazakh. . Mening atïm Baqït. eki qabattï ma? 138 . духовка. I have a table. раковина жəне тоңазытқыш бар. Eki tualetimiz bar. Екі туалетіміз бар. бар. Кішкене екі қабатты үйіміз бар. . бар. bärimiz means “all of us. üstel. Кухнямда газ плита. Қонақ үйімізде диван. bar.” etc. Столоваямда үстел. Äyelimmen eki balamiz Atïraw qalasïnda turamïz. and then answer the questions about the passage. жанұямыз бəріміз телевизор көріп отырамыз. .. Üyding ekinshi qabatïnda eki zhatatïn bölme bar – birewi eki ulïmdiki*. екі орындық. about the furniture in your rooms.. zhanuyamïz bärimiz televizor körip otïramïz. Kishkene eki qabattï üyimiz bar. кішкене телевизор бар. MODEL: 1..” similar to “ours. dukhovka. and read along... біреуі əкемдікі*. 10. Əйеліммен менің жататын бөлмеміз бірінші қабатта. Кухняда тамақ жегенде отыратын үлкен үстеліміз бар. Using the chart above. Check your work with the Answer Key. Кешке тамақ жегеннен кейін. Äkem bizben birge turadï. Is the house one story or two stories? Үй бір қабатты ма. Кухнямыз үлкен – ішінде газ плита.

How many bathrooms are there in the house? Үйде неше дəретхана бар? Neshe zhatatïn bölme bar? Birinshi qabatta neshe zhatatïn bölme bar? Ol zherde kim zhatadï? Üyde neshe däretkhana bar? Olar qay zherde tamaq zheydi? G.D. How many bedrooms are on the first floor? Who sleeps there? Бірінші қабатта неше жататын бөлме бар? Ол жерде кім жатады? F.” 139 . in other words. Where do they eat their meals? Олар қай жерде тамақ жейді? H.” or. How many bedrooms are there? Неше жататын бөлме бар? E. What does the family do in the evening after dinner? Кешкі тамақтан кейін үйдегілер* не істейді? Keshki tamaqtan keyin üydegiler ne isteydi? * Üydegiler means “those in the house. “the family.

2.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. Give him/her answers. 3. to the following questions. 8. Listen to the speaker and circle the terms that you hear. You have a guest in your home. 6. 1. 4. Туалет қай жерде? Кухня қайда? Неше жататын бөлмеңіз бар? Телефон қайда? Телевизор көрсем бола ма? Кешкі тамақты қашан жейсіздер? Таңертең қашан тұрасыз? Жұмысқа қашан барасыз? Tualet qay zherde? Kukhnya qayda? Neshe zhatatïn bölmengiz bar? Telefon qayda? Televizor körsem bola ma? Keshki tamaqtï qashan zheysizder? Tangerteng qashan turasïz? Zhumïsqa qashan barasïz? 140 . Check your work with the Answer Key. in Kazakh. bedroom lamp toilet sofa carpet chair first floor garage bathroom oven bathtub chair floor dresser second floor basement living room stove sink bed window radio one-story roof 2. 7. 5.

To say “on the floor” say. “zherde.” 141 .Vocabulary List Basement Bathroom Bathtub Bed Bedroom Bookcase Chair Closet Table Dining room Door Dresser Floor Garage Kitchen Lamp Living room One-story Oven Radio Carpet Second floor Sink Sofa Stove Television Toilet Two-story Window Yard All of us podval /zhertöle däretkhana/tualet vanna tösek zhatatïn bölme shkaf orïndïq shkaf üstel stolovaya/askhana esik shifonyer eden/zher* garazh kukhnya/as bölmesi shïraq/lampa qonaq bölme bir qabattï dukhovka radio kilem ekinshi qabat rakovina divan gaz plita televizor tualet eki qabattï tereze qora/awla bärimiz Подвал/жертөле Дəретхана/туалет Ванна Тöсек Жататын бөлме Шкаф Орындық Шкаф Үстел Столовая/аcхана Есік Шифонер Жер еден Гараж Кухня /ас бөлмесі Шырақ /лампа Қонақ бөлме Бір қабатты Духовка Радио Кілем Екінші қабат Раковина Диван Газ плита Телевизор Туалет Екі қабатты Терезе Қора/аула Бəріміз * Eden refers to the floor only as part of a room.

C. Zhatatïn bölmemen tualetting arasïnda zhatatïn bölme bar. Where is the bathroom? Where is the kitchen? Where is the bedroom? Do you have a dining room? Do you have a garage? How many bedrooms do you have? Do you have a basement? 6. Үйдің алдында қора бар. The bedroom is next to the living room. D 9. C 8. There is a bedroom between the office and the bathroom.ANSWER KEY Exercise 2 1. 4. Yes. E. H 5. 3. 2. Үйдің шатырында антенна бар. F Bathroom Bedroom Dining room Door Floor Window Garage Living room Elevator Basement Yard Kitchen tualet zhatatïn bölme askhana esik eden tereze garazh qonaq bölme lift podval qora kukhnya туалет жататын бөлме асхана есік еден терезе гараж қонақ бөлме лифт подвал қора кухня Exercise 3 1. Üyding aldïnda qora bar. 4. J 6. we have a small garage. 142 . No. I 4. There is an antenna on the roof. The bathroom is next to the bedroom. 2. K 10. B 12. G. G 3. Yes. Жататын бөлмемен туалеттің арасында жататын бөлме бар. There is a yard in front of the house. 4. 3. 2. Üyding shatïrïnda antenna bar. L 7. 3. we don’t have a dining room. 1. Қонақ бөлмемен столоваяның арасында асхана бар. we have a big basement. E 2. 5. We have three bedrooms. A 11. Exercise 5 A B. The kitchen is on the first floor. 1. 7. F. Qonaq bölmemen stolovayanïng arasïnda askhana bar. D. There is a kitchen between the living room and the dining room.

Үй бір қабатты ма. In the kitchen there is a large table where we eat. How many bedrooms are on the first floor? Who sleeps there? One. Keshki tamaqtan keyin üydegiler ne isteydi? Televizor körip otïradï. Üyde neshe däretkhana bar? Ekew. Бірінші қабатта неше жататын бөлме бар? Ол жерде кім жатады? Біреу. H. G. My wife and I sleep in the bedroom on the first floor. H. Üy bir qabattï ma. Bul zhanuya qayda turadï? Atïraw. My father lives with us. sink and refrigerator. C. D. B. Үйде неше дəретхана бар? Екеу. B. We do not have a dining room. and a small television. husband and wife E. küyew men äyeli. F. one for our two sons and one for my father. Кешкі тамақтан кейін үйдегілер не істейді? Телевизор көріп отырады. Үйде неше адам тұрады? Бесеу. my family and I watch television.Exercise 10 My name is Baqït. Is the house one story or two stories? Two-story. oven. a table. C. How many bathrooms are there in the house? Two. Olar qay zherde tamaq zheydi? Askhanada. The house has two bedrooms on the second floor. A. күйеу мен əйелі Birinshi qabatta neshe zhatatïn bölme bar? Ol zherde kim zhatadï? Birew. D.Неше жататын бөлме бар? Үшеу. Our living room has a sofa. Where does the family live? Atyrau. Üyde neshe adam turadï? Besew. E. How many people live in the house? Five. A. 143 . eki qabattï ma? Eki qabattï. G. Олар қай жерде тамақ жейді? Асханада. We have a small two-story house. two chairs. We have two bathrooms. екі қабатты ма? Eкі қабатты. Бұл жанұя қайда тұрады? Атырау. Where do they eat their meals? In the kitchen. In the evening after dinner. F. I live with my wife and two children in Atyrau. Neshe zhatatïn bölme bar? Üshew.How many bedrooms are there? Three. What does the family do in the evening after dinner? Watch television. We have a large kitchen with a stove.

4. туалет шырақ раковина төсек терезе радио бірінші қабат шатыр 144 . 7. bathroom lamp sink bed window radio first floor roof tualet shïraq rakovina tösek tereze radio birinshi qabat shatïr 1.End of Lesson Exercise 1 1. 7. 8. 3. 5. 4. 2. 5. 8. 6. 2. 6. 3.

Repeat the weather terms after the speaker.How to ask for and give temperatures .Vocabulary related to weather. seasons.How to understand weather reports .How to discuss the weather and climate in Kazakh. 1.Lesson 11 Weather and Seasons Ауа райы жəне Мезгілдер Awa rayï zhäne Mezgilder This lesson will introduce you to: . and climate . Rain zhangbïr жаңбыр Sun kün күн Wind zhel жел Snow qar қар Fog tuman тұман Clouds bulttar бұлттар 145 . Listen to the weather terms as they are read aloud.

sun wind clouds fog snow rain 4. 1. Жел Zhel Қар Qar Күн Kün Жаңбыр Zhangbïr 3.2. Match the pictures with the correct weather term. What do you hear? Circle the terms you hear spoken by the native speaker. Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius Weather Weather forecast Weather report Winter Spring Summer Fall Clear Cloudy Overcast Windy Cold Low temperature Freezing Below freezing därezhe farengate tselsius awa rayï awa rayï bolzhami awa rayï mälimdemesi qïs köktem zhaz küz ashïk bultty bultty zhel swïq tömen dãrezhe ayazdï tongazït дəреже фаренгейт цельсиюс ауа райы ауа райы болжамы ауа райы мəлімдемесі қыс көктем жаз күз ашық бұлтты бұлтты жел суық төмен дəреже аязды минус дəреже 146 . Pause the recording as many times as you need. Familiarize yourself with the following terms related to the weather. sun wind clouds fog snow rain 3. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Repeat after the speaker. sun wind clouds fog snow rain 2. Check your work in the Answer Key.

Shildede awa rayï kandai? Ïstïq zhäne kün shïgïp turadï. the suffix “li” or “ty” is added.y Bult = Bult+tï Cloudy Zhel=Zhel+di Windy 5. тұман жəне суық. Zhoq tuman zhäne swïq. Repeat them after the speaker. 2 Ауа дəрежесі қандай? Awa därezhesi qandai? 28 цельсиюс дəрежесі! Өте жылы жəне ашық 28 Tselsius därezhesi! Öte zhïlï zhäne ashïq.It’s cold and snowy. Säwirde awa rayï qandai? Zhïlï zhäne ashïq. Qazanda awa rayï qandai? Zhel men zhanbïr boladï.How is the weather in December? . Ол жерде ауа райы қандай? Ol zherde awa rayï qalay? Қар жауып жатыр жəне аяз. . Read the following short dialogues on weather and match each one to a picture below. Qar zhawïp zhatïr zhäne ayaz. . For example zhangbir – li = rain.Warm High temperature Hot Dry Sunny Rainy zhïlï zhogarï därezhe ïstïq qurgaq kün shïghïp tur zhangbïr zhawïp zhatïr жылы жоғары дəреже ыстық құрғақ күн шығып тұр жаңбыр жауып жатыр Grammar note: When talking about weather. 1. Zheltoqsanda awa rayï qandai? Swïq zhäne qar zhawadï. 3.It’s windy and rainy. Желтоқсанда ауа райы қандай? Суық жəне қар жауады Сəуірде ауа райы қандай? Жылы жəне ашық Шілдеде ауа райы қандай? Ыстық жəне күн шығып тұрады Қазанда ауа райы қандай? Жел мен жаңбыр болады 6.How is the weather in October? . .How is the weather in July? . Listen to the typical questions and responses about the weather. Check your work with the Answer Key. Bultty zhäne zhangbïr zhawïp zhatïr. 147 .How is the weather in April? . 4 Күн шығып тұр ма? Kün shïghïp tur ma? Жоқ.It’s warm and clear.It’s sunny and hot. .Бүгін ауа райы қандай? Bügin awa rayï qandai? Бұлтты жəне жаңбыр жауып жатыр.

.. Work with a partner..... zhäne 148 ..жəне. Тамызда ауа райы қандай? Ауа райы..Қаңтарда ауа райы қандай? -Ауа райы. Qantarda aua rayi qandai? Awa rayï. Ауа райы. Мамырда ауа райы қандай? .A #____________ B #_______________ C #_____________ D #_____________ 7.. zhäne Mamïrda awa rayï qandai? Awa rayï.жəне.zhäne Tamïzda awa rayï qandai? Awa rayï.. күн шығып тұр kun shigip tur тұманды tumandy жаңбырлы zhangbïrlï бұлтты bulttï ыстық ïstïq бұлтты bulttï салқын salqïn аяз ayaz ашық ashïq жылы zhïlï құрғақ qurghaq ......жəне.. Қарашада ауа райы қандай? Ауа райы. Complete the dialogues according to the models in Exercise 5 and Exercise 6.. Use the vocabulary given below.....жəне... zhäne Qarashada awa rayï qandai? Awa rayï......

A. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Sunny and cold. it’s warm and sunny. Is it cold in spring? No. A. Put the given words in the correct order so that you can ask a question and give an answer about the weather in different places. C. Is it windy in spring? No. B. The weather in September is rainy and warm. Check your work with the Answer Key. A. The winters are cold and snowy. The winters are cold and snowy. Work with a partner.8. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Cloudy and cold. Check your work with the Answer Key. The summers are hot and rainy. 1. 2. Shymkentte zheltoqsanda qar zhawadi. 4. B. A. 5. 149 . MODEL: Шымкентте/жаңбыр жаумайды/желтоқсанда/қар жауады/ма Shymkentte/zhangbyr zhaumaidi/zheltoqsanda/qar zhauadi Student 1: Шымкентте желтоқсанда жаңбыр жаумайды қар жауады ма? Shymkentte zheltoqsanda zhangbär zhawadi ma? Student 2: Жоқ. A. 3. C. B. Шымкентте желтоқсанда қар жауады. 1) Таразда/ыстық/ия/маусымда/жəне/күн/шығады ма Tarazda/ïstïq/iä/mawsïmda/zhäne/kün shïghadï ma 2) Astanada/swïq/qarashada/zhoq/zhïlï/zhel turadï Астанада/суық/қарашада/жоқ/жылы/жел/тұрады 3) Наурызда/жаңбыр жауады/ия/Алматыда Nawrïzda/zhangbïr zhawadi/iä/Almatïda 9. Is it raining in spring? No. C. B. it’s warm and sunny. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Overcast and cold. it’s warm and sunny. What is the temperature today? It is 22 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers are hot and sunny. The weather in September is foggy and cold. The summers are hot and dry. The winters are cold and snowy. Listen to the speaker. What is the temperature today? It is 22 degrees. C. B. The weather in September is clear and sunny. What is the temperature today? It is 22 degrees Celsius. C. Mark the statement that you hear. Zhoq.

Repeat after the speaker. thunderstorm lightning flood tornado hurricane 2. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Pause the recording as many times as you need.10. thunderstorm lightning flood tornado hurricane 3. thunderstorm lightning flood tornado hurricane 150 . 1. What do you hear? Circle the three terms you hear spoken by the native speaker. Familiarize yourself with the following terms related to weather and natural disasters. Lightning naizaghai найзағай Thunderstorm kün kürkirew күн күркіреу Tornado tornado торнадо Hurricane dawïl дауыл Flood sel сел 11.

. Bul tornado ma? Бұл торнадо ма? Zhoq. бұл.. 151 .. D.. Check your work with the Answer Key. бұл.12. бұл. bul Жоқ. bul… Жоқ. bul … Жоқ.. E. бұл. Bul sel me? Бұл сел ма? Zhoq. A. bul Жоқ. C Bul dawïl ma? Бұл дауыл ма? .. Answer the questions in Kazakh.. bul… Жоқ.. B.. Bul kün kürkirew ma? Бұл күн күркіреу ма? Zhoq. бұл. Bul naizaghai ma? Бұл найзағай ма? Zhoq. Zhoq..

or was it not mentioned? 152 . 4. Celsius. 2. In English. 4. PLAY AUDIO City 1. Weather Temperature 2. 7. Check your work with the Answer Key. fill in the chart below with the weather and temperature for each city.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. 5. PLAY AUDIO 1. Listen to the following weather report for four different cities in Kazakhstan. 3. 2. Listen to the following weather report and answer the questions below. What city is the weather report for? What is the date? What day of the week is this? What is the forecast for today? What will be the high and low temperatures for today? What is the forecast for tomorrow? What will be the high and low temperatures for tomorrow? What time of the day tomorrow is the high temperature expected? Are the temperatures in Fahrenheit. 3. 8. 6. Check your work with the Answer Key. Pause or replay the audio if needed. 9.

Working in pairs or small groups. Use the vocabulary you’ve learned in this lesson to compose a story to match the pictures. the type of weather it seems to be. the name of the month. Include the season of the year.3. etc. describe the pictures. 153 .

Vocabulary List Weather Weather forecast Weather report Rain Sun Wind Snow Fog Lightning Thunderstorm Tornado Hurricane clouds Rainy Sunny Cloudy Freezing Clear Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius Hot Cold Warm Dry Overcast Windy Winter Spring Summer Fall High Low awa rayï awa rayï bolzhamï awa rayï mälimdemesi zhangbïr kün zhel qar tuman naizaghai kün kürkirew tornado dawïl bulttarï zhangbïrlï kün bulttï ayazdï ashïq därezhe farengate tselsius ïstïq swïq zhïlï qurghaq bulttï zheldi qïs köktem zhaz küz zhogharï tömen Ауа райы Ауа райы болжамы Ауа райы мəлімдемесі Жаңбыр Күн Жел Қар Тұман Найзағай Күн күркіреу Торнадо Дауыл бұлттары Жаңбырлы Күн Бұлтты Аязды Ашық Дəреже Фаренгейт Цельсиюс Ыстық Суық Жылы Құрғақ Бұлтты Желді Қыс Көктем Жаз Күз Жоғары Төмен 154 .

Sun 2. Zhoq. Tarazda mawsïmda ïstïq zhäne kün shïghadï. Clouds Exercise 6 A B C D 4 1 2 3 It’s foggy and cold. Wind 3. 2) Is it warm in Астанада in November? No. it is hot and sunny in Tarazda in June. Iä. Жоқ. Астанада қарашада суық емес. It’s snowing and below freezing. Almatïda nawrïzda zhangbïr zhawadï. Ия. it is cold and windy. 2. 3. 155 . Exercise 8 1) Is it hot and sunny in Tarazda in June? Yes. Таразда маусымда ыстық жəне күн шығады. Ия Алматыда наурызда жаңбыр жауады. it’s foggy and cold. жылы жəне жел тұрады. It is 28 degrees Celsius! It is very warm and clear.Answer Key Exercise 2 Wind Sun Rain Snow Exercise 3 1. 3) Is it rainy in Алматыда in March? Yes. Astanada qarashada swïq emes zhïlï zhäne zhel turadï. How is the weather there? It’s snowing and below freezing. it is rainy in Алматыда in March. Kün Zhel Bulttar Күн Жел Бұлттар Zhel Kün Zhangbïr Qar Жел Күн Жаңбыр Қар 1. It is overcast and raining. 4. How is the weather today? It is overcast and raining. Is it sunny? No. What is the temperature? It is 28 degrees Celsius! It is very warm and clear. Iä.

Қыркүйекте ауа райы жылы жəне жаңбыр жауады. B B A C C The weather in September is rainy and warm. Бұл дауыл ма? Жоқ. күн күркіреу найзағай сел kün kürkirew naizaghai sel 156 . What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? Sunny and cold. бұл дауыл. Bul sel ma? Zhoq. it’s warm and sunny. bul tornado. D. Bul naizaghai ma? Zhoq. B. Бұл күн күркіреу ма? Жоқ. zhïlï zhäne kun shïghïp turadï. Is it a hurricane? No. бұл торнадо. Zhaz ïstïq zhäne kün shïghadï. bul naizaghai. Bul kün kürkirew ma? Zhoq. Qïrküyekte awa rayï zhïlï zhäne zhangbïr zhawadï. жылы болады жəне күн шығып тұрады. бұл найзағай. Ертеңге ауа райы болжамы қандай? Күн шығады жəне суық. Is it a tornado? No. Bul dawïl ma? Zhoq. бұл сел. lightning 3. Qïs swïq zhäne qar zhawadï. bul kün kürkirew. C. bul sel. The summers are hot and sunny. Is it cold in spring? No. Is it a flood? No. it is a hurricane. Qïsta swïq pa? Zhoq. Жаз өте ыстық жəне кун шығады. it is a tornado. E. bul dawïl. Қыс өте суық жəне қар жауады. Exercise 11 1. it is lightning. Ertengge awa rayï bolzhamï qandai? Kün shïgadï zhäne swïq. it is a thunderstorm. 2. What is the temperature today? It is 22 degrees Fahrenheit. it is a flood. 3. бұл күн күркіреу. The winters are cold and snowy. 4. Бүгін ауа дəрежесі қанша? 22 Фаренгейт дəрежесі Bügin awa därezhesi qansha? 22 Farengate därezhesi Қыста суық па? Жоқ. Is it lightning? No. thunderstorm 2. Bul tornado ma? Zhoq. Бұл найзағай ма? Жоқ. Бұл торнадо ма? Жоқ.Exercise 9 1. Бұл сел ма? Жоқ. Is it a thunderstorm? No. flood Exercise 12 A. 5.

In Taraz it will be cold. Сонымен қатар жел тұрады. What will be the high and low temperatures for today? High of 18 and low of 8. Tomorrow in Almaty the weather will be warm and sunny. Ертең таңертең ауа райы бұлтты алайда түс қайта күн шығады. 4. It will also be windy. Senbi küni zhogharghï därezhe saghat 3’te 22 boladï zhäne tömengi därezhe 12 därezhe boladï. 9. Ауа дəрежесі 15 С болады. What will be the high and low temperatures for tomorrow? High of 22 and low of 12. Ауа дəрежесі 5 С болады Астанада дауыл болады. 3. The temperature will be 20 degrees Centigrade. Bügin zhangbïr zhawadï zhäne keshke kün kürkirew ïqtiymalï bar. The temperature will be 30 degrees Centigrade. Ауа дəрежесі 30 С болады. The temperature will be 15 degrees Centigrade. City Almaty Shymkent Taraz Astana Weather Warm Hot and windy Cold Hurricane Temperature 20 C 30 C 5C 15 C Ертең Алматыда ауа райы жылы жəне күн шығады. What is the forecast for tomorrow? Cloudy in the morning. 2. Bul Astana qalasïnïn 21 Säwirge arnalghan awa rayï bolzham mälimdemesi. What is the forecast for today? Rainy with a chance of a thunderstorm this evening.Шымкентте ыстық жəне жел болады. What time of the day tomorrow is the high temperature expected? 3:00 pm. Sonïmen qatar zhel turadï. 2. Сенбі күні жоғарғы дəреже сағат 3’те 22 болады жəне төменгі дəреже 12 дəреже болады. In Astana there will be a storm. Erteng tangerten awa rayï bulttï alaida tüs qaita kün shïghadï. Төменгі дəреже 8 цельсиус дəрежесі ал жоғарғы дəреже 18 болады. 3. Are the temperatures in Fahrenheit. 6. Tömengi därezhe 8 tselsius därezhesi al zhogharghï därezhe 18 boladï. 4. but sunny in the afternoon. The low temperature for today will be 8 degrees Celsius with a high temperature of 18. Ауа дəрежесі 20 С болады. What is the date? April 21. This is the weather report for Astana for Friday the 21st of April. Бүгін жаңбыр жауады жəне кешке күн куркіреу ықтималы бар. What city is the weather report for? Astana. 157 . What day of the week is this? Friday. In Chimkent it will be hot and windy. Tomorrow’s weather will be cloudy in the morning but sunny in the afternoon. Saturday’s high temperature will be 22 at 3:00 in the afternoon and the low temperature will be 12 degrees.End of Lesson Exercise 1 1. Бұл Астана қаласының 21 Сəуірге арналған ауа райы болжам мəлімдемесі. or was it not mentioned? Celsius. The temperature will be 5 degrees Centigrade. 7. 5. Today’s weather will be rainy with a chance of a thunderstorm this evening. Celsius. 8. Таразда ауа райы суық болады. Exercise 2 1.

1.One’s physical features (hair color.) . including the clothing . height. etc.Articles of clothing . Listen to the descriptions of people’s appearances.Colors .Description of a person’s physical appearance.Appropriate ways to ask about someone’s appearance. Look at the pictures below and familiarize yourself with the new vocabulary. weight.Lesson 12 Personal Appearance Сыртқы көрініс Sïrtqï Körinis This lesson will introduce you to: . Tall uzïn ұзын Short qïsqa қысқа Heavy semiz семіз Thin arïq арық Young zhas жас Old käri кəрі Short qïsqa қысқа Long uzïn ұзын Blond sarï сары Red qïzïl қызыл Gray aq ақ 158 .

Бұл ербала жас. He has an average height and medium frame. 159 . Ол ұзын жəне арық. Bul äyel zhas. She is tall and thin. Ол орта бойлы жəне орта денелі. This man is also young. This man is young Bul erkek zhas. Бұл əйел жас.2. Бұл еркек жас. Ол өте ұзын жəне арық. Bul erkek zhas. Бұл еркек жас He is of average height and of average frame Ol orta boylï zhäne orta deneli. He is very tall and thin Ol öte uzïn zhäne arïq. This woman is young. Ol orta boylï zhäne orta deneli. Ol uzïn zhäne arïq. This boy is young Bul bala zhas. Look at the pictures below and listen to the descriptions of people’s appearances. Ол орта бойлы жəне орта денелі.

Бұл жас əйелдің шашы қоңыр жəне қысқа. Qarttïng shashï aq. See if your partner can correctly identify the body type and their color and style of hair from your description. The young girl has long blond hair. This young man also has short brown hair. Bul erkekting shashï da qongïr zhäne qïsqa. Бұл еркектің шашы да қоңыр жəне қысқа. 160 . Жас қыздың шашы ұзын жəне сары. Look at the pictures and describe each of the people. Look at the pictures below and familiarize yourself with the new vocabulary. Work with a partner. Bul zhas äyelding shashï gongïr. Listen to the speaker and repeat as you follow along in the workbook. The old man has gray hair.3. 4. Zhas qïzdïng shashï uzïn zhäne sarï. Hair: Blond Brown Red Gray Curly Straight shash: sarï qongïr qïzïl aq buyra tüzüw Шаш: Сары Қоңыр Қызыл Ақ Бұйра Түзу This young woman has short brown hair. Қарттың шашы ақ.

Fill in the chart below in Kazakh. Look at the pictures below and familiarize yourself with the new vocabulary.5. Check your answers with the Answer Key. choose the characteristics and adjectives used to describe each feature. Listen to the speaker and repeat as you follow along in the workbook. From the lists above. Hair Шаш Skin Тері Height Бой Frame Дене Facial Features Бет сипаттамасы 161 . Ear Qulaq Құлақ Nose Murïn Мұрын Eye Köz Көз Mouth Awïz Ауыз Glasses Közildirik Көзілдірік Beard Saqal Сақал Light Skin Aq renkti Ақ ренкті Medium Skin Orta renkti Орта ренкті Dark Skin Qara torï Қара торы 6.

Check your work with the Answer Key. In each line of text below. Check your answers with the Answer Key. How many people were described? 2. Zhoq. Мұраттың көз түсі қандай? Murattïng köz tüsi qanday? Оның көз түсі көк. Onïng shashï qongïr. What were their names? 3. 1. Questions: 1. Answer the questions under the box. Ақмаралдың шашы қай түс? Aqmaraldïng shashï qay tüs? Оның шашы қоңыр. Is Azamat short and heavy? 162 . Onïng köz tüsi kök. Does Murat wear glasses? 5. Ол семіз бе? Ol semiz be? Жоқ.7. cross out the term that does not logically belong. ol arïq. Азамат ұзын ба? Azamat uzïn ba? Азамат орта бойлы. Zhoq. ол көзілдірік тақпайды. 3. Мұрат көзілдірік тағады ма? Murat közildirik taghadï ma? Жоқ. 2. Does Murat have brown eyes? 6. What color hair does Aqmaral have? 4. Listen to the descriptions of different people’s appearances while reading the following dialogues. ol közildirik taqpaydi. ол арық. Azamat orta boylï. көк kök қысқа qïsqa мұрын murïn сары sarï жасыл zhasïl көзілдірік közildirik сақал saqal ақ aq арық arïq ұзын uzïn ауыр awïr бой boy қоңыр gongïr орта orta көздер közder күңгірт künggirt 8.

Black Gray Green Red Blue Yellow White Qara Sur Zhasïl Qïzïl Kök Sarï Aq Қара Сұр Жасыл Қызыл Көк Сары Ақ Red Coat Qïzïl palto Қызыл пальто Gray Suit Sur kostyum Сұр костюм шалбар Tan Pants Sarïshïl shalbar Сарышыл шалбар Blue Jeans Jeans Джинс Green Jacket Zhasïl kostyum Жасыл костюм Brown Sweater Gongïr sviter Қоңыр свитер Orange Shirt Sarghïlt köylek Сарғылт көйлек Blue T-Shirt Kök futbolka Көк футболка 163 . Listen and repeat after the speaker. Familiarize yourself with the new vocabulary on clothing and colors.9.

” however specific words for sport shoes are borrowed from Russian “кроссовки” = krossovki.Green Skirt Zhasïl etek Жасыл етек Purple Dress Külgin köylek Күлгін көйлек White Sweat Suit Ak zhïlï kiyim Ақ жылы киім Yellow Shorts Sarï short Сары шорт Brown Boots Qongïr etik Қоңыр етік Blue Shoes Kök krassovka Көк крассовка Black Hat Qara qalpaq Қара қалпақ Gray Uniform Sur uniforma Сұр униформа Black Socks Qara näski (shorap) Қара нəски (шорап) White Socks Aq näski (shorap) Ақ нəски (шорап) Grammar note: The general term for footwear in Kazakh is “аяқ киім” = “ayaq qiyim.” 164 .

9. Uzïn zhäne arïq. 7. Check your work with the Answer Key. Semiz. Zhas ana._______ Шашы қоңыр ұзын. Shashï gongïr uzïn 4. Match each description with the corresponding picture and fill in the blank with the correct letter. 5. 6._______ Сұр костюм киіп тұр Sur kostyum kiyip tur. 2. 165 . A B C D E 1. 10._______ Ұзын жəне арық.______ Семіз. Note that there could be more than one match for each description.______ Сары шаш. 3._______ Кəрі əйел._______ Көк футболка киіп тұр Kök futbolka kiyip tur. Sarï shash. Käri äyel. Sarï köylek kiyip tur._______ Жас ана. 8.10._______ Көк шалбар киіп тұр Kök shalbar kiyip tur._______ Сары көйлек киіп тұр.

11. Translate the following descriptions into English. Check your work with the Answer Key. A. Мадина ұзын жəне арық. Оның жасы отызда. Ол аппақ, шашы сары жəне бұйра, көзі жасыл. Madina uzïn zhäne arïq. Onïng zhasï otïzda. Ol appaq, shashï sarï zhäne buyra, közi zhasïl. B. Нұржан ұзын жəне семіз. Ол қырық бес жаста. Ол аппақ, шашы ақ жəне қысқа, көзі көк. Nurzhan uzïn zhäne semiz. Ol qïrïq bes zhasta. Ol appaq, shashï aq zhäne qïsqa, közi kök. C. Аскердің шашы қара жəне қысқа. Äskerding shashï qara zhäne qïsqa. D. Жас қыз он жаста. Ол ұзын жəне арық. Ол қара, шашы қоңыр жəне ұзын, көзі қоңыр. Zhas qïz on zhasta. Ol uzïn zhäne arïq. Ol qara, shashï gongïr zhäne uzïn, közi gongïr.


End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. Describe the people you see in the pictures. For each person, include the approximate age, skin tone, color and length of hair, and what he/she is wearing. Use the model in Exercise 2 below.







2. Come up with a simple description for each of the people listed below. (You may substitute any individual you wish for those listed.) Be sure to include hair color and length, approximate height, age, eye color, and skin tone. MODEL: My mother is 63 years old. She is tall and has a medium frame. She has short, gray hair and brown eyes. She has light skin. She wears glasses. A. Mother B. Father C. Co-worker D. President of the United States E. Your next door neighbor


3. Work in pairs. Pretend that you and your partner are roommates. When you went to the store, someone came to visit you. Now you are back. Ask your roommate questions about that person’s appearance. Your partner will describe the visitor. In Kazakh, say how he/she looks (Is he/she tall or short? Heavy or thin? What kind of hair does he/she have? What was he wearing? What colors were the clothes?).


Vocabulary List
Average Beard Black Blond Blue Blue jeans Boots Brown Color Curly Dark Dress Ears Eyes Face Frame Glasses Gray Green Hair Hat Jacket Large Light Man Medium Mouth Nose Old Pants Red Shirt Shoes Short Skin Skirt Small Straight Suit Sweater Sweats Tall Thin To wear ortasha saqal qara sarï kök jeans etik qönir tüs buyra künggirt köylek qulaqtar közder bet dene közildirik sur zhasïl shash qalpaq kostyum ulken aqshïl erkek ortasha awïz murïn käri shalbar qïzïl köylek krassovka qïsqa teri etek kishkentay tüzw kostyum sviter zhïlï kiyim uzïn arïq kiyu Орташа Сақал Қара Сары Көк Джинс Етік Қоңыр Түс Бұйра Күңгірт Көйлек Құлақтар Көздер Бет Дене Көзілдірік Сұр Жасыл Шаш Қалпақ Костюм Үлкен Ақшыл Еркек Орташа Ауыз Мұрын Кəрі Шалбар Қызыл Көйлек Крассовка Қысқа Тері Етек Кішкентай Түзу Костюм Свитер Жылы киім Ұзын Арық Кию


T-shirt White Woman Yellow Young

futbolka aq äyel sarï zhas

Футболка Ақ Əйел Сары Жас


Exercise 6 Hair қысқа ұзын сары қызыл ақ Exercise 7 blue көк kök short қысқа qïsqa nose мұрын murïn blond сары sarï Exercise 8 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. How many people were described? Three. What were their names? Aqmaral, Azamat, Murat. What color hair does Aqmaral have? Brown. Does Murat wear glasses? No. Does Murat have brown eyes? No, he has blue eyes. Is Azamat short and heavy? No, average height and thin. green жасыл zhasïl glasses көзілдірік közildirik beard сақал saqal gray ақ aq thin арық arïq tall ұзын uzïn heavy ауыр awïr height бой boy brown қоңыр gongïr average орта orta eyes көздер közder dark күңгірт künggirt Skin ақ орта қара Height ұзын қысқа Frame семіз арық Facial Features құлақ мұрын көз ауыз көзілдірік сақал

Exercise 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. D E B A E C C C B A is an old woman. has blond hair. has long brown hair. is wearing a gray suit is wearing blue pants. is a young mother. is tall and thin. is wearing a yellow dress. is wearing a blue t-shirt. is heavy. käri äyel. shashï uzïn. shashï uzïn zhäne gongïr. sur kostyum kiyip tur. kök shalbar kiyip tur. zhas ana. uzïn zhäne arïq. sarï koylek kiyip tur. kök futbolka kiyip tur. semiz. 171 Кəрі əйел. Шашы ұзын. Шашы ұзын жəне қоңыр. Сұр костюм киіп тұр. Көк шалбар киіп тұр Жас ана. Ұзын жəне арық. Сары көйлек киіп тұр Көк футболка киіп тұр Семіз.

4. and light skin. blue eyes. 3. 2. and fair skin. He has short gray hair. He is short and thin. green eyes. She is tall and thin. and dark skin.Exercise 11 1. The young girl is 10 years old. She has long brown hair. brown eyes. He is 45 years old. 172 . Madina is tall and thin. Nurzhanis tall and heavy. The soldier has dark short hair. She is 30 years old. She has blond curly hair.

equaling roughly the size of Western Europe. The most typical means of getting around within the cities in Kazakhstan are buses. The use of private vehicles has been steadily increasing primarily as a result of growing middle-class and recent double-digit economic growth in Kazakhstan. The first subway will be completed in Almaty by 2009. minibuses and trains.Ways of asking questions regarding the different modes of transportation . minivans and trains. Public transportation is relatively developed in comparison to the US.Verbs of motion . most people use trains to travel between cities and regions.Different types of transportation available in Kazakhstan. Most cities and towns have bus systems and large cities such as Almaty and Karaganda have trams.Lesson 13 Transportation Транспорт Transport This lesson will introduce you to: . The most commonly used means of transportation in Kazakhstan are buses. Although there are airplanes throughout Kazakhstan. Around 25% of the population now owns a private vehicle. airfare is still extremely expensive and few can afford this means of transportation. Since Kazakhstan is a large landmass. 173 . primarily due to the low percentage of population owning private vehicles.

for example: Men mektepke zhayaw baramïn. I walk to school. 174 . for example: Men mektepke mashinamen baramïn. Listen and repeat the following words as you read along. for example: Men mektepke velodisipedpen baramïn. -pen baruw. Airplane Ushaq Ұшақ Bicycle Velosiped Велосипед Ship Keme Кеме Bus Avtobus Автобус Car Mashina Машина Ferry Boat Parokhod Пароход Helicopter Tik ushaq Тік ұшақ Motorcycle Mototsikl Мотоцикл Taxi Taksi Такси Train Poezd Поезд Truck Zhük mashina Жүк машина Grammar note: to walk = zhayaw baruw. to drive = -men.1. -pen baruw. to ride = -men.

Кім + Келу жері +Транспорт түрі + Қимыл Етістігі = who + destination + mode of transportation + the verb of motion Есен киноға автобуспен барады. Esen goes to a movie theater by bus Esen kinogha avtobuspen baradï. Repeat after the speaker as you read along. Listen to the questions and answers about using different forms of transportation. How do you go to work? Zhumïsqa qalay barasiz? Жұмысқа қалай барасыз? by car Машинамен mashinamen by bus Автобуспен avtobuspen by train Поездбен poezdpen by bicycle Велосипедпен velosipedpen by boat Қайықпен qayiqpen by motorcycle Мотоциклмен mototsiklmen by truck Жүк машинамен Zhük mashinamen I go Grammar note: Who + the verb of motion + mode of transportation + destination Example: I ride a bus to school. 1 2 175 3 .2. . 3. Read each statement below and match it to the correct picture. Check your work with the Answer Key.

F. B. Zhawïngerler asker zhük mashinasïmen zhüredi. Мен жұмысқа машинамен барамын. Жауынгерлер əскер жүк машинасымен жүреді. 4. Менің досым велосипедпен жұмысқа барады. Жаңбыр жауғанда. Men zhumïsqa mashinamen baramïn. Men är azan mektepke avtobuspen baramïn. E. MODEL: Who + the verb of motion + mode of transportation + destination Example: I ride a bus to to drive айдау school bicycle our parents car машина mashina to walk Жүру мектеп велосипедпен Ата анамыз mektep velosipedpen Ata anamïz train поезд taxi такси Taksi bus автобус концерт Кітапхана Kontsert Kitapkhana Aydaw Poezd Avtobuspen Zhürüw 176 .ке . Мен мектепке автобуспен барамын. Men mektepke avtobuspen baramïn. I Мен men airport əуежай Äwe zhay motorcycle my brother мотоцикл Менің ағам mototsikl Mening agham my friend concert Менің досым Mening dosïm to ride бару baruw library to . (baramïz) D. Mening dosïm velosipedpen zhumïsqa baradï. C. Practice creating complete sentences out of the words below. Mening agham mototsikl aydaydï. biz taksimen zhüremiz.4 5 6 A. Use the following model. біз таксимен жүреміз. Zhangbïr zhawghanda. Менің ағам мотоцикл айдайды. Мен əр азан мектепке автобуспен барамын.

Көп рахмет.Grammar note: In Kazakh. Талғат үйге поезд+бен барады. .Take the train. Поездбен барыңыз. Əуежайдан мейманханаға қалай баратынымды айтыңызшы.Please tell me how to get to the hotel from the airport? Äwezhaidan meymankhanagha qalay baratïnïmdï aytïngïzshï. . Poezd nömer 22.” is used in different ways: the mode of transportation + direction suffix. Оқасы жоқ. Men universitetke mashina+men baramïn = I drive to school. -ben.” For example: Мен университетке машина+мен барамын. . Taksimen barïngïz Таксимен барыңыз. Listen to and read along with the following exchanges. Oqasï zhoq. Поезд номер 22. 5. Köp rakhmet.What number? Qay nömer. Poezdben barïngïz. .You are welcome.Train number 22. . the motion verb “baruw” which literally means “to go.Thank you very much. -pen.How do I get to the hospital? Awruwkhanagha qalay baramïn? Ауруханаға қалай барамын? . preceded by the motion verb “baruw. Repeat after the speaker. Talgat uyge poezd+ben baradï = Talgat takes the train home. 177 .Take a taxi. Қай нөмер? . . such as –men.

6. 7. My parents drive their cars to work. I take my car. I take my car. Do you take a bus to the concert? No. make up similar exchanges as in the above exercise. Do you take a train to the concert? No. but we take the train. I take my car. but we walk. C. C. 3. B. What bus should I take to the post office? Bus number 18. 2. A. My parents drive their cars to work. Check your answers with the Answer Key. B. Working with a partner. 1. My parents drive their cars to work. 178 . C. Do you take a taxi to the concert? No. Now listen to the dialogues and mark the statement that you hear. B. but we ride our bicycles. What street should I take to the post office? 18th Street. A. What exit should I take to the post office? Exit 18. A. Use the words from Exercise 5 and the pictures below to choose the destination.

At a service station 8.1 pints 10 liters = 2. gas is measured in liters. where kilometers are used for distances and liters for liquid measurements. 1 gallon = 3. Familiarize yourself with the following vocabulary. One liter equals 1000 grams.946 liters 1 liter = 2.63 gallons 179 . Listen to the speaker and follow along in your book.785 liters 1 quart = . In gas stations. Gas Gas station Service station Diesel Car wash Oil Tires Air Water Flat tire benzin/zhanarmay zhanarmay stansasï benzin stansasï dizel mashina zhuwuw may shinalar zhel suw zhelsiz shina Бензин Жанармай Жанармай стансасы Бензин стансасы Дизель Машина жуу Май Шиналар Жел Су Желсіз шина Cultural note: The metric system is used in Kazakhstan.

Listen to the people at a service station and find out what each needs. Circle the English equivalents of the terms you hear. Familiarize yourself with these terms identifying infrastructure. Air Air Air Air Gas Gas Gas Gas Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Tires Tires Tires Tires Oil Oil Oil Oil Car Wash Car Wash Car Wash Car Wash 10. B.9. A. Check your answers with the Answer Key. C. D. Road Highway Freeway Local road Railroad zhol zhol trassa zherli zhol temir zhol Жол Жол Трасса Жерлі жол Темір жол 180 .

Бензиннің бір литрі қанша? Benzinnin bir litri qansha? Бір литрі 2. Bir litri 2. Бензин стансасы қайда? Mende benzin zhoq. Try to make your story interesting and include as many details as you can. Men shinangizgha zhel ürewiyin. B. -Мен шинаңызға жел үрейін. Translate the following dialogues into English. .End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. A. Bul zholmen eki kilometr zherde.Бұл жолмен екі километр жерде. Benzin stansasï qayda? .35 теңге. Check your work with the Answer Key. C. Не істесем? Menin shinamda problema bar. 2. 12 litr 181 . – Қанша аласыз? Qansha alasïz? .Менде бензин жоқ. –Менің шинамда проблема бар.12 литр. Tell how you would get to the following places using various modes of transportation.35 tengge D.

Vocabulary List Air Airplane Bicycle Boat Bus Car Car wash Concert Diesel Ferry boat Freeway Gallon Gas Helicopter Highway Library Liter Local road Motorcycle Oil Railroad Service station School Ship Taxi Tire/tires Train Truck Water Work awa ushaq velosiped qayïq avtobus mashina mashina zhuwuw kontsert dizel parokhod trassa gallon benzin tik ushaq zhol kitapkhana litr zherli zhol mototsikl munay (petroleum) may temir zhol qïzmet stansasi mektep keme taksi shina poezd zhük mashinasï suw zhumïs Ауа Ұшақ Велосипед Қайық Автобус Машина Машина жуу Концерт Дизель Пароход Трасса Галлон Бензин Тік ұшақ Жол Кітапхана Литр Жерлі жол Мотоцикл Мұнай. май Темір жол Қызмет стансасы Мектеп Кеме Такси Шина Поезд Жүк машинасы Су Жұмыс 182 .

Exercise 9 A. I need a car wash and gas. Poshtagha qay köshemen baruwïm kerek? On segizinshi köshemen. 2. 3. 4. B. What street should I take to the post office? 18th Street. C. Exercise 7 1. B. машинаммен барамын. F My brother rides a motorcycle. 2. 5. I take my car. C When it’s raining. mashinammen baramïn. Поштаға қай көшемен баруым керек? Он сегізінші көшемен. 1. I drive my car to go to work. B. A I take the bus to school every morning. май Машина жуу Мұнай. 3. A. Air Gas Gas Diesel Ауа Бензин Бензин Дизель Tires Oil Car Wash Oil Шиналар Мұнай. Концертке таксимен барасыз ба? Жоқ. 2.ANSWER KEY Exercise 3 1. ал біз поездбен барамыз. C. 3. A. but we take the train. we take a taxi. 183 . D. A. Do you take a taxi to the concert? No. Ата-анамыз жұмысқа машинамен барады. E My friend rides his bike to work. май I need some air for my tires. C. I need diesel for my car and oil. Kontsertke taksimen baramïz ba? Zhoq. al biz poezdben baramïz. A. B. My parents drive their cars to work. B Soldiers ride in an army truck. B. 6. D. D. C. D. C. I need 10 gallons of gas and 1 quart of oil. Ata anamïz zhumïsqa mashinamen baradï.

35 tenge a liter D.Two kilometers down the freeway. – How much gas do you want? . B. 184 .End of Lesson Exercise 2 A. . – I have a problem with my tire.I’ll put some air in the tires for you.I have no gas.How much is the gas per liter/gallon? . What should I do? . . C. Where is the gas station? .2.12 liters please.

Border crossing and roadblock procedures. usually in buses there are no tickets. train and bus tickets are purchased at train and bus stations. Also. 185 . passengers just pay money to the drivers. or airplane ticket . There are several types of seats on the trains in Kazakhstan.How to buy a train.How to understand schedules . There is plaskart (second class) and kupe (first class). bus. People buy airplane tickets through travel agents. In Kazakhstan. either on site or in advance.Lesson 14 Travel Caяхат Sayakhat This lesson will introduce you to: .Vocabulary related to travel .

Билет сатушы Excuse me. Барып қайтуға. kupe me? Пласкарт па. Returning on what day? Qay küni qaytasïz? Қай күні қайтасыз? 186 .1. One-way or roundtrip? Bir zhaqqa ma ghana ma. Can I help you? Kömek bere alamïn ba? Көмек бере аламын ба? I need to buy a ticket to Taraz. Barïp qaytugha. Departing on what day? Qay künge? Қай күнге? Today. apay. please. barïp qaytuwgha ma? Бір жаққа ғана ма. Büginge. ma’am. Tarazgha bilet aluwïm kerek. купе ме? Second class. Plaskart boladï. Кешіріңіз. Listen to the following dialogue about buying a ticket at a train station. апай. Бүгінге. Таразға билет алуым керек. барып қайтуға ма? Roundtrip. Пласкарт болады. Keshiringiz. First class or second class? Plaskart pa. and read along in the workbook. Soldier: Zhawïnger Жауынгер Ticket Seller: Biylet satushï Билет сатушы Soldier: Zhawïnger Жауынгер Ticket Seller: Bilet satushï Билет сатушы Soldier: Zhawïnger Жауынгер Ticket Seller: Bilet satushï Билет сатушы Soldier: Zhawïnger Жауынгер Ticket Seller: Bilet satushï Билет сатушы Soldier: Zhawïnger Жауынгер Ticket Seller: Bilet satushï.

a direction suffix such as –qa. Иə. Жиырма доллар болады. tüs qayta ma. What is the train number? Poyezding nömeri qanday? Поездің нөмері қандай? 76 Zhetpis altï. Zhiyïrma dollar boladï. Is this an express train? Bul poyezd zhedel ma? Бұл поезд жедел ма? Yes. Twenty-two dollars. Minüw is a verb that is used for boarding any means of transportation including buses. Жетпіс алты. -gha. For example: Avtobus-qa minüw = to board a bus Ketüw = to depart Kelüw= to arrive Ketüw = to leave Qaytïp kelüw = to return/to come back 187 . Жұма күні. keshke me? Азанда ма. trains and airplanes. afternoon. please. Morning. or -ge is added to an object. жедел поезд. it is an express train.Soldier: Zhawïnger Жауынгер Ticket Seller: Bilet satwshï Билет сатушы Soldier: Zhawïnger Жауынгер Ticket Seller: Bilet satwshï Билет сатушы Soldier: Zhawïnger Жауынгер Ticket Seller: Bilet satwshï Билет сатушы Soldier: Zhawïnger Жауынгер Ticket Seller: Bilet satwshï Билет сатушы Grammar note: Friday Zhuma küni. Iä. Thank you. or evening? Azanda ma. Келесі поезд бесінші пероннан бір сағат ішінде жүреді. When this verb is used. Түс қайта. The next train leaves in one hour from platform number 5. кешке ме? Afternoon Tüs qayta. zhedel poyezd. -ke. түс қайта ма.

Кестені өзгерістер үшін тексеріңіздер. Қарағандыдан келетін автобус он минуттан кейін үшінші терминалға келеді. Attention. tïngdangïzdar! 92 nömerli Astanadan keletin ushaq bir saghat kesh boladï. Келесі жергілікті поезд бес минуттан кейін оныншы перонға келеді. Kesteni özgerister üshin tekseringizder. passengers! The next local train will arrive at platform 10 in 5 minutes. Role-play the dialogue. plus the word “kerek” that translates into must. Listen to the following statements and read along in the workbook. Тоқсан нөмерлі Астанадан келетін ұшақ бір сағат кеш болады. 4. and the price of the ticket. 3. passengers! The next express train to Almaty will depart from platform 10 in 15 minutes. Жолаушылар тыңдаңыздар. Future tense is different in context and adverbs such as tomorrow. tïngdangïzdar! Qaraghandïdan keletin avtobus 10 minuttan keyin 3 terminalgha keledi. passengers! The bus from Qaragandy will arrive at terminal 3 in 10 minutes.In order to construct a “must” sentence in Kazakh. Жолаушылар тыңдаңыздар. Келесі жедел поезд Алматыға оныншы пероннан он бес минуттан кейін келеді Attention. tïngdangïzdar! Kelesi zhedel poyezd Almatïgha 10-shï peronnan 15 minuttan keyin zhuredi. 2. tïngdangïzdar! Kelesi zhergilikti poyezd 5 minuttan keyin 10 perongha keledi. Жолаушылар тыңдаңыздар. Ushaqqa minüw kerek = One must board a plane. Жолаушылар тыңдаңыздар. passengers! Flight number 92 from Astana will be one hour late. 188 . = I will go to school tomorrow. Grammar note: Present and future tense have the same grammatical structure in Kazakh. Read the dialogue with a partner. Nurlan endigi apta kitap oqïydï = Nurlan will read a book next week. You can substitute the name of a city where you need to buy a ticket to. Zholawshïlar. Please check the schedule for updates. For example. next week or next month make future tense different than present tense. Attention. Zholawshïlar. Attention. Zholawshïlar. For example: Men erteng mektepke kelemin. Take turns being the Ticket Seller and Soldier. the time and day of arriving and departing. the verb has to be in the “to do” form. Zholawshïlar.

A__________ B__________ C__________ D__________ E__________ F__________ G__________ zholawshïlar bagazh peron keste bilet kütüw zheri qaqpa H__________ Жолаушылар Багаж Перон Кесте Билет Күту жері Қақпа Grammar note: Kerek is an equivalent of “must” and “have to” and is always used at the end of sentences and preceded by a ‘to do” form verb. = You have to read a book.5. For example: Sening kitap oquwïng kerek. Check your work with the Answer Key. = He/she has to come home early. Match each picture with the correct Kazakh term by writing the term below the correct picture. 189 . Ol üyge erte kelüwi kerek.

Listen to the following statements and read along in the workbook. 190 . Check your answers with the Answer Key. Passengers for flight number 25 must go to gate 14. Zholawshïlar ketüw bolmesinde kutwleri kerek. 25 нөмерлі ұшаққа жолаушылар 14-ші қақпаға барулары керек.6. Ұшаққа міну үшін сізге билет керек. Passengers have to wait in the waiting area. Билет алу үшін барыңыз. Багажыңызды ала аласыз. 7. You must have a ticket to board the train. Poyezdge minüw üshin sizge bilet kerek Поездге міну үшін сізге билет керек. B. Багаж алу жерінде күтуініз керек. Билетке төлеуіңіз керек. Attention Baggage claim area Express First class Platform Schedule Second class Ticket window Gate tïngdangïzdar bagazh alatïn zher ekpress kupe peron keste plaskart bilet terezesi qaqpa Тыңдаңыздар Багаж алатын жер Экспресс Купе Перон Кесте Пласкарт Билет терезесі Қақпа A. Fill in the blanks with the correct term from the list below. You have to wait for your luggage at the baggage claim area. You must pay for your ticket. Ushaqqa minüw üshin sizge bilet kerek. 25 nomerli ushaqqa zholawshïlar 14shi qaqpagha baruwlarï kerek. Bagazhïngïzdi ala alasïz. Bagazh aluw zherinde kütüwingiz kerek. Bilet aluw üshin ______________ barïnïz. Biletke tolewingiz kerek. Жолаушылар кету бөлмесінде күтулері керек. You must have a ticket to board the airplane.

4. Use different cities and numbers. _______________ ! Барлық жолаушылардың автобусқа міну үшін билеттері болуы керек. Är poyezd är türlü __________ keledi.Терезенің қасындағы орын алғыңыз келеді ме? Terezening qasïndaghï orïn algïngïz keledi ma? E. Ол поезд 16 минуттан кейін келеді. Match them by writing the letter of each question in the blank line in front of the appropriate answer on the right. 64 tengge boladi. Жолаушылар тыңдаңыздар! 725 нөмерлі ұшақ A 17 _____________ жүреді. Бірінші класс билет қаншадан? Birinshi klass bilet qanshadan? D. Жергілікті поездға билет қайдан аламын? Zhergilikti poyezdgha bilet qaydan alamïn? B. Qaraghandïdan keletin zhedel poyezd qay perongha keledi? 1. 64 теңге болады. 2.C. Iä boladï. Ushaqtïn kashan ketetining bilüw üshin ____________ qarangïz Ұшақтың қашан келетінін білу үшін______________ қараңыз. D. Peronnïng qasïndaghï kassa terezesinde. болады. F. 9. Перонның қасындағы касса терезесінде. Əр поезд əр түрлі __________ келеді. G. Poyezd zhïldamïrak öytkeni ol zhelgilikti ayaldamalar zhasaydï. E. Check your answers with the Answer Key. there is a corresponding answer on the right. Almatïgha baratïn kelesi avtobus qashan? 3. 191 . Алматыға баратын келесі автобус қашан? Almatïgha baratïn kelesi avtobus qashan? C. Қарағандыдан келетін жедел поезд қай перонға келеді. Поезд жылдамырақ өйткені ол жергілікті аялдамалар жасайды. 8. Ия.___________________! _______________ ! Barlïq zholawshïlardïn avtobusqa minüw üshin biletteri boluwï kerek. 5. Role-play the short dialogues from Exercise 8. Ol poyezd perongha 16 minuttan keyin keledi. A. Алматыға баратын келесі автобус жиырма минуттан кейін жүреді. For each question on the left. Zholawshïlar tïngdangïzdar! 725 nömerli ushaq A 17 ______________ zhüredi.

A You must have a ticket to board the bus. Border Customs Checkpoint Roadblock Passport Driver’s license Documents Papers ID card Show me Give me Search Inspect Inspection Trunk (of a car) Proceed Rental (car) Citizen shekara keden tekserüw punkti zhol bögeti tölquzhat zhürgizishi kuäligi quzhattar qaghazdar kuwälik körsetingizshi beringizshi izdew tekserüw tekseris bagazh zhüringiz zhal mashina azamat Шекара Кеден Тексеру пункті Жол бөгеті Төлқұжат Жүргізішу куəлігі Құжаттар Қағаздар Куəлік Көрсетіңізші Беріңізші Іздеу Тексеру Тексеріс Багаж Жүріңіз Жал машина Азамат 192 . Check your work with the Answer Key. 3. 2. At border crossings and roadblocks 11. Listen to these new words and phrases. A. B I need a first-class one-way ticket to Astanagha. B The next local train will depart from platform 15 in 10 minutes. What do you hear? Listen to the speaker and determine which statement is being spoken. A I need a first-class roundtrip ticket to Astanagha. 1. The next express train will depart from platform 15 in 10 minutes.10. B You must have a ticket to board the ferry.

Listen to and read the following dialogue at a border crossing. Маған төлқұжатыңызды беріңіз. бұл жалға алынған машина Qayda barasïz? Қайда барасыз? Almatïgha Алматыға. Siz Amerikan azamaïsïz ba? Сіз американ азаматысыз ба? Iä. 1.12. officials usually ask questions about driver identification and vehicle documents. Zharaydï. Ne üshin ol zherge baruwïngïz kerek? Не үшін ол жерге баруыңыз керек? 5. E. Maghan zhürgizuwshi kuwäligin beringiz. Маған жүргізуші куəлігін беріңіз. 2. Маған жүргізуші куəлігін беріңіз. Keden inspektoru Кеден инспекторы Mashina zhurgizushisi Машина жүргізушісі KI КИ MZ МЖ KI КИ MZ МЖ KI КИ MZ МЖ Maghan passport zhäne zhürgizüwshi kwäligin körsetingiz Маған паспорт жəне жүргізуші куəлігін көрсетіңіз. Sizde zheke kuwälik bar ma? Сізде жеке куəлік бар ма? A. and then answer the questions below. Maghan mashina quzhattarïn körsetingiz. 193 . Check your work with the Answer Key. Qaydan bolasïz? Қайдан боласыз? 4. Жарайды. B. Bul mashinanïngquzhattarï bar ma? Бұл машинаның құжаттары бар ма? Iäa. Maghan tölquzhatïngïzdï beringiz. Check your work with the Answer Key. Maghan mashina quzhattarïn körsetingiz. Маған төлқұжатыңызды беріңіз. Маған машина құжаттарын көрсетіңіз.Maghan zhurgizushi kwäligin beringiz. Маған машина құжаттарын көрсетіңіз. Qaydan bolasïz? Қайдан боласыз? 13. Ия. Ия. Bul zhalgha alïnghan mashina. Ne üshin ol zherge baruwingiz kerek? Не үшін ол жерге баруыңыз керек? D. Try to guess the meaning of unknown words from the context. At roadblocks and border crossings. 6. Maghan tölquzhatïngïzdï beringiz. Sizde zheke kuwälik bar ma? Сізде жеке куəлік бар ма? C. Try to match up the Kazakh border crossing requests and questions with their English equivalents. 3. F.

Work with a partner. Zhürüwingizge boladï. Жарайды. Tekserüw zhasawïmïz kerek.KI КИ MZ МЖ KI КИ MZ МЖ KI КИ MZ МЖ KI КИ A. Qansha kün bolasïz? Қанша күн боласыз? On kün. E. Жарайды. D. C. Take turns role-playing the Customs Official and the Car Driver. Тексеру жасауымыз керек. Жүруіңізге болады. рахмет. Zharaydï. Он күн. Onda ne isteysiz? Онда не істейсіз? Otbasïma qonaqqa baramïn. Zharaydï. Where is the driver from? Does the driver own the vehicle he is driving? Where is the driver going? Why is he going there? How long will he be there? What does the guard ask the driver to do at the end? Why? 14. Отбасыма қонаққа барамын. 194 . B. G. rakhmet. F.

желтоқсанның үшінде қайтамын. Mening Astanagha barïp qaytuwgha bilet aluwïm kerek. age. Check your work with the Answer Key. what they are wearing. Work with a partner or in a small group. Do you think these people are arriving or departing? Do you think they are on time? Is their flight late? Mention their names. by bus. profession. Men terezenin qasïndaghï orïndï alghïm keledi. Мен қарашаның он екісінде кетемін. B.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. Also. and where and why they need to fly or where they are arriving from. Бұл жедел поезд ба? Bul zhedel poyezd ba? C. by train). zheltoqsannïng üshinde qaytamïn. Мен терезенің қасындағы орынды алғым келеді. Men qarashanïng12inde ketemin. tell how they got to the airport (by car. Translate the following sentences into English. 2. Менің Астанаға барып қайтуға билет алуым керек. 195 . Look at the pictures and come up with a story. 34 Poyezd üshinshi peronnan bes minuttan keyin zhüredi. A. Алматыға баратын автобус қай пероннан жүреді? Almatïgha baratïn avtobus qay peronnan zhüredi? D. Отыз төртінші пероннан бес минуттан кейін жүреді.

Terminal Ticket Ticket window To board To leave To return/come back Train station kelüw tingdangizdar bagazh shekara avtobus stansasï engizilgen tekserüw zheri azamat keden keshigip tur ketüw quzhat zhürgizüwshi kuwäligi ekspress kupe ushuw ushuw beringizshi kuwälik tekserüw tekseris inspektor kesh bir zhaqqa uwaqïtïnda quzhattar zholawshï tölquzhat/ pasport peron zhüringiz zhal mashina zhol kedergisi barïp qaytuw keste plaskart körsetingizshi terminal bilet bilet terezesi minüw ketüw qaytuw vokzal Келу Тыңдаңыздар Багаж Шекара Автобус стансасы Енгізілген Тексеру жері Азамат Кеден Кешігіп тұр Кету Құжат Жүргізуші куəлігі Экспресс Купе Ұшу Ұшу Беріңізші Куəлік Тексеру Тексеріс Инспектор Кеш Бір жакка Уақытында Құжаттар Жолаушы Төлқұжат/Паспорт Перон Жүріңіз Жал машина Жол кедергісі Барып қайту Кесте Пласкарт Көрсетіңізші Терминал Билет Билет терезесі Міну Кету Оралу Вокзал 196 .Vocabulary List Arriving/Arrivals Attention Baggage Border Bus station Checked Checkpoint Citizen Customs Delay/ed Departing/Departures Documents Driver’s license Express First class Flight Fly Give me … ID card Inspect Inspection Inspector Late One-way On-time Papers Passenger Passport Platform Proceed Rental car Roadblock Roundtrip Schedule Second class Show me ….

Trunk (of a car) Update Waiting area Window seat bagazh mälimet kütüw zheri terezeme zhaqtagï orïn Багаж Мəлімет Күту жері Терезе жақтағы орын 197 .

Жергілікті поезд билетін қайдан алса болады? Перонның қасындағы билет кассасында. A. Алматыға келесі автобус қашан? Алматыға келесі автобус 20 минуттан кейін жүреді. passengers! Flight #725 is departing from gate A17. tïngdangïzdar keste ekspress peron qaqpa Go to the ticket window to buy the tickets. At which platform is the express train from Qaragandy arriving? That train will arrive at platform 16 in ten minutes.ANSWER KEY Exercise 5 A B C D E F G H Schedule Check-in counter Platform Ticket Passengers Baggage Gate Waiting area keste tirkew zheri peron bilet zholawshïlar bagazh qaqpa ketüw zalï Кесте Тіркеу жері Перон Билет Жолаушылар Багаж Қақпа Күту залы Exercise 7 A. болады. 198 . Кесте E. D. bilet aluw kassasï bagazh aluw zheri. Check the schedule to find out when your flight departs. How much is a first class ticket to Astana? It is 64 tenge. Almatïgha kelesi avtobus qashan? Almatïgha kelesi avtobus 20 minuttan keyin zhüredi. Перон G. When is the next bus to Almaty? The next bus to the Almaty departs in 20 minutes. Attention. The express train is faster because it does not make local stops. boladï. 4. Экспресс F. Do you want a window seat? Yes. 3. Терезенің қасындағы орынды алғыңыз келеді ме? Ия. 2. please Terezining qasïndaghï orïndï alghïngïz keledi me? Iä. Қақпа Exercise 8 1.Багаж алу жері C. Zhergilikti poyezd biletin qaydan alsa boladï? Peronnïng qasïndaghï bilet kassasïnda. B. Where can I buy a local train ticket? At the ticket window next to platform one. Each train arrives at a different platform.Билет алу кассасы B. C. E. Қарағандыдан келетін жедел поезд қай перонға келеді? Qaraghandïdan keletin zhedel poyezd qay perongha keledi? 5. Astanagha birinshi klass bilet qanshadan? 64 tengge Астанаға бірінші класс билет қаншадан? 64 теңге. Attention! All passengers must have a ticket to board the bus. You can get your baggage at the baggage claim area.Тыңдаңыздар D.

Why? To do an inspection. Why is he going there? To visit family. F Where are you from? C Why do you need to go there? A Give me your driver’s license. Avtobusqa minüw üshin biletingiz boluwï kerek. Why do you need to go there? 5. Exercise 12 1. How long will he be there? Ten days. it is a rental car. Where is the driver from? U. Show me your car papers. 3. 6. What does the guard ask the driver to do at the end? Open the trunk. What platform does the bus to Almaty leave from? D. A 2. C. Kelesi zhedel poyezd on minüwttïng ishinde on besinshi peronnan zhüredi. Where is the driver going? Almaty. Do you have an ID card? Exercise 13 A. Келесі жедел поезд он минуттың ішінде он бесінші пероннан жүреді. Give me your driver’s license. B. Is this an express train? C. B. Does the driver own the vehicle he is driving? No. B Do you have an ID card? End of Lesson Exercise 1 A. G. E. A. I need to buy a roundtrip ticket to Astana. E Give me your passport.S. 3.Exercise 10 1. Маған Астанаға купе билет керек Maghan Astanagha küpe bilet kerek. F. 2. D. Автобусқа міну үшін билетіңіз болуы керек. B. Where are you from? 4. 199 . Train 34 is departing from platform three in five minutes. Give me your passport. D Show me your car papers. I leave on November 12 and return on December 3. I want a window seat. please.

Оқушылар математика.The education system in Kazakhstan. 200 . биология. тарих.Vocabulary related to classroom activities . Халықтың басым көпшілігі жоғарғы оқу орындарын бітіреді.Vocabulary related to being a student . химия. əдебиет жəне ағылшын тілі сабақтарын оқиды. Қазақстанда Америкадай мектеп бастауыш. Орта мектеп тоғыз жыл. физика. Қазақстанның азаматтары өте білімді. Қазақстанда толық мектеп он бір жыл.Lesson 15 At School Мектепте Мектепте This lesson will introduce you to: . орта жəне толық түрге бөлінбейді.

A student writes on the blackboard with chalk. Students study chemistry in middle school. Orta mektepte oquwshïlar khimiya oqiydï. Оқушылар бұл сабақта өнер оқиды. Бірінші сынып оқушылары кітап оқиды. Students will study art in this class. Oquwshï suraq suraw üshin qolïn köteredi. Oquwshï bormen takhtagha zhazadï. A student raises her hand to ask a question. Mughalim oquwshïlargha matematika oqïtadï. A teacher teaches students math. Оқушы сұрақ сұрау үшін қолын көтереді. First grade students read a textbook. Оқушы бормен тахтаға жазады. Familiarize yourself with the new vocabulary. 201 . Birinshi sïnïp oquwshïlarï kitap oqiydï.1. Мұғалім оқушыларға математика оқытады. Орта мектепте оқушылар химия оқиды. Listen to the speaker and read the following text under each of the pictures. Oquwshïlar bul sabaqta öner oqiydï.

Парта жəне орындық сыныпта. and a calculator. class desk chair blackboard chalk pen pencil notebook computer printer keyboard monitor teacher student sïnïp parta orïndïq takhta bor qalam qarandash däpter kompyuter printer klaviatura monitor mughalim oquwshï сынып парта орындық тахта бор қалам қарандаш дəптер компютер принтер клавиатура монитор мұғалім оқушы 202 . 2. zhäne kalkulator bar. жəне калькулатор бар. There is a desk and a chair in the classroom. Oquwshïlar qalamdarmen zhäne qarandashtarmen zhazadï. Kitap. Кітап. Parta zhäne orïndïq sïnïpta. Оқушылар қаламдармен жəне қарандаштармен жазады. along with some additional words that you may use in a classroom. Study the new vocabulary that you learned in the exercise above. Students write with pens and pencils. däpter. a notebook.There is a book. дəптер.

create sentences using the new vocabulary from the exercises above for the following items. 16-damïn Он алтыдамын. жəне тарих. biologiya. I am in 10th grade. literature. ädebiyet. Working with a partner. Listen to the dialogue while you read along in the workbook. 4. Математика. 10-shï sïnïptamïn. music. Оныншы сыныптамын. zhäne tarikh. музыка. biology. биология. Math. 203 . What is your name? Atïng kim? Атың кім? How old are you? Zhasïng qanshada? Жасың қаншада? What grade are you in? Qanshasïnshï?? sïnïptasïn? Қаншасыншы сыныптасын? What subjects do you study? Qay sabaktardï oqiysïn? Қай сабақтарды оқисың? My name is Qayrat Atïm Qayrat Атым Қайрат. muzika. I am 16 years old. Matematika.3. and history. Underline the new vocabulary. əдебиет.

I will go to college. I want to be a doctor. Дəрігер болғым келеді. Мектептен кейін музыка тыңдауды ұнатамын. Mektepten keyin muzika tïngdawdï unatamïn. Iä.What is your favorite subject? Eng unaytïn sabaq qaysïsï? Ең ұнайтын сабақ қайсысы? Are you a good student? Zhaqsï oquwshïsïng ba? Жақсы оқушысың ба? What will you do after school? Mektepten keyin ne isteysing? Мектептен кейін не істейсің? What do you like to do after school? Mektepten keyin ne isteuwdi unatasïn? Мектептен кейін не істеуді ұнатасын? My favorite subject is biology. Eng unaytïn sabaghïm biologiya. Listen to and read along to hear some of the new words you should have underlined in Exercise 4. After school I like to listen to music. grade subject favorite math biology music literature history college like listen to bagha pän eng unaytïn matematika biologiya mwzïka ädebiyet tarikh universitet unaw tïngdaw баға пəн ең ұнайтын математика биология музыка əдебиет тарих университет ұнау тыңдау Grammar note: In Kazakh. I‘m a good student. = Almat likes to listen to music Арман теледидар көру+ ді ұнатады. Däriger bolghïm keledi. the model for sentences with “like to do” is the following: Who + infinitive + ending -di. жақсы оқушымын. Yes. -dï + unatadï Examples: Нұржан кітап оқу+ды ұнатады. Universitetke tüsemin. Университетке түсемін. = Nurzhan likes to read books Алмат музыка тың+дауды ұнатады. = Arman likes to watch TV 204 . 5. Ең ұнайтын сабағым биология. zhaqsï oquwshïmïn Иə.

I write letters and numbers in Kazakh. Кітаптарыңды ашыңдар. Suraqtarïng bolsa qoldarïngdï köteringder Сұрақтарың болса қолдарыңды көтеріңдер. Write down your homework. 7. 205 . List your favorite subjects. tell what profession you are going to choose. Familiarize yourself with the new vocabulary. say how good you think you are at each of them. please. Üy tapsïrmasïn zhazïp alsangïz. Zhazbanï tïngdangïzdar zhäne zhazuw zhazïp alïngïzdar. Үй тапсырмасын жазып алсаңыз. 8. E. Write your answer on the blackboard. I study many subjects. Zhawaptï takhtagha zhazïngdar. Kitaptardï ashïngdar. Role-play as a teacher. Open your textbooks. B. Жауапты тахтаға жазыңдар. Қарандашты қойыңыздар. I read the textbooks at school. Raise your hand if you have a question. A. 1. Work with a partner and make up a dialogue similar to the one in Exercise 4. Listen to the recording and take notes. Жазбаны тыңдаңыздар жəне жазу жазып алыңыздар. C. Have the students follow your directions. D. Put your pencils down. F. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Listen to the speaker as you go over the dialogue. Listen to the following questions and mark the answers that you hear. Qarandashtardï qoyïngïzdar.6. and say what you like to do after school. C. 9. Use the expressions from Exercise 7. B. What do you do at school? A.

11. etc. Math. geography. 10. history. I’m very good at English. geography. Geography C. I am in 5th grade. geography. Work in small groups and describe the following pictures. chemistry. 3. and English.2. 4. C. 206 . what they’re doing right now. what they are wearing. Are you a good student? A. B. Math. English B. the subjects they study/teach. if they seem to like their class and their teacher. I am in 6th grade. Work with a partner and make up similar dialogues using expressions from Exercise 9. science. Science 5. science. Math. What subjects are you studying? A. and English. science. What grade are you in? A. but I’m bad at math. I’m very good at geography. Kazakh. but I’m bad at math. C. C. and English. What is your favorite subject? A. Come up with ages for the students and the teacher. their names. B. I’m very good at chemistry. but I’m bad at math. B. I am in 8th grade.

Wednesday and Friday? What is her schedule on Tuesday and Thursday? What job does she have and when does she work? When does the student do homework? What does the student want to do after finishing school? 207 . Жұмыстан кейін сағат онда үйге барамын. Кестем бос емес. Мен Астана Университетінде студентпін. Mektepten keyin saghat torte zhumisqa baramïn. Kitapkhanada tüs qayta üsh saghat sabaq oqiymïn. Zhumïstan keyin saghat onda üyge baramïn. Try to guess this and other new words from the context. zhäne zhwma künderi mektepke saghat segizde baramïn. Мектептен кейін сағат он екіде кітапханаға барамын. and then answer the questions below. H. Мектептен кейін сағат төртте жұмысқа барамын. särsenbi.12. Listen to and read the following text about the student’s schedule. Check your work in the Answer Key. Ресторанда официант болып істеймін. Düysenbi. D. Üy tapsïrmasïn apta ayaqtarïnda zhäne azan sayïn zhasaymïn. Кітапханада түс қайта үш сағат сабақ оқимын. E. Kestem bos emes. Men Astana universitetinde stupentpin. Mening atïm Alma Baymaqan. F. Mektepten keyin saghat on ekide kitapkhanagha baramïn. Сейсенбі жəне бейсенбі күндері мектепке сағат онда барамын. Аудармашы болғым келеді. сəрсенбі. PLAY AUDIO Менің атым Алма Баймақан. Ағылшын тілін оқимын. C. жəне жұма күндері мектепке сағат сегізде барамын. Aghïlshïn tilin oqiymïn. G. Restoranda ofitsiant bolïp isteymin. Seisenbi zhäne beisenbi künderi mektepke saghan onda baramïn. B. Үй тапсырмасын апта аяқтарында жəне азан сайын жасаймын. Дүйсенбі. A. What is the student’s name? Where does she go to school? What does she study? What is her school schedule on Monday. Awdarmashï bolghïm keledi.

End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. Go over the text from Exercise 12 again. Tell the class about your schedule. Use the questions after the text as an outline for your story. 2. Look at the pictures and tell a story about what you see. Include the grade the students are in, the subjects they are studying, what the teacher is doing, what the students and teachers are wearing, etc.


3. Read and compare the following texts and find the errors in the English translations. Make corrections so that the translation is accurate. Check your work with the Answer Key. 1. . A. Менің атым Азамат Аблазимов. Мен Таразданмын, бірақ Алматыда тұрамын. Алтыншы сыныптамын. Достарым көп. Ағылшын тілін, кітап оқуды, жəне баскетболды ұнатамын. B. My name is Dauren Zholdasov . I’m from Atyraw, but now I live in Shymkent. I’m in fifth grade. I have many friends. I like music, reading, and basketball. 2. A. Менің атым Ғабит Жанысбай. Түркістандан боламын, бірақ Оралда тұрамын. Математика жəне ғылымды ұнатамын. B. My name is Zhanar Aizhanova. . I’m from Semey, but I live in Aqtöbe. I like math and geography. 3. A. Менің атым Əлия. 1989-шы жылы Сəуірдің 8-інде туылдым. Сегізінші сыныптамын. Музыка пəнін, өнер, жəне фотография ұнатамын. Суретші, дəрігер немесе фотограф болғым келеді. B. My name is Ainur. I was born on August 4, 1989. I’m in 9th grade. I like music class and photography. I want to be a doctor, or a photographer.


Vocabulary List
Art Basketball Biology Blackboard Busy Chair Chalk Chemistry Class College/University Computer Desk Elementary School English Grade High School History Homework Literature Math Middle School Music Notebook Pen Pencil Photography Reading Student Subject(s) Tape recorder Teacher To like To read To study To write Listen to the recording and take notes. Put your pencils down. Write your answer on the blackboard. Open your textbooks. öner basketbol biologiya takhta qol bos emes orïndïq bor khimiya sïnïp universitet komputer parta bastawïsh mektep aghïlshïn tili bagha toliq mektep tarikh üy tapsïrmasï ädebiyet matematika orta mektep mwzïka däpter qalam qarandash fotografia oquw oqushï pän (der) magnitofon mughallim unaw oquw oquw zhazuw zhazbanï tïngdangïzdar zhäne zhazuw zhazïp alïngïzdar qarandashtardï qoyïngïzdar zhawaptï takhtagha zhazïndar. kitaptardï ashïndar. Өнер Баскетбол Биология Тахта Қол бос емес Орындық Бор Химия Сынып Университет Компютер Парта Бастауыш мектеп Ағылшын тілі Баға Толық Мектеп Тарих Үй тапсырмасы Əдебиет Математика Орта Мектеп Музыка Дəптер Қалам Қарандаш Фотография Оқу Оқушы Пəндер Магнитафон Мұғалім Ұнау Оқу Оқу Жазу Жазбаны тыңдаңыздар жəне жазу жазып алыңыздар. Қарандаштарды қойыңыздар. Жауапты тахтаға жазыңдар. Кітаптарыңды ашыңдар.


Raise your hand! Write down your homework, please

qol köteringder! üy tapsïrmasïn zhazïp alsangïz.

Қол көтеріңдер! Үй тапсырмасын жазып алсаңыз.


Exercise 9 1. What do you do at school? Mektepte ne isteysing? Мектепте не істейсің? C. I study many subjects. Köpte pander oqiymïn. Көп пəндер оқимын. 2. What grade are you in? Qanshasïnshï sïnïptasïng? Қаншасыншы сыныптасың? B. I am in 6th grade. Altïnshï sïnïptamïn. Алтыншы сыныптамын. 3. What subjects are you studying? Qay pänderdi oqisïng? Қай пəндерді оқисың? A. Math, Kazakh, science, geography, and English. Matematikiyka, qazaq tili, ghïlïm, geografiya zhäne aghïlshïn tili. Математика, қазақ тілі, ғылым, география жəне ағылшын тілі. 4. What is your favorite subject? Eng unaytïn qaysïsï? Ең ұнайтын сабақ қайсысы? B. Geography Geografiya География 5. Are you a good student? Zhaqsï oquwshïsïng ba? Жақсы оқушысың ба? C. I’m very good at chemistry, but I’m bad at math. Khimiya öte zhaqsï, biraq matematika zhaman. Химия өте жақсы, бірақ математика жаман. Exercise 12 A. What is the student’s name? Her name is Alma Baymaqan. B. Where does she go to school? She goes to Astana University.


What does she study? She studies English. My name is Azamat Ablazimov. I have many friends. My name is Zhanar Aizhanova. I go home. I’m from Semey. I have a busy schedule. A. I study English. and Friday. Wednesday and Friday? She goes to school from 8:00am until 4:00pm. I study at the library for three hours in the afternoon. I’m in sixth grade. My name is Alma Baymaqan. I’m from Taraz. I work at a restaurant as a waitress. reading. art. and then at 12:00 she goes to the library to study for three hours. My name is Ainur. I want to be an artist. 1989. and basketball. I want to be an interpreter. When does the student do homework? She does homework on weekends and in the mornings. I am a student at Astana University. I like English. at 12:00. but now I live in Almaty. What does the student want to do after she finishes school? She wants to be an interpreter. at 4:00pm. What is her school schedule on Monday. I’m in 8th grade. After school. F. Wednesday and Friday. H. On Tuesday and Thursday. I was born on April 8. Wednesday. D. G. I go to the library. 3. at 10 pm. On Monday. After school. The corrected errors are the terms in bold. 213 . and photography.C. E. I like music class. doctor or a photographer. What is her schedule on Tuesday and Thursday? She goes to class at 10am. After work. 2. I go to class at 10am. 1. I do my homework on the weekends and in the mornings. I go to school at 8:00. but I live in Aqtobe. I like math and science. What job does she have and when does she work? She works as a waitress in a restaurant from 4:00 to 10:00pm on Monday. I go to work. End of Lesson Exercise 3 Your English translation should be as follows.

Оның ермегі футбол. Mening dosïm Sandy är tüsten keyin sabaqtan keyin zhügiredi. Менің досым Санди. Бұл олардың ермегі. Бұл адам шаңғы тебеді. Äyel men erkek biyleydi. Pianinashï kontsertte pianino shaladï. Бұл Андрю. Onïng ermegi futbol. Read the sentences with the new vocabulary and try to guess the meaning of any unknown words. Bul adam suwret tüsiredi. Əйел мен еркек билейді. Бұл адам сурет түсіреді. Shangghï tebüw onïng ermegi. Ol professionaldïq muzikant. 1.Lesson 16 Recreation and Leisure Демалыс жəне Бос Уақыт Demalïs zhäne Bos Waqït This lesson will introduce you to: . Ol fotograf. Ол профессионалдық музыкант. Ол фотограф. 214 .Vocabulary related to recreational and leisure activities .Ways to discuss hobbies in Kazakh. Шаңғы тебу оның ермегі. Bul adam tawda shangghï tebedi. Пианинашы концертте пианино шалады . Əр түстен кейін сабақтан кейін жүгіреді. Bul Andrew. Bul olardïng ermegi.

Zhawïngerler shatïrda karta oynaydï. Eki zhawïnger shakhmat oynaydï. Awa rayï zhaqsï bolsa. Екі жауынгер шахмат ойнайды. жазда балалар күнде жүзеді. Жауынгерлер шатырда карта ойнайды. Бұл адам гитара тартады жəне өлең айтады. Менің інім боулингті ұнатады. Күйеу жəне əйел кеш сайын жүреді. Zhigit kortta tennis oynaydï. Mening äpkem suwret saluwdï unatadï. Bul onïng ermegi. Bul adam gitara tartadï zhäne ölen aytadï. 215 . Bul olardïng ermegi. Küyew zhäne äyel kesh sayïn zhüredi. zhazda (zhazday) balalar künde zhüzedi. Жігіт кортта теннис ойнайды. Менің əпкем сурет салуды ұнатады. Olargha karta oynaw unaydï. Бұл олардың ермегі. Оларға карта ойнау ұнайды. Бұл оның ермегі.Mening inim bowlingti unatadï. Ауа райы жақсы болса.

Olar mektepten keyin zhüzedi. B. C. Check to see if your guesses were correct for exercise 1. What will they do after school? Mektepten keyin olar ne isteydi? Мектептен кейін олар не істейді A. Olar mektepten keyin öleng aytadï. Ol futbol men basketbol oynaydï. Ол футбол мен баскетбол ойнайды. They will dance after school.2. He plays soccer and basketball. 2. Repeat the new words as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the pronunciation. A. What sports does he play? Qandai sport oinaidï? Қандай спорт ойнайды? 216 . Олар мектептен кейін билейді. Олар мектептен кейін жүзеді. They will sing after school. Olar mektepten keyin biyleydi. Now listen to the speaker. Play (game) Play (instrument) Cards To ski Hobby To dance Tennis Tennis Court Play piano Musician To take photos Photographer To play guitar To sing Songs Chess To walk To swim Swimming pool To run To bowl Soccer To paint oyïn shaluw kartalar shangghï tebüw ermek biylew tennis tennis kortï pianino shaluw muzikant suwret tüsirüw fotograf gitara tartuw öleng aytuw ölengder shakhmat zhürüw zhüzüw basseyn zhügirüw bowling oynaw futbol suwret saluw Ойын Шалу Карталар Шаңғы тебу Ермек Билеу Теннис Теннис Корты Пианино шалу Музыкант Сурет түсіру Фотограф Гитара тарту Өлең айту Өлеңдер Шахмат Жүру Жүзу Бассейн Жүгіру Боулинг ойнау Футбол Сурет салу 3. Listen to the dialogues as you read them. They will swim after school. 1. Олар мектептен кейін өлең айтады.

Ол футбол мен волейбол ойнайды. She sings songs. Жоқ. Zhoq. I play the piano. A. Iyä. Иə. B. Work with a partner and take turns reading the dialogues in Exercise 3. Do you play chess? Shakhmat oynaysïng ba? Шахмат ойнайсың ба? Do you play guitar? Gitara tartasïng ba? Гитара тартасың ба? Do you play piano? Pianino shalasïng ba? Kazakh Пианино ойнайсың ба? 5. Yes. C. Ol suwret saladï. Ol futbol men tennis oynaydï. What are your hobbies? Sening ermektering ne? Сенің ермектерің не? B. Make up exchanges using the models and phrases from Exercise 3. No. I like to run and take pictures. 4. 5. shakhmat oynaymïn. A. Ол футбол мен теннис ойнайды. C. A. Жүруді жəне футбол ойнауды ұнатамын. Ол сурет салады. C.3. B. C. Ол сурет түсіреді. He plays soccer and tennis. Yes. He plays soccer and volleyball. пианино ойнаймын. She takes pictures. Ол өлең айтады. I play the piano. B. Мен жүгіруді жəне сурет түсіруді ұнатамын. Iyä. Men zhügirwdi zhäne suwret tüsirwdi unatamïn. Мен кітап оқуды жəне жүзуді ұнатамын. I like to read and swim. pianino shalamïn. шахмат ойнаймын. She paints pictures. What does she do today? Ol bügin ne isteidi? Ол бүгін не істейді? 4. Иə. I play chess. I like to walk and play soccer Zhürwdi zhäne futbol oynawdï unatamïn. пианино ойнаймын. Men kitap oqwdï zhäne zhüzwdi unatamïn. Ol suwret tüsiredi. Ol futbol men voleybol oynaydï. 217 . Work with a partner or in a small group. Ol öleng aytadï. pianino shalamïn.

? Iyä. Менің сабақтарым күнде 8:30-дaн түстен кейін 3:00-ке дейін. For example: It is cold in Almaty too. Read and translate the following text.? Ol zhürüw zhäne gitarа tartuwdï unatadï. . = Almatyda da suwïq. pianino shalamïn? Иə. For example: I will go to Washington = Men Washington-gha baramïn. Мен информатика оқимын. Мен Тараз Университетінде Таразда оқимын.……………………? Ol futbol zhäne basketball oynaydï. Ол жүру жəне гитара тартуды ұнатады.? Iyä. Grammar note: To = word + -қа -ке -ға –ге –qa –ke. shakhmat oynaymïn. A. . Менің қолым сабақтар мен ермектерімнен бос емес.……………………. Менің ермектерім жүгіру жəне сурет түсіру.……………………. Мектептен кейін менің футбол жаттығуым 4-тен 6-ға дейін. Reconstruct the questions in Kazakh. . Осы апта аяғы достарыммен мен Тараздағы стадионға концертке барамын. Жүзу мен гитара тартуды да ұнатамын. Do you understand all the bold words in the paragraph? Check the Grammar Note for some explanations. Мен гитара тартуым өте жақсы емес. Ол футбол жəне баскетбол ойнайды.6. -……………………? Mening ermekterim zhügirw zhäne suwret tüsirw. Менің атым Абай Өтемұрат. Менің ермектерім кітап оқу жəне жүзу. Концерттен кейін біз ресторанға барамыз жəне кешкі ас жейміз 218 .gha. пианино шаламын. жəне университет коммандосында футбол ойнаймын. Too = da = да Da is used separately after a word. D. E. C. . шахмат ойнаймын. 7. Жамбыл облысынанмын. B.……………………. noting the new is used to express direction “to” in Kazakh. F. Мен Қаратау. Ең ұнайтын əншіміз өлең айтады. Check your work with the Answer Key. Иə. Мен футбол ойнауды ұнатамын. Мен достарыммен апта аяқтарында да ойнаймын.……………………? Mening ermekterim kitap oquw zhäne zhüzüw. .

Zhambïl oblïsïnanmïn. A. Now read the text above as many times as you need and mark the following statements as either True or False.Mening atïm Abay Ötemurat. Check your work with the Answer Key. Men gitara tartwïm öte zhaqsï emes. 8. Kontsertten keyin biz restorangha baramïz zhäne keshki tamaq zheymiz. E. _____Abay plays on the university soccer team. Zhüzüw men gitara tartwdï da unatamïn. Mening sabaqtarïm künde 8:30dan tusten k ein 3:00-ke deyin. The pictures given below can help you choose the activities to describe. zhäne wniyversiytet kommandasïnda futbol oynaymïn. _____He had class every day from 8:30 to 3:00. Men futbol oynawdï unatamïn. _____Abay Ötemurat is from Qarataw. Mektepten keyin mening futbol zhattïghuwïm bar. _____He is a high school student at Taraz University in Taraz. _____Abay studies chemistry. B. 9. 219 . Eng unaytïn änshimiz öleng aytadï. Osï apta ayaghï dostarïmmen men Tarazdaghï stadiongha kontsertke baramïn. Zhambïl oblïsï. Men dostarïmmen apta ayaqtarïnda da oynaymïn. F. Men informatiyka oqimïn. Men Qarataw. _____After the concert Abay will go home to do his homework. Work with a partner or in a small group and come up with the description of a busy schedule. _____Abay likes to swim and play the piano. Mening qolïm sabaqtar men ermekterimnen bos emes. D. Men Taraz Wniversitetinde Tarazda oqiymïn. C. Use the statements from Exercise 8 as an outline for your story. H.

or go to dombra (Kazakh national instrument) orchestras. it is a national pastime and is usually played in the spring or fall. In addition to that.” This game is a male sport. wrestling. Try to match the Kazakh words with the pictures. soccer. talented young individuals take piano. The most special of the recreational activities happens particularly in rural areas. violin or guitar lessons. weightlifting. with a game called “Kokpar. Men on horseback play polo with a headless goat. 10. volleyball and other sports.Cultural note: Most youth in Kazakhstan spend their leisure times attending various kinds of sports such as boxing. 1 2 3 4 5 Basseyn Futbol Alangï Tennis Kortï Bowling Alleyasï Sportzal Stadion 6 220 . Listen to the vocabulary as you look at the pictures. Check your answers with the Answer Key.

A. Оқушылар теннис кортта волейбол ойнайды. and replace them with an appropriate word from the list in the chart above the statements. Do you play guitar? No. She will swim after school. C. Balalar stadionda zhüzedi. She doesn’t paint pictures. B. Do you play chess? No. 2. He likes to play soccer and volleyball. but she plays piano. 5. 12. She will sing after school. She will dance after school. Check your work with the Answer Key. Қыздар тауда боулингке барады. I play piano. Listen to the statements and mark the ones that you hear. 1. Cross out the words or phrases that do not make sense. 221 . Ер балалар бассейнде футбол ойнайды. A. Балалар стадионда жүзеді. C. B. D Достарым боулинг аллеяға жүгіруге барады. gymnasium sportzal спортзал bowling alley bowling alleyasï боулинг аллеясы swimming pool basseyn бассейн stadium stadion стадион courts tennis kortï теннис корты playing field oynaw alangï ойнау алаңы A. C. What are your hobbies? I like to run and sing. B. He likes to play soccer and tennis. She doesn’t dance. 4. A. C. Read the statements in the second box below and think about their meanings. 3. Check your work in the Answer Key. C. but she takes photographs. He likes to play soccer and basketball. Qïzdar tawda bowlingke baradï. B. What are your hobbies? I like to walk and play cards. but she sings. What are your hobbies? I like to read and dance. Dostarïm bowling alleyagha zhügirüwge baradï. Er balalar basseynde futbol oynaydï. Oquwshïlar tennis kortta voleybol oynaydï. I play checkers. E. C. Do you play piano? Yes.11. I play piano. B. B. A. A. She doesn’t sing.

Look at the pictures and make up dialogues about someone’s hobbies. Use the models and phrases from Exercise 12. 222 . Work with a partner.13.

Answer the following questions in Kazakh. In Kazakh. What is your favorite sport or recreational activity? B. A. What did you do last weekend? E. using the vocabulary you have learned in this lesson. 1. What is your favorite hobby? D.End-of-Lesson Tasks. How often do you participate in your activity? C. Work with a partner or in a small group. What will you do next weekend? 2. 223 . describe the pictures below.

волейбол ойнау. карта ойнау. voleybol oynaw. gitara tartw zhügirw öleng aytuw shangghï tebüw zhüzw suwret tüsirüw futbol alangï ölengder stadion basseyn tennis tennis kortï Боулинг аллеясы Боулинг Карта Шахмат Информатика Спортзал Ермек Сурет салу Ойын алаңы Боулинг ойнау Билеу Шахмат.Vocabulary List Bowling alley Bowling Cards Chess Computer science Gymnasium Hobby Paint pictures Playing field To bowl To dance To play chess. пианино ойнау. pianino oynaw. volleyball. futbol. гитара тарту Жүгіру Өлең айту Шаңғы тебу Жүзу Сурет түсіру Футбол алаңы Өлеңдер Стадион Бассейн Теннис Теннис корты 224 . karta oynaw. play a piano. a guitar To run To sing To ski To swim To take pictures Soccer field Songs Stadium Swimming pool Tennis Tennis court bowling alleyasï bowling karta shakhmat informatika sportzal ermek suwret saluw oyïn alangï bowling oynaw biylew shakhmat. play soccer. футбол. cards.

D. B. F. My friends and I play on the weekends too. F After the concert. After school I have soccer practice every day from 4:00 to 6:00. After the concert we will go to a restaurant and have dinner. C. 5. C. 3. bowling alley gymnasium soccer field stadium swimming pool tennis court bowling alleyasï sportzal futbol alangï stadion basseyn tennis kortï боулинг аллеясы спортзал футбол алаңы стадион бассейн теннис корты 225 .ANSWER KEY Exercise 6 A. Do you play chess? Do you play the piano? What are your hobbies? What sports does he play? What are your hobbies? What does she like to do? Exercise 8 A. I have class every day from 8:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon. I like to play soccer. T Abay plays on the university soccer team. F Abay studies chemistry. B. F. I’m not very good at the guitar. I study computer science. and I play on the university soccer team. E. Abay will go home to do his homework. I am from Qarataw. B. E. Our favorite singer will sing. shakhmat oynaysïng ba? pianino shalasïng ba? ermektering ne? ol qanday sport oynaydï? ermektering ne? ol ne istewdi unatadï? A. F. I also like to swim and to play the guitar. I go to college at Taraz University in Taraz. E. 6. H.Zhambïl oblïsï F He is a high school student at Taraz University in Taraz. D. T He had class every day from 8:30 to 3:00. Zhambïl oblast. I am very busy with my classes and my hobbies. F Abay likes to swim and play the piano. T Abay Ötemurat is from Qarataw. D. This weekend my friends and I will go to a concert at the stadium in Taraz. C. Шахмат ойнайсың ба? Пианино ойнайсың ба? Ермектерің не? Ол қандай спорт ойнайды? Ермектерің не? Ол не істеуді ұнатады? My name is Abay Ötemurat. 2. Exercise 10 1. 4.

1. C. Ермектерің не? Кітап оқу мен билеуді ұнатамын. The children swim in the swimming pool. 4. 2. 3. Boys play soccer on the playing field. Ер балалар ойын алаңында футбол ойнайды. C A B B B She will sing after school. Студенттер спортзалда волейбол ойнайды. Exercise 12 1. What are your hobbies? I like to read and dance. biraq suwret tüsiredi. Ol suwret salmaydï.Exercise 11 A. but she takes photographs. пианино ойнаймын. pianino oynaymïn. 226 . A. B. I play piano. Ол сурет салмайды. She doesn’t paint pictures. Қыздар боулинг аллеяда боулинг ойнайды. Gitara tartasïng ba? Zhoq. Qizdar bowling alleyada bowling oynaydï. Балалар бассейнде жүзеді. My friends go for a run in the stadium. бірақ сурет түсіреді. B. 3. Do you play guitar? No. Dostarïm stadiongha zhügirüwge baradï. Ermektering ne? Kitap oqw men biylewdi unatamïn. Ol mektepten keyin öleng aytadï. 5. He likes to play soccer and basketball. Er balalar oyïn alangïnda futbol oynaydï. Достарым стадионға жүгіруге барады. Oghan futbol men basketbol oynaw unaydï. Studentter sportzalda voleybol oynaydï B. Ол мектептен кейін өлең айтады. 4. 5. Гитара тартасың ба? Жоқ. The students play volleyball in the gymnasium. The girls go bowling in the bowling alley. Оған футбол мен баскетбол ойнау ұнайды. C. Balalar basseynde zhüzedi. B. 2. D. E.

1.Typical exchanges at the doctor’s office.Answering questions about health conditions .Vocabulary related to the human body .Lesson 17 Health and the Human Body Денсаулық Densawlïq This lesson will introduce you to: . Abdomen Arm Back Chest Chin Ear Elbow Eye Face Fingers Foot/Feet Genitals Groin Hair Hand Head Heart Hip Knee Leg Mouth Neck Nose Pelvis Shoulder ish qol arqa kewde iyek qulaq shïntaq köz bet sawsaqtar ayaq/ayaqtar zhïnïs müsheleri ayïrt shash qol bas zhürek zhambas tize ayaq awïz moyïn murïn zhan bas ïyïq Іш Қол Арқа Кеуде Иек Құлақ Шынтақ Көз Бет Саусақтар Аяқ/ Аяқтар Жыныс мүшелері Айырт Шаш Қол Бас Жүрек Жамбас Тізе Аяқ Ауыз Мойын Мұрын Жан бас Иық 227 . Listen as the speaker recites the vocabulary. Then study the diagram and match the Kazakh terms for each body part with the diagram.Asking questions about a person’s state of health .

Ауырып тұрмын. What symptoms do you have? Qanday simptomdar bar? Қандай симптомдар бар? 228 . ish sawsaqtar tis/tister bel Қарын. Älsiz sezinip turmïn. I have a sore throat. Awïrïp turmïn. In Kazakh. name the body parts that come in pairs. C. F. көздер közder құлақтар qulaqtar аяқтар ayaqtar аяқтар ayaqtar бас bas қол qol мойын moyïn ауыз awïz A. Zhaman sezinip turmïn. I listen to music with my _____________. I feel bad. Grammar note: In Kazakh. 3. Walking is good for my ____________. I feel weak. D. I wear shoes and socks on my _____________. the verb “to feel” is “sezuw” and ‘to be sick’ is “awruw” How do you feel? Qalay sezinip tursïz özingizdi? Қалай сезініп тұрсыз өзіңізді? I feel sick. I use my ____________ to read a book.Stomach Toes Tooth/Teeth Waist qarïn. I wear a hat on my __________. Əлсіз сезініп тұрмын. B. Жаман сезініп тұрмын. Check your work with the Answer Key. E. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate body part in Kazakh. Tamaghïm awïradï. Тамағым ауырады. In the winter. gloves on my ___________ . and a scarf around my __________. Іш Саусақтар Тіс/Tістер Бел 2. Check your answers with the Answer Key. I eat and drink with my __________________.

Ішім ауырады. (qolïmdï sïndïrdïm??) Менің қолым сынық. Belim awïradï. Қызуым бар I have a headache. Onïng ayaghï awïradï. I’m pregnant. Ауырып тұрмын. Mening qolïm sïnïq. 229 . My back hurts. Ishim awïradï. Басым ауырады. Basïm awïradï. Listen to the following questions and answers. A. My head hurts. My stomach hurts. and read along in the workbook. Белім ауырады. Zhoq. Sol siyraghïm awïradï. ayaghïm awïr. аяғым ауыр. How do you feel? Qalay sezinip tursïz? Қалай сезініп тұрсыз? D. Her leg hurts.I have a fever. My stomach hurts. Qïzuwïm bar. Сол сирағым ауырады. Yes. No. How do you feel? Qalay sezinip tursïz özingizdi? Қалай сезініп тұрсыз өзіңізді? B. Are you sick? Awïrïp tursïz ba? Ауырып тұрсыз ба? I feel sick. my arm is broken. Менің басым ауырады. Оның аяғы ауырады. Жоқ. Mening basïm awïradï. Awïrïp turmïn. Are you in pain? Awïrïp zhatïrsïz ba? Ауырып жатырсыз ба? E. Where does it hurt? Qay zher awïradï? Қай жер ауырады? My left ankle hurts. Ішім ауырады. What is the matter with her? Oghan ne boldï? Оған не болды? C. 4. Ishim awïradï. Where does it hurt? Qay zher awïradï? Қай жер ауырады? F.

Match each picture with the corresponding statement. Onïng tumawï bar. Check your work with the Answer Key. tamaghï awïradï zhäne denesi awïradï. дүкеннен аламын. жəне түшкіреді жəне жөтеледі. Zhüregim ayniydï zhäne ishim awïradï. 3. Кішкентай қыздың қызуы бар. A B C 1. Use the phrases from Exercise 6 to describe your symptoms. Onïng ayaghï awïr. Work with a partner and role-play the dialogues from Exercise 4. dükennen alamïn. Iyä. zhäne tüshkiredi zhäne zhöteledi. Zhaqsï sezinip turghan zhoqpïn.G. Work with a partner and role-play the doctor and patient. Жүрегім айниды жəне ішім ауырады. Иə. Zhas äyel awruw emes. over-the-counter ones. 7. Use the questions from Exercise 5 as a model. тамағы ауырады жəне денесі ауырады. Оның тұмауы бар. Кішкентай баланың жүрегі айниды жəне іші ауырады. 5. 6. Kishkentay qïzdïng qïzuwï bar. Жақсы сезініп тұрған жоқпын. I feel nauseous and have a stomachache. Kishkentay balanïn zhüregi ayniydï zhäne ishi awïradï. 2. 230 . Оның ауағы ауыр. Жас əйел ауру емес. Are you taking any medication? Däri iship zhatïrsïz ba? Дəрі ішіп жатырсыз ба? I don’t feel good. Yes. Are you OK? Amansïz ba? Амансыз ба? H.

8. Listen to and read the list of the typical symptoms for each ailment. Flu Congestion Sore throat Body aches Sneezing Coughing Head cold Congestion Sore Throat Sneezing Coughing Severe Pain Broken Bone Swelling Bruise Bleeding Sprain Bruise Swelling Pain Fever tumaw murïn bitüw tamaq awïradï dene awruwlarï tüshkirüw zhötelüw bas swïghï murïn bitüw tamaq awïradï tüshkirüw zhötelüw qattï awruw sïnïq süyek isuw kögerüw qanaw sozïlw kögerw isw awru qïzuw Тұмау Мұрын біту Тамақ ауырады Дене аурулары Түшкіру Жөтелу Бас суығы Мұрын біту Тамақ ауырады Түшкіру Жөтелу Қатты ауру Сынық сүйек Ісу Көгеру Қанау Созылу Көгеру Ісу Ауру Қызу 231 .

Develop questions a doctor can ask about one’s symptoms to be able to diagnose the problem. Listen to the speaker while you read the statements below. Take turns asking each other about your height and weight. You can check the English translation in the Answer Key. оның салмағы қанша? He is 70 inches tall and weighs 185 pounds. 232 . How tall is he. 11. Жақсы сезінемін. Бойым 66 дюйм жəне салмағым 120 фунт. biraq biraz zhüregim ayniydï. C. and how much does he weigh? Onïng boyï qansha. biraq zhürek aynïmaydï. Look at the chart of symptoms in Exercise 8. onïng salmaghï qansha? Оның бойы қанша. Translate each exchange. Qalay sezinesiz? Қалай сезінесіз? Zhaqsï sezinip turghan zhoqpïn. How tall are you? How much do you weigh? Бойыңыз қанша? Салмағыңыз қанша? Boyïngïz qansha? Salmaghïnïz qansha? I am 66 inches tall and weigh 120 pounds. B. бірақ жүрек айнымайды. Qalay sezinesiz? Қалай сезінесіз? Zhaqsï sezinemin. Qalay sezinesiz? Қалай сезінесіз? Qalay sezinesiz? Жақсы сезініп тұрған жоқпын. Оның бойы 70 дюйм жəне салмағы 185 фунт. Work with a partner or in a small group. Work with a partner. Onïng boyï 70 dywm zhäne salmaghï 185 fwnt. Do not forget to use the units of measure appropriate for Kazakhstan.9. Жақсы сезініп тұрған жоқпын. Boyïm 66 dywm zhäne salmaghïm 120 fwnt. A. бірақ біраз жүрегім айниды. 10.

2. Where does it hurt? My back hurts. Where does it hurt? My neck hurts. A. How do you feel? I don’t feel well. Жедел жəрдемді шақырыңыз! 12. Жедел жəрдемді шақырыңыз! E. C. 4. but I’m a little nauseous. What are your symptoms? I have a fever and a stomachache. Where does it hurt? My stomach hurts.D. Mening oyïmsha ayaghïmdï sïndïrdïm. What do you hear? Listen to the speaker and mark the statement that you hear. Mening oyïmsha ol ayaghïn sïndïrdï. C. C. How do you feel? I don’t feel well. A. B. What are your symptoms? I have a fever and my body aches. Zhedel zhärdemdi shaqïrïngïz! Менің ойымша аяғымды сындырдым. please call an ambulance! 233 . How do you feel? I feel fine. I think I broke my leg. Please call an ambulance! I think he broke his leg. Please call an ambulance! Did he break his leg? I think so. A. B. C. B. What are your symptoms? I have a fever and a headache. B. 1. 3. Check your work with the Answer Key. but I’m not nauseous. Zhedel zhärdemdi shaqïrïngïz! Менің ойымша ол аяғын сындырды. I’m nauseous. A.

How often do you see a doctor? Every month? Every year? Every 3 years? 2.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. Ask the following questions in Kazakh. Are you taking any medications? C. which one(s)? D. What do you order when you eat out? How does it affect your diet the next day? 3. Have you ever broken a bone? If yes. Describe the picture below. Check the Answer Key for a translation of the questions. When you have the flu. what are your symptoms? B. Tell the class what you do in order to keep a healthy weight? Do you exercise? What types of exercise do you do? How often and for how long do you exercise? Do you have a special diet? What kind? What do you eat and not eat? Give an example of your menu. 234 . What is your height and weight? E. Work with a partner or in a small group. A.

дұрыс емес Аллергиялар Жедел жəрдем Қол Кеуде Иек Ауырып жатырсыз ба? Дəрі ішіп жатырсыз ба? Дене аурулары Сынық сүйектер Көгеру Жедел жəрдемді шақыр! Мұрын біту Жөтелу Құлақ Шынтақ Көз Саусақтар Аяқ Сезу Қызу Тұмау Қол Бас Жамбас Тізе Көмек! Қалай сезінесіз? Ауырады Аяқ Ауыз Мұрын Мойын Дəрі Жүрек айну Ауру Аяғы ауыр Иық Саусақтар Бел Ауру Түшкіру Тамақ ауырады 235 .Vocabulary List Abnormal Allergies Ambulance Arm Chest Chin Are you in pain? Are you taking any medication? Body aches Broken bone Bruise Call an ambulance! Congestion Coughing Ear Elbow Eye Fingers Foot Feel Fever Flu/Influenza Hand Head Hip Knee Help! How do you feel? Hurt Leg Mouth Nose Neck Medicine Nausea Pain Pregnant Shoulder Toes Waist Sick Sneezing Sore throat burïs. durïs emes allergialar zhedel zhärdem qol kewde iyek awïrïp zhatïrsïng ba? däri iship zhatïrsïng ba? dene awruwlarï sïnïq süyek kögerüw zhedel zhärdemdi shaqïrïngïz! murïn bitüw zhötelüw qulaq shïntaq köz sawsaqtar ayaq sezüw qïzuw tumaw qol bas zhambas tize kömek! qalay sezinesiz? awïradï ayaq awïz murïn moyïn däri zhürek aynuw awruw ayaghï awïr iyïq sawsaqtar bel awruw tüshkirw tamaq awïradï Бұрыс.

Stomach Stomach cramps Strain Swelling Symptoms What is the matter? Where does it hurt? qarïn ish tïrïswï kerilis isüw simptomdar ne boldï? qay zher awïradï? Қарын Іш тырысуы Керіліс Ісу Симптомдар Не болды? Қай жер ауырады? 236 .

How do you feel? I don’t feel well. D. I’m nauseous. F. qoldar. 2 The little girl has a fever.ANSWER KEY Exercise 2 ears elbows eyes feet hands knees shoulders arms legs hips Exercise 3 A. Where does it hurt? My back hurts. Please call an ambulance! E. C. neck mouth közder qulaqtar ayaqtar ayaqtar bas. B. B. a sore throat. moyïn awïz көздер құлақтар аяқтар аяқтар бас. I think he broke his leg. 3. D. I’m nauseous. She is pregnant. B. Did he break his leg? I think so. C. 1 The young woman is not sick. C. B. but I’m a little nauseous. Exercise 11 A. A. How do you feel? I feel fine. How do you feel? I don’t feel well. but I’m not nauseous. please call an ambulance! 237 . 3 The little boy is nauseous and has a stomachache. What are your symptoms? I have a fever and a headache. мойын ауыз qulaqtar bilekter közder ayaqtar qoldar tizeler iyïqtar qoldar ayaqtar zhambastar құлақтар білектер көздер аяқтар қолдар тізелер иықтар қолдар аяқтар жамбастар Exercise 6 A. қолдар. E. C. She has the flu. 2. hands. A. and she is sneezing and coughing. I think I broke my leg. Please call an ambulance! Exercise 12 1. eyes ears legs feet head. body aches. 4. How do you feel? I don’t feel well.

Жүрегім айниды. Қаншалықты жиі дəрігерге барасыз? Ай сайын ба? Жыл сайын ба? 3 жыл сайын ба? Qanshalïqtï zhiyi därigerge barasïz? Ay sayïn ba? Zhïl sayïn ba? 3 zhïl sayïn ba? 238 . симптомдар қандай? Tumaw bolghanda. қайсы (лары)? Süyekteringiz sïnghan ba esh? Eger sïnghan bolsa. Belim awïradï. Тұмау болғанда. Ol ayaghïn sïndïrdï ma? Solay oilaymïn. Симптомдар қандай? Қызуым бар жəне басым ауырады. 2. A. qaysï (larï) D. Дəрі ішесіз бе? Däri ishesiz bе? C. Zhüregim ayniydï. Qalay sezinesiz? Zhaqsï sezinip turghan zhoqpïn. B. 3. A. Бой мен салмақ қанша? Boy men salmaq qansha? E. Жедел жəрдемді шақырыңыз! End of Lesson Exercise 1 A. Қай жер ауырады? Белім ауырады. Қалай сезінесіз? Жақсы сезініп тұрған жоқпын. Zhedel zhärdemdi shaqïrïngïz! Ол аяғын сындырды ма? Солай ойлаймын. Simptomdar qanday? Qïzuwïm bar zhäne basïm awïradï.1. 4. C. Сүйектеріңіз сынған ба еш? Егер болса. simptomdar qanday? B. Qay zher awïradï.

The first constitution was adopted in 1993 and the second took effect in 1995. The current president. Kazakhstan is a newly independent country in the international arena. 239 . They are the Ak-Zhol (True Path) and the Democratic Party of Kazakhstan. the Mazhilis. with amendments increasing the executive’s powers vis-à-vis other branches of government. There are no radical political parties. Religious and ethnic freedoms are tolerated in Kazakhstan. So far. there are Koreans. Kazakhstan gained its independence as a result of the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991.How to read and understand political events written in Kazakh newspapers. However most of them have merged with the Otan (Fatherland) pro-presidential party. where virtually all power resides in the executive branch of the government.Lesson 18 Political and International Events Саяси жəне Халықаралық оқиғалар Sayasiy zhäne khalïqaralïq oqiyghalar This lesson will introduce you to: . and once every five years for the lower chamber. none of the Kazakhstan’s presidential and parliamentary elections have been free and fair according to OSCE elections observers. Tatars. he is the former Communist Party leader. Uzbeks. Ukrainians. the Senate. Parliamentary elections take place once every four years for the upper chamber. has been in power since 1989.Vocabulary associated with politics and international issues . Kazakhstan is a multi-ethnic country with over 130 ethnic groups. Germans and many other minorities. the president is elected for up to two seven-year terms.How they are reported in Kazakhstan news . Kazakhstan’s current political system can be characterized as super-presidential. Nursultan Nazarbaev. There are numerous political parties in Kazakhstan. In addition. Kazakhstan had two constitutions. According to the 1995 constitution. There are two opposition parties. Sixty percent of the population is ethnic Kazakh and twenty five percent of the population is ethnic Russian.

Парламент Министрлік Сайлау Шенеуніктер Саяси Партия Дауыс Республика Мемлекет Демократия Демократиялық Билік мерзімі Бағдарлама Адам құқықтары Діни Нəсілді Радикалды Əлем. Government Prime minister President Leader Dictator Parliament Ministry Election Officials Political Party Vote Republic State Democracy Democratic Term of office Policy Human Rights Religious Racial Radical World Conflict War Invade Nuclear weapons ükimet premer ministr prezident lider diktator mäzhilis. parlament ministirlik saylaw shenewnikter sayasiy partiya dawïs respublika memleket demokratia demokratiyalïq biylik merzimi baghdarlama adam quqïqtarï diniy näsildi radikaldï älem. Listen to and read the following statements. While reading. note the use of the new vocabulary. düniye qaqtïghïs soghïs zhawlaw yadrolïq qaruwlar Үкімет Премьер министр Президент Лидер Диктатор Мəжіліс. The Iraqi leader The Russian officials The South African government Religious differences Middle East conflict The war in Iraq The radical political party Islamic fundamentalism iyrak liyderi resey shenewnikteri ongtüstik afriyka ükimeti diniy ayïrmashïlïqtar tayaw shïghïs qaqtïghïsï iyraktaghï soghïs radiykaldï sayasiy partiya islamdïq fundamentalzsm Ирак лидері Ресей шенеуніктері Оңтүстік Африка үкіметі Діни айырмашылықтар Таяу Шығыс қақтығысы Ирактағы соғыс Радикалды саяси партия Исламдық фундаментализм 240 . Familiarize yourself with the political terms.1. дүние Қақтығыс Соғыс Жаулау Ядролық қарулар 2.

Bügin älemde adam quqïqtarï öte mangïzdï mäsele. 3. Other news agencies are tightly controlled and censored. Check your work in the Answer Key. экономикалық қатынастарды жəне халықаралық маңызды мəселелерді талқылайды. премьер-министрімен. Bul sol memlekette alghashqï sayasiy saylaw boldï. Human rights are a very important issue in the world today. However. Бүгін əлемде адам құқықтары өте маңызды мəселе. Which country will President Nazarbaev visit and when? How long will the visit last? Who will the President meet? What issues will be discussed? Is this President’s first visit to this country? 241 . The majority of the television news channels are privately-owned. Бұл сол мемлекетте алғашқы саяси сайлау болды. George Bush Amerika Qurama Shattarï Preziydenti Джордж Буш Америка Құрама Штаттары Президенті Japan and Great Britain have prime ministers. жəне Люксембургтің премьер-министрімен кездеседі. Президент Қазақстан мен Бельгия арасындағы саяси. Сапарда Қазақстан президенті Бельгия Королімен. Бельгия Қазақстанның Еуропадағы маңызды партнері. Listen to and read the following news report from Kazakhstan. Жапония мен Ұлыбританияда премьер министрлер бар. Then answer the questions that follow. əскери. This was the first political election in that country. PLAY AUDIO Ертең Қазақстан президенті Нұрсұлтан Назарбаевтың Бельгияға үш күндік сапары басталады. Zhaponiya men Ulïbriytaniyada premier miyniystrler bar. Cultural note: Newspapers and other media outlets are dominated by the ruling regime. Бұл Қазақстан президентінің Бельгияға бірінші сапары. they are controlled by the elites close to the president and his inner circle.The President of the United States is George Bush.

Go over the information on the political system in Kazakhstan one more time. Recall the information in Kazakh. Come up with a short description of a political event. Check your work in the Answer Key. Pretend that you are a crew working for a news program. Use the questions from Exercise 3 as an outline for your report. Work in a small group or with a partner. Report to your teacher and to the class.4. 5. International Geography 6. Read the information about Kazakhstan and answer the questions in Kazakh. 242 . Work in small groups.

Are the mountains in Kazakhstan high? 243 .How big is Kazakhstan geographically? 2. Vocabulary: Steppe =Дала = Dala Mountain =Тау = Taw Desert = Шөл = Shöl Terrain= Топография= Topografiya Time zone= Аймақ уақыты= Aymaq waqïtï To stretch. Қазақстанда үш аймақ уақыты бар жəне Қазақстанның көлемі Батыс Еуронаға шамамен тең. Қазақстан батыста Каспий теңізінен шығыста Алтай тауларына дейін созылады. Қазақстанның топографиясы далалар жəне жартылай шөлдер. ол 7000-ден биік. солтүстікте оңтүстік Сибирьден оңтүстікте ішкі Орта Азияға созылады. Ең биік жері Хан Тəңірі.What is Kazakhstan’s terrain like? 3.Қазақстан əлемде тоғызыншы үлкен мемлекет. Қазақстанның оңтүстік-шығыс жəне шығысында таулар бар. to extend= Созылу = Sozïluw Almost= Шамамен= Shamamen High =Биік = Biyik Semi = Жартылай = Zhartïlay 1.

orïs sawït arabiya/sawït shotlandiya/shotlandiyalïq ongtüstik afrika/ongtüstik afrikalïq ispaniya/ispaniyalïq shvetsia/shvetsiyalïq siriya/siriyalïq tayland/taylandtïq vietnam/vietnamdïq wels/welstik soltüstik amerika ortalïq amerika ongtüstik amerika shïghïs yewropa Ауғаныстан/Ауғандық Канада/Канадылық Қытай/Қытайлық Дания/ Даниялық Мысыр/Мысырлық Англия/ Англиялық Финляндия/ Финляндиялық Франция/ Франциялық Алмания/Алманиялық. Неміс Ұлыбритания/Британдық. nemis ulïbritaniya/britandïq aghilshin ündistan/ündistandïq indoneziya/indoneziyalïq iran/irandïq irak/iraktïq irlandiya/irlandiyalïq izrael/izraeldik italiya/italiyalïq zhaponiya/zhaponiyalïq iyordaniya/iyordaniyalïq koreya/koreyalïq kuweyt/kuweyttik meksika/meksikalïq gollandiya/gollandiyalïq norvegiya/norvegiyalïq päkistan/päkistandïq filipindar/filipindïq resey/reseylik. Орыс Сауыт Арабиясы/Сауыт Шотландия/ Шотландиялық Оңтүстік Африка/ Оңтүстік Африкалық Испания/Испаниялық Швеция/Швециялық Сирия/Сириялық Тайланд/Тайландтық Вьетнам/Вьетнамдық Уелс/Уелстік Солтүстік Америка Орталық Америка Оңтүстік Америка Шығыс Еуропа 244 . Afghanistan/Afghani Canada/Canadian China/Chinese Denmark/Danes Egypt/Egyptian England/English Finland/Finns France/French Germany/German Great Britain/British India/Indian Indonesia/Indonesian Iran/Iranian Iraq/Iraqi Ireland/Irish Israel/Israeli Italy/Italian Japan/Japanese Jordan/Jordanian Korea/Korean Kuwait/Kuwaiti Mexico/Mexican Netherlands/Dutch Norway/Norwegian Pakistan/Pakistani Philippines/Filipino Russia/Russian Saudi Arabia/Saudi Scotland/Scot South Africa/South African Spain/Spanish Sweden/Swede Syria/Syrian Thailand/Thai Vietnam/Vietnamese Wales/Welsh North America Central America South America Western Europe awghanïstan/awghanstandïq kanada/kanadalïq qïtay/qïtaylïq daniya/daniyalïq mïsïr/mïsïrlïq angliya/angliyalïq finlyandiya/finlyandiyalïq frantsiya/frantsiyalïq (frantsuz??) almaniya/almaniyalïq. Listen to the speaker and follow along in your book. Ағылшын Үндістан/Үндістандық Индонезия/ Индонезиялық Иран/Ирандық Ирак/Ирактық Ирландия/Ирландиялық Израиль/Израильдық Италия/Италиялық Жапония/ Жапониялық Иордания/Иорданиялық Корея/Кореялық Кувейт/Кувейттік Мексика/Мексикалық Голландия/ Голландиялық Норвегия/Норвегиялық Пəкістан/Пəкістандық Филиппиндар/Филиппиндық Ресей/Ресейлік.7.

I’m an Egyptian. Канадалықпын. I’m Indian. Мысырданмын. Жоқ. Ündistandanmïn.” “-tik. “-tïq. I’m Canadian. Mïsïrdanmïn. Үндістандықпын.тік-дық. Жоқ. No. Resey (Russia) = Resey + lik = Reseylik Бельгия=Бельгия+лық= Бельгиялық. Kanadalïqpïn.” (-тық.” “-lïq. Are you from Syria? Siriyaliqsiz ba? Сириялықсыз ба? Are you American? Amerikandïqsïz ba? Американдықсыз ба? What are you? Qay eldensiz? Қай елденсіз? Where are you from? Qay zherliksiz? Қай жерліксіз? No. Listen to and read the dialogues about nationality. Вьетнамдықпын. Zhoq. I’m from India. I’m from Egypt.Central Europe Eastern Europe Middle East Southwest Asia Southeast Asia Africa Australia Eastern Asia Arctic Antarctica Pacific Rim Grammar note: ortalïq ewropa batïs ewropa tayaw shïghïs ongtüstik shïghïs aziya ongtüstik batïs aziya afriyka avstraliya batïs aziya arktika anktarktika tïnïq mukhiytï aymaghï Орталық Еуропа Батыс Еуропа Таяу Шығыс Оңтүстік шығыс Азия Оңтүстік батыс Азия Африка Австралия Батыс Азия Арктика Анктарктида Тынық мұхиты аймағы In order to make the name of the nationality out of the name of the country in Kazakh. 245 .” “-dik. Mïsïrlïqpïn. (Undistannan keldim??) Үндістанданмын.дік-лық –лік) For example: Ресей= Ресей+лік =Ресейлік. it is necessary to add an ending suffix to the country name. Belgiya (Belgium) = Belgiya + lïq = Belgiyalïq 8. Vetnamdïqpïn. Zhoq.” “lik. Note the ways to determine one’s nationality. ” “-dïq. I’m Vietnamese. Мысырлықпын.

. Жакартада тұрамын. мен Вьетнамдықпын. 2. I live in Jakarta. 9. Ауғаныстанда тұрамын. мен Американдық емеспін.. Мен Пəкістанда тұрамын. biraq Awghandïqpïn. 3. . . biz Iraktïqpïz. Kanadalïqpïn. Create questions in Kazakh that are appropriate to the answers provided. Iyä. Iynoneziyalïqpïn. бірақ Пəкістандықпын.? Iyä. Иə. I live in Afghanistan. I’m Indonesian. but I am Pakistani. biraq. Канадалықпын.……………………………? Zhoq. 1.? Men Päkistanda turamïn.…………… or …………….. Päkistandïqpïn. Индонезиялықпын. . Ауғаныстан Ирландия Вьетнам Сауыт Арабия Кувейт Пəкістан Тайланд Индонезия Сирия Ирак Иран Голландия Жапония Израиль Мысыр Үндістан Англия Қытай Иордания Ресей 246 . 4. men Vietnamdïqpïn. Иə. .…………………………. Иə. 4. Check your answers with the Answer Key.Are you Indonesian? Iyndoneziyalïqsïz ba? Индонезиялықсыз ба? Are you from Afghanistan? Awghanïstandïqsïz ba? Ауғаныстандықсыз ба? Yes. Check your work with the Answer Key. Mark the word that you hear. 5. men Amerikandïq emespin. бірақ Ауғандықпын. 2. 1. 10. біз Ирактықпыз. Жоқ. What do you hear? The speaker will read one word from each line of text.? Iyä.……………………………. 3. Awghanïstanda turamïn.

How many migrants came to Spain this year? 4. Questions: 1. Translate the following headlines into English. PLAY AUDIO АРАЛДАРҒА 17 МЫҢ АФРИКАЛЫҚ ЗАҢСЫЗ МИГРАНТ КЕЛДІ. 2. Соңғы 3 күннің ішінде аралдағы африкалық мигранттардың саны 1 мың. Check your work with the Answer Key. Жұма күні 500 мигрант келді. 2. Канар аралдарының үкіметі заңсыз мигранттардың төтеп бере алмайтынын мəлімдедеді. Папа Бенедикт Түркияға 4 күндік сапарын бастады. Испания үкіметін жедел шара қабылдауға шақырды. 5. 3 британ жауынгері жараланды. then answer the questions that follow. Who arrived in the Canary Islands? 2. What does Spain do about the situation? 247 . Алматы қалалық Жазушылар Одағы құрылмақ. 3.End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. How many migrants came to Spain in three days? 3. Осы жылы ғана аралдарға Африкадағы жоқшылықтан қашқан 17 мың заңсыз мигрант келді. 1. How many boats arrived in the Canary Islands today? 5. Check your work in the Answer Key. Ирақта тағы 7 АҚШ жауынгері қаза тапты. Қазақстан президенті Ұлыбританияда ресми сапармен жүр. АҚШ Конгресс сайлауын өткізіп жатыр. 4. КАНАР АРАЛДАРЫ: Бүгін африкалық мигранттардың 3 қайық Канар аралдарына келді. Listen to and read the following news report from Kazakhstan.

Is there a war in this country now? 4. Is there a democracy in this country? 6. Work with a partner or in a small group. Does this country have a president? Who is a current president? 2. Does this country have a parliament? 5. Is this country a republic? 9. Does this country have a prime minister? 7. Your classmates will role-play the news reporters by asking you questions. How many political parties are there in this country? 3. From the list of the countries above. What is a specific geographical feature of this country? 248 . The following questions may help you in your work: 1. choose one and give a briefing on its location and political system. Pretend that you are giving a press conference.3. Is the leader of this country a dictator? 8.

Vocabulary List Conflict Democracy/democratic Dictator Dispute Election Government Human Rights Invade/invasion Leader Ministry Nuclear weapons Official Parliament Policy Political Party President Prime minister Racial Radical Religious Republic State Term of office To kill To vote To invade War World qaqtïghïs demokratiya diktator talas saylaw ükimet adam quqïqtarï zhawlaw/zhawlaw lider ministrlik yadrolïq qaruwlar shenewnik mäzhilis. парламент Бағдарлама Саяси партия Президент Премьер министр Нəсілді Радикалды Діни Республика Мемлекет Билік мерзімі Өлтіру Дауыс беру Жаулау Соғыс Əлем. дүние 249 . parlament baghdarlama sayasiy partiya prezident premier ministr näsildi radikaldï diniy respublika memleket biylik merzimi öltirüw dawïs berüw zhawlaw soghïs älem. düniye Қақтығыс Демократия Диктатор Талас Сайлау Үкімет Адам құқықтары Жаулау/жаулау Лидер Министрлік Ядролық қарулар Шенеунік Мəжіліс.

The President will discuss Belgium political. экономикалық қатынастарды жəне халықаралық маңызды мəселелерді талқылайды. the prime minister and Luxembourg’s prime minister. Бельгия Қазақстанның Еуропадағы маңызды партнері. Ертең Қазақстан президенті Нұрсұлтан Назарбаевтың Бельгияға үш күндік сапары басталады. Қазақстан əлемде тоғызыншы үлкен мемлекет. and economic relations between the countries and important international issues 5. жəне Люксембургтің премьер-министрімен кездеседі. Are you Vietnamese? Are you American? Are you Pakistani? Are you Iraqis? vietnamdïqsïz ba? amerikandïqsïz ba? päkistandïqsïz ba? iraktïqsïz ba? 1. Бұл Қазақстан президентінің Бельгияға бірінші сапары. During his visit. economic relations and important international issues. Belgium is an important European partner of Kazakhstan’s. ең биік жері Хан Тəңірі. 3. (Over 20. 4. əскери. military. There are three time zones in Kazakhstan and its size is almost equal to Western Europe. 2. 2. The highest point is Han Tengri. Дала жəне жартылай шөлдер. Сапарда Қазақстан президенті Бельгия Королімен. Kazakhstan’s geographic terrain is steppes and semi-deserts. Belgium 3 days Belgian King. This is the President of Kazakhstan’s first visit to Belgium.ANSWER KEY Exercise 3 Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbaev will begin his three-day visit to Belgium. ол 7000-ден биік. премьер-министрімен. military. It stretches from the Caspian Basin to the Altai Mountains from West to East. Президент Қазақстан мен Бельгия арасындағы саяси. 2. the Kazakh president will meet with the Belgian King. Иə. 4.000 feet) 1. In the southeast and east of Kazakhstan there are mountains. and it extends from southern Siberia to inner Central Asia from north to south.First visit. Exercise 6 Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world. Exercise 9 1.000 meters. Вьетнамдықсыз ба? Американдықсыз ба? Пəкістандық ба? Ирактықсыз ба? 1234- 250 . prime minister and Luxembourg’s prime minister Political. 3. which is more than 7. 3.

India England Indonesia Israel Russia ündistan angliya indoneziya izrael resey Үндістан Англия Индонезия Израиль Россия End of Lesson Exercise 1 1. 2. 4. The government of the Canary Islands announced that they could not stop illegal migrants. 3. 3 Он жеті мың. Бір мың. Seven US soldiers died in Iraq. Only this year seventeen thousand illegal migrants came to the islands. 3. 5. Kazakh President on official visit to Britain US holding Congressional elections. 5 Испания үкіметін жедел шара қабылдауға шақырды. three British soldiers wounded. Exercise 2 SEVENTEEN THOUSAND ILLEGAL AFRICAN MIGRANTS CAME TO THE ISLANDS Canary Islands: Today three boats with African migrants arrived in Canary Islands. Almaty city writers union to be formed. 2. 4 Үш. fleeing poverty in Africa.Exercise 10 1. 1 2 Африкалық мигранттар. Pope Benedict began four -day visit to Turkey. Spain was asked for immediate measures. 5. 251 . 4. The number of African migrants that arrived in the islands in the last three days is one thousand. Five hundred migrants came on Friday.

252 . Жауынгерлер униформа киеді. жəне жарылғыш заттардан қорғайды. oq. Army and Kazakhstan military forces . Olar ayaqtarïna etik zhäne bastarïna kaska kiedi. zhäne zharïlghïsh zattardan qorghaydï.Lesson 19 The Military Əскер Äsker This lesson will introduce you to: . Kaskalar olardïng bastarïn artilleriya. Zhawïngerler wniforma kiedi. Жауынгерлердің қолдарында қарулар бар.Basic military vocabulary . Zhawïngerlerding qoldarïnda qarwlar bar. 1. What do soldiers do? What do soldiers use? What do soldiers wear? The pictures will help you guess the meaning of unknown terms. Каскалар олардың бастарын артиллерия. оқ.S.Names of weapons and army vehicles. Олар аяқтарына етік жəне бастарына каска киеді.The rank structure of the U.

Now listen to the new vocabulary and repeat them after the speaker. Even today. Бұл жауынгердің гранатамёті бар. Bul zhawïnger basshïsïmen ratsiamen soylesedi. word for word. Bul zhawïngerding granatamyoti bar. Even ranks are directly borrowed from Russian. There are more ethnic Kazakh officers than before. Russian language dominates military affairs. Бұл жауынгер басшысымен рациямен сөйлеседі. 2. 253 . however its role is being diminished as time goes by.Bul zhawïnger mïltïqpen atadï Бұл жауынгер мылтықпен атады. Soldier Uniform Boots Helmet To protect Artillery Ammunition Explosives Weapons Radio Commander To fire Rifle Rocket launcher zhawïnger uniforma etik kaska qorghaw artilleriya oq däri zharïlghïsh zat qaruwlar ratsia basshï atuw mïltïq granatamyot Жауынгер Униформа Етік Каска Қорғау Артиллерия Оқ дəрі Жарылғыш зат Қарулар Рация Басшы Ату Мылтық Гранатамёт Cultural note: Most of the Kazakh military terms are borrowed directly from the Russian language since Kazakhstan has been under Russian rule during the development of modern warfare and establishment of the independent Kazakhstan’s Army.

Оның қарулары жоқ. 3. Onïng qaruwï bar.3. Оның балалары бар. 1. Onïng balalarï bar. Ол азамат. Бұл транспорттар ХАМВИ. азаматта қару іздейді. 3. Ol zhawïnger. A. Bul transporttar Hamvi 2. 2. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Оның қаруы бар. Read the statements and match each one with the correct picture. Listen to the new words and repeat them after the speaker. Ol azamat. C Zhawïnger azamatta qaruw izdeydi. Ол жауынгер. 4. Моторлы артиллерия Motorlï artilleriya 254 . Onïng qaruwlarï zhoq. B. 1.

.. 5. ……………………. 6. ……………………. ……………………. Танк Tank 5.. Listen to the new words and repeat them after the speaker. Бронетранспортер Bronetransporter 5. 4. Моторлы зеңбірек Motorlï zengbirek 6. 1 2 3 4 5 6 255 .. Now cover the names of the vehicles with a sheet of paper and name them. ……………………. 6.4. 3.. Repeat Exercise 4 as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the new terms. 1. …………………….. 2. …………………….

miyna zïmïran granata qaruw qoymasï tapansha minomyot pulemyot mïltïq мина зымыран граната қару қоймасы тапанша миномёт пулемёт мылтық 8. In the following groups of words. 4. Look at the pictures in Exercise 6. Check your answers with the answer key.7 1 Mortar 2 Rifle 3 Machine gun 4 Grenade Minomyot Mïltïq Pulemyot Granata Миномёт Мылтық Пулемёт Граната 8 5 Mine 6 Pistol 7 Missile 8 Weapons cache 8 Miyna Tapansha Zïmïran Qaruw qoymasï Мина Тапанша Зымыран Қару қоймасы 7. Танк Мылтық Униформа Рация Каска Офицер Граната Миномёт Жауынгер Карта Артиллерия Жауынгер Жүк машина Каска Азамат Миналы дала Униформа Азамат Хамви Пулемёт Басшы Қару Етіктер Басшы 256 . 5. 3. 6. cross out the one word out of each group that does not logically belong. Check your work with the Answer Key. Cover the Kazakh translations and the English words in Exercise 6. 1. 2. Match each term with the correct picture.

1. Біз барлық жау жауынгерлеріндің қаруларын іздейміз. Biz barlïq transporttardïng qaruwlarïn izdeymiz. 3. Біз барлық транспорттардың қаруларын іздейміз. 11. We are searching all civilians for weapons. Biz barlïq zhaw zhawïngerlerding qaruwlarïn izdeymiz. Listen and repeat the new words after the speaker. Жауынгерлер касканы жарылғыш заттардан жəне артиллериядан қорғану үшін киеді.9. Zhawïngerler kaskanï zharïlghïsh zattardan zhäne artilleriydan qorghanuw üshin kiyedi. 4. A. Жауынгерлер касканы оқтан қорғану үшін киеді. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Translate the following statements into English. Soldiers wear helmets for protection from ammunition and artillery. 10. 2. Zhawïngerler kaskanï oqtan qorghanuw üshin kiyedi. Army base Be careful! Curfew In charge of … Minefield Roadblock Checkpoint Identification Patrol Base Barracks äskeriy baza abayla! komendant saghatï zhawaptï miynalï dala zhol bögeti tekseruw punkti kuwälik patrul baza kazarma Əскери база Абайла! Комендант сағаты Жауапты Миналы дала Жол бөгеті Тексеру пункті Куəлік Патруль База Казарма 257 . A. We are searching all enemy soldiers for weapons. B. B. Check your work in the Answer Key. What do you hear? Listen to the speaker and mark the statement that you hear. 1. 2. Soldiers wear helmets for protection from explosives.

Work with a partner and take turns reading and role-playing the dialogues from Exercise 12. C. A. Enlisted Private Corporal Sergeant Sergeant Major Officer Lieutenant Captain Major Lt. Compare them with the Kazakhstan military equivalents. E. Study the list of U. and then role-play them. Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the vocabulary list above. Check your answers with the Answer Key.__________ бар ма? Иə 8:00 ден 6:00 ға дейін. Army ranks. __________! Жолдың арғы жағында__________ бар! __________! Zholdïng arghï zhagïnda__________ bar! D. Work in a small group and make up similar dialogues. Colonel Colonel General Zhedel äsker Riyadovoy Efreytor Serzhant Starshiyna Ofitser Leytenant Kapitan Mayor Podpolkovnik Polkovnik General Жедел əскер Рядовой Ефрейтор Сержант Старшина Офицер Лейтенант Капитан Майор Подполковник Полковник Генерал 258 . 14. 15. Қайда ____________ ? Базаның ар жағы. Qayda ____________ ? Bazanïng ar zhaghï. Barlïghï _______________ ______________ körsetuw kerek. 13. Patrulde kim __________ ? Patrul lideri. __________ bar ma? Iyä 8:00-den 6:00-gha deyn. Патрульде кім __________ ? Патруль лидері. Барлығы тексеру пунктінде___________ көрсету керек. B.S.12.

a) Translate the following sentences into English. 2. Қару қоймасы қайда? Qaruw qoymasï qayda? B. Tek zhawïngerler äskeriy bazagha kire aladï. A. Komendant saghatï 9:00 bastaladï. come up with a caption for each picture below. Тек жауынгерлер əскери базаға кіре алады. …………………………………………………… . Make up situations where you can use sentences C. E. D. Üyge qaytïngïz. Кім бұл патрульге жауапты? Kim bul patrulge zhawaptï? C. Үйге қайтыңыз. Барлық азаматтардың қарулары ізделуі керек. 3. D. Қазір сағат 9:45. F. Тексеру пунктінен өткен кезде куəлік көрсету керек. 1. E. b) Work with a partner or in a small group. Check your work with the Answer Key. and F as a reply. …………………………………………………… .End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. 2. Qazir saghat 9:45. Tekseruw punktininen ötken kezde kuwälik körsetuw kerek. In Kazakh. Role-play them. Create the first part of the conversation so that you have short dialogues. Work with a partner or in a small group. Barlïq azamattardïng qaruwlarï izdeluwi kerek. …………………………………………………… . Комендант сағаты 9:00 басталады. 259 .

Compare your translation against the Answer Key. E. The weapons cache is on the other side of Checkpoint Delta. There is a minefield east of the railroad. You must come with me for questioning. Please step out of the car. F.3. C. D. a) Translate the following into Kazakh. b) Work with a partner or in a small group. 260 . We must search the vehicle for weapons. Make up situations where you can use these sentences as a reply. Create the first part of the conversation so that you have short dialogues. Role-play them. B. It is after curfew. You must know all the checkpoints and roadblocks in this area. A. Be careful. Every soldier needs to have a radio and a map.

tekseruw punkti azamat basshï komendant saghatï zhaw zharïlghïsh zat granata tapansha kaska zhawaptï pulemyot karta äsker miyna miynalï dala zïmïran miynomyot ofitser qorghanïs radio shen mïltïq zhol bögeti zïmïran granatamyot izdew zhawïnger tank uniforma qaruwlar qaruw qoymasï zhedel äsker riyadovoy efreytor serzhant starshiyna Оқ дəрі Əскери база Артиллерия Казарма База Абайла! Етіктер Тексеру пункті Азамат Басшы Комендант сағаты Жау Жарылғыш зат Граната Тапанша Каска Жауапты Пулемёт Карта Əскер Мина Миналы дала Зымыран Миномёт Офицер Қорғаныс Радио Шен Мылтық Жол бөгеті Зымыран Гранатамёт Іздеу Жауынгер Танк Униформа Қарулар Қару қоймасы Жедел əскер Рядовой Ефрейтор Сержант Старшина 261 .Vocabulary List Ammunition Army base Artillery Barracks Base Be careful! Boots Checkpoint Civilian Commander Curfew Enemy Explosive Grenade Gun Helmet In charge Machine gun Map Military Mine Minefield Missile Mortar Officer Protection Radio Rank Rifle Roadblock Rocket Rocket launcher Search Soldier Tank Uniform Weapons Weapons cache Enlisted Private Corporal Sergeant Sergeant Major oq däri äskeriy baza artilleriya kazarma baza abayla! etikter.

Officer Lieutenant Captain Major Lt. Colonel Colonel General ofitser leytenant kapitan mayor podpolkovnik polkovnik general Офицер Лейтенант Капитан Майор Подполковник Полковник Генерал 262 .

4.ANSWER KEY Exercise 3 1. 6 F. We are searching all enemy soldiers for weapons. 5. He is a soldier. He has children. Soldiers wear helmets for protection from explosives and artillery. 1 G. 3. 2. 5 B. 8 E. 2 mine missile grenade weapons cache pistol mortar machine gun rifle miyna zïmïran granata qaruw qoymasï tapansha minomyot pulemyot mïltïq Мина Зымыран Граната Қару қоймасы Тапанша Миномёт Пулемёт Мылтық Exercise 8 1. 4 D. A. 3. 2. C. 6. Tank Танк Rifle Мылтық Uniform Униформа Radio Рация Helmet Каска Officer Офицер Grenade Граната Mortar Миномёт Soldier Жауынгер Map Карта Artillery Артиллерия Soldier Жауынгер Truck Жүк машина Helmet Каска Civilian Азамат Minefield Миналы дала Uniform Униформа Civilian Азамат Humvee Хамви Machine Gun Пулемёт Commander Басшы Weapon Қару Boots Етіктер Commander Басшы Exercise 9 1. We are searching all vehicles for weapons. 3. Exercise 7 A. 263 . 3 H. 4. 2. The soldier searches the civilian for weapons. B. 7 C. Soldiers wear helmets for protection from ammunition. He has a weapon. He does not have weapons. He is a civilian.

264 . Biz transporttïng qaruwlarïn izdewimiz kerek. F. Surawgha menimen keluwingiz kerek. Go back to your home. Комендант сағаты бар ма? Иə. Curfew starts at 9:00pm. Where are the barracks? On the other side of the base. Soldiers wear helmets for protection from explosives. Qayda kazarma? Bazanïng arghï zhaghïngda. A. B. Kim patrulge zhawaptï? Patrul lideri. from 8:00pm to 6:00am. Біз барлық жау жауынгерлерінің қаруларын іздейміз. 2. C. C. B. Is there a curfew? Yes. B. It’s 9:45 now. E. Zhawïngerler zharïlghïsh kaskanï zattardan gorghanuw üshin kiyedi.Exercise 10 1. Сұрауға менімен келуіңіз керек. Only soldiers may enter the army base. B. Be careful! There is a minefield across the road! Abayla! Zholdïng arghï zhaghïnda miynalï dala bar! Абайла! Жолдың арғы жағында миналы дала бар! D. Біз транспорттың қаруларын іздеуіміз керек. 8:00-den 6:00-gha deyin. Кім патрульге жауапты? Патруль лидері. All civilians must be searched for weapons. Қару қоймасы Дельта Тексеру пунктінің арғы жағында. C. Komendant saghatï bar ma? Iyä. Who is in charge of the patrol? The patrol leader. 8:00-ден 6:00-ға дейін. We are searching all enemy soldiers for weapons. Қайда казарма? Базаның арғы жағында. Where is the weapons cache? Who is in charge of this patrol? You must show your identification when you pass the checkpoint. E. Exercise 3a A. Barlïghï tekseruw punktinde kuwälik körsetuw kerek. Жауынгерлер жарылғыш касканы заттардан қорғану үшін киеді. Everyone must show their identification at the checkpoint. Biz barlïq zhaw zhawïngerlerining qaruwlarïn izdeymiz. End of Lesson Exercise 2a A. Exercise 12 A. D. Qaruw qoymasï Delta Tekseruw punktining arghï zhaghïnda. Барлығы тексеру пунктінде куəлік көрсету керек.

Əр жауынгерде рация жəне карта болу керек. Temirzholdïng shïghïsïnda miynalï dala bar.D. E. 265 . Бұл аймақтағы барлық тексеру пунктерін жəне жолдарын білуіңіз керек. Är zhawïngerde ratsiya zhäne karta boluw kerek. F. Bul aymaqtaghï barlïq tekseruw punkterdin zhäne zholdarïn biluwingiz kerek. Теміржолдың шығысында миналы дала бар.

For other treatments one needs to have a medical insurance.Vocabulary related to medical emergencies and life-saving measures . healthcare. like anything else. the insurance industry is still in an embryonic stage of development as the financial sector is still maturing. the state vowed to make all healthcare free of charge for everyone. there is rampant corruption in healthcare and in order to get quality healthcare. all basic medical expenses including emergency room are free of charge for everyone. Since 2005 however. During the Soviet Union medical care was free of charge for everyone. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and Kazakhstan’s independence. because healthcare costs and medicine are much cheaper.Ways to ask questions about vital signs. In principle. Since Kazakhstan is a newly independent state. 266 . is also undergoing transformation. people bribe doctors in state hospitals even though by law medicine and medical care are free of charge. Medical insurance is not as expensive as in the US. Awruwkhana This lesson will introduce you to: . even when you compare the standards of living. However.Lesson 20 In the Hospital Госпиталь. Kazakhstan’s healthcare can be characterized as a hybrid.Terminology related to internal organs . There are new private hospitals that are expensive and one needs to have medical insurance or pay without insurance. Therefore the entire health system is changing rapidly. Аурухана Gospiytal. Despite these statements.

267 . severe bleeding. accidents. or natural disasters are as follows: Құтқарыңдар! = Save! = Qutqarïngdar! Көмек беріңдер! = Help! = Kömek beringder! Жəрдем керек! = Help! = Zhärdem kerek! Абай бол! Абайла! = Be careful! = Abay bol! Abayla! Тығыл! = Hide! = Tïghïl! Қаш! = Run! = Qash! Жүгір! = Run! = Zhügir! Жат! = Get down! = Zhat! Тұр! = Up! = Tur! Дем ал = Inhale = Dem al Дем шығар = Exhale = Dem shïghar In Lesson 17. You also know how to handle a visit to the doctor’s office. In this lesson. you learned the names of human body parts. such as heart attacks. you will familiarize yourself with the vocabulary used for emergency or life threatening health conditions.Grammar note: Important words that people should use when seeking medical emergency. gunshot wounds. and head injuries. how to ask questions about a person’s state of health. and how to describe health conditions and symptoms of sickness.

Жара/Zhara means injury. Бұл еркектің қолы жаралы. Look at the pictures in Exercise 1 and match the number of the picture with the correct definition below. A. Бұл əйелдің қолында жарақаты бар. Жарақатты қол Zharaqattï qol picture number _____. Go over the text with the pictures. Жаралы/ Zharaдï means injured. Жарақатты мойын Zharaqattï moyïn C. 2. 2 Bul äyelding qolïnda zharaqatï bar. Жарақатты қол Zharaqattï qol D. picture number _____. 1 Bul erkekting qolï zharalï. picture number _____. Жарақатты аяқ Zharaqattï ayaq B. Try to guess the meaning of the words in bold from the context. picture number _____. Check your answers with the Answer Key. 3 Bul erkekting ayaghï zharalï. 4 Bul kisining moynïnda zharaqat bar. Бұл еркектің аяғы жаралы. Бұл кісінің мойнында жарақат бар.1. Жарақатты/Zharaqattï means wounded. Did you understand the words in bold: wound/wounded and injury/injured? Жарақат/Zharaqat means wound. 268 .

Role-play the dialogue from Exercise 4. Медбике: Оның аяғы ауырады. Däriger: Ol däri ishedi me? Дəрігер: Ол дəрі ішеді ме? Medbiyke: Iyä antiybiyotiyk zhäne awruw basatïn däri. антибиотик жəне ауру басатын дəрі. Däriger Aizhan. Медбике: Иə. Däriger: Qïzuwï bar ma? Дəрігер: Қызуы бар ма? Medbiyke. Däriger. Listen to and read the dialogue between the doctor and the nurse in the emergency room of a military hospital. оның жарақаты бар. Note the use of new vocabulary. Match each of the pictures with the corresponding statement. Iyä. Work with a partner. Ol zhaman sezinedi. Däriger: Serzhant Azamat qalay sezinedi? Дəрігер: Сержант Азамат қалай сезінеді? Medbiyke. Дəрігер Айжан. 4. Qanaidï. Onïng ayaghï awïradï.3. 5. Try to guess the meanings of unknown words from the context. 269 . bar. бар. Tell your classmates in Kazakh if you have ever had an injury or a wound. Däriger: Ol zharaqattï ma? Дəрігер: Ол жарақатты ма? Medbiyke. Қанайды. Iyä. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Медбике: Ол жаман сезінеді. Медбике: Иə. onïng zharaqatï bar. Медбике: Иə. Oghan ne boldï? Дəрігер: Оған не болды? Medbiyke. 6.

Бүгін өте ыстық еді. Bul biyntter men zhabïstïrghïshtar. Олардан жара жəне жарақат үшін таңу жасау керек. Olar tazartïlghan boluw kerek. Use the Answer Key to check the meaning of unknown words. 3. 2. Did you understand the meaning of the words in bold? Күн өтті means heat stroke.A B C 1. Бұл жауынгердің аяғы жаралы. Қазір оған күн өтті. Бұл еркек қалпақ кимеді. Olardan zhara zhäne zharaqat üshin tangu zhasaw kerek. 7. 270 . Listen to the speaker and read along in your textbook. Олар тазартылған болу керек. Bügin öte ïstïq edi. Бұл бинттер мен жабыстырғыштар. Bul erkekting zharaqattï qolïnda tangu bar. This soldier has an injured leg. Таңу means dressing. Бұл еркектің жарақатты қолында таңу бар. Bul zhawïngerding ayaghï zharalï. Bul erkek qalpaq kiymedi. Qazir oghan kün ötti.

The human ____________ is in charge of all body system functions. Smoking can cause ____________cancer. kidney 5. Familiarize yourself with some new medical terminology. The _________ is a very important organ because it helps our body to get rid of fat. Check your answers with the Answer Key. Repeat after the speaker.8. liver zhürek miy ökpe büyrek bawïr жүрек ми өкпе бүйрек бауыр 9. C. 271 . D. Listen as the speaker recites the names of internal organs. heart 2. Exercising is very important for my ____________. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate name of the organ in Kazakh. E. B. 1 2 3 4 5 1. lung 4. Drinking a lot of water is necessary for the ___________ . brain 3. жүрек бауыр өкпе бүйректер ми A.

Майор: Білмеймін. Mayor: Qayïrlï tang. In the Military Hospital Emergency Room Doctor: Hello. Däriger: Sälem mayor Nurlan. Жақсы сезініп тұрған жоқпын.10. Doctor Nurzhan. дəрігер Нұржан. zhäne basïm aynaldï. Major: Good morning. Дəрігер: Сəлем майор Нұрлан. Kewdem. жəне басым айналды. басым ауырды. a headache. basïm awïrdï. Listen to and read the dialogue between the doctor and a patient in a military hospital emergency room. and dizziness. Майор: Қайырлы таң. Doctor: What happened to you? Däriger: Ne boldï? Дəрігер: Не болды? Major: I don’t now. I didn’t feel well. Major Nurlan. Майор: Екі күндей. däriger Nurzhan. Doctor: For how long did you have your symptoms? Däriger: Qansha boldï bul simptomdar? Дəрігер: Қанша болды бұл симптомдар? Major: For about 2 days. Mayor: Bilmeymin. Mayor: Eki kündey. Doctor: Did you take any medications? Däriger: Däri ishtingiz be? Дəрігер: Дəрі іштіңіз бе? 272 . Кеудем. Zhaqsï sezinip turghan zhoqpïn. I had chest pain.

Mayor: Iyä. Инфаркт болды. Mayor: Iyä. Däriger: Siz zhedel zhärdem bölmesine kelgende demala almay turdïngïz. бауыр. Doctor: Do you have any kidney. Qan qïsïmï burïs edi. Mayor. Қан қысымы бұрыс еді. 180-нен 230 болды. Майор: Иə. I took painkillers. дəрігер? Doctor: Well. liver. Älsiz sezinemin. You had abnormal blood pressure. doctor? Mayor:Eki kündey…. däriger? Майор: Екі күндей. you couldn’t breathe. or brain diseases? Diabetes? Cancer? Däriger: Büyrek. Infarkt boldï. ауру басатын дəрі іштім. when you got in the ER. Біз жүрек өкпе реанимация жасауымыз керек болды. Biz zhürek ökpe reanimatsiya zhasawïmïz kerek boldï. Майор: Иə. Doctor: For how long? Däriger: Qansha kün? Дəрігер: Қанша күн? Major: For about 2 days… What happened to me. You had a heart attack. lung. I’m allergic to penicillin. nemese miy awruwlarïnïz bar ma? Дəрігер: Бүйрек. bawïr. ökpe. Ne boldï maghan. What symptoms do you have now? Qanday simptomdar bar? Қандай симтпомдар бар? Major: I feel weakness. Не болды маған. awruw basatïn däri ishtim. 180-nen 230 boldï.Major: Yes. We had to do CPR. It was 230 over 180. Майор: Əлсіз сезінемін. пенциллинге аллергиям бар. pentsililinge allergiyam bar... өкпе. немесе ми ауруларыныз бар ма? 273 . Дəрігер: Сіз жедел жəрдем бөлмесіне келгенде демала алмай тұрдыңыз. Doctor: Are you allergic to any medications? Däriger: Därilerge allergiyangïz bar ma? Дəрігер: Дəрілерге аллергияңыз бар ма? Major: Yes.

Qalay sezinesiz? Қалай сезінесіз? B. A. Check your work with the Answer Key. жəне аспирин ішіңіз. awruwkhanada qaluw kerek. Майор: Жоқ. demalïngïz. 274 . Иə. äkem üsh zhïl burïn zhürek awruwdan qaytïs boldï. Doctor: Well. 11. 12. Ne boldï? Не болды? 1. Дəрігер: Жоқ. I don’t. Mayor. Doctor: Have any members of your family had heart diseases or had a heart attack? Däriger: Otbasï müsheleringizde zhürek awruwï nemese infarkt bar ma? Дəрігер: Отбасы мүшелеріңізде жүрек ауруы немесе инфаркт бар ма? Major: Yes. Дəрігер: Ауруханада бірнеше күн қалу жəне демалу керек. демалыңыз. қолымда оқ жарақаты бар. ауруханада қалу керек. 2. Major: But I need to get back to my unit! Mayor: Biraq mening bölimime qaytuwïm kerek. I don’t.Major: No.. Däriger: Zhoq. Match the questions and answers. Doctor: Do you smoke? Däriger: Shïlïm shegesiz be? Дəрігер: Шылым шегесіз бе? Major: No. Doctor: No. Майор: Жоқ. Əлсіз сезінемін жəне басым айналады. rest. Iyä. Work with a partner. Майор: Иə. Mayor: Zhoq. zhäne aspirin ishingiz. my father died three years ago from heart disease. qolïmda oq zharaqatï bar. Pretend to be a doctor and a patient and role-play the dialogue from Exercise 10. I think you must stay in the hospital and rest for a few days. Däriger: Awruwkhanada birneshe kün qaluw zhäne demaluw kerek. əкем үш жыл бұрын жүрек аурудан қайтыс болды. and take aspirin. Älsiz sezinemin zhäne basïm ainaladï. Zhoq. you have to stay in the hospital. Майор: Бірақ менің бөліміме қайтуым керек. Mayor: Iyä.

kewdemde awruw bar. кеудемде ауру бар. Zhaman sezinemin. Zharaqatïm qanaidï. 6. Жарақатым қанайды. 4. ауру басатын дəрілер. Däri ishesiz be? Дəрі ішесіз бе? 3. Iyä. 5. 275 . awruw basatïn däriler. Ішім ауырады. Zharalïsïz ba? Жаралысыз ба? G. 7. Awïrïp zhatïrsïz ba? Ауырып жатырсыз ба? E. Dem ala almaymïn. Iyä. Иə. Жаман сезінемін. Qay zher awïradï? Қай жер ауырады? F. Ishim awïradï. Иə. Qalay sezinesiz? Қалай сезінесіз? D. Дем ала алмаймын.C.

End-of-Lesson Tasks 1. What is your normal pulse? What is your normal blood pressure? Are you allergic to any medications? Have you ever had a head injury? Have you ever had heat stroke? 2. B. Look at the picture and say. C. what you think has happened with a patient. E. D. You might want to mention the following things: Is the patient a man or a woman? What is his/her age? Is he/she a soldier? Is he/she wounded? Is he/she injured? Is he/she in pain? Does he/she have bleeding? Does he/she have a fever? Will he/she need to stay in the hospital? Does he/she have high blood pressure? Does he/she have chest pain? Is he/she having a heart attack? Can he/she breathe? Will he/she need CPR? Is he/she allergic to the medications? Does he/she take any medications? 276 . Practice answering the following questions in Kazakh: A. in Kazakh. Work with a partner or in a small group.

мүшелер Ауру басатын дəрі Пенциллин Пульс Таза. қайтыс болу Қалу Жарақат/Жарақатты 277 . qaytïs boluw qaluw zharaqat/zharaqattï Бұрыс. қатерлі ісік Жүрек өкпе реанимациясы Жара Диабет Таңу Жедел жəрдем бөлмесі Оқ жарақаты Бас жарақаты Жүрек Инфаркт Жүрек ауруы Күн өтуі Жоғары қан қысымы .. жарақатты Жара. zhaqattï zhara.Vocabulary List Abnormal Aspirin Bandage Band-aid Bleeding Brain Breathing Cancer CPR Cut Diabetes Dressing ER Gunshot wound Head injury Heart Heart attack Heart disease Heat stroke High blood pressure I am allergic to…/ Are you allergic to… Injured Injury Kidney Liver Lungs Organs Painkillers Penicillin Pulse Sterile To die To stay Wound/ Wounded burïs. Жаралы. жарақат Бүйрек Бауыр Өкпелер Ағзалар. steriyldi öluw. zharaqat büyrek bawïr ökpeler aghzalar. durïs emes aspirin biynt zhabïstïrghïsh qanaw miy demaluw rak. стерильді Өлу. дұрыс емес Аспирин Бинт Жабыстырғыш Қанау Ми Демалу Рак.ға Аллергиям бар. qaterli isik zhürek ökpe reanimatsiyasï zhara diabet tangw zhedel zhärdem bölmesi oq zharaqatï bas zharaqatï zhürek infarkt zhürek awruwï kün ötwi zhogharï qan qïsïmï -gha allergiyam bar… zharalï. müsheler awruw basatïn däri pentsiylliyn pwls taza..

C. 2. 1 Injured arm Exercise 6 A. 4 Injured neck C. 1 and/or 2 Wounded arm D. How do you feel? B. B. I feel weakness and dizziness. 5. What is the matter with you? C. Are you in pain? E. Now he has heat stroke. Are you taking any medication? 7. 1 This man has a dressing on his wounded arm. painkillers. Where does it hurt? F. E. 278 . I have a gunshot injury in my arm. It was very hot today. 2 This man didn’t wear his hat. My wound is bleeding. 3 This soldier has an injured leg. I feel really bad. Yes. Yes. 3 Wounded leg B. D. Exercise 7 These are bandages and band-aids. What do you feel? D. You need them to make a dressing for a cut or wound. 3. C. Are you injured? G. They have to be sterile. My stomach hurts.ANSWER KEY Exercise 2 A. Exercise 9 A. I can’t breathe. Yes. 6. brain liver heart lung kidneys miy bawïr zhürek ökpeler büyrekter ми бауыр жүрек өкпелер бүйректер Exercise 12 A. I have chest pain. B. 4. 1.