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Com156 Week 8 Checkpoint

Com156 Week 8 Checkpoint

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Published by Jinger Pasternak
Com156 Week 8 Checkpoint UOP AXIA COLLEGE
Com156 Week 8 Checkpoint UOP AXIA COLLEGE

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Published by: Jinger Pasternak on Dec 01, 2011
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Each point and topic could have had a subtopic. At that point. It gave examples and more in depth information to the information that I already had to offer. So I started to add additional information to each topic point creating subtopics thus making my essay much more informational and understandable. going further in detail then which I had shown or mentioned originally in my outline. I seen places that I could have elaborated to make my outline better. It gave rhyme and reason to why I was suggesting the theory that I was. My outline could have been more detail orientated. I was able to provide additional information to each topic that I had listed in my outline. Having the type of outline that I had just helped me to make a general essay. I then proceeded on to over view the three paragraphs that I had wrote based off of my original outline only to see that my paper was in fact lacking something. When using definition to help formulate the point I was making. So having the three main points and three topics listed under each point. it brought it out in each subtopic. was not enough. I see where I could of made better points and more subtopics to help support the main topics and points. Looking back at my outline. However. all the information that I had provided was a bit evident and I needed something a bit more to help convey the point I was trying to achieve. After a few weeks have passed and I wrote out my rough draft.After carefully reviewing the outline I had posted in week three. I used contrast and comparison to give credible examples with sources noted to help enlighten the reader to be able to not only better . I had provided a thought or theory to which I was trying to express myself with voicing my opinion exactly. I decided to add more definition to what I was writing not to mention adding in the contrast and comparison as well. But writing the rough draft is what really help me to see that the information I had was not enough and that I needed to add to it to make the essay more interesting to the reader and more informational as well. After adding those elements it help bring more light to the information that I was trying to convey. I had already elaborated on each point. The points and topics that I provided were for general use as a rough outline I would say. After I had finished explaining and giving examples as to why.

but rather stick to what they felt relevant about the topic that I had chose.understand why I was justifying my theory and why my theory was a legitimate one at that. If I did not provide the comparison and contrast I think that the readers may of not been swayed to see my theory as I did. .

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