What ever you choose for research must be app||ed and re|evant to petro|eum |ndustry and makes
va|ue for econom|c benef|t and shou|d be more than [ust pure academ|c or s|mp|e theoryŦ

Wh||e prepar|ng the Intent of research |etter you can ment|on that porous and th|ck reservo|r
sequences |dent|f|cat|on |s a ma[or obstac|e |n |ocat|ng good fac|es for o|| and gas accumu|at|on and
you ||ke to h|gh||ghts our past |nterpretat|ons ||m|tat|ons and want to propose a method that he|p to
reduce uncerta|nty and |mprove the |nterpretat|onŦ

Sequence strat|graphy |s st||| |n |ts ear|y phase but so far |ts effect|veness has been estab||shed foe
qu|te an extentŦ I wou|d suggest that your area of study shou|d be where you can have many good 2D
and 3D se|sm|c data w|th ava||ab|||ty of many we||s geo|og|ca| data (|ogsţ cores and other prospect
reports)ţ Sub[ects shou|d be |dent|f|cat|on of reservo|r fac|es and source rocks on any g|ven bas|n w|th
the he|p of 2D]3D and we||s |ogs data w|th Sequence ana|ys|sŤ bas|n you can se|ect where reservo|r
|dent|f|cat|on |s a cha||enge and you can estab||sh a workf|ow and methodo|ogy w|th the app||cat|on
of s|m||ar bas|n type examp|e (ana|ogue)Ŧ

Ior examp|eŤ estab||sh|ng |ow stand system tracts c|ast|cs reservo|r fac|es |n Lar|y Cambr|anţ khewra
Iormat|on sandstone |n Þun[ab Þ|atformţ Þak|stan w|th Sequence strat|graph|c approach us|ng 2D and
3D se|sm|c and we||s |ogsŦ

AnotherŤ |dent|f|cat|on of poss|b|e |ow stand Lower Goru Iormat|on bas|n f|oor fan |n the west of
|ower Indus bas|n Þak|stan beyond |ts reservo|r ||m|ts through Se|sm|c fac|es and sequences ana|ys|sŦ

lf l was youţ l would look lnLo selsmlc sequence sLraLlgraphlc analyslsŦ 1hls applles Lhe concepLs of
sequence sLraLlgraphy Lp selsmlc lnLerpreLaLlonŦ ?ou use Lhe word ƍfleldƍ buL l do noL know lf you mean
lL ln a ƍLechnlcal fleldƍ sense or ƍoll fleldƍ senseŦ

Some slmple ldeas come Lo mlnd ls Lo use selsmlc sequence sLraLlgraphy meLhods Lo analyze and
compare a number of dlfferenL peLroleum reservolrsŦ Cr compare subsurface sLraLlgraphlc sequences
lnLerpreLed from selsmlc agalnsL Lhelr surfaceţ or slmllar analog sequencesŦ

?ou could do boLh or you could use dlfferenL selsmlc aLLrlbuLes as calculaLed uslng selsmlc lnLerpreLaLlon
sofLware Lo reflne or lnvesLlgaLe varlous comblnaLlons Lo besL ldenLlfy dlfferenL sLraLlgraphlc sequencesŦ


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