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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Case study 1

Tex-Mark Corporation

Pre-departure activities 1. ‘Country briefings’, outsourced to a consulting firm in San Antonio that had experience dealing with the countries in which Tex-Mark operated. Tex-Mark was prepared to pay for four sessions each lasting one hour. 2. ‘Reading Assignments’. Three to four books (depending on region of assignment) on national or regional culture and/or doing business in the focal region. Accompanying spouses/partners had access to a similar library.‘Interviews and conversations’ with Tex-Mark employees with country experiences. 3. ‘Language courses’. Attendance at elective ‘survival level’ language classes. These courses last from eight to twelve weeks, with three course meetings a week. Tex-Mark will pay for spouses/partners as well. In-country training and development Upon arrival, Tex-Mark staff in the local operation will assist the accompanying spouse/partner with job search activities. They will assist with finding children acceptable schooling situations. Where possible, Tex-Mark staff will endeavour to provide a social support network. Repatriation Upon return all expatriates are required to go through a debriefing and career counselling session with HR staff. This should be held within two months of the person’s re-entry to the home location.
IHRM Case 1 – Spanning the Globe


How will your proposal solve the problems you have defined? 3. Summarize your thoughts on the problems at hand. 2. alternative solutions and your strategy on how to proceed at the forthcoming meeting.Case 1 Activity In the role of Eric 1. How can you defend your solution from budgetary concerns? In what way is your approach both a solution to the problems of expatriates at Tex-Mark and a good economic investment? Step back out of the role and answer the following 1. what benefits would your different approach provide for Tex-Mark? IHRM Case 1 – Spanning the Globe 2 . Does Eric’s personal background assist in his assessment of the problems he faces? 2. Would you have approached this situation differently? If so.

Muscat. Oman. He has a good background in the constructing of Buildings and Roads. Most of her career has been in Ireland and around London. He has worked at UAE for nearly four years. IHRM Case 2 – Quality compliance at the Hawthorne Arms 3 . Married.Case Study 2 Al Kanar’s short list of possible candidates ‘First candidate. Aayah Mohammed Al Abri. Mohammed Awadh Al Mashani. her husband is a solicitor in Dublin. Mahadh was educated at SQU. His family is reportedly very well connected with government officials. and two sites in the Muscat has been marked by remarkable success. Mahadh Ali Baith Saeed. Brought up in Salalah. 9 and 13. his family moved to Salalah when he was twelve years old. He worked for Galfar for 13 years. he was educated as a civil engineer in UK. tactical trips to France. They have 5 children. Born in Teetam. She has spent three years in the R&D development team in Doha and Manar. Second candidate. ages 7. Alistair met and talked with her today in Limerick and was very impressed with her understanding of corporate level concerns and strategic issues. in two divisions within Oman with increasing levels of project responsibility. Third candidate. His leadership of two projects over the last three years in Mizyona. Born in Taqah. They have three children. Salalah. He is single. working on the very technologies to be applied in this Middle east joint venture project. and has just been transferred into the Kuwait as a Senior Engineer. Thumrait. an engineer specialized on bridge’s working in Qatar office for joint venture analyzes and ‘due diligence’ reviews on technical and legal grounds. Married. with only short. his wife is a teacher.

If forced to make a decision tomorrow. which candidate should Alistair choose for the job? What major factors should determine his choice? 2. Given what you know about the firm from the case. 3. We are told nothing of the process that Trianon uses to recruit candidates for this level of final selection. outline a general recruitment and selection process for Trianon.Case 2 Activity 1. Describe how your proposed process fits with ‘best’ selection practices as well as the strategic needs of this company. Should HR staff be involved in strategic decisions relating to international business operations such as finalizing a joint venture agreement? IHRM Case 2 – Quality compliance at the Hawthorn Arms 4 . Consider the three candidates in Exhibit A.

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