CA LENDA P A ND ,-, rp ~ 1..t ?

Q u 0 I S E ~H C HI LD third and f 0 urt h c i r c 1e s

'C' T tr ""

You now have the which has been named, TON"ATIUH, the Sun God; the Second circle called, THE OLLIN MOVEMEWT= and now the Third circle what Anthropologist call, THE CALENDAR. Little is given the fourth

circle except it is to symbolize the combination of five-in-five days. The two rr.ust in combination be in association and be considered as functioning

to one of the other, to corr.eetly. synchr.onize time. CHILD,

~he fourtn Circle or what nas Deen named, ~ME TURQUOISE is a 360 day Calendar. It will revolve( once eve~¥

2 days=1,728 hours.

It will make 5 such revolutions and you will note that the OLLIN MOVEr:1ENT keeps track of the nurnbe . Th e OLLIN r,:OVEI,lENT will make one complete r revolution in 120 hours or 5 days ai'ter- THE TURQUOISE CHILD has made This does not include the movement of THE SUN GOD.

its. revolutions.

The Third Circle will make one complete revolution every 437 days, 13 hours, and 39 minutes, representing the trail of two Great Serpents.

Donrt worry about the 5 hours, 46 rr.inutes,and 48 seconds needed every

365 days which accumulates to 23.12 hours every 1;460 hours, because
the Sun God is keeping track how many have passed and at what power the Sun is at each of the four quarters.Qn Earth.

someone to say this is day one or two on the CALENDAR had to

have traditional teachinrs and training and know his or her Clan. That is why when one looks at the Anthropology interpre~ation on·when .was, day

one through twenty, it proves there is no knowledge of the Clans. Only a traditionalist knows the beginning of the Third Circle. This becomes

hard to believe, especially when the Eagle and the Serpent can be found almost, everywhere in Mexico. The Serpent representing the Ancient's concef

on ~i~e which can also be found on the Third and Fif~h circles of the AZ~:r::::: S·~CI'·;? The Ea-g br i ns-s in the legend of Cr-ea i cn and The Sky Le t Wo:ran. Ther~ is no question in my mind, that Julius Caesar had an object close in detail to that of the AZTt:C STONE when he created the JuH .. an Calendar. Truthfully, the Gregorian is only a continuation of it. Calendars who use the Julius Caesar concept

The Julian or Gregorian

of the Leap Year day; .Tery:fourth·'year had made it,impossible to reach back in time to correctly synchronize, making the present out and the future impossible to reach. By adding one day to the calendar and then it for three years, puts accuoulated time in error according


to the Universe and Creator, Great Spirit's time. Just from the present to when the AZTEC STONE was said to be completed, the Gregorian Calendar at the very least is in error by 259 days, 3 hours, and 50 minutes, according making to true time. But I said the AZTEC 'STONE was frozen in time, In this fr·ozen.position, it identified

it an Ancient 'I'Lme Capsule.

S time events, times 10= making a total of 80 predictions in time. I
beLt eve at the time this STONE was made 3 had already came to past, times 10= 30 predictions had come to past. Being a descendant of the Ancients'

the Taos Pueblo in New ~exico. Canandaigua is also mentioned in the Court Case, PEOPLE OF THE STA TF OF NElNYORK, -v- BOOTS, 1981, so the Judges and the state are aware of the area. My Grandmother Flute use to tell me in my youth on the reservation (Sisseton, South Dakota) of the time WE, as a nation built our first capital after the catastrophe that created the Mississippi River. It was in thearea known today as St. Paul, Hinnesota. The main downtown called


was at the Mound, or what the Ar-chae oIog i st and Anthropologist

a Temple. Today, you will find a Hospital built on top of this Temple which is called The Mounds Hospital. A walk down Kellogg Bouliverd in St. Paul, you find the past history recorded on Stone. The area had a population of 20,000 people both white and Indians before it was named

St. Paul. There is no mention to what it is called before, nor can it be found in any archives. My Grandmother seated we were the last of our

tribe to-ieave our capital city and I can still find the boundrys to my personal property in the city. This has always remained with me because

the white schools had taught me the Iv:ississippiRiver was over 75 million years old through Archaeology and Anthropology. The question before me was, is St. Paul, Minnesota 75 ~illion years old, or around goo years old as is Canandaigua, New York and Taos Pueblo in New Mex i.c? o In a small review.of my life, 40 years or so after my Grandmother told of these legends; the reading of what seems like tons upon tons of reading material, scientific papers that would fill any major archive, I can conclude today, that my Grandmother was absolutely, scientifically, actually correct in the legend passed on to me" but it was the AZTEC STONE that unlock the stored information in my mind. Just how old does the civiIi zed scientific
c ommurri y authorize to t

be use as the age of the Niagara Falls and the Mississippi River to Be?

The reason he gave as for not using the Indian's method. Humphreys and Abbot report on the Mississippi River. There is no dispute that the last Ice age was around 4000 years from the present time. Michigan The Ice Age in North America. Zeitschfrift fttr T! ~1_~ ~~ . Royal Society of Canada. and rolling in the grave such as. This trying to stay with the theory of or Doctrine of Uniformity.D. F. through his calculations. such as-G. rattling. of "Das Alter des l'-lenschengeschlechts. W.B. Henson. which would have placed the time of the creation of the Niagara Falls close to the year of 1157 A.". is still from 500 to 1500 years VIhat scientist are or had trouble with is. just to name afe~ who are trying to prevent the bones Of course we have the die-hards of Charles Darwin from shaking. A 0 Penck.after visiting Niagara Falls. the aging theories are useless. placed it at 35.&tiGn was made 155 years later. of Yale in Glacial Geology and the Pleistocene Epoch. If there was a catastrophe. the estimation before the present time. Were speaking about the notables in these grea sciences. stand as solid as any Scientist'of Anthropology can conclude. C. Now this is what you call a real Indian hater. FroQ the year of 1794 to when the last'eeientiti~ eatirr. was that after talking to Confederacy members or Indians who gave him certain land erosions equations to use.A. the calculations of the AZTEC STONE of 1131 A. What has never been brought to light on the time Lyell made his calculations. of the Geology Societiis ~f the world. Wolfe. of the time The same problems existed on the estimation of the Mississippi River. Taylor. Johnson.. ("m~ o f vears for the methe .F.D. ReF. Doctrine is the method of aging the earth which Dust began with the last Ice age and there can be no catastrophes from then to the present. Fli Academy of Sciences. alse of this Society.000 years ago. Professor of geology at Boston University. '"' -t-hO m. G. Wright. So. was they have a way of exaggerating facts.

For over four hundred years. But the Stone itself was only an object copied after the real. would never know what event. calendar. and the Future. GRF~T SPIRIT was omitted from interpretations. That their preparation of the cooking and baking of Human Blood and Hear-t is done with a Gourmet's s touch. and history recorded of the Past. reve~ls someone that is pa~t 'ofthe rit~al because -legend has it that whoever has seen It.relate an event in history that the civilized world today can only assurr. _not being a f'c'l r. human blood and heartsThe day of tne' Recorded religious history cannot deny that the masters of Human sacrifice are the members of the Isis Cult. Yet. today as Sunday.ange that the accuser practices the old Isis Cult of strong drink to bring the New Year in. Gives great reverance and dedicatic to tEe Holy day of Isis. which did move as a clock. in The fact that these people dedicated five days a year to the CREATOR . The very wording of Human sacrifice. or what' is ·better known in that order.---so the rest of the world This circle is called. ruth' has been hidden. a'. never'lived to Lowe tell the world about. THE OLLIN MOVEMENT which was frozen by stone. Isn't it str. so that certain events would never be lost. ritual'-dat~. The people of the AZTEC STONE believed in human sacrifice and had to be nourshied by human blood and hearts. might have happened. all they did was record some past events along with afew into the future. Present.e all probabilities. by the telling t of an untruth. .

In the right hand these monster men carried a war club. . 26).~ pgg. all scientific evidence and Anthropology finds on THE GOLDEN MAN INSTITUTE )'1 J" are closed to the public as of 1984. and the head was of a very much retreating slant.•• as of gigantic stature.264.The l~gs: arid arms. so says THE SMITHSONIAN of Washington. Rider and Co. in Anthropology to the eRO MAGNON or NEANDERTHAL BECAUSE descendant OF THE VERO and MELBOURNE the Global MAN. included MAN. THE GOLDEN MAN which could be linked to the CRO MAGNON and NEANL::?. but an extraordinary mass of flesh bulged out. and Tery widely apart: They had no foreh::ad.:'I-L MAN.C. the Indian becomes the only who has witnessed Catastrophe (s ) of FOSSILIZA TIJN and PETRIFICATION. Their skin was dark of an almond colour and tawny. like that of a Saurian. much longer than those of modern man.Wilkins.enances oddly flattened. but Tery scaly. Their hands. life ~tyle. The Indian of the America's the beginning or WOMAN genetically: " . while round and about it was a reptilian skin with extraordinary reflections as the light shone on it • . between 12 and 15 feet tall. This race lived with the Dinosaurs and Saurians and aF. their eyes small but penetrating.SO. and in the left. From the back and on the shoulders hung a skin like that of a rhinaceros. and feet and heels were very pronounced.' above all :were proportionately very long. MAN is the only Anthropology of ETolation This GOLDEN of Darwin's find that could fit all theory that the civilized race could have ccrtle who has of time that mixed with the GOLDEN MAN from a lower class not changed since of animal life. D. THE FOSSILIZATION millions of years to form. FOUND THROUGHOUT THE WORLD." SECRET CITIES OF OLD SOUTH AMERICA . was an enarmous and repulsive reptile that rendered them the services of a Falcon in the chase. held in leash by a cord made of strong vegetable fibre. and culture.ear to have ruled over and enslaved them.•. does not take THE INDIAN HAS REMAINED THE SAME FROM BEFORE THE ICE AGE(S). their count. their lower jaw bones prominent. theories so ~s a race cannot be in body structure.

The~e event~ could not have happened unless some one had Some knowledge to the life-span of The Great Serpent. as' made. which now had to be synchronized with the Roman Gregorian. when the Roman Gregorian came :nto existence with a forward 11 day adjustment that .D. 15.. cold and hazy a.-At the time of Caesar's· death.) ~5gA...~ap.. Macedonia.7) .I will quote several world events in which these events effec '_E:d.Georg.1779 A. (AmmiL. assum~d to within our sola:' e y st.D. translate prophecy by the Great Serpent did work.. after June 2.. Because of certain Ancient by any Ancient. when the European Gregorian came into existence with a forward 12 day adjustment. and. There was no objects or Planet~ ~ear or by the Sun that could have cut off the light.i.:c~ xvii.nd the. 45 B.D.:':::'und as precise events that happen through Ancient Rituals of Prophecy.D. in Jul~Caes. . in a position t~ ~~:le( the Ancient records. ~~.C.e world.vli. Please bear in mind the years presented in B.(Pltitarch.466.ecia. when the Gregorian wa~ ~ow moved back 17 days. these events were not per~c~ilied so it had to be a civilized group. Ancient Tribal Rules. and Pontus. 1752 A.C. However. :-c'ps £~ile~ that ~ear.0 3 hours ar.h \. was able to synch:cLized time.87. The Ear-th was darkness from 2 1:.1582 A. . w 14. These events cannot be scientifically be the results of the Pla. after Sept.. ~hows that these historical records were looked upon after· Oct. Dio·CE~~.. and A.e c the events can be . and than try to see if not give-f{~ light which caused the air to be thick. August 22. Virg. and prophesied with a human voice in full knowledge that sorn~ type of event would happen.: J'-~ierE was an Earthquake that destroyed several cities in Nic _::.D..nets in certain positions and 'cannot be scientifically explained.: the Sun g.


because spiritually.AEREAi AISIAMENI'UMi and AELICUS -v. In the early 1600's. None Ancestors countries. legal fact prevented the Sentencing Ju~ge from carrying out the Penalty? The Co~rts had JURISPRUDENCE corning frem The Second Law of AEISAMENTUM-v- 'The La nd (SecundumLune Deterrninabantur. logically. and scientifically. this place and time----I contact with the American find the descendants Indianhave forgotten of those who had the reason they the second were sent here.of a sentence to a crime that was alleged contact with to be so hidious the would not prevent other human beings_and contact with of their crimes was such that any personal the Victorian Morality principles anyone would of the civilized world.CAELICUS)wi th three Court Cases I can't even pronounce. and this manner presents from all others educational would so the young develop Today. being remember! The requirement states that the Gau must stand witpout nailed. BACON VI § 88. to the Aristotle's Doctrines newly ·created VICTORIAN MORALITY for the new~civilized world. IT STANDS AS SUCH) why the CREATOR. GREAT SPIRIT handed- THE GAD AND SHOW THAT many reasons One could present down such a requirement.Now. AERIRA -v. and other European back in England. or bolted together. that Prosecutors that any personal were able to prove their cases before contact would have destroyed PRINCIPLES INQUISITION COURTS. an it can only be done in one manner system that separates their own spiritual a people senses. their ancesters were sent here as convicts from a judgement that prisons nature destory . . What Death of these present-day were not beheaded descendants have figured out why their France. (PRESENT glued.

These Morality OF THE GROUP,



with a SONNETrelieved




the world

responsibilities History the meaning OF RELIGIOUS

to fellow human beings. them as being called: PRIGRIMS and if can understand PLACE BECAUSE




The word comes

from the LATIN(Peregrinus)meaning Christian Bible

FOREIGNOR. 42 years after unconditional Language gave

Now the original Engl~nd!sJCRTER surrender

in use since 4S1A.D.



sacked, accepted

from the·ROMAN. EMPIRE, was printed in use throughout European

in a late Egyptian

that had been the Secerts


for centuries.that

by doctrines

of the 12 Apostles

and their spiritual

powers. done by

Then carne the new translation the Peterborough Monastery

of the Bible and its teachings

of England. by the Inquisition Cour~s for but the were

These Ancestors believing Judges

were found guilty

in this old Bible translation the death

in the~)Egyptian language because these

could not pronounce Descendants



also Signatory

who had signed

Treaties with

the Indians here

prior to 1491A.D. Their sentinee was to be banished from Europe forever and to serve

their remaining

years as members

of a penal colony here. Bible and its teachings believe were

But they had heard that the original done here in the original language.


this there would

have to be some kind of proof which Pueble written Treaties sitting

can still be found today. of Santa Fe New Mexico are

in the Archives language. because freedom

in this same late Egyptian records


them as PILGRIMS

at the time, and their

it was the only £ulilled

place in the world that freedom.

that had religious


When the PILGRIMS Did these American were doom without

landed, they were

faced with an unknown


Indians believe hope.

in a BIBLE?

If not, these Ancestors

with only one alternative them the Universal

left, they met with these Indians to be murdered on the spot.

and handed

Gift expecting understood

But these Indians Courtesy, which

and were bound traditionally with VICTORIAN MORALITY,

by Tribal that also

is in direct conflict

had a Sonnet: MY HOME beings in the world.


one responsibile

for all human

It was this UNIVERSAL made their survival through

GIFT and through

Tribal Custom

and Usage that an enjoyable one.

the first cold bitter winter

the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. Canandaigua is also mentioned in the Court Case, PEOPLE OF THE STATF OF NEVI YORK, -v- BOOTS, 1981, Judges and the state are aware of the area. My Grandmother Flute use to tell me in my youth on the reservation (Sisseton, South Dakota) of the time WE, as a nation built our first capital after the catastrophe that created the Mississippi River. It was in thearea known today as St. Paul, Minnesota. The main downtown was at the Mound, or what the Archaeol-ogist and Anthropologist called a Temple. Today, you will find a Hospital built on top of this Temple which is called The Mounds Hospital. A walk down Kellogg Bouliverd in St. Paul, you find the past history recorded on Stone. The area had a population of 20,000 people both white and Indians before it was named St. Paul. There is no mention to what it is called before, nor can it be found in any archives. My Grandmother stated we were the last of our so the


tribe to leave our capital city and I can still find the boundrys to my personal property in the city. This has always remained with me because

the white schools had taught me the Iv:ississippiRiver was over 75 million years old through Archaeology and Anthropology. The question before me was, is St. Paul, Minnesota 75 ~illion years old, or around 800 years old as is Canandaigua, New York and Taos Pueblo in New Mexico? In a small review of my life, 40 years or so after my Grandmother told of these legends; the reading of what seems like tons upon tons of reading material, scientific papers that would fill any major archive,
I can conclude today, that my Grandmother was absolutely, scientifically,

actually correct in the legend passed on to me, but it was the AZTEC STONE that unlock the stored information in my mind. Just how old does the civilized scientific co~~unity authorize to be use as the age of the Niagara Falls and the Mississippi River to Be?
_r"I ,-,L , __


If there was a catastrophe. stand as solid as any Scientist ·of Anthropology can conclude. by trying to keep in the millions of years for the methoc . was they have a way of exaggerating facts. RoF. Johnson. C. the calculations of the AZTEC STONE of 1131 A. just to name afew.000 years ago. the estimation is still from 500 to 1500 years before the present time. through his calculations. Humphreys and Abbot report on the Mississippi River. Now this is what you call a real Indian hater. Royal Society of Canada.\ Wolfe. also of this Society. Of course we have the die-hards who are trying to prevent the bones of Charles Darwin from shaking. trying to stay with the theory of or Doctrine of Uniformity. XL.B. of Yale in Glacial Geology The Ice Age in North America. of the Geology Soc Le t Ls e i]f the world· of the time The same problems existed on the estimation of the Mississippi River. and rolling in the grave such as. Were speaking about the notables in these grea~ sciences. which would have placed the time of the creation of the Niagara Falls close to the year of 1157 A. Michigan Academy of Sciences. Wright. Vihat scientist are or had trouble with is. Henson.A.D. of "Das Alter des ~'lenschengeschlechts. Flir and the Pleistocene Epoch. FroQ the year of 1794 to when the last'~eientiri~ &atim&tiGn was made 155 years later. The reason he gave as for not using the Indian's method. rattling. What has never been brought to light on the time Lyell made his calculations. W. Zei tschfrift fitr T1 Ethnologie.F.D. placed it at 35. Taylor. such as-G. A 0 Penck. F. This Doctrine is the method of aging the earth which must began with the last Ice age and there can be no catastrophes from then to the present. There is no dispute that the last Ice age was around 4000 years from the present time. So. was that after talking to Confederacy members or Indians who gave him certain land erosions equations to use.after visiting Niagara Falls. Professor of geology at Boston University. the aging theories are useless. G.

l. at 8:07P. This catastrophe began on December 29. appli~s to the highest office in the Indian culture because so~eone knew how to apply the Great Serpent and the Equation. Scientist can only estimate that it happened between 1100 to 1200 A.S.. at 9:07A.e r-c r-c. i This 260 days. found in the Lnt. making it as old as .D. appears the anthropologist applied the information on the wrong circles.M.99988 -600(first born} -e08(women of the Clan)-630(events)-3300(the Serpent)= 2~2 years.Ifm still only in possession like many Indians. 1422 If the Anthropologist recording the stories on this Stone from Indians appear to have gotten wrong information. If we look at the TURQUISE CHILD of 360 days x 15. U.r. On October 16.3S6795745 years.e of the STOT'TF.D.113lA. New York has continuedly been:ocdupied for 828 years.75537634408 .D.66658 .083333= 3921.08333=5429.961343888 1422. Lets decipher this to civilized knowledge by beginning with this 260 days and changing it to an Ancient equation.66658 666(Time Rquation) . 44. The year can be estimated to be 1157 A.79403246 years..1.66658.083333=290. so the area known today as Canandaigua.33342 x 2 = 88. The Sun God. According to the AZTEC STONE.1130A.961343888= 1131. which makes the 360 day Calendar st~rting 150 days before. with limited and small parts of all origianal rituals. of the Seneca's in New The time of the Strawberry Feast or Dance York can be traced back to the building of their first capital after thIs great catastrophe which created Niagara Falla. the Aztec Nation started officially on October 2.33342(age of Indian doing the synchronizing)= 621.D.00555536366= 2~O. major global catastrophe came to a an end. When the fact that the Ritual Calendar had been stated as consisting of 260 days. the truth as shown.000 + 3300 ~15. 260 x 15. which correlates with the authority and the office of what is called.Z90.44.g(minutes per days for the light of the Sun to reach Earth . .3300(Lifespan of the Serpent)= 621.66684 + 1. so construction of the past is limited to this knowledge.












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961343888 1422. Scientist can only estimate that it happened between 1100 to 1200 A..33342 x 2 = 88.. mak'i nz it as old as . .000 + 3300 ~15. ~his 260 days.386795745 years..S.. so construction of the past is limited to this knowledge.r. According to the AZTEC r-c Ie of the STONF.00555536366= 290. with limited and small parts of all origianal rituals. the Aztec Nation started officially on October 2. R?R V'P. If we look at the TURQUISE CHILD of 360 days x 15.M. at 8:07P.D.D.D.--.66658 666(Time Equation) . The year can be estimated to be 1157 ~..~.I'm still only in possession like many Indians.79403246 years. 260 x 15. '----'1"-- 1. The time of the Strawberry Feast or Dances of the Seneca's in New York can be traced back to the building of their first capital after th"is great catastrophe which created Niagara F&lla.1. The Su. When the fact that the Ritual Calendar had been stated as consisting of 260 days.. at 9:07A. found in the Ent.Z90.66658 .3300(Lifespan of the Serpent)= 621.96l343888= 1131.tll"~.08333=5429.1131A..66658.66684 + 1.44. . .33342(age of Indian doing the synchronizing)= 621.. so the area known today as Canandaigua. On October l6...083333= 3921..D. This catastrophe began on December 29. the truth as shown. applies to the hizhest office in the Indian culture because so~eone knew how to apply the Great Serpent and the Equation.. Lets decipher this to civilized knowledge by beginning with this 260 days and changing it to an Ancient equation....o~ f'n ..8(minutes per days for the light of the Sun to reach Earth .99988 -600(first born} -608(women of the Clan)-630(events)-3300(the Serpent)= 292 years.083333=290.75537634408 . appears the anthropologist applied the inforffiationon the wrong circles.. which makes the 360 day Calendar starting 150 days before. New . U.1130A. which correlates with the authority and the office of what is called. 1422 If the Anthropologist recording the stories on this Stone from Indians appear to have gotten wTong information. major global catastrophe came to a an end."1 God. 44.

you would have to understand old Ancient Traditional Indian thinking and it would surp~ise alot of people including those that look for their daily horoscope readings. trying to find the answer to how did the Ancients know in their writtings of the past. Every Governmenta 1 Officia 1. that is working with. For a very good reason! . and Astrology scholars and scientist have spent billions upon billions of dollars through research.. Medieval French. Medieval German.. and still know with all their records destroyed. Sc ientist. Scholar. EARTH. Medieval Spanish. when the Planets of MERCURY.G ENE TIC BEHAVIOR Antiquity. What this event could possible be to the American Indian. and Ethnic Res earcher . THE FUTURE TO WHAT? Again! we would have to search the logics and sayings of the Indian for the past 500 years which has been recorded not only i~ English. and the completeness of a human life span. by these people as a conclusion without a subject. spiritual fulfillmer. and JUPITER would synchronize in Orbits. It is always presented . this Ancient event of the past. ~~ The American Indian knew by the Orbit comparasion of the Planets at " a given point and time. or worked with.. the number of years that had passed since an Ancient event. Just what this event could possible be. VENUS. MARS. Medieval Latin. can hear and see it but cannot explain it. Anthropology. and Medieval Arabic. is the future. THE AMERICAN INDIAN IS WAITING FOR AN EVENT TO HAPPEN. THAT SHE OR HE CANNOT EXPLA IN OR RELATE THE EVENT. it has top priority in the lifestyle that satisfies human desires. Now. plus the Orbit comparasion of the Planets. the Indian and collected culturual data. but Medieval English.

J.2. who. I will lecture ATTITUDES. As stated. . or person classification. and such Authors as ROBERT W. equals THE FUTURE.B.T. that help synchronize your physical Earth and the Universe. Also stated. SYLANUS MORLEY. when in fact.GOODMAN. When I was taken from the reservation and placed in a Government Indian School to learn the english language. They are not taught to make one a better individual. but to qualify one for the lifestyle and assure one will control their own destiny. SPINDEN. and 1. ZIMMER. and 3's. The Prayer was over one word.The Indian is the most written about one subject. HERBERT J. The difference being what are the common teachings to A. Not the CREATOR. J. could not understand simple mathematics when applied to a different lifestyle and culture. JUAN MARTINAZ-HERNANDEZ.2. There is a price that must be paid. the CREATOR listen to your wishes falling within two SUGh cYGies. ESCALONARAMUS. and of course DOCTOR LAIRMORE of the FOUNDATION of AKASCHIC RESEARCH of London all wrote about the stranger culture and sciences of the American Indian. WILSON. existence from birth with the must FORMULAS CYCLES CYCLES PRAYERS TO WALK. WATERS. not in wealth or presitag~. G. but GOD. Aristotle's Intellectual system is quite different then Tribal Logics by others who have listened to my presentations on Ancient American Indian Culture and sciences. the corriders THE PRESENT and why we believe all so the unseen as follows: CENTER clear. on the following subjects. They are considered Tribal Courtesies that must be habitual. I spoke of subjects that my Grandparents taught before I could speak the english language and was surprise to learn they were subjects that were unknown in this White Man's World. we were not permitted to speak about the subjects these authors wrote about or speak in our first language or pray to the CREATOR. GREAT SPIRIT. OF EARTH so one can understand TIME WALKING rituals belong to all people. or receive a beating that often ended in death. It is worded minus THE PAST. I assumed everyone was in command bf Abstract Logics and discovered it was not Abstract but common coming from another culture. of time. past and present. OF TIME so one can learn about the eight times.THOMPSON.ERIC S. So I've paid the price or dues to the subjects I lecture on.C. and MEDITATION that l<eep your physical can be understood. it is a simple lifestyle that one cannot help but live in gentle ease. This mistake will not be made again because it made the American Indian complex.. but by personal attitudes that open knowledges to genetics that establish the rules to communication with the CREATOR.

.3. of 1932. SPIRIT that would sing and dance for a sign from the pot~ every year.having ~ottel I returned used to this new lifestyle. give this problem. This sign was felt by White and Indian but it was the considered it an insult from it had to be Spiritual only get around everybody Indian that knew on his hands South Dakota. to go gave the 0: Curtis for only 4 years. every year for lease monies owed by and all citizen This was the whole States· could If tribes country which was 10 years this so they they coul' this right. articles to do this ritual into cars and we traveled about Then carne the day in mid-June . GREAT the reason for it. the CREATOR. and Grandmother and preparing In the mid-1930's now went through great effort for an outfit for the coming ritual which was to mark about 50 tribal members packed Tents.. in the spring. the surrendering this right. tribal a deal with that was leaders. my future duties drums. alcoholics Not a cripple! which gave the CREATOR. foo. Indian tribes surrendered their right to go to Washington in payments. Straight with the one to recieve the reason and in perfect were Htf . so I could attend reservation. sign to go by. had made a very bad mistake so they began to Pray.C. the CREATOR. It turned out to be Vice-Presid. by losing the right to "poli. to Washington requested tribal the right and knowledge and correct In the year leader. My people SPIRIT because health. Not s~ for many leaders Killing and murdering did nothing to stop it. and sacret as'a tribal member. GREAT SPIRIT been given to a traditional. living/Sisseton. even though the right to this knowledge of old and after was to leave STATES WILL NOT LOOK and placed around the for one summel to my and on a quest. During living behind made have the 1920 and 1930's. The United no longer offord surrendered on our territories. It hadn't brncrawling but to a little Indian boy struck down with Polio who could and knees. I had and the government My Grandmother the reservation AT THE TREATIES.X/Sre//ce_ My parents who approved for/~ to be done away of my people I was not the and many such attempts common were tried and failed.TO FIND OUT WHY THE UNITED got the government playroom to purchase legs braces home where one watched my Grandmother Maids and Chauffers requested my return a personal- 20' by 40feet No sooner:. spiritual. by my people was first-born. D. expense My mother a tribal ritual. a seat in the United Tribal leaders GREAT States Government. My Grandmother me in a high Society house and having knew I had recieved this sign.

knocked that time that we had to put on our outfits with the the CREATOR. While my parents were covering me up my Grandmother happen~-that I can believe of danger knew what would "if you are in a situation and the Whi te Man demands prayer you pick a religion. GREAT SPIRIT Police. why. the Elders Wings. were placed that looked ritual was placed was poured Our foods and blankets spit on it ~nd calling burned them." SUDDENLYI carne White Men who were B.~ro'. The White Men now pissed our tents They now placed Some were many years old and had been used in the signing of . Fire People.- and the Gaus. appointed before the Sun came up. GREAT SPIRIT Time and Light along with my mothE in the area was she I would be accepted by my family. in a pile. dances. a handfull I never understood the last days. been till almost in Imagine! later. What was the formulas situations could they be used and why. us names. Heat. like it was part of this on it and was burned. They were hitting of the Drummers.A. pick one in maJ-. and prayers and seen. Drums. that took place are remember the most beautiful into the position select like it took place only yesterday. Before elements I had to answer questions were created. why the rest of our family was not present state there will be only the events But our prophecys Over 50 years later.:e-believe. and other under what Just how did Time create Light and from the CREATOR. handed-down Soon it became my turn to be ask. to the Elders. we got up to do a song and to our tents to cook and eat the morning prayer and song. 30 years from Sisseton.I. and in a pile and my pe0ple were wearing on the ground. running up and to do the Highnoon know we were synchronized from over the hills of the National shouting. drawn. gasoline and Clan Mothers their rifle butts the hands Everything W1iAT ARE YOU DOING IN SECRET?" One Soldier . Explain before touching Earth.because We returned It was becoming colors. only certain South Dakota members to grounds that had. even to this day. of each family were selected. The first eveningI've heard presented Songs. Soldiers Guard with weapons down our tents. but mind and heart. Could I tell how Light. The dances and songs were from the sacred good and the spirit made a remark very good and it was time to go to sleep for the night.4. and State with not only in Time. The next morning." we were now a member of the meal. letting just has the SUN could be seen. my Grandmother while eating because putting and why they changed It must have been successful gave me an extra bowl of Buf~alo circle. 7 miles Northwest prepared. Cold. Rattles.

and getting drun} me and to some Indians to be ridiculed the 7 miles back to town including before they would never We were children sing or dance Indian Afew days with Indians. By now we were all full of blood Mother forced and Grandmother. the children children.5. later. that they want They are the generations a Dakota who from the past. I know their deep dark secret Indian. Treaties. be ashamed that gave us beatings. and shamed whose again. of July celecratior were dancing even today that ridiculed and the same Policemen their children's nobody to know. claimed of being If I named them. the Sisseton I remember Sioux held their 4th. to march stated brought from the many beatings including my We could not ride back to town in the cars but me a cripple. . you would have heard of some of them.

This would have opened a question on her and her teachings to the average person as to be evil or bad for the person who knew it. having under covert secrecy.movements to establish their wishes. Next. My Grandmother had to pick a religion to stay alive in her young life and she knew and had been part of the confrontation between Indians on the issue of religion. to pass thE time of day . Congress had established an accepted religion for Indians. these My Grandmother had taught us. There had to be a confrontation between Indians in which Congress had to help. As an Indian Activitist and an Indian Legal Advisor. So the United States had government policies on what was accepted as their religion. was to put on our shoes so we could run.IF YOU ARE IN A SITUATION OF DANGER AND THE WHITE MAN DEMANDS YOU PTCK A RELIGION. 3 Attorneys religions were a confrontation on this issue between for THE AMERICAN RELIGION FREEDOM ACT know what are and how they are to be performed. GREAT SPIRIT. through legal. what was a proper Indian religion. then surrender the right to pray and sing to the CREATOR. PICK ONE IN MAKE BELIEVE! That said it all. there would be no national religion.the ultimate in all realities where Abstraci Logics become phrases that one should to sing to.. as small children. But the white man's knowledge did not dispute with it. Indians in on WHY or 2. There had been the past. Even the united States Constitution had been taken apart because it hac been alleged to state that one was entitled to freedom of religion and discovered that it legally said. the White Man had created religions for the Indian to follow and my Grandmother's religion was not one of them. that after watching this.IN SEA RCH 6. . a Spy on all Indi2 reservations. to record any rituals outside the accepted Indian religions. But this much was known to be able to work out possibilities HOW COME could be answered. To have watched over 50 small Indian children picked a beating to death in Government Indian schools. It f\lled the missing pieces and made it. 1. this brought to light that Indians had established somewhere in the past. a person can never mature beyond this point of reality because it is the absolute---. All these ideas turned to be dead ends. The alleged scholars and attorneys guarding THE AMERICAN INDIAN RELIGIC FREEDOM ACT that they could not protect but record the rituals of the American Indian in religion. 0F A RELIGION Believe me when I say that all the hundreds on hundreds of-"WHY?" and "HOW COME?" had been said. more accurate. NO Scholar can deny. the first thing we to do when awakening. RUN FROM WHAT? ~also had taught me.

the Divine or Pandora's Jar of Plagues every full Moon. ----long years and each passing one. The secret Archeaology finds of the VERO and MELBOURNE MAN proved scientifically that the American Indian as a tribal unit had survived all Ice Ages by living in Peace with Dinosuars. nothing to protect it.Nation ieaders knew it took 17 days and 36 minutes for tribal leaders to make a decision that dealt with their tribal lifestyle. ]n fact they would do and approve acts that would help terminate the tribal lands . There was a book put together showing how to combat any tribal problem by procedures. and having the same body srtucture of Indians found on reservations today so they cannot be included in DARWIN'S THEORY OF EVALUTION. couldn't stand for me to be around.S.7. The complete conclusions gave the United States anthropology knowlegable to what tribes were descendants of MU and what tribes were descendants of ATLANTIS. Another religious organization performed a song. 1991 over 25 major scholars and scientist of the world on American Indian cultures could now predict the times American Indians would lose their tribal lands. to become strangers in their own country and would gather as units to begin the grouping for the last Great Indian Migration or the coming of the next Ice Age.traditionaL formUlas and equations that was different then traditional teachings of our same ( reservations. The years had proven I was master on the American Indian problems. called The Prayer of Atlantis every day at a given time. so the Dances and Songs of Creation would never be performed by Indian tribes. called the Song of St John. which now gave a clue the direction there was a gor research had . same lifes drying foods and cooking with Fire. reduce the number of friends that had been taught the same . They enjoyed the lifestyle but would do. Two well known Universities offered two accredited Doctorates for turning this book over to them. That_an Occult religion did a prayer. the future descendant. with the same dress. second to none. 1779 because U. knowing less about her Mother as a daughter.THERE ARE NO MORE INDIANS. This was a small sample of Information passed unto Indian reservations and it took o~er 17 years to discover that Indians who had not been taught Ancient tribal knowledges. so The Time Walker Society would not reawaken on Indian Reservations. could not reason in . THE LON G YEA RS There has been many years. Of all the reservations saved by confrontations. This was refused because it was not put together for educational degrees but to help in my quest. At the same time other scientific conclusions uncovered ~ I separates\those with this old knowledge as a unusal and with plans that are genetic and programed to come forward at an appointed time Finally in 1990 you are the only one left and one Aunt to ill to give any information or references.tribal logics. 1779 and now became June 2. reason why he said this. The Gregorian Calendar had been changed on June 19. So when SITTING BULL stated. On July 19.

1493. 1973 that told me. /' to go because it was FOOLS CROW around March 15. However. (II) This Committee sends representations'back to the territory for a refferredum vote from its membership. and it is written on a temple wall north of Mexico City.. and presented their wishes before a select Committee. . (a)AII legislation requires approval from a group of Indians or tribe that must number at least 28 with women heading groups within this group who have elected a leader to speak on their behalf. and help protect Indian Tribes. Bacon. (II) It would Violate the MANAFEST DESTINY renewed in 1990. lets establish some known facts amoung Government Officials that deal directly with Indian Issues. But it was COLUMBUS' cipher and signature that was known for about 20 years but it would~1992 before this Signature would be translated to its purpose and its Authority. D. 1.L 8. I had known for several years that both COLUMBUS.D. I have-vet to find an exception to these procedures. Indian tribes hold titles to the so called Continental Territories of the United States . Congress is bound by Treaties which supercedes the United States Constitution. It was known that White Tribes forced the signing of a Unconditional Surrender of the Roman Empire around July 2.D. had to have made a trip to Washington D. wh i ch wa s a Treaty signed before Columbus that is followed letter-perfect today. or that the world was flat.United States Congress cannot pass legislation because it feels it could legally. as well as CORTEZ were Pirates who were issued International Ciphers and Signatures. February 18. So who was BIG FOOT and what was the alleged slaughter of WOUNDED KNEE of l890. (III) Then legislation is passed which gives a date it will become law and enforced. v t .: 88. Before we continue. it was SITTING BULL'S brother that killed him and not the U.C. (I) This group.S. (III) It would Violate the Basic International Laws that govern all civilized nations such as SECUNDUM LUNE DETERMINABANTUR. directly from tribal membership for the following: (a)It would be a Violation of a Treaty Stipulations that all civilized nations are bound by since February 1491A. 2.Uni~ed States Congress cannot pass legislation that could or would gi~e a legal trail for a Tribal member to become a citizen of the United States. 408A.? Just what were the Issues that caused this war? To find the answers to these ~uestions would help in my quest. because of a confrontation and research. (I) It would Violate THE TE DEUM filed with the International Court in Hague.? Why tra BIG FOOT 9ttac)~e:~and not -the Ogalala Nation znd why wa s it cal s an Indian War. that American Indian tribal leaders were present at this signing. Tha t the purchase of terri tories by the lfui Races form ~fui te te tribes had a trea ty stipula t ion in 1491A. so they did not come here becau of DISCOVERY.Army as everyone had been lead to believe. Outside of 35 square miles.

130 New Rwpublic 17 (1954».Vol. Special Interest Groups must get the support or approval of Indians. SITTING BULL knew without BIG FOOT. who always. and T.Rev. Anthropologist. meanwhile. They don't even know that they are citizens of their tribe. IX pp. 28 of them.145(1953). Call them what you want. Are tribal members taught or do they know tribal traditions or laws of their own lifestyle? So. Just where are these stricted aEeas used as ~laces for prisoners of War? They are called: RESERVATIONS. speak in a Lecture or debate or write in a newspaper or Book.9. The Newspaper or hook becomes documented evidence in support to this alleged fact.V. RED APPLES-SELL OUTS. They are all part of a secret covert operation to help the Indian belieu8 this assumed fact. it is the unactions of other tribal members that permit this which makes them accessories to the fact. In tribal traditions. because the Treaty the Sioux 1868 is caught in a International problem that must be resolved an International level. They begin by mentioning citizenship. So it is Indians that do in Indians or their own people.L. there would be no Indians sometime in the future.and continue on. which had COMMISSIONERS dealt The BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS created from the Indian reorginzation act the 1920's. the Indian is restricted to areas prisoners of war till this internation problem is resolved. Scholar.345-53(winter).that the Indian is a citizen of the u.HANG AROUND THE FORT INDIANS. to the next issue. This is not only a traditional. The LANDLORD is a prisoner of war by the tenant because cannot find the correct TRBUNAL to punish the Tenant the LANDLORD These are facts that FELIX S. but a legal fact. 47 Harv. The United States cannot permit this problem to be resolved at this level because Congressional Reccordsare documented on the white origanzation called THE INDIAN RING and THE WHISKEY RING were the implements that caused the United States to violate this treaty time and time again. Not the Presid or Congress or Special Interest Groups. Authors. deals only in restricted Domestic Law. The reason Indians have trouble with citizenship is because they don't understand it. He made this statement before he was murdered? or Killed? or Assassanat I believe he was Assassinated because he fulfilled the two requirements according to International Law and there has to be an International trail because Indians and their tribes are International.s. Even Federal Courts are careful not to make such direct statements. COHEN was careful(ly)by not putting this in his book: Handbo6k of FEDERAL INDIAN LAW.SILENCE GIVES APPROVAL THis now makes a new issue or question. only of of at as The Original BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS in International Law. aud INDIAN COUNTRY or INDIAN TERRITORIES. RESERVES. PUEBLOS. (Rutgers Law steal lands and resources. . Radio. who is or who isn't. Newspapers. Of course we have Antiquist. RANCHEROS.

ARCHAEOLOGY. because one of the machines had not turned off when it sank beneath the Seas. from 1917 to 1950.Vol. lIfAN. !'VERO and MELBOURNE Se. V because we haven't got to the "HEAVY STUFF!! yet! Don't lose fact of this one important conclusion!!!! finds(VERO fossilized. a total of 33 years. my theory: lc. I have talked with some Confederacy members that know they are descendants of ATLANTIS.12(1950}. would have to be by someone outside of-these-sciences It was done by an Attorney at law so that the sciences of GEOLOGY or ANTHROPOLOGY a creating~lie or ARCHAEOLOGY or ANTIQUITY could never be accused of so they could continue to teach false sciences(I. to Zero A.: This paper by I.) la:The only Indian Destroyed by a major Global Catastrophe in the area of the "VERO AND MELBOURNE MAN" was the nation of ATLANTIS. "THE VERO AND MELBOURNE MAN" were descendants of an Indian Nation that was thought to be extinct around 2000 B. :1. lb. the sciences of GEOLOGY ANTHROPOLOGY. which turns off and on by time synchronization of the serpent. their sciences accredited. and one who through Tribal Genetics practices. These Ancient Indian & MELBOURNE MAN} are only about 4000 years old and they are . Rouse had to contain scientific data that any science could not bring into dispute so that the other contents would not be challenged.C.(A fact that they knew which Indian Nation and the time it was destroyed. gives the reason of the Bermuda Triang~e. you could consider this as !rHEA Y.} "Transactions of the New York Academy of Science. and ANTIQUITY could not give an opinion on To put "THE VERO and MELBOLTRNE MAN" to sleep.D.Rouse.II. I also give the time of the ATLANTIS about this same time and tQe time of which the White Man's scientific data supports As Indians." Don't get lost yet.In my book:"GOD OF EAGLE'S DAWN" copyrighted Er. but not published destruction of the last Ice my research.So. which did happen.

~orning-' in a meeting with civilized Press Members of the world. 2) For me to help discredit a member of the forum who sat on the Board of Directors. They were given all the courtesys due a the United Nations. Santa Fe. Even before there was any type of presentation. When the stereotype phrases were not coming from my mouth as an Indian. I had brought the Chiefs of Wounded Knee and as the International Legal Advisor for Wounded Knee. . The subject! I was to defend my Indian Religion and prove that it was not witchcraft. in the year 1973.2 In the late winter of 1986. STEREOTYPE. Now these witches were present because they had been invited to also speak at this forum. This brings to light another incident in my life as an Indian Activist. Questions and answers. To this day. it was time to get ride of me. Never was one Indian so openly hated and despised by this civilized Press of the world. The time was: May. 1) To hear the stereotype phrases from an Indian. or. till it finaly came down they no longer wanted to hear what I had say. THE UNITED NATIONS. New Mexico. that what I had to say. as on this day. would not be stereotype presentation of the Indian problem. I could only conclude two possible facts why they wanted me to speak. I was asked to speak at the College of Santa Fe. To present their concepts of Witches and the rituals. it is not clear why I was asked to speak because the sponsor of the Forum. To be without originality. would not let me finish each subject-matter presentE and the talk was a constant interruption. who believed in Witches and witchcraft. They were even asked to return and speak again. where everyone present knew from past experience.

Beware What you are about to read. ITS AGAINST THE GREA T LAW TO BELIEVE IN A GOD THAT IS BORN OF MORTAL OR HUT. but treaty will not hold up this idea. so it should be no secret to you. wanted to hear: ITS AGAINST THE GREAT LAW TO PRACTICE WITCHCRAFT. Chapter 8. Somehow.. was.~trans lation changes. There is a Stipilation in this Confederacy Treaty. a_ promise stated in a phrase. Verse 32: AND YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH. they only have to vote it in. They knew they were not going to hear: THEY ARE KILLING US. . with no Indian standing beside you.S. is not stereotype Indian Religion. You may have to walk that one mile in your own shoes. Exa~ple! United Staes won the printed in Books} Iroquois Confederacy who established a boundary line and told/would live where to establish Peace. Book of JOHN. AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.fAN BEINGS. (Truth by treaty) Had the United States won this war. The Canadian People tried to change this by becoming part of France. STEALING OUR LANDS. Your civilization created it. one gets the feeling that the civilized members of the Press of the world got hold of this phras e and thats the way it carne out.2A We had been given the opportunity to present our side of this confrontat The Chiefs were not in the mood to speak. If the People of Canada wish to become part of the U. so it became the time to present the issues as I saw them and believe me they were original. However. somehow escaped . Truth and facts are two different war with England in the l700's(Fact ideas. WHY WON'T THEY LEAVE US ALONE? The College of Santa Fe.S. The PHRASE before civilized translation changes. Canada would have become part of the U. found there maybe some who want to fullfill in the Bible. as e state.

fact about the process of fossilization. it is known as a scientific fact that there is no known process or energy on the face of the earth that can create a condition for fossilization.LET'S S TAR T o VER But everybody knows that Fossilization takes millions of years. It can be confirmed by any ANTHROPDLOGIST. It is the substanc keeping the fossilization intact that establishes the last known scientif. 2. the theory of it would go against all known Physic laws of life. Anybody ever hear of "'PHEVERO AND MELBOURNE MAN? IT Any learned man or scientist that claims Fossilization takes millions of years as a scientific fact. The substance that keeps the fossilization intact has also been isolated. or GEOLOGIST. that learned men knew these Indians were from a extinct Indian Nation and knew the time they became extinct. 1. and worth going to war to protect. so fossilzation by stages cannot be established or even be considered to take -millions of years by any scientific data. It can only be considered a wild guess at most. is out of his tree trying to pick marbles off the ground with his eyeballs!!! REMEMBER! I told you to keep in mind that THE VERO and MELBOURNE MAN was only about four thousand years and was fossilized? Let me give the other parts that is knowledge not open to the public. ARCHAEOLOGIST. and BLUE! MOM'S APPLE PIE. 3. Every object that was fossilized. . even if they were fossilized. WHITE. This teaching is the way of the RED. included down to the DNA. Now for the last scientific fact before . The fact that they were fossilized makes it a new ball game with a new Umpire. What little examinations that can be given fossilized objects. any scientist can give all the data needed.the story. Even if there was a known formula for fossilization. There is no matter or substance known today that is in the process of fossilization at any stage. But this still doesn't take away the fact.

makes a beautiful idea plan stupid. With the Hopi in the Katchina Ritual. Fish. including people. you name it. In the process of fossilization and the substance that keeps it intact. . or the laws of CREATION. If there was such a condition of fossilization taking place requirina with age and not decaying with time. IF PPENED INST. Plants. we as humans. This substance isolated having a molecular structure and weight would need an unknown such as X factor Plus. That is simple tribal logic. would be fossilizing age. known by present scientist (Nilsson. that no one on the face of the Earth can change. Animals. telling when it was safe to come . ~hepe is only one way this substance which keeps fossilization intaCT could happen.). which was under Time I say that the Indian Nation the same conditions. would have been defeated by the laws of physics in decomposition of life if it happened in stages taking several hours. Trees. Remember another known fact that is not general knowledge for the Public. and I don't care what culture or lifestyle you come from.ANTANEOUSLY!!! and under conditions where the EARTH combined her forces to create an energy not. (1953). know the following: All humans. happened about four thousand years earlier. are all governed by laws of physics. It would also collaborate the global catastrophes that take place while the Indiars were on their Long Journey. The Great Migration watching the RED WIND cleanse the lands of pollution. That is a known fact. or X factor Minus to help in fossilization taking millions of years. To stretch it out for several million of years. which is the of MU became extinct. Reptiles. Birds. then and only then could Silca become part of human tissues and hold the fossilization intact. "Synthetische Artidung. The previous Ica age to ATIA~TIS.29 We as human beings.

but the Code is not the Clan. one cannot defeat the fact that The Genetic Clan must perform cermonies within synchronized seasons so that tribal rituals fulfill the next sequence in tribal life styles. FQr what'ever argument that. while the Code is a rule. The CREATOR. The omit the Code. if for example. The first basic Clan Law is that no two Indians can marry if they both belong to the same tribal Clan. include. To most. we better take another long is reliable. Code and Clan are two different concepts. The Clan is the Code. If you have the Clan Law. say: You cannot be Calendar to make decisions from. Simple tribil logic demanj~ lean look to see if the Gregorian this review. best suits you.S_ . This could be the time the ritual is performed. . The Code can omit the Clan. Clan is a life style. ~s a tribal member and if you have been wondering why your Sweat Lodge or Kiva or Long House has not been to successful in its spiritual battle to hold back the system that wants to destroy your culture. and the childern go out and marry Eagle. is the Clan Law._____) required in all rituals. little is known about the Code and as of lately. This does not in any way. but the Clan cannot. then its a simple spiritual conclusion. In-these Gregorian tribal rituals. we depend on dates to perform and with the Law must live by. Ancient tribes who have made the rules that International a tribe without Clans. if the children are Bear Clan and the father is Eagle.19 ·T R_ I B A L CLAN. many Indians have lost the knowledge to tribal Clans. The first tribal law within a tribe. this chapter should be the Genetic Code. GREAT SPIRIT is not in your places of worship because of some type of spiritual violations. To most Indians found in the America's. you have within your tribe the Genetic Clans. which is .

you will note do not have to The reason for this is simple tell anyone that they do not have enough. if one makes a study of lifestyles and in these lifestyles. But for the Clan Equations. Clan has become. Each Clan has certain duties and how The next time you attend or food these duties are carried out will amaz~ou. There are no Billboards gets done. but everything for the needy who are at this Pow-Wow. no two members of a tribe Clan. who has this and share this knowledge has not found it to make his or her'~ appearence knowledge. which under Tribal Clan Law. A system that keeps perfect To show how advanced a Tribal Mathematical rituals. GREAT SPIR but by an Indian of the America's wa~ not done by change or hoping or looking for an unknown. to a Clan of a Tribe is alot more than putting on and Feathers. which I doubt anyone could understand. expressions. these lifestyles must have duties that require full concentration absolute attention. Also. beads. exacting science. Clans within a tribe do not escape this concept. many times the only relationsip family members. unit. an Indian Pow-Wow. watch these Indians.21 But belonging Leather. But what will be shown in religion is more than enough to prove that the or worshipping the eRE! TOR. than also and certain duties are done by habit and without second-thought. are members belonging Laws are the same family and by can marry that belong to the same human genetics. but cannot be explained due to the lack of words that have to explain certain tribal However. . including mailed out duty rousters. each Clan has a other Clan duties in certain tribal It is a perfect working family found because there are no immediate to the same Clan. there Equation that defines are five mllthemat~ical equations that can be used by Clan duties of which four have been interpreted the Ancient to how they members for certain are to be used.

E -i.08333333=138. E.:: '::1 [) H'..I I .... .q.'. 0 ::. I' 1 . 1 '..: 3 E: ::. ~. • :. 0 (I ~ : ::: !:. ::' :3 .x24=2..12154756 -2.784530387 -158.x60=44.) E.::Q=8 ..:: H 0 U F:' ~~ 'r I) :::3 :3 :~::.: ::: :3 15 I:. 1q..:::• ?:::: : i~~ ~: :3 0 :3 .SQ508 -5...11712 SECONDS SIX HUNDRED qND EIGHT CL~N EQURTI0N FOR EVERYONE WHICH IS DETERMINED EXRMPLE: THIRTY-THREE 608-3:3=575 3000+575=357~ BY THE RGE q..X60=iu.:. :7: q.220935736 -8.II-j I CHI ~::FOr. (I ..828729288 -18. .0 =16..n:[ '.S712!6 SECONDS . 7 ~: 1 :~::: 2 0 ::.95580128 -7. _.. ~I'3::: H 0 U F:: ~:: : ._ v . 'i' 5 -. 1:1 D : Ii ' ti I ::: !> E: T E F:i'1 rlED E:'..x24=0·397791312 .' 2:. ? c-: q .:: t.Q917752 -31.34260272 -:.xSO=Q9. 2 i~ ::: E.121SQ75G HOURS =2.::::~: :3 ~: '3 ~. :~:2 E.) • CI[I !:.19q. I T~. ::: 0 + ~.22 GOO 5I~ HUNDRED C L !:l E (:1 U ~~I I (11'1 I. :.0833333333=119.54S962136 HOURS =9.08333333=11G..x2Q=l8.8]77281G -:32. 5 .=. I HOURS =23. i~ t. 1::._.036q.1 5 • :2:. ~.::3 ::: 1 .. ' ..~:.2 1 (.j[.:: ::: =238..01990]952 -q.xSO=52.0055..2722288 SEcnNGS := ::: '3 • q =lO. . i~ C.I]Q87232 SEcuHDS 'f' -... D 0 ::::~: ':l~~.::4862 DQYS ::: 1 1 '.972376712 -16._.1.22651S3SQS DQYS :: 'j' ~!.58~643G SECONDS :::S35-GOO=2~95 +15.:: 'f' 5 7 c~:: . (I -. C 0 ~. :::::. :::: :3 : ::: . FI ...397790089 -lS6. 13259S688 ~60='.D1GS7~~38 -237.:::: t:.xGO=25.8.. = n.088397815 -116.= 1 I] 'j' q.. • . S 2395-GOO=1795 +15.. .I:.5063G2136 -9.K~D=?g.: THE tl T ~G[ OF THE INDIUIDU~L. :::: f=.81'i'72816 MINUTES =32. C.-' .187870QS -26. ::: ::: E:.q. =8. q.'3 .xGO=15. . .~2q=3. :. _. 1 ::.' '~ 5 '3 • =5. 7 _.':'1. 20935736 2 HOURS.::~.: -.:.~ ':'1 t..I) ::: =: 2 C ':1f.2531'~qlS MINUTES =13. '~1I f.xGO~32.:' 1._.867Q7872 ~:::.:: = 1 ~.xGO=17. I '- r' ' . 0 ~::31 t. ~I ::._.::7 D ~i.x60=43.. f:. 'j Lt'j I.: ~'. .::! :~' D~YS H n : : F: ::: =13.~n~~l? ~F~nNns . 1.K6D~13. -·23. • ::< 2 0:+ :.828729288 HOURS =18.1 I t·1 _I T E C' 'I . 7 2:3 t.0:+ ':1 • :< t_. :: ~:I~:.563535955 ::: i.x60~7. OF PERSON +15.016574638 D~YS =237."":' _ 1 '.:: 2 q.~4~bU~7~ MINUr~s =58.'.:) '.72375728 MINUTES ::: i~ ':' • '.:~ ~I ~.xGO=31.:.:3'3 • :j q.08333333=237.: -.L-I • '.. _ .3Q2541Q89 -238.~. t..:: ':1 ? 7 '3 0 ::: [l ~\' S =: [I '3 =15G. 7' 0 'f' ~ t::::: 3 f. 1 ~::: =158.::3 ~.XGO=5~.2928536 -'j'.. -'i' ::< 2 q == 5 ._i E: >:: :~ q :::1 :::.X.088397~lS D~YS =11G..25974416 -13.7~03316932 -lO.xGO=57..05:3G896 SECONDS 2359-608=1751 ~15.1 '3 t.'•. n :=: H f-. . F I I~::::T Ei 0 r:: D -u.:: 1 '3 :: 5 q. :3 D r-I'/ S 1::: ::: 1 '. •..95580l28 MINUTES =7.29285:3G MINUTES =7.! • . ? .!.~9:[7752 MINUTES =31. E.::: • ':1:~S + ] i~ :3 t..6 0 ::::-~ 5 (:' .52486292 -18.KSO=26.' • . • 'j' [I 'j' 2:.sSblb~~ SEcONDS . '3 ? [I :::: :3 ::::::::::.413901952 MINUTES =44.. ::{ ~:: =0..::::::~::3:.1~:~ ::: :::.=.'.:-~..08333333=73...3480768 SECONDS H n liP c: 1795-600=1195 +15.:: ~I (.~GO=11. 18787048 MINUTES =2S.

including an Anthropo~ogy organization that has joined in presenting old records for these Indians to review. brings back childhood days. on the Indian Prayer Wheel. which is very much a part to the ritual where Tribal Clan equations are used. when you were forced to intend religious services while in an Indian school. Any lay-man in the study and translating of Ancient Languages . What this translates a lay-man's lan~uage down too in a conclusion is: This Bible was found amoung Old Ancient Indian belongings in the United States. there is a Bible sitting in the British Museum that outdates the civilized Septuagint by 2000 years. is the written language from which the Great Law is Translated by the Medicine People. There appears Ancient knowledge and its calculations it should be practiced. The prayers are the same only now you have a complete picture because you know how the prayers are to be used in an Old Ancient ritual. in the Native Tongue and French on the Canadian side. such as. It is taught in the Native Tongue and English on the United States side. It is the prayers one enjoys going over because how they are used in the ritual. That you are a live descendant of a people that practiced these prayers in a pitual for close 'to 4000 years. Some of the Indians that know this ritual in parts are quite open about how the Clan Mothers use the equations for members of the same Clan along with many prayers to the ritual. It further awakens stored knowledge one acquires through age.comments to their usage. To to be an agreement that this is coming into the time that seen the reactivity of have personally discussions by Indians. The most important fact one would miss at these readings. The Reading of the Great Law by the IrGquois is now done on both sides of the border.

That is paying your dues. you must spend time. They also knew that this influence had to be translated into a language that the rest of the tribe could understand. again be miSinterpreted It is this idea that the scrolls will that makes them unfriendly. Any time you are forced to swallow your pride. Lifespan of the Serpent existed exactly The Ancient knew that the only because of a human influence. where worshipping the CREATOF GREA T SPIRIT was an exact science and no tribal member would leave a ritucl wondering if. win confidence and trust and in turn you will have every feeling and emotion brought to the end of its existence. 2$ minutes. and 50 seconds. that could be concieved of a communication meet. Any time an Indian tells you. your have to pay your dues in dealing with Indians.26 can easily trace it back to the lost Continent of ATLANTIS. hate. "You have paid your dues!" O! Yes! You will find yourself to be a better person and alot of life that you missed. to come up and ask for a peek 'o~ a look at these Ancient kept by. The Medicine People are not t hem secret about the scroIls. Only many have come to and when they_left and at a later time it was discovered by the Medicine People. system between mortal human and a Supreme .there was such a thing as a Supreme Being or a Creative ForcE the Serpent is not a God but the simplest ~e~icle that everyone could understand where some type Being could As stated earlier. 21 hours.the:Medicine People is not a friendly gesture. angry. Sofar·you will open up to you. that is not make-believe because others must feel you are warm and friendly. that the scrolls had been misinterpreted. But I warn scrolls you. have learned four of the five Tribal Clan equations used is for 198 in tribal rituals and the lifespan of the G~ear Serpent which days. am resentment:" and then present yourself as warm and friendly. You will have to pay.

who could claim to the world: "TO KNOW ALL OF MANKIND AS A WHOLE IS WHERE GOD CAN BE FOUND! n• Aside from the Tribal Clan Equationsthat have been shown. IS TO KNOW GOD!" cannot be backed by exact scientific findings such:.a what the Anciet s left. which was a prayer whee~ !or different seasons of the year that also had Sacred Tobacco. Within this day. which would leave the Mortal Human. assuming everyone knew. philosophers have quoted: "TO KNOW ONESELF. GREAT SPIRIT was that the Heavens(Universe) would open at appointed times that was different to each individual human being. ect. strong po Lnt sihad to first be found.In the construction of such a language. where the human found the very exact location of THE CREA~OR. visiting. certain destined events through the trail of the Great Serpent.could command by prophecy. From this came the concept. the language had to be in time. They concluded that every living thing on the face of the Earth understands and darkness living in a world of light from the Sun as the beginning of night as the end that could'be isol~ted as one day. the Ancients had to take into consideration the weakest and the limited between the two. placed upon it. such as meals. I was hoping that I . and other family emblems.wouldn~t have to identify which. It can best be described as the Indian home prayer wheel and signs. A Supreme Being is without limit. From this there is know~lonly four of the equations and how they . For decades. Ind~an MediCine. there was another part of tribal life that still included the Great Serpent. from'which came the Great Serpent and the Clan Equation From that time to the present the Earth has never been blessed again with such exacting and simple human logic. habits would separate other parts of this day. where the promise from the CREATOR. From these weakness's and limitations. baths. GREAT SPIRIT in a dimension and existence foreign to humans and abstract to human understanding.

JOHN. ~his is after showing a spiritual meITcbers of tribes of the American Indian daily called: A'T'LAN~IS. and a melody sung taken fron: THE SONG OF ST. are the subjects Those who ~ive the spiritual or description power to the ritual bv not knowin~ what the meaning of a ritu~l-i~ . observance. who is doing that omits any white Victorian But only one question the rituaL needs to be asked that identifies WHO OPPRESSES AND STEALS. or spiritual You will please notice. is because those doing the ritual. by the lower-class of and a song. The reason the ritual takes place. and they draw their Now! To most people. things. or custom perf orr somewhat re~ularly or forrrally to delay. could prayer to a kitchen frying pan with deciication. knows they are only a prayer spiritual power from a ritual. to have this in spiritual knows that anyone who wishes same power. because anyone who is in the or religious or occult fields.. and have . a ritual hurans is performed or a special merrber of a civilized civilized classified individual Fthnic member or person.PER Recently F E C T ION of the believers in the old ancient I was asked by descendants Indians. ~'fATERIALRESOURCES OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN THAT GOFS AGAINST ALL SPIPITUAL TEACHINGS AND DOCTRINES? ~he answer answers the question. Anyone it has nothing to do with religion of Witchcraft lifestyle in the practice to support their doings knows this and anyone who mus' keep followers Anyone knows this. The question spiritual and concerns have merit. don't understand what the meaning individuals that or description are 0ppressed of what takes place in a ritual. way of the American THIS KNOWLEDGF lTv-lHAT WE DO?'! or IlWHY HAVE WE LOST ALL CAN AND WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET 11' BACK?" group who do a prayer against all THE PRAYER OF THE DIVINE. 7he word is a LA~IN word meanin~= Any act. LAND.

In Institutions of Higher Learning one is taught in the Geological Time Scale. to the subject. which is he gives of the United different then the message of the United an exact policy of suppression and oppression of the American Indian for the coming_ next four years. Anything Let me give a small example of this. the same knowledge of medicines and how to live in. that Man's beginning was between 1 million to 3 billion years ago. h6w to cure and cooking with fire. Indian the most written about one that there are two classes of scientist in the civilized world. This makes a subject on the American ignorance Indian complex and complex here that is complex is that of a personal is due to ignorance. In Institutions of Letters one is taught that Man's beginning is not a debatable question and because of the Archeaology find of THE VERO AND MELBOURNE MAN.Peace with not only with human beings but with Dinosaurs The solution to a scientific problem sought! How did the American Indian as a tribal unit survive the last five ice ages without any fear for the global catastrophe that ends as an ice age? This alone would make the American subject and brings to the surface. Letters material No other subject in Institutions printed subject matter of Higher Learning can produce that could equal by half. . the American Indian is THE ONE MOST WRITTEN ABOUT SUBJECT and WHY? Because IN THE WORLD.WHENEVER I'm asked to speak on the American one must adjust the subject Indian or the Indian and even of the America's. this requires to the listener a great deal of consideration. the same knowledge of eatables. States. the American Indian cannot be included in DARWIN'S THEORY OF EVOLUTION because he or she has remained the same in body structure as the Indians found today on Indian reservations having the same song and dances. His state of the Union Message to the peoples and that is the Presiden to Congress States. the Indian and the of that is produced yearly on the American Much of this printed matter goes to the Elite of the world first requirement Letters of this group is to be a graduate of an Institution and here again there is only one exception.

:of: IB YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THE GROUP.D. AEISAMENTUM -v- Lune Determinabantur. these descendants should be able to tell me about had them and they were understood that remembers in the on territories the child's a Universal toy or GIFT because gift that the early Now there history your ancestors American Indians is JURISPRUDENCE on the books for anyone fTom 680A. YOU ARE AN OUTSIDER. BACON. VI 88). So. AERIRA -v.That these named descendants ancestors of the early 1600's and later were also of signatorys . but/undetrimined Indian lands. and AELICUS . None of these descendants whose ancestors landed here at Plymouth Law Rock and other places clasue called: the Victorian TRIBAL were not beheaded COURTESSY whichK due to an International is in direct conflict with Morali ty clause. It is taken from International of the Inquisance that were it was aretrimined that these descendants not signatorys Law.CAELICUS. For these reasons!no state or federal prison can be built on of the united States.D.d. AISIAMENTUM. that have not been tried Courts past which does not exist because closed because were destrpoyed.vho signed treaties with the Indians here prior to 1492 a. Second Law of the Lands(Secundum -v.AEREA. through 1491 A.

that no one seems to remember or know. Yet. trying to find a ride to Denver. know personally. first. He for one reason and it was facts that I never knew. I met and saw representatives from every News Agency in the world when they personally met Chief FOOLS CROW at the united Nations. I know whenever CHIEF FOOLS CROW Interpreter because To spoke to the American he did so with a personal he was gifted not only in Sioux or Lakota. CHIEF FOOLS CROW even registered in at the United Nations. and unique that are subjects on a issue or issues that are complex in Institutions the world of Letters taught only Law in or the three schools experience.1973 as we sat in an old abandoned house Colorado. in Porcupin 12. in the third " because This Newspaper continues:"Fools Crow quit school grade to work to help his family earn a living This mayor may not be true. he spoke the english English Instructor language which was ~o articulate. of personal research that from the past was a DEATH-PENALTY wanted WOUNDED KNEE to be a success personally this reason The~e that opened my eyes to historical truths facts today have great to them because and at the time FOOLS CROW was either with great authority on the subject. where there was an to New York City and the United Chief. would hide But he was an American American Indianism Indian first. I found him to be more cultur~ and old Chief who was relating Indians taught to me by my ancient from the Sisseton-Wahpeton to know let alone relate. from personal Public. of International and. he never heard of FOOLS CROW. Even JACK ANDERSON can't say. but an Ancient Nations. No one can say that he never projected It was on March South Dakota Air Flight than just'a traditions Sioux. a baby or a small boy as he spoke ./ 2. I for one can't agree or disagree I don't know. their head in shame. he could prove whenever any High-School but the Dakota languages. You don't become the Head Chief by being unlearned.

of getting rid of the old ancient to prevent which BIG FOOT and his small group were trying by hiding. KNEE I can prove without conflicts 1890 was over religion and I'm trying to carry out the wishes dear friend. for his people to believe That the White Man had a brand-new in but SITTING religion BULL. in the House made of Dawn. RED CLOUD and others religion. permission received from other Indians in by killing from being destroyed By the killing of SITTING BULL. He told me that the Slaughter at WOUNDED KNEE 1890 was over r~ligion. on the first rays Meredith Quinn MUSA DAKOTA . So. The quiet had seen.3. in beauty. by documentation that WOUNDED of a that place where the Ancient conflicts without any political Today. to FOOLS CROW. (He told me who killed SITTING BULL) the Army was now free to move and destroying the ancient religion and its members. S I LEN NEVER! CE truths he lived so longe with and what his eyes and FOR GOT TEN ? I know we'll meet again where he walks of Light. stood in the way. provided taught the success of the NEW WOUNDED KNEE would have Dakota Religion would again be from other Indians.

religion so that it might become a religion required or an attribute teaching when events or circumstances a spiritual the final outcome.INDIAN E IS THE all because of this exchange of gifts. the medium between therefore that has contributed nothing to neither. brings In the days of Old. it is a custom of the to visit someone. Also. he gave. so the gift had to be a Universal . religious from the phrase.THE G 1FT I spiritually feel that I've been known to speak a phrase whenever there will be an exchange American Indian of gifts. he also received one. everyone or whenever he stopped. he also received a gift. is an excerpt from present-day skillfully that has been changed from it's original and quite to a for intellectually. to INDIGENA or INDIO or INDIGENOUS it is best known as. It was shortened contact with the White LOS SIN DIOS or THOSE to where of being called: WITHOUT today. earned us the classification GOD. both have discovered. to exchange gifts when one has traveled of the second But this custom in the beginning Man. F EAR . I'm speaking on this word because is directly it deals with your spiritual steps and why it was changed of the America linked to the reason. no matter friends wherever how long or distance traveled or how many met because that were met. writtngs after arriving intellectually at: THE PLACE OF NO RETURN. why the Indian on his journey. is no Mountain-top This word. As. Reality HOP A word and Fantasy accepted PUZZLE o F from this phrase. it is widely as the answer for the solution this single word to both REALITY identifies to the short-comings a lifestyle of both. the Indian had a gift for. so the gift gift. a gift. is idealogically. the Epitom~ that marks or draws there and FANTASY. when. many know.

of a GIFT? of Civilzed cannat deny or agree in context Indian Treaties. or BOLTED in it's arrangement. These descendants of a very Rich who are not Indian or Indian Slave Trade of descent. Yet these and delicious in quantities~that staggered-theit preference imagin~tions. 6205(Julian) or August 12. NAILED. MAY THE POWER. The one most who aren't American liZE M BI carry-over description A.{4 ) From my ancient turns into a GIFT be changed POW American Indian culture. V~getables. WISDOM.1492(Gregorian)COLUMBUS the Islands of the 90 crew members sailing the Seas~n Now. AND LOVE BE WITH YOU ALWAYS. and Money-making c/ '. 12. by people." It is only a linguistic from the Indians that use to occupy these Islands of this GIFT. with American stipulations identified and agreed to several Indians entitled -<". expression on the exact is- feared word in the Caribbean Indians or even Islands able to claim Indian or "Z E MBA . It can double as a small child's and L0VE . eatables they found Exotic of Fruits. It begins as a Prayer. descendant. OF THE CREATOR. but descendants the Uni ted States. that deals with American had exact maps to cross Indian tribes earlier. sam~ crew members recorded and well had an established documented for a daily diet. to these stipulations.. It was killed and ate one they these crew members ."(r: Why is such fear placed on a word Because Elite Historians that is the description Nations today. On October arrived with Caribbean. that cannot be GLUED. according and sophisticated. ER. today. the Atlantic due to treaty The GIFT because of National which would reveal to set-up a trade signed Security. and cannot TOY." WISDOM.0 decades the Signatory . that COLUMBUS Ocean route. and Wild Game to documented delectables annals by COLUMBUS.

To not be able to exchange this GIFT GREAT SPIRIT. again! How did COLUMBUS' crew members know what So the question Indians were to ge back or become part of the food supply? that wou Ld no longer carry the By those that had the GIFT a_ru:1 those GIFT. In three parts that could not identified they had You~ibuld be Glued. Nailed or Bolted. over 10 million for the sailing 10 years. them with having I noticed- certain Indian physical characteristics even though they were Lily White without hesitation: American Indians. purposes. many Indians. These Indians dispute. were killed the Atlantic and used as fresh meat supply which became depleted after ships crossing Now! How did these crew members know what Indians were to be killed. both Male and Breeding and Female. They all could trace taken back as Slaves. records were are open on the fact that. to the Clan and Tribal :formulas and equations. as food in three years that Historians cannot from one Island alone. of meeting and speaking and confrontated with girls from Germany.million recorded Indians annals. I've France. Therefore one as! ~who no knowledge non-believer. know the GIFT as the GAD. back in their were then where introduced into their family trees or genetics. Sort of a . The carrier no longer of the GIFTs were the food supply and those that would carry the GIFT became the slaves. taken back to some countries as Slaves had the experience and England-whom American in color? They responded birth records. did not know the CREATOR.

the meaning as THE GHOST. civilized and language educational expression changed all aboriginal languages on the word or for THE GAU by substituting this word.. but feel spiritually it demonstrates in a Micro-Micro FORCE of the CREATOR which . Mi ddle. altered- the Universe. and clan rituals. Med ieval-rGreek . Latin. scholars records. Language meaning lvY'O But GHOST SPIRIT.R"d. the GAU as a GIFT or child's TOY. that these questions Indian calls. of the GAU.. were destroyed. Is SPIRIT separate Is HOPE separate For the reasons spiritually. glued. cannot correctly the American THE PUZZLE o F F EAR. many formulas and equations function There are among tribal that are taught to the young holders is to teach the holder the CREATIVE energy force. would only kn ow ~I111 By changing an unknown the future generations and no clues to the ritual and prayer of the GIFT. cannot be changed or once constructed. According constructed to legends. So there OF THE ARRANGEMENT is a spiritual CAUSE THE GREAT responsibility to the GAU. Old. . is a civilized word corning from the German entities but religious people have made1separate to both-GHOST and SPIRIT.High European. meets and fills but is still not nailed.a. or is GHOST the same as SPIRIT? or is WISDOM the same as HOPE? be answered-- from WISDOM. . Hebrew.. physic laws throughout all Engineering However. but its main of the GIFT to not only to see. when fully or bolted.\ ( 6) After all Low . the arrangement it must remain the same to fulfill it's function spiritually. SPIRIT Tr ibal and Clan r itual Laws violation to change cons ider it" almost" a GREAT the arrangement. WILL so the law states: THAT THE CHANGING SPIRIT TO WORK AGAINST YOU. HOP E from GHOST. and Arab-schools.

(7 ) To begin the construction. i) ~ JJ Lo/ (.:rl-r he visualizes a full circle as ~ell~s breadth.L ~r. N c U C-I& . length. is that when one is to going in a circle or/with positive the total degrees from starting point to finishing excess point/which would end at the starting -('1M N 360 degrees. . 360 degrees for a complete has learn as the medium for calculation.. To the circle of the White Man. while full circle which includes the magnitude But we must use what everyone So. mathematically the Ancient which can be care for do not always agr~e with the~Ancient.. must be and can never c2~ ma t.any pyramid\ to have a set degree Jd-f Ihl/7 11 t~ There are _ many such references as being scientific If questioned. and thickness. w/ J.he t ic i ans have proclaimed ma refercrrces-y. To the American because keep in mind. circle. functions are pretty Universal..~he number of degrees a: 5T1e/t'. out. c:L t! / it is constructed and seen as ee.. or negitive. we know it has three points. using all directions. quite dogmatic about his sciences rand will defend it with littl~ .p JI 0 AJ To 1Ff/ .. . and one that that many engineering is.{~ it must have to any magnitude. tl5/Z 1 angles The first rule that must be carried travel around. o scientist calculates that there are 360 degrees in in a the ancient states there are 4.320 degrees of thickness . I The civilized one full circle. That is en9)nefiring ahdjor mathematical physic law. Many a' point. in a full circle..s In the creation of the GIFT. !.fello'IV:!!I.

equations. to his rule and No matter what anyone may think. ~. in a child-like manner. The first rule for an Ancient on the subject must be presented._t4rve:.8·')\ f.. have been worked the Ancient is dogmatic and his sciences no civilized for over 30.·M theory no matter how many credentials IN He can become quite nasty where communication that surround c Il. N0 and rituals must balance S! angles. be equal. I~tlconstruct 120 degree 1 LOVE ... will be presented to will be lost and of_first the mysteries hand him will be lackirig for a source I information. E X C E P T ION the GAU with On this alone. any other A.000 years unchanged scientist has been able to find a flaw in his sciences.~/Z.(. and THE RULE! All formulas.

The 120 degree GAU. the mark of birth identifies you to The beginning GAU and its equation goes to the Female or Male.WHY? Because your personal first-born in tribal societies status. . JOHN. of the daily PRAYER OF ATLANTIS Society will not reawaken done to assure that the ~. and Elders But the Woman also have separate Because TIME WALKER Melody people. Time Walkers. ~~ on Indian Reservations. Medicine angled GAU'S. The done on each full Moon from THE SONG OF ST. . that of the TIME WALKER. to the first-born. TO assure that the Song and Dances of Creation on Indian Reservations. THE DIVINE. belongs of the Clan. we will make will not come back to life the GIFT.

it is the LOGA for the General some religions have Services it. that I had again so the heard and seen about PRAYER. it begins . world. with children. Each of us was given a beating after which we were Sisseton. With yet less then. I see and remember morning. old/along with other objects of years them was the from our bodies 7 miles into GIFT. we can find the drawing or motiff on money. WHEEL. by whites and Indians who no longer practiced the Ancient religion. were known throughout THE MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS the the this mind. with the TOY and like all TOYS. when men with guns and clubs came on a warm summer ~ homes. to many alleged mysteries and DANCES Th~ GAU or GIFT can be associated civilized world with Scholars trying of the to make one believe the true meaning THE being lost or forgotton. States. it. the PRAYER. more beautiful then you have ever heard and seen. SONG and DANCE. the ritual it separated to the GIFT had to stop throughout in A CREATOR from those world because that beleived those that believed in a mortal GOD. but a SONG and DANCE You see the GIFT not only has a PRAYER. Today. but to me. and THE WINTER COUNT are tools for the But it begins7 THE GAU. where blood flowed lined up in single to be ridiculed file and marched South Dakota. SONG. are still alive. stumped hundreds set fire to our prairie broke up religious and among drums and pissed on our food supplies. 15 years ago in the remote areas of Canada. PRAYER future and what it has to offer and how it can be changed. 498 years ago.(10) <~ / /V.p of the GAU almost of the United anywhere.

past. included into everything wherever and if in ASTROLOGY where it deals with Human Beings. as the American were to do their thing correctly. Beadwork. "C. "WHERE TO PUT THE FLAW?" The American article is thought Indian out. that and ubateve-r the American for resale to the publicI or for personal or Pottery-he goods.2595 hours each individual. or future. Even ASTROLOGIST it must be Indian science has to be applied. and its sciences do not always follow So visual interpretation . THE DUMB TIME because to comprehend any subject seconds stages this amount of time is needed for human life. hUman mind in. it will contain that no matter how well an A Biffi~le a flaw or a imperfection. every day in time. What the American calls. or she begins by a phrase is an exacting incorporated sCience. it is applied. Indian knows according of this science---for present. for precise to civilized but to take this to material other then paper.14875 to carry out in thought It also gives through its final an idea how much on any event or circumstance. knows by tradition. an American "WHERE TO PUT THE FLAI\T?" The FLAW is so exacting. verific~tion ~" for this problem could be iYe me L1m exact [01 mula f>or In creating angles according the GIFT. it would begin Instruments by a drawing on paper manufactured.) So exacting as a science Q£ that it is still not in the white man's sciences JO this date. to how it deals with human beings and according must be added to every Indian to the time placement day in accumulation for the stars.compari~on slower the to the mind of the CREATOR.5.(11) THE Whenever articles Leather F LAW Indian makes one of his known use-such as Jewlery. beings or event in a p~rson's for every individual It will take at least 13.

that belong either or the United States I do not participate to licensed Federal attorneys Courts in legal of the Courts. . on the State of the Cattaraugus title that to the State of New York but the United fee simple - claim by the United out. 1975 Dear Sir. between government of America States States establish that the Seneca act or statute Indians are legal citizens the immigration legal citizens of the State amount New York by some alization history to make legal lands which bypassing there and naturof legal a of Congress States qualifications shows is a sufficient limits that it would take in the territorial and Alleghany an act of both houses of the United each Indian citizen of the United States. regularly. against and law procedures or Supreme I use my expe r t and knowledge a treaty flicting To avoid United we must ~. been proclaimed wiped I do not beliEve - that there is any reference But I have not and could situations a goel so I am human and am subject to error The fact that on the Dnondaga between of England there are Grand Council Reservation States. any misunderstanding. of the of of a moot point no treaties I feel this court will become. 1. I wish State to clarify of New York Indian types one concept legally. ~nited of law which would only when basically a charge is brought if and when it can be proven in a mock court which we must any of the Indians or the United and accepted on which that there are two conbring it into the catagory that there are and the Secondly. Thirdly. meetings of the Six Nations Kingdom proves that the treaties and the United the United the Six Nat~ons do exist in this territory.I ) LEGAL JANUARY SENSE 10. any of these three Kingdom New York-be~n in existance be corrected. first establish Kingdom of the Six Nations of England. Seneca States that the territorial have been ceded not only of America and the of of England exists.

"A member United tribe residing within States who has not been ria ur-a. 6. Amendment Treaty to the Pennsylvania 14. of the United States Constitution. B. For the assumption or federal and codes the tribal district elective of state can come system jurisdiction. Marlene citizen State Kennedy has never requested or approached States the Immigration to become a and Naturalization Department States. No city. Part J. upon citizens of government. Art. of custom and usage of the Cattaraugus of New York or the with the United the Seneca Indians area which border and as Ref. 2. of the Buffalo Creek of not a citizen t or of the state of his residence of a foreign state within or the statutes conferring nor is he or a subject the meaning the United States a citizen federal state Indian living the Constitution jurisdiction States on the an courts nor is there a citizen legally an act or statute in the laws of the that made or of New York~br the laws of the United by being born on his reservation Indian becoming on his reservation) Kennedy a terminated an inhabitant of the right acts of the United States sent to the Secretary of the elective system. Title of an Indian 26. and the State Sec. Page 1.esthrough . Nor have United States extends the territories Seneca been Currently. enrollment president J. Dean Nor is Marlene which who is judged under the civil was done by a special and to the former Interior Wiliiams.z ed .J. and enforce elective of the United Tribal state. of the United Sec. Page 5 and I quote: the limits of the of of of New York. Pag~. Ref. States but to the State of New States nor subject a foreigner not only to the United 4. 1.( / j ! 2. 7 clearly states that the Indian is not born in the to the jurisdiction thereof. county. on a reservation the laws systems that are imposed Sta-t.Li. Sec. of the United J. making him and Alleghany States. B. Sec. Indian Law. ceded to the State ther are land claims in persuading which have been unsuccessful from the Canadian border to cede the territories far east as Rochester Paragraph United York. 1.

- further - that=..courts an elective have -=-=--=. Sec. Blacksmith that the ~-.ves of for-eign treatief.that--.C...c ial D-i§'tric~on~ana. those .-S-:-C. passed September -~'.3. B is a resume in Washington.i. v. in of wh i. t there must be a tribal ~tion ~~~~=..h h was sent to the Civil i. to an elective trespass group who enforce who follow through their treaties which you could and the Seneca Nation intrude and and uphold their allegiance and Alleghany of government on the Cattaraugus Reservat:ons Kennedy especially if they 'receive Title Sec.tes that. At the bottom of page two.~ _~_~. 1950..!_?ved the DJ. ~ of government they will not stand behind as proper Parts tants under system .. res~l~~ referendum backed by a tribal~Ecil for TjJle_2Y=~yhe • Civil Right Acts Ii of 1968 and there has States for the pr~sented two the tO I Dever been such a referendum of state tax board -.-~~--...~~ .c Rights Commission I have not received 1973 to date. .chMarlene and which v. IV funding from the United States government is not a member... - ~ of the United States do not come to the state of New York January system.J2..G is a briefing the franchise traditional of Indians system taxation of the State identifying of Indians on the Cattaraugus and Alleghany Reservations. has _been aE.._-. corporat~ and Public charter' only'--Sec E .. and Alleghany and subject to state of New York which Law 92-264.J..~. 1971. New York Indians.~-"'-=mY'e-==&""'_"~ 18. or a political States subdivision· said .. __ c~~_e.i !:?1lill~ to su_rr end_~ r ~b:el£_~_eserya t_ i_ ?21_~~nc!_. which v... and federal on the Cattaraugus . such as the one that is currently their treaty rights are corporate that is_!he decisions corporation public york of charters operating for Indians not enforcing Reservations jurisdiction. provided -~~.. the district ~3. aate .tizens alienation Ind ians v::.'~sidentand senate/ of the United States by _ r-cpr cscrrta i.1 25 U. t 2 '-'---~ - quoted. clearly: st_§... and the State of New York. Page 2 notes two court state that it is a public this same Revenue Code as of the State of New Internal tribal community in the state 5 identifies corporation as a political States identifies subdivision T~e the Indian United and the United 1954 just below this Other court not a possession thereof~ Fellows of the United States decisions.33._ repeatedly .. government.A. Sec..:: be ~~0 ~ _ their territories or to the federal court court of the Ninth 13.-_='~ anywhere in the United of New York assumption types jurisdiction. D.'_="-=-===or c.

the government the Seneca being presented Reservations to the Seneca to accept and Alleghany it so that the .who. in which we cited state and federal four cases of New York was unfair in providing and one of them presented dealt justice for the Seneca with a murder a reply from him so that we could take up these of a Seneca Sec. F is a briefing New York showing . Henry Warrant for colusion. to me. J you will been any authorization of the Six Nations notice Jackson to Harcld to anyone to be able to speak on behalf Senate. States Attorney. I met with a l"Ir. judicial systems time. showing and J. Wheeles Commission and asked him why they could with a treaty stated that the Civil Rights when it dealt Commission Indian of the was not respond on his at the in the State Indians He simply expecially reservation. remedy been able to enforce The last two pages been a response has no adequate of the restraining order show on the second pag~ at law for the harm it is Page. E Term. D is a letter to Mr. H is a copy that Dean Williams giving that is a letter to the President of a B. John Elfvin.':O! !~ters Underneath Sec. Civil Rights to it. was a United that we felt local. Cattthat he made on to make .I. 19'/4. stating Confederacy.i~• a response. that the first page is from the United States bill of service in which we charge when it dealt with currently rendere~ Under that there was a request for and an Ex Parte with these is the request fraud. O'Donnell they tried of a restraining from Niagara Power Corporation are a copy which they have never to the briefing. powerless On January 29. Sr. Special There has not been a response to t~e State James the Honorable jurisdiction to it to this day. in which order Supreme Court. is a briefing Erie County. J. that was handed documents - has on rec ord certain him the right to speak from Tadadaho of the United given for the Six Nations. -~o the on the or the Six Nation Parker. and the secretary States stating of the Six Nations that there has never Sec. sent to Judge Richard that the decisions his jurisdiction " and fishing were not within paper Sec. to imposestate Mohawk which nor has there 'that plaintive suffering: araugus hunting County. that we demanded cases further Indian.A. Indians Indians referring a re-hearing}a of Admission a re-hearing and laches land claims Cattaraugus and Private Rights. Sec.

. lives not only of the Seneca the treaties and the Seneca which exist among England. For this court to assume Seneca reservations~that that upon the termination of the the Indian would not go to the .ll£.. The law enforcement of New York is aware _ received/that ~~Q. On page..9} .-. repeatedly ". People.0ration . and three types of jurisdiction.§It has._. On page 24 of the same briefing fgr the and the state of Abandonment~ Qf. jeopardized and men but the women.. court history of the United g~.j.§=--=~ pass~jrwh~~h reliev~d g~ardians~~R! ~. country 1. children in the area. . of Admission identifies person.. CONCLUSIONS. This is accumulated is not a citizen and your government. 'b Elective systems of government are not the sovereignty for a fo_re ign nation Lts ownlaw~..:. tlumber 4~ ~~res~ ty ...rtifirzcate_ of Eligipili ty. It has been aware that -.. The Indian or the State .£l. Page 11 of improper of New York. called Ex Parte Warrant which was also presented.. To this day there you will find Rights and Private beneath. public g~orI2..r:. C omJ2 e 0f etal1q~..e_ his territories 2..Num r_ be United determined states States...!..= a alienation and seveLa~_ inhabitant defens~citing Indian Jiwnj:)~-=<~ there is outlined to become New York..nlY~a year ~he has of the state police briefings system of the State by previous that it has of government it has no jurisdiction the elective ~~.~~ of tho~ on that reserv:ation. th"e soverei~. which must be followed of Tribal of the United states _a~~per lmis the Certificate _:t!1g C ert if ic. in the .-~~ iz.!L state of New York and lal29. .1S is a statement three types of people and savage. 1464.~~_hat. voice by your 5. territory Further of the Buffalo Creek Treaty might be ceded has be en no response the briefing to the state to this request.5~ the Q~tificaj:e of Cj t.~_soverei~~erri!2rJC to exercise agency J.£~ ~ngt I have been jeopardized States. ~§.!. bill tbai. United 4. .. of New York by the Constitution .=.~fprej_grl territories to that~h.Jju.:.. the procedure a citizen 43 USCA 1460..JJlber .. s 0 they cannot ygi_c an opinion e to corne .5. .

~ther sove::rel£_tr~~. States and who do not need described jurisdiction of natural person into which you fall. Judge of state court history To assume that you have it has been established two hundred prudence years over treaty rights for system. the catagory Indians or ceded ~erritory to assume and their they would have no civil or human are ignorant of their specific bear out that they have the right to become and this state and a citizenship provided passports for in the Constitution and not the catagory of the United elite who cannot Constitution citizens States of this country for the very in the Abram. Power CorSeneca Mohawk that a to d~ this agaln to court when the traditional that Niagara to have taken the consultation electiye poration People a corporate come on the reservation to create have repeatedly corporation which on behalf proved this confrontation upon tn lands with briefings is a foreign the contract new that attempts tions between confr6ntation cannot history of the Seneca People. Marlene so noted or arraign to hear and arraign state that this her until this briefing and federal has been satisfied. arrested. people were being made by Mr. Kennedy hold Mrs. Robert the Seneca and Niagara Hogg to set up negotiaMohawk th~t took place was now the breaking the Seneca Indians. of inhabitants and Naturalization of conquered to become citizens fall into in that all treaties person ) of that they would all let themselves rights. that the white man's references word so that anyone in the processes of researching the fact court legal history/that this Mar1ene cannot collaborate that would prove I further that this cart does not have the legal right Kennedy at this time.1or n<?~. Department the United which of Immigration states. s<2. be trusted. legal history and that the clauses in the state in here be disqualified by other legal . the assumption through accum~latAd for almost the civil of the to that no court has been able to corne up with Indians . president Mohawk 3~ human an." can write Hogg.6. rights. write which it has refus8d whereupgn of a word it has is illegal and that it should one which would be fully recognized._verE:!Jgn!.Y. Robert charter of Niagara of the State of New York. This briefing schooled would is in detailed to these Indians. when juris- in the catagory of the United detained of a private be taxed. For the State Police of Mr .

to purchase and rrIed ------------fami~y Indians torial limits did not go through That o_"_ _. if the state the authority concept -- of New York makes attempt. MAGNA jurisdiction Spain. PALLADIUM the aboriginal ceding nation.procedures another York might title United Indian 0:[ which I must be D12de aware. which OF then it must go according to international law procedures of "NOAH'S DOVE. Germany._. enter the house Section selze.. of New York. Countrles within would TROY. I deals with the recognition who are identthe terricharges . Kennedy under and did of the State and Marlene of Michael 690. belonging Kennedy briefing to the State of New York that was not and that it entered a foreign this this its countryfovith a document and myself so that court will have That Mrs. D.y the aboriginalsas the freedman _Land base and territories - It is our right as treaty was done outside so the persons channels making to state that this incident of the United States the proper a police trailer officer legal of its own country. the power to override France. L. . Marlene so that and scrutinize extablish will now leave this courtroom to examine and legally an opportunity it can correctly . the right occ uj.. SEAL" which deals with BELTS" which territories of royal to a civilized Al\'D WAMPUM "CHARTA DE FORESTA. the government of the United exceed -- owes its allegiance the treaties to the Constitution and cannot voice its jurisprudence Japan. be presenting SOLOMON'S CHARTA. Latin States. St~tps the sovereignty that it could This assu. --- t~at th~ United has with England.. b~ood lines having or Quod Vide. . __ . in the of the operate legal briefing try to institute and that would states located be using the concept and it assumes within that being that the fee simple and not of a sovereignty of the state that of New York is questionable the characteristic or a colony ~urisdiction independently is able to deal with its territory. it deals or th~ Constitution simply because of the United or vOise Indians this with sovereign its t i orr o f state yet we all know that that would S~ates its living Americ:an would go under the concept of the United mechanism States of America.35 CPL with a sea~ch warrent That this code applies r to enter and search legally only to the territory legal. Carr._. from ano-Lher avenue the assumption so that I can provide that the state of state of New jurisdiction.

S. as a If of the 647. Marlene can only be interpreted dog that would throw up its food and g~_eefully devour its own -/2t~£4?vL ~ffiREDITH M. can only hope to hav~no such as the blacks. right would of jurisprudence ~-)e within Treaty or jur i ud i. Page disregarded Kennedy this briefing confinement vomit. limits or confine Mrs. to Title 42. and 42 C. rights or the yellow that gone to war against no Indian Indian country would United white. Page Indians within the Six Nation Confederacy. place me in the position States. J.1ply because according he is not civilized. is totally and the continuance of Mrs. CoJ.on if there t of having for an incident that is any so that it I legal confines Seneca the right to arraign to everyone Treaties a which in Traditional territory encompasses the State Kennedy States meanin~ hold occurred on Seneca that will be interpreted all treaty Indians of New York and Canada. 688. QUINN Legal Advisor .S 28. would the United n satisfactorily To restrict of the Jay and Ghent Mrs. European civil or human that I recommend to countries as that to all treaty other than the the Indian is 1 to cede their territories and oppressed or European that is to be interpreted descent to be suppressed sj_'. Paragraph 1. Paragraph 1.n. Marlene the territorial of the United States That the in this races and it can ever hope of having justice within the browns.c i. Marlene the treaties and the United as "STATUS QUO" to and myself be and act of violating Kingdom of England that exist between ~ and the Seneca People as it was befor~ can only be interpreted and that the state of New York has now To continue Kennedy can now be construed this country.

.January TO WHOM January which IT MAY CONCERN: 29.. Buggs. Quinn: Is this department resume? to make an evaluation Mr. Meredith and Designate.. a copy of my resume? COUNCIL.. than a resume for at approximately the reason it on . .C. Quinn and Mr.. I was attempting . I wasn't that. Mr. Wheeles: I don't know.. in response the resume as . Wheeles Commission took place for the Civil Rights This conversation D. Wheeles: No. of occurred between Mr.M.I think . Herbert D. The following Commission. I can't deal with this. Mr. I want to make that . for the delay November Mr.. in Washington 2. I would feel embarrassed. on this C~lli FROM THE GENERAL qualified Mr.I think . is a transcript of a conversation Wheeles A... Quinn: Did Mr. Wheeles: I was on the verge of contacting Mr. instead of Mr.J:rll'1 was handling rather the Civil Rights Washington S-taff Director a complain~ employment.YES . 20425. Wheeles: This resume . 9.bear ln mind this Commission is powerless . 1973.. in his office 2:JO P.. But Y0u're just of too high a caliber for ~his office... 1975 1974..C. Buggs receive Mr.. Quinn: Why did this resume go the complaint department personnel or the employment department? Mr. Quinn: Doe~n't on my resume? asking for a response and took it at sure you were a resume encompass employment? you to ask for references. QuiB¥d you make a decision Mr. to ascertain to the resume since I had submitted Mr. but as far as using you as a consultant.we have no authority or jurisdiction to enforce . .. Wheeles: NO .

because his department met with Chief Fools Crow...The unfortunate thing is that the Civil Rights Commission can't do anything to help anyone . He replied that his department had no authority to provide.. This meeting lasted . and because he had the authority to take on civil right cases even when it had not been determined that this complaint of the Indian had not been reviewed to see if it was a treaty violation. I asked if there was any legal help on civil rights because the Justice Department had acted illegally in every step at Wounded Knee. Justice department at the Todd Building. He said there was not any such services set up for treaty Indians. Room 606... We talked at length on WOUllded Knee. I asked the question in this manner.. I next went to see Mr. Stoiber if the Justice Department had any resources to assist treaty Indians to researchh their treaty rights and the application of these rights .. Stoiber proved to be tricky so I tried it another way.W. that he had no authority to issue assistance to treaty Indians.The Commissioners meet once a month and are paid on a per diem basis and are basically insensitive to the problems of the staff and those are people endeavoring to serve..') clear .1.. Sure! it provides funds on the selected court cases it takes on! . 550 11th. Does this department provide funding or other logistics to assist treaty Indians in pursuing their Federal rights . I remarked that his answer was interesting. Carl Stoiber of the Indian Civil Rights.. . Mr.. who is a treaty Indian.assistance to private individuals .. he answer~d. 3! hours.... I next asked Mr.. N.

~ ! l0::: W (..--e-_~ -n o~ (f) r.) o o CO cry .U fTI< (flU) -0 0-0 "rI" cr (flU> 1:0» rn 0 ) . :Pu> -fTI 2.

TRADITIONAL SENECA INDIAN GOVERNMENT E X H I BIT W . ritories nation The national of the terIndians are of the Traditional not in jeopardy corporations at the moment. it would have to seek assistance Nation unilaterally. a domestic security Seneca foreign nation(Indian) (New York). Those foreign will be diplomacy. of upon these lands illegally strict and considerate security dealt with with Should the national the Traditional of the territory Seneca Indian people be jeopardfrom another ized.AS ~ 'Jr'· A REP LY has asked unilaterof a The Traditional for no assistance ally or unde~ Seneca Indian Nation from any other nation the old illegal procedure v.

it was a summons and an order to show cause with It is headed of Erie and we are perplexed Senecas. of and owing immediate allegiance to one of the Indian • j . Wilkins. Anthony Aschieri Dep.St.C. Ga10raith. Frankperhaps tem·asked for certain ensued. Anthony lin and Dep Sheriff Jos. Harold the territory. R.S. Elk v. at the moment State of New York. 112 U. into ours.1974 -HONORABLE Thomas J. 643.Fleischmann. the territory that we can out of is that they left and-usage We in the enhence concept at is that these four gentlemen entered into the Seneca must have wandered of custom territory not the total territories shall present very near future. 94. Supreme because of territories we cannot arrive this area within· the sovereign the Traditional their country when-~hey The only other conclusion Of course.Erie CountyNew York. 41: born within the territorial limits of the United States. in suits. Obstarczyk A great deal of excitement involving they had won some quiz contest restraining County identify order.. Marvin Franklin Dep. M. 5 S.R.Arnold(Liason Officer) Frederick C. shirts and ties who gave their names Aschieri. \~j Immigration & Port of Entry Territory of Cattaraugus North America TO:Supreme Court.T R A D I T ION A L .O'Donnell-Justice Presiding Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation Bureau of Indian Affairs-Robert P. 1974.Ed.-General Attorney & Assistant Secretary Jaeckle. of the Traditional departments Seneca people. Instead.& Mugel-Attorneys Sgt.SEN ECA INDIAN -ALLEGHENY-CATTARAUGUS-COHNPLANTER-OIL M A I LBox 55 Irving~ New York 14081 Telephone 716-532 3874 G 0 V ERN SPRING- MEN T t. July 5. Sheriff Jos. of dollars. porary Court. four Dep Marvin thinking 8. thousands names on as Sgt. Obstarczyk A Gentlemen: On July gentlemen REPLY 9. 28 L. dressed at approximately 3:00 or 4:00 P. Sgt. Harold Galbraith Sgt. McCall Jr. to your various this legal May I at this time.Special Term. quote you something your legal mechanism--United Sec~ 1 part "Indians members States that will further Amendment Constitution 14 3 Paragraph 7. R.

John. July 1891. . Two decisions made from your judicial process that the government of the Seneca Nation of Indians which Dean Williams is currently President of. 1909.t i on in the State of New York: PROVIDED FURTHER that nothing herein contained shall be construed as conferring jurisdiction on the courts of the State of New York or making applicable the laws of the State of New York in civil actions involving Indian lands or claims with respect thereto which relate to transactions or events transpiring prior to the effective date of this act." 400 U. the courts have repeatedly indicated that they will not go behind the terms of a treaty to inquire whether the representatives of the tribe accepted as such by the President and the Senate were proper representatives. a tribal referendum must be held. ~erm. they should fearlessly observe and apply fundamental limitations and guarantees. FURTHER.S. 464 (18 ).tribe. although in a geographical sense born in the United States are not born in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof. New York Indians.2 tribes." United States v. Nation of Indians v. 1950) Canons of Judicial Ethics #3. Internal States Revenue Code of 1954." Seneca Nation of Indians v. Robert Kennerly JUdicial District of Montana et ale V. is a public corporation of the State of New York created by statutory recognition that has been defined as a public office in the State of New York. 91-264 ~ 5. Constitutional Obligations. Erie County. Jan. Parts quoted AND PROVIDED 25 U. in so doing. 260. 423. Erie County.S. corporation as a political Identifies this same type of public subdivision thereof. 19 How 3 15 17 U.&. "An Indian § 103(a)(1).:_ va. Special New York. . P. v. of the United PROVIDED FURTHER tribal community is not a possession nor a political subdivision thereof. This decision clearly shows that before the assumption of state jurisdiction can take p~~ce in the absence of a sovereign Indian government. (September 13. or barid of Indians of any lands w i thin any Indian reser~-. Blacksmith." 233. District Court of the Ninth et ale No 5370. 18. "AND PROVIDED FURTHER that nothing herein contained shall be construed as authorizing the alienation from any Indian nation. 261. "It is the duty of all judges in the United States to support the federal Constitution and that of the state whose laws they administer.S.C. Fellows "In accordance with the rule applicable to foreign treaties. Jaimson.L. 84 Stat. New York. Jan. Seneca Special Term.. backed by a tribal . 1971.

if the Indian community is not born in the United States and who hold l8. ish and stupid to give your hear. and you have no jurisdiction attornies. because there is no part of the Indian problem that would not prejudicial the interest of the United States government. 1460. all judges. 43 U. view and review would appreciate 6. Erie Mohawk Power Power Corporation and the Supreme SENECA State of New York. be slightly of an Indian tribal foreigner: recognition Indians. These two statutes. On the summons and order to show cause with a temporary names appear in sequence. instead offic~als restraining order where individual Seneca Nation. because of their allegience to the United States.3 council resolution for Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of in a sovereign 1968. . the TRADITIONAL GOVERNMENT. jurisdiction of foreign which your courts the representatives corporation even though judges. Therefore.. the majority of naming and In poor Court. ~. 1464.A. would disqualify all licensed attornies. courts at all levels and all judicial processes at all levels from viewing and reviewing foreign treaties and the protection of those members not citizens of the United States and not protected by the United States Constitution and the New York State Constitution. The New York Senecas government enforcing are sufficient Indian its treaty rights as you have come to notice. was unethical taste by Niagara Mohawk Term. can be disqualified the problems it would with the fact that ali licensed jUdicial processes. It should have read. to the Traditional judicial legal mechanism of our sovereign this paperwork your returning Seneca that was delivered Office on July 9. corporation received called if the state of New York gave statutory permission to a public which has never for a referehdum state and no resolution treaties. of the United States.nd title of their territory then the Indian is a the Seneca Nation from the tribal was created for the have said are not it is your over them and court rooms and foolWe the right to nation. 1974.S. community assumption public is not a possession Further. INDIAN the of these names are the government Individualizing Traditional Special Niagara Seneca of the Traditional their names Indian government County.C. Corporation v.

)r(_'.h them the frvm: cor. '..: 0 [J crt '/ i:n (~ .in c Luo .l (1 ::~ n. t. I! H Ii Ii vehicles .i ion or i~'y of plaintiff's t.e s e r v at i. II d I. or or stopping i: ernp Loy e e s i! !. j.. p ...G) I I. .lr~irc~ga ti n'] carrying out: wo r k of II II Ii more or t.niJ'. Cl..r}11el. .n q v +h ore on or .riq or violence t. on Ul0:i r b e n a.i. J . ')J'\.I:. H <.har. -(:\. mcvernen t. ( il to !i 'I pravent p15intiff's ernp Loyc e s f r ora En cering r. il "I' " II II !I ij a c t i n c. f I: des of plClintiff'C3 Co un s c Li nq I I' I . .t. and il .o i.h e r e ori •• or .he free employees.Iic by any rnarure r o r: rnc an s including ( 1) but Dut limited to s ernp Loye e s f r crn f to Ii ii .: I' force e n t e.h w i.. ..hc u s e o f force ~I .l .cning employees.. }<"L'n t. d uc i n c to _i.) locking of Ii II " " II Ii plaintiff's q uo s -::i.1 on ..0 per:::.-e vehiclss or equipment. or n. "i' - Ii jl II I I! II at which ru ff o r i n q .. plaintiff's ..-. !1] 1.l··i:(-'. .hc vi c i.r i.• the use Ol lntlmlda~lon! onto the i I.t:) I c1C~..t_i ructi ._ "r p La i nc if f ' s business cU1 i' f.ol·.'2 s or.n t if f I or in concert Interfering 011 w i. n<J eq u i prncn t.i . v i t i o s the Cattaraug~s Indian l<. _..: i ). ..ny ( 3) t h r (' ~l.t. .:uii'I'H:nL h.I~(·lh!. b i t.r-« '-:-:r C().o prevent plaini. t.: or Ine':...LC f i.S t."'i.11l2..f (<1) p La i.. j ud qrne n t pePTIiment.. p r on.L-_'''':' _ . . il I. .L j I:.l..duc Ii c of s a ct .-~iff' or ruov in q f r e e Ly about ( 2) r. " Ii 1· l i ii I: true t i o n o f .o n I II 11 I.t C :1 .~~ 'Ji til tlJ'2 L..i.' a tL on t.0 ~ ii ~ I I! I _r-.n.

c.:j CLAN (iJJ .14081 Telephone 716-532 3874 55 G 0 V ERN MEN T . at Rt:438 __ Versailles Plank Territory of cattaraugus. . BOx I NDI AN r".J:) Irvlng~New Yort. Allegheny. cornplanter North America RI HE CLAN CvlrlF CLAN C LAN MOT HER S CLAN CLAN ___ I CLAN c/ ~/VLV\J. all spring.TRADITIONAL-SENECA mail.i: C~~/\__ V' lEG AL CONSUL t1 .

: th. Ne._DI::E York RUTi1 ill L r i.c"iC the: dul' 01.ll: . ') i'':!Ll?<l~~ \_J .JOEN fo. c . ( 3G~ Milestrip Il-V2..'. :.ns I.l in the City of Eur[ulo.iO'''' York jv. 1'.}'_.TclRoad N2.---_ ----.r.rlg f ".:::::-.'J York SnO\'1 }\odd L&~\71. 172!" . lie"".J.l.'I)lC:·t.a\'lt~ons. "c_'_l o t.i r h t lie ab~)VS--n':H':2c1 ! .. un l.II o r Lfle ~·J\. ------. " ~ew York 1..l\f:':.i. '.o. :~E"lNlmY .j ad c1}:e" c:. .JING O:P..r t.. Plaintiff VS.n q '()n cehc. ':'l:._--------.h er person::.!.' 423 Four M~le Level inC]."! C:l..!.T'T:-l TSI'l~C~i._:~):_ ..3.nown (:~l. w.:~ Coull t.:-.' York Index No.. KENXEDY Irving.. a c t i.dJ.---------------- . Pour IIile Level New York Road L\lo\\" Yo rk Road Al'\fI'l' JJ T 110 tW . l'.'/. ".::" C()~J~\ty C'.:~ETc: 1) TTll Qll:t :._.88 Four Irving. -York T_ALT_CHIEF KE~'!~'JZDY Hoad ELLIOTT IT'\. ]\0".uly._)~. on.. FEED 1551 Four HiJ.~i1e Le-..:..l~ h o.7 Road ORDER 70 SH0~ CAUSE \'.:11C' Sth ..t.d i.d in . 1]_ 8. of E}: .9'14. 1::: u~:' L'j con cc.RY RES'_l'RiC.\il~r:' a i. i ~UCH.F~I_ c.. ----- LILLIN.Plank r~I')ad I.e Level Irving. ISSJ.v !IC:tJ.

who are enrolled in srnne type of enrollment ordinance. European. or otherwise.HEREDITH _i1. Vice Chairman :'Ir!. Stephen of 196~~.we as Indians must understand certain facts. To begin with Hr.. that identifies him to this particular tribe *Nor are Indians "Inhabltants§ of a ceded or conquered territory s such as: r-lexicans~ Latin Americansi.: (913)287-2301 october 26. or European descent. C... 20425 Rev..'' '1. Rankin Indians are not Americans. Theodore Boo Hesourgh. Natives.. -. John A. r-1i tchel1 Hr. and Treatles or Florida. therefore. Nanuel Ru1z. Kansas 66102 Tel.dC!j_u\ Law. must be civilized . or Indians.S. we are not entitled t~ cdrtaln basic constitutional rights. Buggs. ~'r)ori~inals. Indians as le~al identifiable members of the human race cannot fulfill the legal requirement of "Porson" which term legally describes a citizen of a civilized nation who by requirements is protected by the l)octr'lne niscovery. or in urban areas.~ Chairman r·lr.C. Frankie F. base roll. Staff Director-designate Dear Sirs: To best under aband the Indian Bill of Rights that is sometimes called the Indian Civil Rights f:. they are Savages. QUI~'1J . 1973 RESillim TO QUALIFY I'lliREDITHf'. tribal roll. . D.. Guadalupe Hidalgo. Robert S.1. Freeman f:Ir. Span1sv sur=name] Puerto Rlcansi cubans(terrninated Indians)i Negro~ or Blacksi Asians. QUINN 43 South 53th Lane Kansas CIty. RIGHTS United States Commission on Civil Rights Division of American Indian Civil Rights Washington. as classified by . or Asia Minor people. Jr. Naurice B. Mr.* That Indians living on the reservation. C. INDIAN CIVIL RIGHTS l'D: .ana ou sana. ex facto LEGAL ADVISOR TO TREATY VS. of 'iI!litc.

_. Lazarus t law firm also represents myreaer-vat t on which is the Sisseton-VJhapeton Indian Reservation. Indian Civil Rights (continued) are not protected on the re3srvation by the tribal system of self-government brought int:_.Cha Lr'rnan of' the tribal ccunc t. Indian governmBnt that was in existence when treaties were signed between Indian Nutions and the United States government._.r V 3. Mr. It was found.iT OF INFOFJvlATION I The cattaraugus Seneca Indians have r'e af'f'Lr-med heir t so1ereignty by first notifying the State of New York that the St3. making them legal instruments and interests of' the government of the United states. This association said t..te of' New York has no Jurisdiction over them. Q. Jr. Pon. with the Cattaraugus Alleeheny-Seneca Indian system of self-government in 1848. 13ill Byler that any Le ga I help to the members of the Nation of the Cattaraugus Senecas would be in direct conflict with the elective system vrh Lch the organization represents. cannot protect treaty rights belonging -2- . Thereby establishing that all legal systems lioensed and credentlalled by the States of the United states and the government of the United states are in direct conflict \. and are best classified legally as: TRIBAL ELECTIV GOVERm1ENTS UNDEn CORPORATE CHARTER. so that treaties. then notifying the federal government of the United states throv~h the Interior and Insular Committee Subcorrunittcc hear'~ngs September 17. Lazarus is·the.. Arthur Lazarus. Resume to Qualify t'1eredith :~. It was also found that Mr. existence. or. legal reprcsentative of the elective system of government of the Senecas also belonged to the law firm that represents Dick ~'Jilson. ex facto Legal Adv t.:-consulting'attorney for an organization called Association of A~erican Indian Affairs in the City of New ougn a telephone conversation with Nl'.s to 'rrea~lp:hts o.ty with the United states government. 1973 that because of Public Law 86-533 federal supervision has been terminated.lith members owing an allegiance to this Indian tribe. The elective systems of government which are instru:nents of the federal government. Lr. the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 and 1950. the self-~overnment systems of 1887. The~c sovernments of elective systems owing their al10Giance to u~e consti~~tlon of the United states are in di~~Jt conflict in rep:~~enting the Indian who has membership to :l 't.uinn.I on the Pine Ridge neserv~tion that brought on the physical confrontation at Houtiaed Knee..nd s and membe rsh Lp will be isolated from sovereignty without 1xCootectionand redress. that one.. There function is to replace traditional r~dian (native aboriginal) governments.:. These'governmental systems that are instrwnents of tile government of the United states are in no \1ay associated to or coming from the aboriginal native.'ibethat has a ti.

Jcc€C51'aroreIgnstatel itith1n the meaning of the constitution cr the statutes __ __Q_9nferr:.h~e the United states ~Jho has not been n~1tur$.:1~1~ trials into a conspiracy case. Quinn. they are not. and entice tribal members to surrender their land rights.i<17i~t:. 6~ pg. are not born in the Unitdd states and suh:Ject to the Jurisdiction thereo:t~ ulthin the meaning of this section. ex facto Legal Rlg!lts vo -. although in a geographical sense born in ~he United states.5: of an Indlcm tribe resid i n3__.~ legally born 1-n the Unltea. The members of Indian tribes are not protected by any system of government having no redress for grievances because these governments are inttruments and owe allegiance to the United States federal government. their ~eso~rces. and to keep any legal instrument from being created or used to prot~ct the members of this tribe. This legal instrument was written to tie the hands of the elective systems of Indian-self-government from interferring with American citizens coming on to reservatlons to c ond emn .Indian Civil Ril3hts (continued) to the members of the tribe" are now governed by a legal instrument called the LndLa. or.t_a=-__ citizen of the United states nor of· the state of his resi. 1971) where I legally represented and presented the~legal prpcedures in which the State of W~shington created these . (1) Indian Title 26..ing_jurlGdictlon on the. This treaty Indian must be able to categorize and avert types of legal adjudication that could conflict Vlith treaty rights of members of Indian tribes._JJLJJ-""o. ~art 3. The Indian Bill of Rights. to purchase.dvisor to Treaty I M0rcdi th 'r. confiscate. Art." -3- .Ed . _~dence2 nor is he a citizen or sub. Amendment 1~.::i~n~tx.h:. feder&l_. courts. paragraph 7 p Elk v. m. 'I'he r-ef'or-e . X X X X (2) United States Constitution. January.i Bill of Rights.. One such case was the Puyallup Fishing Rights cases (at Tacoma~ Washington.64 z 5SCR 41.lizQg_. Sec.. States and tney· have no sovereign government to protect their lands.l.><." A member Law2 state of Now York.:. Jt_ . the United staees Conunission on Civil Rights handling the American Indian civil ~ights must seat a treaty Indian knowl edge ab le in Aboriginal Code and International Law. or the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 are to restrict and control the elective systems from protecting its tribal members. and membership. intimidate. 112 "Indians born \-1ithin the territorial limIts of the United States" "member-s of and owLng immediate allegiance to one of the Indian tribes.. US 91+) 2b L . the Indian Civ.'!f'fl(ins. Sec. l.Re aumo to Qualify R1ghts Act of 1968. any Tndians are not citizens of the United States(l). 1.

Savage. I uaa elected by the traditlonals at vlounded Knee .dses and courts Hhcn it conflicts with treaty Indians to treaty rights.d cmde Legal Advisor to a band of traditionals of the cattaraugus Seneca Indians reasserting their sovereignty September. I remain.N. 1973 as their International Legal Advisor.. Ju. This paper is presented to the United states Commission on Civil Rights to protect Indian members so that their treaties" their sovereignty. I am confident and know that I am a qualified treaty Indian having dealt with Indian Law and jurisdiction for the Laa t eight years and am considered the und i sput.iance to the United states government. Indian~ or Aboriginal Code.::: -4- . (uinn.HCSUffi2 I Advisor to Qualify r.irch 11._ Indian Civil Rights (continued) Hany criminal codes and charges brought against members of Indian tribes could be a.1ercdith n.ed authority on this subject. credentials that qualify are not determined by the present system accepted but by native tradition and culture of commtmity life-styles wh~ch are based on kno~ledge of the subject only. A Sava~. treaty rights and agreements with the United states. ar. their lands and their mineral rights will not be stolen or confiscated throl~h the ignorance of the Indian not understanding International Law wne n it pertains to hi3 reservation.rd often are in direct conflict with 3Gvcrcignty. Identlfln. I am an enrolled member of the base enrollment of the Sisseton-~~apeton Indian Tribe and have declared and announced my allegiance to traditional sovereign Indians and can disqualify by legal briefings any attorneys_. 1973~ and I am also the author of a book entitled: DDakota Proclama t Lcn" ~vhich gives many of these concepts Hith references in this paper. ex facto Legal to Treaty Rights vs. and residing outside the al1e2. To the civilized Persons who arc not acquainted ~lth Native.blc.

dollars per week which cannot be reviewed or disqualified or recorded and is TAX FREE..S.Immigration Dept. .S. Indian. IF the Simthsonian Institution can get Indian treaty monies to make studies on the American Indian and such grants are not open to Indians because such grants are open to only PERSONS which the Indian is . fE! +I TORY but O_f'r'ice:rc arid inY'n'?J" Gi'ficers I~: United States.S.Constitution.e arid crnno t be disputed snc1 is part of cour t h i st. No where do I find that the Internal Revenue Service has the right to make an agreement with Officers-and former Officers of the United States to terminate 2nd escheqt Indian tribal l?nd~ by using treety s ove r e i. was given tax loads for only advanced agents in which he never got the payor credit.Constitution._ IEDIi\NS . because of Executive Order Number 6 of the Immigration Laws which states that the Passport is for his or her convenience as an ~ndian. then there are INDIANS according to the U. IF the United States School Sys~em can get free-built schools yet it is against the law for Indians to attend these schools freely.S. once was aU. the It is d oc un ent.Constitution.s-n rights to the identity of 2_ b e i ng 2..not .Constitution. IF PERSONS who are not yet citizens and are not INDIANS can get Business Loans from Indian Organizations that have a Federal CharterE on Indian Reservations TAX FREE and this same monies are not open Indians.S. then there are INDIANS according to the U. then there are INDIANS according .:a"'permament emplpyee and_was told he h~d~no redress or recourse because he was not a citizen of the UnIted States but an Indian. can get Indian Treaty Monies to pay Each Cuban that left Cuba $144.CbnstittIti IF Meredith Quinn~ an Amer Lean.lnternal Revenue Service referenced recorded.-t o the U'. IF the United States_Immigration Dept.S . Then there are INDIANS according to the U.Interna 1 Revenue Agent without giving an Allegiance.S.S.S.1(juld b ecau se the subjects wel'e nc. then there are INDIANS according to the U. S. and these Indian monies are not open to the Indians on the same basis. Was forced to do the dirty cases without credjt or pay and was kept one day short of being"'.or-y d 2nd r.IF the United St9tes Judical System can get Indian Treaty Monies yet THE WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS is not open to the Arrerican Indian then there Rre INDIANS according to the U.Constitution. Constitution. IF the American Indian can get a Passport from the U.S. then there are INDIANS according to the U.t SIGN_I'. then there are INDIANS according to the U.Constitution. SIGNATORY INDIAlJ 1tJ1.ich. IF the United States Navy can get new hospitals built that will be escheated from the INDIANS for public use.

with the plea that they provide adequate visibility to preclude further shenani~ans by the nonlndian parties of interest. the Indian people appeared at the agreed meeting place ~n the town of Seminole at the appointed time.S. The scheduled meeting was turned into an ambush when. Acting in good faith. the FBI local and '. No railroad representatives. We ask if this is bar-za nfnz in good i faith? It has also been learned that the FBI ambush situation was initiated Qv one Joseph Fasco of the U. Oklahoma. December 12.'lashington offices were contacted and advised that their presence was not legally proper. the railroad has halted service through the Seminole area. showed up. We ask the media to investigate the situation and provide objective visibility.N mDIAN RIJHTS 14 December 1975 NEWS RELEASE There is a confrontation taking place in Se~inole. on the following day an item appeared in the Washington Post indicating that Fasco's wife had been designated a member of the Board of Directors of Santa Fe Railroad. Peaceful negotiations were scheduled to take place in Seminole on December 11 between the SE?-HNOLENATION TREATY PEOPLE and representatives of Santa Fe Railroad over a land lease agreement. desirable or necessary. railroad security police appeared along with FBI Agents with drawn guns. . Local media were cantacted as avert impending violence. the Indian people are frustrated and threatened. it being understood that suitably empowered corporate officers of Santa Fe would be present to represent the railroad. promLsLng further intimidation and escalating tension to the crisis stage. and government troops are moving into the area.FOUNDATION Agoura. which is beginning to assume the dirnensions of another "Wounded Knee". negotiations are suspended. State Department (Why are they involved?) and that. Negotiations were rescheduled for the following day. instead of railroad negotiators. The FBI had neither jurisdiction nor provocation to cause an incident. In the interim. at noon in the town of Seminole.vERICA. CA FOR A. They dispersed the Indians and no negotiations could take place. nor anyone else. Isn't this clearly a case of conflict of interest? As the days wear on.

or concepts of this allegiance.j F 0 ]{ E H !\ R J) /if'/.:I·'VKft:_ ~:I'c:. The citizens and Inhabitant:. making this International Law the only law between nations left to be respected.-J TS This briefing \'13. classified by United states Federal Statutes as 8 Sava~e. or concepts. and we are speaking of that Indian that does not asswne to be a citizen of the United States) having no record or educatlonalrequirements presented to que st Lori from a . The legal sense of this briefing is to establish for the first time since the European first believed he was the super race and had to conquer the wo rLd t. does give this briefing its legal and just existence for the American Indian~ which was restricted by those that manacert Guardianship. of the United States of-America --cannot teach. ~nd if this law does not exist. and not restricted by the laws. from which a treaty was agreed and s1gned~ separRting a winner and a loser of this war.3 r-o acn r'chcd and wr Lt t cn by an Indian. . but. and this practice or policies of relating history to citizen members. because of the allegiance owed to protect the Government of the United states) and thi8 fact disqualifies any of t n« ocLenc es of instruction to History) Law" Government) or HeLll31on. This briefing is outside this allegiance. The concepts of International Law are respected in this brie~ ing which the nations in the world follow because aboriginal code. which permitted all other aboriGinal groups to be in direct conflict and outside acceptance of any social order practiced by this code and ethics of European concepts. or an Inhabitant of a ceded or conque~ed territory. The fa. that are the policies of this Nation.of thR Indian. Alien~ tion and Severalty. and Reservations. man.of A' ough the concept of discovery. instruct. and Territories of his ~ations. there is no law between nations. standards that arc required 1.ations. ethics and law have been destroyed.£ the br LcI'Lng \1a3 in the ar-ea of probl ems that belong to any legal citizens or Inhabitants that owe allegiance to th~ Government of the United States.of the Sovereignty. ( 8) . not a person. religions. or relate) to the American Indian of his lmlque legal sense. claiming none of the professional or academic. that the rest of the populations of the world a3GUme to be corrcct~ is 3o!':18what d Lf'f'er-errt content than wha t actually shou'l be reLa t ed to in d Indians. are in direct conflict with the actual docl~entation between Indian Nations and the Government of the United states. and. which were brought into existence by a conflict of interests and ideologies.ots presently being printed and advertised arc for its citizen members. of America.}) ·PR. settled by a war between these r. Tribe2. the fact that there are international boundary lines between countries of various names.

.that d Loqua LLf'y Lng Lna t r-umcnt: ric ed cd by the Indian when t." • non-Tnd Lan .a t cmo n t that dlst:lnLEU .! 1n'<11:1n b e Lng the! J\rn0. l3ulnhc:J t.y of any f:hroul:~h a cd uc a t Loria I progl':).hc Lndl nn fC'.dverti3f:!m~nt pr o t cc LLon C onc ep t .m of fns t r-uc t ton..)lll:ltl abo r-LgI na1 f'ound Ln what ic 0. This bl'ief1ng 1~.v to any s t..1'- "North and South . tile: v al Ld.lth a relatIon statcmcll~ G~twccn Indlari Tribcs and the Government and history of the llilltcd States. 18 c aI l ed as J an.he que s t l.In tcr'na t 1onrl1 o. when it deal~ w.l t.on of val tdlt..

h se Indian Na t t ons . (sometimes referred to as the Treaty of Queretaro... s haTl cal} t h t n c f t Lz cnah Lp for the IndL.of these sovereign nations by a system of Government that was foreign and not the type of Government) the United States found when making t.. "GUARDIANSHIP" that gives a true leGal identity to the people and Government of the United States of America) to be ac~epted in the eyes (10 ) . or Inhab1. Lr the Thcse type~ of Gov0rnmcnt: .3 promise to the Indl~n! prcsentnd in a legal mLl.LEG I\.presented to those Indian Natj. w l. tYre of gov ernmon t to manage Indian tribal affairs and rule over' members .'.Lz h Lp and constitution I'lr~~ttennd approved by the cnc a Congress of the United States . while the Indian that asswnes he is a legal citizen of the United states. of the United stati"s a ssume d it could enact ]3. These types of government..iN.t c!". --this docs not mean that he is an Inhabitant of a ceded or conquered territory) but exercising his right of OCCUPANCY) which canno~ be changed.t.coun t t. meeting the conditions of the 'I'reaties of FLORIDA) LOUISIANA. It is this "TRUST" or :Jometimcsreferred to as. -. ~"e When the Indian leaves the protection of the c:t zen of tt t he United State3 r wh Lch in turn .V people (American Indians) and citIzenship of the United States in this CCl3e 18 . written from the concept of International Law.e and e cities of the Urlited states. These physical beings are not necessarily conquered.hc trcat. but in the territory that was conquered because of wars between countries that follow European concepts) which is for European or European descent only. GUADALUPE 2IDALGO. by getting these Lnd Lan s to accept a. or set aside because the American Indian has and did win the conflicts between Eur0~ean groups or m8mbers. the Gov e r-nmc nt.. havin8 dnal or multiple nationallties. nf:simll?tes to the ma j or.':n land 8 and coun t r Le s ..i'13 that wo uld termina tc Ind t an Sovel~cl£.E SInce Un i t cd States c Lt Lc ench Lp was o I'I'c r cd to rTl.tants of a ceded or conquered territorles to have c Lt.h1(:h was done.U1 "a pr om. A trust wa~ ~lven to theRe grour~ of European descent people that kept them out of the INTE!U-IATIOI1AL CONCEPT of Inhahitants of a ceded or conquered territory) which legal history shows they very badly kept.. L SEN.. forgot to take this Government with him. . where treaties were signed that Gave ldcntity to t~ese groups cf European de8cent) as a natinn for the first time.nnpr '::hIchthe AmerLcar: Lnd t an ac sume d to be a lC[r. altered. a Now thJ.ons are in direct: conflict to thc t nt eres t s and pr-o t ec t Lon of the Indian that has an d still is faithful to his Indian Nation. are for people or physical beings -that are classified as. or the 'I'reatyof New Mexico) and of course) the Treaty of ALASKA.q nci'! country for' the Indian to move to.

S.1.and statute8 if the . to pass legal enc (11) . organizations. Or pr-o t c c ted by various c1v11 rtc.and policies of tile rest of the wo r l d .z ns . Solicitors of the Interior. which has .J and QUAf)AI.J !1cl.:. the Lnd Lan s that identity a~ act::.ates of America.l: to n PEHson(s)- Beln~ the true citi~cn of the Un1tad Sl.ant. Sav ag es .in(: yJh{tl~. LOUISIAI'ZA.c ) people are the on lv non-European s pcrmittcci to belon~ to thp civilized Internat101FI. Indian3 that believe or ass\une to be United States citizens arc inhabit~nts. that separatln0 this them~elvps from briefing was born. It is this same " us t 'as there is a scpa ration of po op Ies owing a11 ef_>:iance the United states Gov ernrne t .ll and h av e nc vcr changed SAVAGE(S)- B8in~ the true citizen of Indian Nations~ protected by treatics.t:. assuming that all Indians ha~e surrendered their allegiance to their Indian Nations and assumed to be United States c Lt i.TPE HIDI\LGO.!ATURAL and LOCAL alleGiances. ~alled: a people with dual and multiple nationalities acoord Lng to International Law. t Tile SCI. re~uj_rf'ments or l .tc3 that are not European or E\1l'OpI?3n escen t or not.s of FLORIDA.tloDS of Eur-o an or European pc descent.cs this classified of (federal s t a t u t. members of the American Bar and other related State agencies. Clvillzed~ ~urope~n or European dp~c0nt. HISTORY Fo~ a n\~ber of years it has been the practice of the United States Attorney General members. inhabitant type of identity. and associations.atc~J nrotcctcd by the Constitution. H INHADITANTS-rhys!c~l beings lri the territory the lIni ted St3. No allegiance owed to U. lTm'/.i cd St.A. and a "TRUST"-:'ltatus for wlnnin~ the conflicts that gave identity to the first group of European people that is DOH ca lled the Un. to two or more types of European Nations sLd e by side. bc l Leves ('1' a neumc s they are citizeD8 of the United Stat~s.:ttutC'.. sue h H.t. owing 1.sIIIP" that s epar-at e s the Ld en t Lby of Indian Natlons from the Government of th~ United staten of America .t.. br ough t d into exi3ten~e by the Treati.r. j.t their i::. are ::ti.

working ve for this Bureau and according to their civil service employment applicatj. to It come:'. because they cannot pr-eIud La. supplies.:. This ~ractice has been widely accepted by the American Indil because of "ignorance") brought on by educational concepts. and CONCLUSIONS of their actions are held in secret. . for the Bureau of Indian Affairs to continue under the control and part of this Department of the Interior_. RESOURCES. and not to the Indian that was faithful in his allegiance to his Indian that time to name the LndLan l. assumption. no treaty stipulations have been met to Indian Nations.~ll. be Lorig Lng to the En[. allegiances and restrictions laid down to Government agencies that are administrating Indian resources. and the right to act or (12 ) .( . rights.l1shculture. POLICIES.L the interests of the governnent Lc they are citizens of. that Lc Hould separate Indians following the Enclish culture from Indians faithful to their Nations~ and any act that Indians followin~ the Enelish culture would have no pOHer. and other treaty stipulations that were directed t the Indian that was trying to become a United States citizor. to date. There are many people that call t. Today thIs Bureau is used by special interests groups by legal manners that are in conflict with the interests of Indian Nations. and the PRECEPT.. "/ .) Netis. STATl on Indian LAND. lay DECISIONS. so. io they will have to be renamed (i.the Indians that accepted the French cu l ture. gave their allegiance the United States. so.e. and Senators of the United State~ in the. and CIVIL HUHAN RIGHTS that are ambigities in context) omitting the "ABORIGINAL" title and the legal voice review because of this asswnption. files tizo-the Indians that acccrtcd the Spanish culture. Attorneys.hemsel s End t ans.vlns Ims el f to h b~ an Arne!' an ci t Lz en . . CONCEPT. Judges. Then there is the Bureau of Indian Affairs which is now under the Department of the InterJor. and LAHS.. This Bureau was to be the liaison between Indian Nation3 and the Government of the United States.on. presently being practiced on Indian reserva· tions. Also. With the acceptance of certain Indian eovernment systems written by members and citizens of the United states. 1 -. is not in the best interests of the Indian or his lands.j r »< actments that ha~e termlnated certain territories bclonein to Indian Nations. and monies must direct actions in favor of the Government that they are citizens of.

The Indlan about his business of his nation and problem c La ssLfLed as a (Sav~~e. that it cannot protect the legallty of his sovereignty.r an sm Ltt. and other citizens of the Un i. reserva. This elective system of' g ov ernmcn t 1s in actuality an ins t rumcn t of the European system of [!. for their' j us t tce . that this elective system cannot protect its citizen Indian members. or the This briefinG is in this area of law. in direct conflict to the members of this Indian tribe. which is a dir~ct violation of treatJes be t we cri the United st(lt~s and Lnd Lari Nations 1'lhich comes from tho White Man in Indian Territories.Lna L. G 0 V ERN ~ENT It Ls a fact that must be t.e s to AD~lINIsrl'HATE. and his territory. It is the one subject that has hrunpered the (13 ) . It is this same elective system lmder Corporate CharterJ that imposes guardianship over the Indians' lands.d states must._money~ home~.rnment of the United States. is in fact an :lnstrument to be utLl Lz ed by the Government of the United States to centrol Indian Nations. his treaty and his sovereiGnty. that this elective systemJ which has 9nly an --administrative function representing the interest of the Govf.apolo~lzc for.terminate the Indian from h Lc treaty. is in fact. The pract1~e of Attorneyc.and their associates" about their ~usiness of Indian sovereignty problems. This Bureau alonG with United States District iFF El1Clish culture tryIng to become a citizen of the United States. or its territorles. members of tribes.speak from the Indl~n Sov0rctsnty ba3e js lost because changing of allegiance and citizenship. his lands.:have been administrating their European type of justice outside the context al1d jUt'iadiction of theil' ovm laH and IaN structure r Even the Federal Bureau of Inv0stigation which is to protect 2nd investigate murders or murderers of Indians on reserva-tions has failed in their duties. classified as an.qtes from the colonization concept to remove aboriginals in the world from their land base without due process of consideration or redress. REPRESENTING J or PROSECu"TIHG: by writ: or any of the known leg:).ed to Indians. and resources.overnment.ed ta t. Judges. and state lat-[ enforcement agencies to harass and arrest Indians_.elective systrm under Corporate Chqrter. Abo r Lg.lpr'C'ccdiJres that enact the court systems from which legal citizens of the United states depcrid on. that its numbc r one function is to . have even glven permlssion to 10ca1y county.tions and nations) that a form of government presented. for which the Government of the Unitp. S CHARGE. s opa ra t Lng him from the Indian f'o Lk owf. commonly referred to as "European Code and Ethic8"~ This system origln.t.

ent types of allegiances: (1) that Indian believing cLt Lz en of t he United legal proof. The little kno\'m fact of identity for sovereignty of the aboriginal of the world. 1~.9 identified because: Lt.y.and the traditionaJ. even though there has been a great decimation of his knowr edge to his cult~rc which identifies his Sovereignty through r-e Lon .be . England. trc. world from enjoying a peaceful state of affairs. religious. o~ 01asslfied as an elective system under a Corporate Charter. Next. a.r f. t. Because there are legal differences in intellectual concepts between the Indians and i<lhiteNations which G8parate these two and there t s no political. collectively . Portugal.faithful to his tribe. the Indian must understand that in these religious houses (14) .tolof thc United States.:l. or the Cap:1. sover-c Lgnt Nation.t. c r. RusHia. Parliament House 1n England. or protected by the strongest treaties in the territory. IndIans use five systems of religious houses.nd Indians that are in confl ~_c t to tHO d Lf'f'e r-.'. and himself to be a legal states without any (2) ~\'1at Indian knowl ng he t. Francc~ Holland.government. or what ever. can be identified to. lndlviduullYJ or. (2) We have described the elective system which is an instrument of the Government of the United States. the Longhouse. the Sweathouse.and the United States. legal instrlunent in existence 'today that protects the Indian. The Netherlands. arid reI Lg Lori in t h La sense 1. Though the Indians who have memberships identified b~ enrollment ordinances.g first.t Lz. Treaty and SovereiGnty. or otherwise. European type of government. be described as such: using the Indians located in the territory limits of the United States _having treaties. original voice of the Indian which Rlgned the treaties with Spain.s 8. in existence where the Indians of America are presently situated. namely. base roll. the Kiva. can. Canada. this briefand ing prescnted. or) reservation. or. The Indian of the Ame~ica8 because of his treaties~ makes a legal state of aboriginal right~ representing the biggest land base problem in the of hi~ nd I. Next. j --- Governments: (1) A government that is called. These five reliGious houses in C!omparison to European systems of government heads. We ar8 in reference and writing about two types of government. the Tepee. or the Hogan. or tribal rolls. must first announce their allegiance to their Indian Nation. for example.

f~.Lon .1rQ"..) in dO:)c cp t . i .z cd c oric c p t .lyl ..lnc\rlty 11. t o h~3 L.rl Et. f)-r:' ~<ihc o the Inr:l Lan !'t? 2 .'vc·I'(!J[.':)..:"'C"':!!_2. (.:lJlr'r:'l.8 f.lnc~ t.I St.)f:rcr:: terl.n t tha t e.. '.qtj_a~:.p rac tt c e an.. Tnd.rr~8J'8i_.C'.'~ .:. GU~1.r'C' he rc.1 1.h!'C3.'.h e Lr I'rid I a n Na t i.hful t o i.augb t and IH'flcticed .~".". :tj..--~:::>':~ -l.'.! ::I-"':.-. \ .ty.'1__0n.. Ir.) ')"'. 01' Indians that.11'.'·! 1j~01 cc. In1t.:.':.~.'.• _.llct:l.J ~s of IncHan ~:atlons j_~l e:111c~ti~n -r the y cung .n ~r.'''~.n o f [(~vcrn.>cnt o I' :::1.3 c Lv i._'. t (>~ t.r:rJ to ~dI:lc1Lm of hOI.tcs 1.!. So an Indian that i~~ I'a It h I'u" t:I.'l ca nn o t.he Lr (l.. I !l~1. to t. :t::~.:t C:(')~'" I v.uardLanch t p c e as cu and trwy b o c ome t r ent y iy'opl (' p r o t e c t eI h.nt of a cr:c1cd O~' c()[:ht t\r:~_.t~!'-~nat:tO!Hll T.I t.n I) rl~ h{~ .cllt.. '.::l~ic~.".rl t'C"nd. l:: r '.!.~.~shll'.1'.2._ ~ ~ . r.h~ "~:. t :-:... 1.'..rl('J :i.t-.A.nv(~r'(~Jcnty C3.j~:'. _.._. and .-11 ~}1 -.. It 1.:.:)J 1 I~~')_.~·. h.::'·('~..)rl (1.:'.:. i: 5J_'~1 :' f ~(.) t.: (II r-r:::..1 J. full SovC'r.-:.rh{~ l!yl:Lan th8l. 1".U. •.~..).'!C s L'l teel openly of t.' lsdlc 'c ion (~f the ~ov.~-cnty hv ~.r'l:ll!1C'tJ f·h.h o r'Lcht t t o t. !)(' ~~1?:=:.· ' \':hr.11 n.' t hc I!~'~~i..akc b Lc ri~htful p G)'!:·..:. 3. iOI1Cll Il1dJall~: wh e n they h3.. Ls outside th~ s upc rv Ls Lon and ._. that 1'~ Qll::t~:!_rl. :J.'f~ ':..r~t {:jl1- !')r.e:: J~1 rO~\":~r enntl'o111n.:. ccupl0. UY' T_i~) U..!hlc~h ar c i~~)t !}:lJ."'.8 at this po l.)t t. Ln._1.'Jr)~ I) .srI) (.hr)0}_-:.y ~_:~ ~::: ~ -. OT' r-u l C' unoc r Eu r ope an C!.: r ca t.lJ L. 1:-. ct: . to h Un l StC't: t..t .r.nty l·l()r~~~_:.• ah~_\~.icH.:_·h:'l' lC'.'=\!-.h'? ~!'J_:'j =. .tc. 1_1 c 1)1' C.r::.! '" l' 1:':~ t .t l~~'::."'.'JtlC:'l~ ~. '.:11>":.itlltJt~n .oncf?pU: 1'0. Y'l::-l.n o f . .c c t J.t~lcm:l.!1 n':.l.(~]~\J':."1 i."Ti: < or' "l':~''..""l:-"· (If hI .:'OI:'.'1Vt.J.tate:3.:m c·f tr:l"y ('0.{"l~)ti<.on to the Guardian whLch :b t h c United . (rhf~ j":"'.n. . the Si:~.. prac tt c e s anc] b.t cc t or t e t·~rj 03 an. ('.1 ~'-''. t.or'C'te Ch::1rtel' L0 i:.'l:.~f Irl·~1. Thc c l.r~~.:~' :_. -:.)t:s o I' hi.t:::.. ) (1. r ::'r.:)~~ t .tr.I have l.'Jpp.~ IndL'l. '!r!. \1'_"': r:~'r:'~.~_ .3hirJ of she natt.on 1:3 pr-o t e c t e d Ln ~i."_J C'ti:!::'J.dt. (l~~.j~ r.I'l11..."}'-ltY. To f'u r t h e r: the in.Lan tt~r.!l~ i_rn:Lt~.n !.'J~'! hav I ng it..!lievcs in 11:l8 t r ad Lt..1l~Ol'(·'J !'~7 .ni .i_'!:J t':Y~"lY rood.:Jty Unl t c. beC011C8 t ha t Indian. . L '-1 r. Th'.. _. 1) f:~ C" Q. _.h e b c n e f Lt (~f S:.'\:~':r"' ~ ~.') f Lci in InG _tcrn<.'th c'r South r fl.o r Lg Lna ILy all conc<'Tk: !-o hi.8i.l0n::1tlr.t h ow :tn tht~ .J Y:C't t .: I. -:->:.' ::. and So v c r c j Cnty in I t3 full (.. r~l f"). CCl'[.Y>(:..r.ll In'J l'ltl II1s'r. :-. lIe (l.::.. '-b'l~: \'l'~1.t.'3.le!l uc a t e i~h0 TrC. Lori =..t·"ctlr:'n.1'1"S Ln 1'\.!?J.d0..'!.lC!l l:.l Law 3. ':'!"J~!.:T'n. 1'.'!l .'~'Cl\'...Incr.:'.f' 1-·hr: iJni~~E>: '::lcc'tive ::. .n~' ho.'1 :...')~ ~~/ ~0 .!~~~i:1ltl:L~>~ ll>:-'\'~1 t~~ S()\I"~\''-:>Jc. Jd)or'l.:1.ntc'olllnr:.on c:r-. :':'d'. ': r:.~ l'r!:n':?:1t of th~ Un:t t: I"(j stat~~J or t n e Government t ha t I..)t '.Tr~::].:1:.1b~l'::_.J !::f_.-: 'T""".~..-.t.:-~.'J.~tr.' !li:: 'l't':lbc~ n')tt0~:. ~~e prcd>:ctr"_l r-:y tl':'v-'l~tiOI1RJ. h.:llV'0tJ'.: t j_ t u t 1.nd ne8~l'\'.""}1 '': }..~}~)r~·::·~!~~ 11:1~ :l.f~ ..~n. 'l'hl~)'.. fl..1'11 n .j _L. no r ch oo l . _ .n~thnlc l".:alJy C'~:i::l):n~!~ an l:1hol)i.v o sy s t em of Lnd Lari Go v c r nmcn t can a I s o b·_::>J nos.:~\. I •.-.tJnc te\.)' r.: 1._l'/~n f.s!) 'I'h« c:.:1nd 1Il(.hl _"" roll '~~' hI:'.l.Lv' .t:v.WI r~C' "!h 1('h 11'11.I:t''1nship of the Indian I n t h e country T(!hr._: t..'~"I.J_£:n t.'ltcJ in l:l11Ci!l the c. 1J ~'.::.~lt(_)r'J' ~'Jl\-hr:~l1t ~'~:--:ht.~~.y \':ert:' t.'1 t r Lbc arc t r8.ltutt.~ C r. 1t :l ~ n r:..::')1:P: i~hr: ~':at'i C'Yl::: anI nrooo1cf' o f' the ~':.l1ty ..1ul. t .3 .~1d hs v e :'~:vi~ t 11(~ In:11 o. r 1.!!":"'()~Io:':~·.·~:.:Jdc2.b e- fnJ 1 citl.i::.-!"~':.'"~~ ~ l..j.:..::Y'~l:tnt:.:lr:l' h Lr: :::n1. It CAT ::!: 0 rI can nr)'''l to cl.t':' 1."'11'" 0'In.r_l!121]y ii"nl.. n s ub.J •. CU::l r(U.3 n 1·1 C '... It L._1ur.

lc1Yn.cnshi~.z cd man ha s .) ar:loDS th~J_r cwn r·~or]c.b l e of pre s erit Lng a J PC.i. to take uron them~elvcs the duties and rcsr~~81b11jti~s of cjtl7..G) . of th. found ruuong y our.n:: foY' th~ Inl~£:'11f>('tll·1} t'n.I'eSS no lonce!' h as thf> . ':'1') (2) ..~26 - 1973) This briefinc II shall be known as: ArID ('x pat' t~. chapter CDC.F.n E1ttltuJc fc)r Lnd Lans to othc:c nn t t ons from Indian Nation3 ia this brlRflne fulfilling the requir0ment. capnbl~ o~ prcpar ir:E_:: thE' End jan Y011:1C: p e o p I e to ear-n a l:t'ling (2..'8. To do schoo10 r.sal Lnd epe nde nt.('l'J')l' 'l a l.~r:: Dr s o hoo Lc an1 an orGanlzat1o~..Ll. or ~errlt o r t o s ~ (25 C._':l~s that \1/0111(1 n-vc r C11Jn.:.G. in c cmpe t Lt t on \'lith his '. pr("r_12T..Th~ f::11 oh'j_nc ~'::l.'IVE COUnSE OF STUDY l·'OR unrrr:» STI\TES llIDI/\!J SCIIO('-'T. appendix l. A t o t ha t c Lv l. ~:y3l... Ln s t r urnen t c apa.'!"?! c on t. or Re~trictcd status of Indian lands. HAn !1A})T OF AD~HSSI0H P:\IVATE RIGHT. It23. rec]11:Lt'p.).'r't.ng0 of plenty 8.emp late a c o t l C[. not or un Lv er s Lt v . InrUan c(_\\~ld ncv c r br:.t t i cn with their whit~ ~rcthren. s o I' po ILc y : t hc or IITEIlTf\'1.tor'y for c~llege cntr~n~c.G 2.~-.ns t t r-at n I~he Inclian youth of both sexes.. as a :~t:)nrJ:ll'. because the United State8 Qov~rnment with EY0cutlv~ OrdcrG~ .lth fen' the ne ecl hl" hO\1~Je.lfy In(11rl.> dOC2.J.~ such R :"'Jli." y ." x x x (J.iurl. Th:U. ~Ch001 1:12.L'r~p.dlction to pr()~cct Trust.-h'vln pnl t. t e r f..y t11.:tnd Ac t s of Con1:.-! .-=i\\'ay from the 7:'('<:'e r v a t Lon home and in c ompct. -Dera.11c1 v/(~.) Lf) the bl~::~:l.H't:l'('nt of thr• Ini'. 110r could he ov e r Le a r n t he ]"1'>quf.c r En Lnd t..n.'Jhtt~ br-e t h r c n .l. 42}t s h25: J.8 or P...r-emen t s that ar-e needed to develop h ls Indian ~!at:ton. Sovercir.

116Ji The Sc cr-o r'v of the Intert.. or diagrams wIthin his custody. agent3. and attorneys before being recocnized as representatives of claimants.n lor may pr'C'GcrTOerules and reGulations GOverning the recoenition of acents. records.. II S TAT E MEN T OF IMP R 0 PER D E FEN SE QUINN . maps. S--:-C. papers~ docur. or other persons representing claimants before his department. or an Lnhab t t. and may require of such of a c cd ed or conquered t. plates. J. th1 So c ornp LaLn t pr-c scn t ed BLANKETED IN CONCEPT..A.ns. educational Instltutions.l71anist corporations3 and all courts at all levels.cuardianship i~ out~ld6 thesc laws and codes. the structure and jurisdiction of It is a180 the practice of the Federal court system with their judges to accept and place on court ca. the r co our c C3 of the American Indian lliltilhe can in8tltute pL.the Interior. _ All r-ec or-d of End Lan c and Indian rights and pr ope r ty are s -ptotected under this a~t or statute. or an educational system to teach the procedures to the American Indian. makt.te~. t It is becallse of this lone. or any uf the officers of that (18 ) . or a vi. attorneys. Citation: PARTS TO: "ex parte DAKOTA Department may.C.:-.A. FREE OF AMBIGITIES IN CONTEX1\ and OUTSIDE OF CONFLICTS OF IHTERSSTS J to FHOTECT" t hc land sand. who have been charged with a crime that only a citIzen of the United ~t3. 1}~60 The Sec r e t ar-y of .e rr Lt or-y .1ents. that they shall show that they are of good 1.lendars and Log s where hearings and trials of cases involving Indians and Indian problems omlttin~ ~uardian~htp or its jurisdiction of the American Indian.1~ h~ u. and hu.iting alien.opRr action to have his GUARDIANSHIP reviewed fairly and co~rectly. when not prejudicial to the interests of the Government~ furnish authenticated or unauthenticated copies of any official books.. Clt~tlon: U.1\CTION: PART ONE OF SIX PAPERS". accepted practice and because there is no law or court system located in the territory limits of the United States that deals in International Law. It also disqualifies all organlzatlon(s).

or attorney shown to be incompetent.Now . stores. Wilbur 1932. letter.C.S.. 123. 05().7~2J 29 Wash. defin(~c1 by s t a t u t es as ~fu1te or European or European dcscent. Co). along with the Indians' personal rights. or c ond I t Lon that i~1 pr el ud Lc La I to the intere~ts of the Government of the Unitod Statos of America.C.S.tions to enable them to render such claimants valuable service.S. after notice and opportunity for a hearing.2d. BRIEFING: 'Legal fact. 36 s.E(1.aLon of their claims 'and such Sect retary may. ao 31L~. 21_)9F.. 42 C. appeal d t sm. and Severalty. circular. G1 App.lro i.S.J. ~~Ol.. and controls all records of ~~erican Indians in the United States by order of the President. 599" 241 U. 779. C)O J~. of each Indian in the United States. agent. 'l'he Secretary of the Int. by word.S.have -a ·fair and juct trial when charged with crimes that have been written for American citizens and the inhabitants of a ceded or conquered territory. of lal'l(Titl e 28 Judiciary and Judicial Proccdut'es~ 8cGtion 1733) and no court can by writ force the Sec r e t ar-y to open for review' _ any records or doc ume nt a t Lon so that an Ind12.C. possessed of the necessary quaJifica. the Secretary by law (43 U.C.l cd . 50 App. 1916. the Secretary of the Interior has the Authority to dictate to the courts at all levels} t.A.Ct. v. if the r ecords show the Government of the Un 1 ted State s in an act. Ih60) docs not have to show or make ~ory or distribute the knowledte of them. 2n par-ag r aph 1. D. 43 U.Ec1.A.S. beinr.ulatloD8 from enforcing an order or writ or even relating the legal identity and rights (19) . 1 parasraphs 1: 2. or who shall \'lithintent to defraud in any manner.hc a. 278) 42 C. Lane 1920. 632. or who refuses to comply with the said rules and regulations. suspend or exclude from further practice befor'8 his department any such person. U. 42S.s sLbll J~y ac f:vld~nC'e of these records or documentation in a c cur t. si t ua t Lon . Ih57 note 17) and all attorneys licensed by the various state bars and C). This control includes Guardianship. and if aorne one should g e t s orne of this documentation from the Secretary anJ tries to use it in a court of law.S. J . (Lane v. deceive. Srokan~ County 69 P. and otherwise competent to advise and assist such claimants in the pr-e serrt. or by advertisement .S. 202. mislea1J or threaten any claimant. 201. . Alienation. D.V.1 Stoo](ey v.gentsor pcr-s onn ("Person!:!". or prosp~ctive claimant.erior . 522.n cou1d.protects. 258 U. Fraz~e v.) are rootric tcd and held by an allegiance and rules and rer. 5R F. .moral character and in C00~ repute. disreputable.66 L. Dist.c+.

stores. whenever this condition exists with the Indian. the records show the Government of the United States in an act. CONCLUSION: Therefore or therein or wheresoever.C. and prosecution would present that part of court procedure that would be unfair and outside the concepts of justice and the beliefs of the Indian that he. Indians charged with crimes that come in conflict with his Indian identity either encompassing the concept of tribal or the word or sound or the law of the Indian. lIim_ proper Defense. or United States federal or Supreme courts.. and this limitatIon can not be revealed to the Indian bj wor d . Legal fact. could not fairly ." S TAT E MEN T -A T TOR NEYS oF AND DIS J U D G E S. This control includes . so whenever this situation occurs. whether it comes from Township.Guard ianship r Alienation r and Several ty of each Ind ian in the United states. situation. if they decided to present the Indian problem or case that would enlighten court procedures or protocol in favor of equal facts and evidence for Indian and nonIndian. county. city. So.1464). because the Judee that would lay his decision from the evidence could only come from this restrictive presentation (43 U. and controls all records of American Indians in the United States by order of the President. state. was getting a fair trial and his presentation and representation could have a fair judgment. town.C. he has no proper defense or protection to a fair trial or hearing. if.1460) does not have to show or make (20) .A.S. is outside the representation or prosecution of the American Indian. the Secretary by law (43 U. The Secretary of the Interior protects.of the Indian or his records.A. the Indian can not be brought to trial and the reason will simply be stated as. So any court or court system within the United states or possession of territories. and restrictions. -there can be no representation from the leGal services or associations that belong to the American Bar or other related associations. and any attorney or judge licensed by same. and this same Judge could not protect attorneys from state or government oaths) allegiances. QUA L I FYI NG QUINN PAPERSII• ACTION: PART TWO OF SIX PARTS TO: Hex parte DAKOTA BRIEFING :. and this nct or laws make it impos3ible for an Indian to be represented by consul of law that would be fair and just. c t rcular. along with the Indians' personal rights. letter" or advertisement. or concepts.S.j ud g e or try by law. organizations. NOW. or condition that is prejudicial to the Interests of the Government of the United states..1460. an Indian on his Treaty rights to his property or territories.

that are influenced by Oat hf a ).hrm . It is the rules and regulations that the Secretary of the Interior must prescribe. Wilbur 1932. or his records. 42 C.deit Lrnpo ss Lb le for an Indian to be represented by consul of Jaw that would be fair.D.when charged wj. or adve r t Ls cmen t .t h Ln trw United States or possessions or territories ~ could not f8.restrictivc.632. Now. Lane.J. 69 .S. by law a~ Indian or his rights or property or territories.trl.S.2d.S.801. Fr'a~ee v. Dist. allegiances.dcnc for Indian and non-Indian. Allegiance(s) of the country that the Secretary of the Interior represents and the cOlli1tryhe (21) .599. and rules and regulations from enforc1ng an order or writ or even relating the legal identity and rights of th~ Indian. and this limitation _cannot be revealed to the Indian_by word..S. 1916~ 36 S. SnokElne CO'lmty.ulatiotl~t118. and attorneys which shall be p2rmittod to practice or represent claimants before his depar-t men t . t the ~~(~cr"etary of t. 1464) of such persons.S. 258 u. presentation.S. 50 App. £iane v.s. 43 U.779. 1920.copy or d t s t r i but e the k. e So any court or court syc t. appeal disnissed.:":H'llcdce t. 1~3.and Just trial. if these same attorneys decided to prescnt the Indian problem or q_ase ~that would enlighten court procedures or protocol in favor of equal facts and e vi.) are reGtri~ted and held by an alle~iance. D. and this ac t: and 'l aw nn. 1 Parae. g. 201~ o-L:Ed.Ct. 58 F. 278~ 42 C. ("PERSON" being defined by statutes as White or European or European descent. 42 S. ct.raph I.C. 314.Lon \<1 . 522.' and JWJ t J and pr osec ut. Stookey v..9S6.28 Paragraph 1. the rules and rel:.A. o omc of th 'l d ocumen tat ion f'r-om s the S8C r-c ar y t of the Interior and tries to use it in a CO\ITt of law.1457 not~ 17) and all at t:orneys licensed by the V:1r Lous s t a t e bar-s and agents or persons. circular. and restrictions.'iudGe or try . because the Judge that would lay his decision from the evidence could only come from this.C.Ed.A.em w l. the Secretary has the authorIty to dictate to the courts at all 1~ve13 the admissibilIty as evidenc2 of these records or dOcl~entation in a court of law (Title 28 Judiciary and Jud:tcial Procedures" s8Gtion 1733) a!1d no court can by writ" force the Secretory to 0pen for review any records or documentation so that em IndIan could have a ~air.202.C.u ld present that pa rt of court pr-o c ed ur-e that would be unfair and outside' the concepts of justice and the beliefs of the Indian that he was getting a fair trial and his presentation and represeritation could have a fair judgement. 269 F. U. and if someone of should gei. 61 App.hc Interior g0v~rnln~ the recognition (43 U.129 VJash. 66 L. and this same Juuge could not protect attorneys from state or government oaths. Col. agents. v.S.C. letter. 7(32.crimes that have been written for funerican citizens and the inhabltant$ of a ceded or conquered territory.J. 241 U. 2.

state. 1£3 n.o the Amcr Lc an Lnd I an . 15 S.57h" 4h L. is Land that js 1~I·Cl.11160) 1 S TAT J URI S D I C T ION ( Prepared by the author .nt. and the J'eaSOl1 1\'111 slmply be e t at cd as. PART THREE OF SIX PARTS TO: QUINN PAPERS".t. 12 S.h'ash. 258.S. state or Government a.11 attorneys and .Ed. which are people protected by the Constitution of the United States (Knl~ht v .exand'2r'" Wi1.Ct.S. Ih57 r o t e 7 paI'af~raph 3) and publi~ 18. and .I1.) Excerpts and concepts tal<:en from this book by permission of author. and any attorney or . The r-u l e s and r cgu La t Lonr.A. At. tribes) or reservations.ji'! av a L'lab l c tCJ citizens or the UnI ted S t at e s and inl1:). city. 372. 39 L. 937.l1 tS. corpora-tion (profit or non-profit) or any nne owing allegiance to the Sovereignty of the United states of America can relate t h e a e facts t.s Indian identity ~1th0r e nc ompa os Lng the concept of t r-Lba l Or' the w()rd ()r e ound <:11:" the law of the Indian.from t h e lecal services or aS30ciatlona that bslong to the American Bar or other rel~te(i a~sociatlons) ~rganl~at10ns3 or ~oncepts.S. l~3 U.C. county.ct. 1895 .C. or wheresoever End Lan s char-ged w1th crimes that come in conflict with hl.jurJge8 t hat a r c in the l~rofession or bua.C. and the people of this country can only be from the viewpoint that will protect the people and the Government of the United states s o 8. 9·%.S.. there co.judgo licenser! by s arne . United L<1.n be: no r-e pr-c s c n t a tt on . or the UnLt cd 35 on occurs) the In(118.1 court or Supreme COl. ITR U.e..• l"Icredi th f'1. to prC8C]''1C 1. QUinn I'r om the hook "DAKOTAPROCLAr1ATION"pg. 97..110.nd. "Improper Defense".sh.l ne s s of law and its practtces} are person(s) and people that belong to the concepts and b~licfs for the United States of America and not Indian Nations.r Lgh t s of the people of the United States.Judc.gency. '1'1)7 r-o t e 6 paragraph 5. 1:3 a c Lt Lz en of" CONCLUSION: Therefore.Ed.'.Cal.hl s s t t.:lrd v.Ed. "ex parte DAKOTA E MEN T 0F E X C L U S I V E' f~CTION: (22) .1 Assoc'n. Diller. 96. Because of this condition the Indian ha s no proper defen~e or protection to a fair tri~l o~ hearine. so -whenever t./\. 1l57j Orch. influenced ~y oath(s) and a.1.. wh8ther it comes from tow~3htpJ t0wn.S. (J~3 tan t s of a ceded or conquered territory. b e c a uc o it wou l d prejudicial th(~ Ln t c cc e t a of the Governmp.t ha t ar e laid down by the Secretary of the Interior.1900" 20 ney or . )I~ U. 635) 157 U. is outside the representation or prosecution of the American Indian.Tl cg Lanc c f s ) of the c Lt Lze n s hl p of the country t h Ln Secretary represents.S. Hal'llev v.ct. l\J.n cannot: b~ brought to trJ8. OJ' there in.97lr..tos fC(lCr2.

-Halbert v. Alienation. l. v. Pc:..170. 795.. v.. resources. reversing.I.A .rn. rn . law 6r statute. 18 F. and the Secretary. URS.-U.S. his right of occupancy). 38 F. r..nted albert v~S.SO) Wash.781f.5InJD.U~le his Jurisdict tion when it cannot prove that any cxistinrr tribal relations or.S. - 1'.2d.reeri1.Dewey---eounty.1.•U.731.. Pr-e a Ld en t . and the Government of the United states..Ed.2d.C. v .Ju~. 75 L. 799. S. 805._.11 and civil libcr'ties of United States ct't Lz ens given to End Laria • (J~~~[~er.N.s .) }I.. U. 282 U..Ed. and r-e cr'vatrons and thl:::.s.2d.2<.S. This que s t ion of jurisdiction.1182note 1~9(a) (3)).278) ..561.Gouj.Ct. Tribes.. and Severalty be relieved.n Land Base Rightsd Courts have no Right( s) to aSS1..0\. Salbert. 31 C.. v C1 . 278 u.-1tJol. 27 ?Supp.<1:'1.2d. U.J..ct. 27 Ct. and which is in direct conflict of Indian land.lty of Sal::uncn~0.S. H 51 S.753. Tribes. v. is the exclusive right of Con~ cress. v. or under the protection of a Nation other than their own. C. and riehts BRIEFING: Citizens or members of Indian Nations. certiorari denied 49 s. or altered as long as the Indi~n has not asked that Guardianship.CTION: PAR'r FOUR OF SIX PARTS TO: PAPERS" . guilty or not.i.S. v. where Juris Prudence has not been agreed upon between Indian Nations~ tribes.COtv7PLJUNT: Charging by writ or other related systems of court procedures used to brinB physical beings to the decision by either juries or judges. Provoe . affirmed" C.Ed.S. A l'v1 E R I C A N AT EMENT 0F C I T I Z F.1pOn betwcen the United States and with InJian Na t Lon .820.llcm-Jsky. and Reservations cannot assume to have obligations to.' 0F L0CA T ED u INDIANd IP IN L I [·1 I T S TEREIT0RY NITED 0F E U TH A M l:' R I C .'isd1Gtion13 s questionable becau~e(the court3 of this country has never been opened to the Indi2.2d. -U. or reservations. 57 App. 14 F.A '"' T A T E S 0F .S.~k v. U.ct.C. 1339." 26 F. (U.D.""1')If9.)D. 318. t ho quc n t Lon 01' ~harc:es or crimes that conflict Lnd lau la~'1 ac. HoLf son . 51 S.C.n. H C' S ..615. because United states citizenship and Indian Exclusive Jurisdiction control a.C.) Dewey v. 75 L. . 33 F.S. changed. u. 73 in direct conflict due to Indian Sovere1>'. 33 F.S. certiorari c.23.2d. affiliations have terminated or dissolved because the Indian having left Indian Sovereign Territories (pract icine. 38 F. or the lack of it. of American Indians.8oQ. ~rC' '1' J[ J:. of a complaint to a code.94.434.A.Y. ex rel. U. (23) "ex parte DAKOTA QUINN . U.S. D. 283 U.C. of the Indian which cannot be set aside.

592 and no ~ore than 4. the authors knew little or nothing about the INDIAN OF THE Ar·1ERICAS. But if the Indian had been described as such. IS ALWAYS A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHOET!" Enough has been written about the Indian. No one is more aware then I.3. . making another such book alittle late and out of place. long used As a Indian Hard-core Activist for over 18 years I found this english phrase fitting the circumstances of the Indian on each new reservation visited.IERICA S which always has been. over 15 years of research into all cultures.EATOR. It could be recorded in civilized books as the condition best describing the Indian. you know this handful of Indians who know their culture including the knowledge of their Clans can be no less than 2. it is a condition that fits an. ONLY A HAKDFUL WILL [v:AKE THE GREAT . t:AT THE EKD-TI!'J!E.)20. that anyone can conclude that there arises questions that cannot be answered that contradicts this english phrase. the HmIAN OF THE A~J!ERICA '. To best und er-s t'and . GREAT SPIRIT for the INDIAN OF THE A~. of the hundreds of books written about the subject. OF THE AMERICA'S T along with the knowledge of legends and prophecys to this culture. perhaps were years spent standing in the way of the r·~aster Plan of the CR. Others who have no tribal knowledge and not Indians can be no less than 2. To BE and know \lIRA or WHO is the INDIA~. ' "THEINDIAI'.)20 who will follow the Indians. one does wonder if the 18 years spent in direct conflict with the United State Government over Indian issues.·J:GRA TIm:! 1~ By culturual teachings.english_phrase and assocciated with' Indians.I N T ROD U C T ION ! . which have been done with a touch of authority. However.•• '. it would prove that the most written about one subject in the world.592 and no more than 4. what is or who is. ' Some of the Indian prophecies create this conflict. is the key to best understand just what is the AZTEC STOHE.

To be able to understand the Aztec Stone. it wasn't done ~o killed the Indians which it did. When they brought S~~LL-POX blankets to the Indian reservation~ as part of treaty stipulations. To say that the builders of the Aztec Stone believed in Human Sacrific and had a need to be nourished with human blood and hearts. who even had it down to how certain medicines react differently to different ethnic groups. Then and only then did scalping become a crime against human i ty and to this day. dollars was paid for an Indian Scalp and ~any a White Man became millionaires from this going business. If 90% of all modern medicines to day came from Indian knowledge of medicines of the past which the Department of the Interior comp i Led in a set of Volumes between 1900 to 1914 on all medicines of the Indians. had learned from the White Man and proved they were better at it. Scalping came from the Civilized Castle Dungeons of Europe as a method of torture. The p~ayer-line found in some churches was introduced by Indian tribes. when the Sioux discovered the White Man feared being Scalped more than anything else in his life. for human sacrifices. As high as $12. However. is almost as bad as a Medicine Man in the state of Oklahoma who stated that he had to teach the young Braves liTheScalping Ritual. this knowledge of the Indian could not have come from doing human sacrifices. Now.1I When I told him that the Sioux only perfected Scalping that they. it was never part of any Indian Culture. For so-called born again christians. but by trying to save human lives. but to test the Indian to see if they still had their knowledge of medicines and to see if they still had their spiritual power to throw off diseases. they perfected and started scalping Whi te Me n . no white man has ever tried to scalp another Indian. But. . to be one you have to be able to pray for t~e sick and heal them. all one has to do is take out all their information on Indian Cultures and the pieces will fall into place. It was brought to this part of the world and used openly on the Indian.

conditions it means that each of these objects under normal on Earth. the second part of the Creation Legend. he must first know the markings that identifes a literary trail to the culture. "They are the languages and writtint method handed down by the CREA TOR. 2. what your eyes see and what the mind understands is absolutely nothing. Unless you have learned the literary trail. The same is true of the Indian of the America's. to the Indian. perhaps they can tell this poor dumb.ASTAZpT. EARTH LAKGUAGES. what the eye sees and what the mind understands. makes a sound of a syllabel in the order of the objects drawn to this sacred name. but for three years there appears to be . If one is to add a mathematical pro~lem or write a sentence in english. i a c cumu La t es axz c t Ly like the OLLn'I l\!OVEMEN~ the AZTEC STONE. but both' of life and aletter is placed before one in Arab. the sign of the concept separater would be made and then three Earth objects would be drawn in the tribes motiffs in a order. They are the ff.\ This is taken fron the tribe of TSIMSHIANS and it calculates and show that the Second_Innt~r Circle"is a Turtle. is absolutely nothing. the time needed for certain items mentioned 1. If one has only studied english all of their \ . If there has never been two Moon Cycles the same in time since the beginning of time. Translated. If an Ancient Indian was asked how to write the sacred name of the CREATOR. GREAT SPIRIT. _CR!"A T SPIRIT .Sioux Boy from the plains of South Dakota. If any claim to be the descendants of I!At. When on the AZTEC STONE. between the positive years and the is the true separation negative years?.r-st and are called. There is even a reason why you are drawn to the writting method of tr Indian..

083333?. Why is there a discrepancy of 15.015625 on the calculations on a full Earth day as compared to other places of l5. we are looking at an object that has been written about in the past without the viewpoint of the Indian. or could the AZTEC STONE have been remade and this discrepancy put in there? However.a close relationship to continueing cycles. but the fourth year the Moon cycles are so foreign that any previous cycles are lost for references. . 3. which one of the four years does one use for calculations?.

go to your Library and read the books on Ancient cultures and you will find that the Sun Cod or Sun Sign is Universal amcung Ancient People which includes the I~DIAN OF TH~ A~~EICA'S. f SUN CIF.:C!_E GOD RMGST This is TONATIUH.TON INN ATIUH . Washington. they would be ready to turn these authors over to some D. Eastern Canada. Oregon.A. t hr-AZTEC SUN STONE or CALENDAR. Novia Scotia. To proclaim to the world that this a Sun God who believes in human sacrifice having the need to be nourished by human blood and hearts lived and Alaska can tell you the meaning at the same time Ancient Indians and in the same area. lmost certain that any Boy a Scout who co~y after Indian Cultures from New York.Agent because whatever they are smoking its pretty dangerous stuff and its not Indian Ceremonial Tobacco. which is completely .E. I'rr. Better yet!! Without having to go and visit an Ancient Culture. Sun God of written about. of this symbol. This they will not dispute If one could open up Medicine Men or Women to give an opinion on this drawing. as by hundred of authors on the subject.

and Baskets identical in every aspect or with no changes as found in Mexico. there is no dispute that the Iroquois Confederacy are descendants of ATLANTIS.foreign and unknown to the descendants of these Ancient Indians. Does these Confederacy members have an object in Indian call= TONATIUH. Rituals that would give a clue as to what Anthropologist the Sun God? The answer is YES!!! In fact they can prove that one has been given to almost every major Royal Family in Europe as a gift. From here one west on Nex'i co Hig:lway 40 to Saltillo. T! If any Confederacy members wish to visit this area. lived Indians in the past that called themselves ATLANTES. t r'ave s L which is the Capital for the state . TITheVero and Melbourne 1":an.· 1950. At the New York Academy of Sciences. of Coahuila. Texas and then traveling Mex i co Highway 85 south to !v:onterrey. it can be reached by starting from Laredo. It is called: "A FALSE FACE. At the Lake region of "Coahuila!! in the country of Mexico. Today you can see and visit members of the Iroquois Confederacy who made Wampum Belts. dres.

string is attached in the back so that it can be hQng up.!e two weeks each mo cnd ng the mush of \'JaS gone along with the water. they are replaced by ones made from some type of metal and attached to the face generally by being nailed in. and at the end of this time. but a sYmbol of a Grandfather spirit of the past which provided the wisdom and knowledge so that the tribe could go through a major global catastrophe without any harm. and analyzing as anyone who researches as I do. (Dakota) Winter Count. answer all the pur-pos of the AZ'rFC ST:JN fI'0NE. es S including The false face now identifies what the purpose of the AZTEC STONE is.. I am as logical. The hair is real human hair many times donated by a religious Indian or one who may have spent a year in rituals to overcome or change alife out the mush and water each evening. The ears and rings in the ears also made of a metal.. and mouth craved out. and attached to the head. The AZTEC SUN STONE . SCientific. nose. Next comes the unusual. But it is the basic beginning t£nchings to the False Face which can the six beads.It"is"not a SUN GOD who believes in human Sacrifice that must be nourished by human blood and hearts. In the CC'af'. yet I witnessed a power that takes place in the ritual of the False Face. With the eyes. the false face is hung on the wall. In this ritual. But all begin td_th the same basic Teachings. and this event had six witnesses who will verify it. Like the Sioux . Each evening ft bowl oE mush and a glass of ~~ter LS placed next to the false face. the hair grow four inches on each side of the false face. The face is craved out of a b'Lo ck of wood and the type of wood depends on the purpose of the False a tribal Prayer Wheel which will tell of a major event that happened on earth and give most of the necessary details.The Iroquios Confederacy religious False Face is truly a prize. Bear in mind no one but myself was permitted to be near the F~lse A small leather Face which included put t i.

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