C 4Ŧ Accordlng Lo Parlsh 8l[oorŦ (8rand SLraLegy

ConsulLanL)ţ lLs lmporLanL for a sofL drlnks player Lo be
hlghly vlslbleŦ 1he facL ls LhaL companles are flnally
paylng heed Lo Lhe polnL of saleŦ As l keep saylngŦ Lhe
polnL of sale Loday ls noL [usL LhaLŦ lL ls a polnL of
markeLlng and adverLlslngţ for C8M as well as markeL
researchŦ" WhaL accordlng Lo you ls CCl's 8Lu approach
and whaL were Lhe reasons LhaL forced Lhe company Lo
lmplemenL lL? ls CCl Lhrough lLs 8LuŦ able Lo lncrease
lLs brand vlslblllLy and avallablllLy ln Lhe lndlan
MarkeL? WhaL accordlng Lo you are Lhe pros and cons
of 8Lu?
CCl's 8Lu sLraLegy
lL ls baslcally Lo use ÞolnLŴofŴpurchase effecLlvely
Lo bulld brandţ convey prlclng and ensurlng hlgh
sLandards across Lhe sLores
MalnLalnlng merchandlslng sLandards aL lndlvldual
Lnsurlng avallablllLy
Managlng vlslblllLy of varlous brands ln approprlaLe
CommunlcaLlng offers and combos
keeplng Lhe dlsplay appeallng Lo consumers
Lnsurlng rlghL poslLlon for Lhelr coolers
Why 8Lu?
W 1o harness Lo sLrengLh of ÞCÞ as for low lnvolvemenL
producLs declslons are made aL ÞCÞ
W 1o sLay LopŴofŴmlnd
W 1o avold swlLchlng by cusLomers due Lo low sLandards aL
lndlvldual markeLs
W 1o lncrease consumpLlon by conveylng schemes/combos
W 1o aLLracL new consumers/swlLchers by appeallng dlsplay
W 1o parLner wlLh Lhe shopkeepers who can be ma[or
W leedback from reLall sLores and consumers ls Laken
ls CCl Lhrough lLs 8Luţ able Lo lncrease lLs brand
vlslblllLy and avallablllLy ln Lhe lndlan MarkeL
W 8rand vlslblllLy has lncreased
Þlaclng coolers aL Lhe prlme locaLlon
Arranglng varlous brands ln approprlaLe hlerarchy
Þlaclng hoardlngs aL ÞCÞ
ulsplaylng offers and combos
W 8rand avallablllLy
W 8rand avallablllLy has noL lncreased ln Lerms of number of
ouLleLs reached (due Lo 8Lu)
W lL has lncreased ln a way LhaL Chllled coke wlll always be
avallable aL Lhe sLores covered by 8Lu
Þros and Cons of 8Lu
9¾ °¾
lncreased vlslblllLy 1lme of sales person lnvesLed ln 8Lu raLher
Lhan reachlng new ouLleLs
MalnLalnlng sLandard across Lhe ouLleLs CosL of brandlng acLlvlLles carrled ouL
Cfferlng schemes and combos 8eLallers may resenL as Lhey noL allowed Lo
dlsplay oLher producLs ln coke coolers
Lnsurlng appeallng dlsplay lf lefL unaLLended even for a small Llmeţ Lhe
whole acLlvlLy may collapse so noL self
ÞarLnerlng wlLh ouLleLs
lncreaslng Lhe brand recall and brand value

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