Why isn't your station talking about the current resolutions proposed in both chambers of the state Legislature

to let Florida voters decide on an amendment to the state constitution which would legalize medical marijuana? It's a shame and should be a crime, that this is not getting the attention it deserves and all the media outlets should be ashamed of themselves for not covering the story and giving the people a choice. Because it is not being covered, the majority of the people aren't even aware of the story/current resolutions. It's as if our Legislature wants it that way so they can sweep it under the carpet once again. With that said, keep in mind that these are the same Legislatures being backed and supported by big pharma corporations, which explains why it seems to be kept away from the public's view. I, myself know from witnessing my loved ones, that medical marijuana is the only natural cure and relief for many dis-eases and that as people in a "free society" those in need ought to be free to find relief and good health. Any one whom has a different opinion, I ask you to educate yourselves before speaking ignorantly. Florida needs to pass the upcoming bill to make medical marijuana legal, for the sake of its citizens. Below is a article I wrote trying to draw peoples attention to this issue and giving everyone the right to know so they can vote. http://beforeitsnews.com/story/1426/110/Marijuana_used_as_medicine_to_treat_certain_illnesses.ht ml

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