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SIMBOLO – IEC 60617-3



Group of connections (number of connections indicated)

Three-phase circuit


Flexible connection Connection point

S00006 S00016



Thermal effect


Electromagnetic effect Mechanical interlock Actuator, manual, general symbol Actuator (actuated by electromagnetic effect)


S00154 S00167


Actuator (operated by electric clock)


Earth, general symbol


Protective earthing


self-operating. general symbol S00253 Switch. break contact S00265 . general symbol. push-button. stay-put S00256 Thermal switch. Switch. turning. general symbol S00227 Break contact S00229 Switch. manually operated. manually operated. automatic return S00254 Switch. manually operated. general symbol S00213 Make contact.SIMBOLO – IEC 60617-3 DESCRIPCION REFERENCIA IEC Fault S00208 Converter.

Isolator S00288 Switch-disconnector. general symbol S00297 Starter-regulator S00299 Direct-on-line starter. Main make contact of a contactor S00284 Circuit breaker S00287 Disconnector.SIMBOLO – IEC 60617-3 DESCRIPCION REFERENCIA IEC Contactor. On-load isolating switch S00290 Trip-free mechanism S00293 Motor starter. reversing S00301 Star-delta starter S00302 .

Device related to a measuring relay Differential current. general symbol S00362 Underground line S00407 Overhead line S00409 Line within a duct.SIMBOLO – IEC 60617-3 DESCRIPCION REFERENCIA IEC Starter with auto-transformer S00303 Starter-regulator with thyristors S00304 Operating device. Relay coil. general symbol. Line within a pipe S00410 . general symbol S305 Operating device of a thermal relay S00325 Measuring relay.measuring relays S00327 S00331 Fuse.

general symbol S00453 Socket outlet (power) general symbol S00457 Multiple socket outlet (power) S00458 Socket outlet (power) with protective contact S00460 Socket outlet (power) with single-pole switch S00462 .SIMBOLO – IEC 60617-3 DESCRIPCION REFERENCIA IEC Manhole for underground chamber S00412 Neutral conductor S00446 Protective conductor Three-phase wiring with neutral conductor and protective conductor Wiring going upwards S00447 S00449 S00450 Wiring going downwards S00451 Wiring passing through vertically S00452 Box.

Fluorescent lamp. general symbol Luminaire with many fluorescent tubes Shown with three fluorescent tubes. general symbol.SIMBOLO – IEC 60617-3 DESCRIPCION REFERENCIA IEC Switch. Lamp. Projector. general symbol Luminaire. general symbol S00466 Switch with pilot light S00467 Period limiting switch. single pole S00468 Two pole switch S00469 Two-way single pole switch S00470 Push-button Lighting outlet position The symbol is shown with wiring Lighting outlet on wall The symbol is shown with wiring from the left. general symbol S00475 S00481 S00482 S00483 S00484 S00485 S00487 .

general symbol S00819 Induction motor. squirrel cage S00836 Induction motor. single-phase. delta S00806 Three-phase winding.SIMBOLO – IEC 60617-3 DESCRIPCION REFERENCIA IEC S00488 Spot light Flood light S00489 Emergency lighting luminaire on special circuit Self-contained emergency lighting luminaire S00491 S00492 Capacitor. S00837 . general symbol S00567 Three-phase winding. with neutral brought out S00809 Machine. star S00808 Three-phase winding. three-phase. squirrel-cage Ends of split-phase winding brought out. star.

connection star-delta S00858 Indicating instrument. general symbol Application note A00144 S00912 Voltmeter S00913 . general symbol Application note A00144 S00910 Recording instrument. general symbol S00841 Current transformer. general symbol Application note A00144 S00911 Integrating instrument.SIMBOLO – IEC 60617-3 DESCRIPCION REFERENCIA IEC Transformer with two windings. general symbol S00850 Three-phase transformer.

measuring energy transmitted in one direction only S00934 Connection on cable ladder Connection within cable tray Connection within wall mounted cable channel S01449 S01450 S01451 .SIMBOLO – IEC 60617-3 DESCRIPCION REFERENCIA IEC Varmeter S00916 Power-factor meter S00917 Recording wattmeter S00928 Combined recording wattmeter and varmeter S00929 Watt-hour meter.

and: . operated by motor or manually.thermal overload release . The symbol or formula used shall be related to the information displayed by the instrument regardless of the means used to obtain the information. . . or a multiple or sub-multiple thereof (see examples S00913 and S00919). with trip-free mechanism. . .a graphical symbol (see example S00920).one make and one break auxiliary contact.hand release with detent .APLICACIONES S00294 Trip-free mechanism.coil for remote release . application Three-pole mechanical switching device.overcurrent release .a chemical formula (see example S00925).the letter symbol for the unit of the quantity measured. Application note A00144 The asterisk within the symbol shall be replaced with one of the following: .the letter symbol for the quantity measured (see examples S00917 and S00918).

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